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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
« Reply #150 on: December 27, 2017, 11:10:14 am »
I assumed the loli would be unviolatable so I went to the well placed trap.....of childhood friend ;__; Alas, Bad End~
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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
« Reply #151 on: December 27, 2017, 11:35:40 am »
As far as I'm concerned, I won, since I was able to lewd the loli~

Now question time : who's next?
Kinda expected a 'needing sign up' mafia to start them while the game was on, but they didn't, so it's between the 3 pending things~

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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
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* Verthand pats revont

Poor harem protagonist, of all the possible waifus, you picked the one tht comes with a... lil surprise! Poor protagonistkun now knows how a waifu feels when she is lewded :P

Isnt there an order of how they roll? If there is not i would go with hyperia, it kinda became of a tradition to have one at year's end isnt it?

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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
« Reply #153 on: December 27, 2017, 12:31:08 pm »
Next time I'll remember not to try to be dramatic, because it will always end with people killing me while I'm asleep.

Not a bad game from the bits I followed. Good job, people.

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Re: Hentai Mafia: The Climax
« Reply #154 on: October 19, 2019, 02:06:30 pm »
One of the anime genres is adult films. It was problematic to export this anime. Sexual subtext and violence were considered inappropriate for countries where animated films were meant for children. Many amines of this type can only be seen in Japan Even nowadays, the anime in the hentai style is still not fully understood outside Japan, and films made in this genre are only watched by fans.