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Re: Hentai Mafia: Evening 8
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"Well, that's a thing. Clearly we've entered a Mexican standoff. One where only the helpful void over there wins. Certainly not those darn unlewd people. Prudes, the lot of them!"
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Re: Hentai Mafia: Evening 8
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Re: Hentai Mafia: Evening 8
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"This sounds like a good idea. I'm pretty sure I can't do anything to you, and I don't think Verth-kun can, either."
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Re: Hentai Mafia: Evening 8
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Re: Hentai Mafia: Evening 8
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((OOC: you people are playing FGO a lil bit too much lol))

"Heh... what a surprise, am I still alive and... huh... virgin? Whoa, but how? Did the bad guys try to lewd the Void and failed, and the Void erased merne? Looks like it!

So if the void cant be taken down by the bad guys..."

*Vertchan looks carefully at both of them, the cosplayer and the void entity. What could she do? Would it be possible that the Void was invincible after all? Even voting on him wont get them rid of it? If it doesnt, shouldnt this mad perverted game be over alredy?

And even if they did get rid of the void with voting, that means she would be lewded tonight. Oh god. To be erased by the void or raped by the cosplayer.*

"You know... I dont want neither to die, to be erased, or to be raped, but... better trying and fail than doing nothing? Come on bad guy cosplayer, lets join hands just this once and try to annihilate the void together!

... and plz be gentle when you lewd me"

Vote: Void (Arraxis)

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Re: Hentai Mafia: Evening 8
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Re: Hentai Mafia: Evening 8
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"If I could actually violate anyone, I would have done so last night, wouldnt I?"

Updated: December 26, 2017, 09:09:14 am
"Or perhaps... if the void comes from the chicken and egg dilemma, then if we solve it, the void will stop existing? Yes! I guess thats the only possible thing we can do anyway...

Well looks like the problem is that Toy Shop Employee (Duke) cheered the Asexual (Arraxis), then the asexual roleblocked the toy shop employee back. But if the asexual roleblock goes through, then he would have never been cheered, etc. Chicken and egg dilemma.

I think the best way to solve it is thinking: if the asexual had chosen another target, instead of the toy shop employee, what would have happened? Both asexual roleblocks would have take action normally. Meaning we have a order of how the actions are resolved:

1 - Toy Shop Employee cheer resolves first
2 - Asexual 2 roleblocks resolves
3 - 2 targets of the asexual are roleblocked and are unable to act.

If we have an order of how the actions are resolved, then its easy to know what happens if the asexual targets the toy shop employee back.

1 - Toy Shop Employee cheers on the asexual resolves first
2 - Asexual roleblockes the toy shop employee resolves second
3 - Asexual roleblock takes place, the aciton is resolved, but it has no practical effetiveness because the toy shop employee action had been resolved first

So, this Void we have is a fake! Go back to your old self and lets win against the bad guys together!!"
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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
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"It all returns to nothing... it all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down..."

"...what are you doing?"

"Just giving an accurate summary of recent events," Chaos Man says, floating in the middle of hyperspace.

"...baka." The Pantsless Wonder floats beside him, passively. "Did you plan all of this just so you could make that reference?"

"Hmm... nah. It's just a nice bonus." He pauses, for a moment. "Guess everyone lost, didn't they?"


"Well, did you get what you wanted?"

"Not really. I didn't want to be violated, and I guess part of me hoped everyone would somehow create a miracle and save the day. The hell's that about?"

"Well, you're just like me in the end... my dear sidekick."

"...shut up already and die."

The hero laughs, cheerily. "Ah, no hard feelings, then?"

"...yeah. I don't know if the rest of your victims will feel that way, but sure. This is par for the course, for us."

"Mm. It was an interesting, meaningless adventure, but those are the best kinds~"

" careful. If you get too satisfied, you'll disappear..."

"Maybe we'll be reincarnated in the next life."

"Even now... you continue the references..." The sidekick closes her eyes, as she fades away.

"Of course," Chaos Man grins, vanishing. His last words echo meaninglessly through hyperspace, long forgotten by the one that spoke them.

"I'm Evils."


Both Vert and Gamer were erased.

The Void was the only one remaining, and, thus, won the game.

I suppose, with my mouthpieces gone, I'll now explain things properly for everyone. It was a confusing, unorthodox game, and in actuality, for both of the last two Evenings, all three factions had a very good shot at winning. Even if either Arra or Gamer had chosen something different this last Evening, someone different would have won. Funny how things work out.

Anyway, first I'll provide a full player list.

01: Arra: Asexual Town-Aligned Roleblocker
02: Duke: Toy Shop Employee Town-Aligned Jack of All Trades (Cheerleader/Enhancer/Suppressor/Mystery)
03: Elvis: Token Loli Independent-Aligned Survivor
04: Gamer: Cosplayer Mafia-Aligned Thief
05: Jynx: Stalker Mafia-Aligned Watcher/Tracker
06: Marx: Voyeur Independent-Aligned Jester
07: Meg: Schoolgirl Lesbian Town-Aligned Doctor/Researcher
08: Merne: Vanilla Mafia-Aligned Secret Hitler
09: Meta: Tentacle Monster Town-Aligned Jailer/Janitor
10: Rev: Harem Protagonist Town-Aligned Mayor
11: Vert: Childhood Friend Town-Aligned Paranoid Gun Owner
12: wooly: BDSM Lover Town-Aligned Nexus
13: Arra: The Void Independent-Aligned Singularity

Admittedly not all of these role titles explain exactly what someone can do. But it's a general summary.

I'll explain how the Mafia worked first. It should be obvious that some players were assigned a role based on what would fit them. Merne's role was Secret Hitler: he knew he was Mafia, but didn't know who the other Mafia members were. The other members were chosen randomly from a list- some players were not on this list, and could never be Mafia- the two selected were aware of who Merne was, and how things worked, and tried their best to alert him to their alignment. Jynx succeeded, though I don't think Merne ever realized Gamer was scum.

Anyway, how it works: Merne must pick two people. If the first is Mafia, they kill the second. If the first isn't Mafia, nothing happens. This was meant as a way to both confirm who his allies are, as well as not waste time being unable to kill. As well, the Mafia, but not Merne, were aware that he gained passive abilities as long as they were alive. One of them made it so he couldn't be blocked, and the other made him immune to being violated at night. However, he was still told he was blocked; the mafia was told he wasn't. Fun!

As well, Elvis' roll. I couldn't do anything at all~ I mean, this may be a bastard game, but I'm not that unfair. Just a survivor with no tricks. I actually came very close to winning, too~ If either Vert or Gamer had been eliminated that evening instead of me, the Void would have lost, and I and whoever else was still alive, and their entire faction, would have won. Alas~ A sudden swing in the GM's direction took out everyone. "All according to keikaku," as a certain loli would say.

Still, I'll post the various player roles I sent out to people, so everyone can get a good look at what exactly was happening~

The Asexual: You're not interested in these strange people and their perverted antics. While some may call you a prude, the reality is that sexual matters simply don't appeal to you, at least on a strong enough level for this sort of situation. This does, however, put you in a special position in such a dangerous time- you can target one person a Night, explain the merits of celibacy, and convince them not to engage in lewd actions. They tend to get horny again by the next Night, though, so it's only so effective, but for one Night you take away any ability that could be seen as perverted.

The Tentacle Monster: Target someone and tie them up in your vile tentacles once per Night. Other things may or may not happen during this time; it's better left to the imagination... regardless, whoever you select will be unable to act, but nobody can act against them either. You cannot be targeted by any yuri ability. You may instead target one person to Violate instead, sending them into a state of bliss. Anyone violated this way is trapped within your body, allowing you endless access. As such, nobody will be able to see who they are, or what they can do.

The Harem Protagonist: You live a strange, strange life. All of the girls, a couple guys, and some things that aren't even human seem to be madly in love with you. As such, your influence is so powerful that your ability to vote on Public Humiliations and Day endings and extensions are worth two times as much! However, it's very likely you'll find yourself getting Violated very soon with everyone being as obsessed as they are. You may also target someone each Night, causing something perverted to accidentally happen between you. This isn't outright sex, but maybe touching a certain area... anyway, whoever you target will be embarrassed the following Day, too shy to really look at you; if they vote for you, it won't count, though they will be aware that you were the one that targeted them.

The Lesbian Twins: These sisters are related- but not by blood! That makes it okay, right? Anyway, they have several abilities. They know who each other is and can communicate during the Day only; the Nights are busy with more... intimate things. They have the ability to target anyone and engage in yuri, though this only works on female targets. Yuri is wonderful and pure, and, as such, anyone engaging in it cannot be harmed by any vile Sexual Predator. Basically, you lewd them so hard they don't die when they're killed. Only one of them may use this ability any given Night, but the one that doesn't browses the internet long enough to learn a single random fact about someone else of their choice. Social media is scary, kids!

The Stalker: Well, it's pretty simple. You get your kicks by following girls around. Not that you're actually doing anything wrong, and there's certainly no harm being done, right...? While stalking, you learn what they're up to. At the same time, you keep your eyes peeled for whoever else might be watching your target; you just can't stand competition! You learn who your target visited, as well as who visited them, in layman's terms, not that you'll be doing any laying, man.

The BDSM Lover: You really like to be tied up. As such, you're not really one for acting, but being acted upon. Once in every two Night period, you can send out a request for people to come and tie you up. As such, you will be allowed to choose up to three people, having them target you with their perverted actions. The more people that do so, the more amazing you'll feel afterwards, but the more likely you'll be Violated to an extent you'll regret later. If you manage to make people target you without losing, you gain immunity to being Publicly Humiliated for an equal number of Days afterwards.

The Toy Shop Employee: Really, you just work here. You needed some money for college, and they have trouble filling slots, ironically enough. Still, in this situation, it gives you the chance to be really useful... or really kinky. You can choose one type of toy each Night as well as who to give it to. One of these is a stimulant, that allows someone's antics to be even stronger. Another is a certain pill that lets people... do the deed... more often. You can also supply some rope and gags, making it hard for people to move around, limiting how much they can accomplish. Of course, there's also the vibrator, but who knows what such a dangerous item may even do, in the wrong hands?

The Cosplayer: You're an expert at dressing as different people. Even the other gals living in Town with you aren't beyond your abilities as an expert cosplayer! As such, once per Night, you may dress as any single other player. Doing so will let you use their ability on any target as if it were your own, though dressing up only works on Town and Independent people. Also, you're not one to do reruns, so you aren't allowed to choose the same person twice! You will never be alerted to the results of your actions, or if you succeeded; instead, the person you cosplayed as will be informed of such things.

The Trap: It's a trap! In more ways than one. Of course, everyone thinks you're a girl, but you're hiding a shocking secret down below! If anyone were to try and target you at Night, they'll find your trap springing up from its' hidden place... well, basically, your penis has the power to cause lewd things to happen instead of you merely being the one they happen to. On any given Night, anyone that targets you has a chance to be Violated. You can choose on any given Night to instead prepare yourself for intrusion, using all of your... stamina... on the first person to visit you, allowing you to definitely Violate them, though leaving you too exhausted afterwards to do anything to anyone else.

Something wicked this way cums.
The Vanilla: Not everything is always what it seems. For instance, you're not vanilla, but everyone will see you that way. For another, everyone thinks this is a Mafia game. But you know the truth. Elvis invited you here... for a second chance. At what? Well, it's simple, comrade. It's time to win Secret Hitler. You don't know who your allies are, but you know you win if the Mafia/Fascists/Sexual Predators win. Whatever name you wish to give them, they're your allies. Every Night, you can choose one person to send to kill another. If they're Mafia, they do it. You will be alerted if this works, allowing you to potentially track down your allies.

The Voyeur: You see everyone else freaking out over all of the perverted things happening, and you can't help but wonder why. Don't they know how fun this sort of thing is?! Not only the things happening at Night, behind closed doors, but the idea of being humiliated in public really gets you going! As such, you win if you manage to get everyone to vote for such indecent exposure. With everyone's eyes on your bare body, as such lewd things are done to you, there won't be a single regret in your heart or mind. You can target one person each Night as well, and leave a note informing them that they'll be rewarded with a great time if they vote for you the next Day. They must do so, or they'll be too sad thinking about what might have been to act the following Night.

I couldn't come up with witty enough puns for some of these, sue me.

As well as the action table that'll definitely mess up when I post it from my text document~

Arra: Asexual         Block Meta      Block Merne      Block Merne      Block Merne/Duke--------------------------------------------------------
Duke: Toy Shop Employee      Stimulate Rev      Gag Elvis      Nothing (B)      Cheer Arra      Nothing-----------------------------------------
Elvis: Token Loli      Nothing         Nothing         Nothing         Nothing         Nothing         Nothing         Nothing
Gamer: Cosplayer      Nothing         Nothing         Arra to Duke      Nothing         Nothing         Meta to Marx      Nothing
Jynx: Stalker         Stalk Merne      Stalk Meta      Stalk Arra      Stalk Duke      Nothing         Stalk Vert--------------
Marx: Voyeur         Nothing         Attract Arra      Nothing         Nothing         Attract Jynx      Nothing-----------------
Meg: Schoolgirl Lesbian      Yuri Merne      Yuri Elvis      Yuri Vert---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Merne: Vanilla         Jynx kill wooly      Marx kill Arra      Jynx kill Arra (BJ)   Jynx kill Arra      Marx kill Gamer      Nothing         Nothing
Meta: Tentacle Monster      Violate Elvis (B)   Violate Elvis (G)   Jail Merne      Jail Elvis      Nothing         Jail Void---------------
Rev: Harem Protagonist      Visit Vert--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Vert: Childhood Friend      Trap Rev      Trap Nobody      Trap Meg      Trap Nobody      Trap Nobody      Violate Jynx      Violate Nobody
wooly: BDSM Lover      Nothing-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Arra: The Void         ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nothing         Erase Marx      Erase Merne

Not fixing the formating, nobody cares that much and it takes way too long~ Lines mean someone was dead and thus couldn't act past that point, or, in the Void's case, didn't exist yet.

Next we should discuss the Void. It was a spir of the moment idea that seemed fun. And it was~ Definitely made things more dramatic, especially since it seemed like things were a little slow and unfocused, even considering the quick pace of the game. It definitely wasn't a role that would definitely win, but it had a good shot of it. Admittedly, I could potentially accomplish the same thing by saying, "Every evening that someone isn't publicly humiliated, there's a chance the game ends and everyone loses", but I think this was a little better. Plus Arra's roleplay was cool~

Of course, I had to include a good and proper Jester, after how many times we've discussed such a thing~ As well, the thought of balancing the Vigilante with the fact that we lose info every time he acts, was funny~ Because he's legitimately Town, but seems so dang scummy. I also made sure to stress the idea that I thought a Jailer could be Mafia previously, in case he tried to use that as a defense in this game, but it never came up~ Alas. As well, I had a ton of roles that didn't make it into the game, and Meg was supposed to have a partner. In the end she got both powers and just used each of them on whoever she targeted.

There was also a 'real' Token Loli (Hider) role that would have been given to someone, but it wasn't one of the random roles that got assigned... along with a Lolicon role (Actually Elvis Strunk) that would have needed to find the Loli to win (with the loli needing to hide from them until the end to win). Finally, I actually did have a Giant Robot role. "I think you're in the wrong genre, but... seems like you're stuck here now!" Would have been hilarious~ I thought of giving that to Marx or somethin' but I really wanted a Jester. Maybe next time!

Anyhow. This was just a bastard game that never had any balance, but I hope people had some fun in the chaos. Now go figure out what game is actually worth your time, and play that one next instead!

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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
« Reply #143 on: December 27, 2017, 07:57:08 am »

That was certainly an interesting, if disjointed game. I didn't act that first time because as the Void because the damn evenings and votes go by so fast before I can decide on an action! So after that I started just saying I'd kill someone and then message Elvis back and forth changing targets as I changed who I wanted to kill. I thought Vert was the Mafia in the end, actually, and targeted him. Hooray for paranoid gun owners and being completely immune to things (and killing almost half the players)! I think this is the second time I managed to win as a sole survivor, although as an independent rather than town.

Sad that, similar to the previous Mafia, I had my sights set on a Mafia - in this case Merne - and I had no way to affect them. lol

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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
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Merne. I go as far as giving you as 'phone number' the day of the Reichstag fire. You target me only on ONE night.


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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
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"Aw so its over alredy... and we all got erased. Boohoo. My love dream of dying a romantic death, embraced with the last remaining member of the mafia, as we violate each other, almost came true! Almost!"

Hah it was fun playing as PGO, and i got to violate 3 people! 2 were town, but who cares?! xD Hah i always knew childhood friends were more dangerous than tentacle monsters lol

It was fun watching everyone that was getting suspicious of me trying to perform their night actions on me and then... getting violated mwahaha. I kinda of acted more like a independent rather than a pro town, but well I knew claiming PGO would get me killed, and in the end I got one of the 3 mafia. If things had proceed normally, when the mafia tried to kill me eventually, I would take one more down, so 2 out of 3 mafias is not a bad thing. It would have been cool if the final act was the last town and the last mafia killing each other, but well it never happened. Damn you Arraxis!!

But town never managed to lynch a single mafia! I think something like this never happened before, did it?

Btw i wasnt immune to anything. PGO is always a suspicious claim, so I decided to come up with something else. Since i had killed everyone that targetted me since the game started, i though that claiming armor + ability to know who and what actions target me would be a safe one. After all, how else one could say for certain that noone had targetted themselvs since the game started?

Was there any way to kill the void anyway? Or was he just immortal after all? And the mafia never tried to kill the void too?

Thanks Elvis for GMing and everyoone for playing, it was fun! Now i can say i lewded rev, meg and jynx mwahahaha

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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
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Thought it'd be best to shake things up, didn't do a thing most of the time, and wanted to be super-duper sure Marx was or was not part of the team.

"I had my doubts~ Plus we didn't even notice your little Reichstag thingy~ Mostly it was the attention you fawned me with, though thanks for the neat Easter egg!"

When my results kept coming back with "well coulda been your activity coulda been blocked coulda been whatever~" I figured I'd just keep going at it. Also I visited you twice so harrumph.

woolyshambler [Aug16, 2015, 10:13PM]: ah Merne, they should give you the RP guru badge. Deeox2 [Feb26, 2017, 02:03am]: SO WE GET ON ANOTHER BOAT AND FUCK OFF TO ANTARCTICA.  Elvis Strunk [Feb05, 2018, 01:31am]:   "Two Pilots and all the Eva just died." "Oh. ****." Revontulet [Feb05, 2018, 04:11pm]: That KOTATSU be miiine Deeox2 [Feb28, 18,12:53am]: I'm gonna give Bea a dong.
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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
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It's kind of funny - I found out Merne was a guy N1, but Jynx really managed to save his bacon. Shame I was dead when Jynx was eliminated, since that conclusion should've guaranteed a Merne lynch. :p

Good game~

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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
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I was on your side Meli~! That's why I started blocking him every night! Well, as you can see I was unable to do anything to him, but yeah. lol. Also, the mafia DID try to kill the void - GJ targeted me in the last round, and that got him killed. It's possible I might have been able to be voted off, but no-one genuinely tried~!

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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
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Dammit town, I acted so scummy I even convinced the same mafia I might be mafia! Some activity would have solved this! Also, it's hilarious how the silly accusations I threw desperately at the last moment to try to at least move something somehow ended up having a sliver of true.

Oh well. Not much to say: I knew my power would have a trick (Elvis didn't tell me it was an outright threat...), so I didn't use it until the second night, but using it a second time was a mistake. Guess it just goes to say how desperate I was.

Oh well, at least it was fun. Learning my role I thought it would have been an easy win, but I guess you can never underestimate bastard games! I still want to be a giant robot next time though
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