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Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
« on: March 12, 2018, 05:30:43 pm »
Elidia, upset with the results of the trial, returned to the Soviet Union and reported on the affairs of Germany. They were ripe for the picking, and the Red Army was preparing for war...

40 years have passed, and with nobody truly understanding how, the war which started with the quick expension of the USSR and that quickly included countries all around the world as everyone feared the power of the Reds, was seen as the final stage for a 'Secret society', known as the Order of the Loligarchist, to finally get their hand on the world.

While their involvement was small at first, they were discovered when some countries realized their side was being pushed into exhausting their ressources and other self-destructing plan by some individuals. Finally, some people found proof of the Order involvment and were able to show it to all, stopping the old conflict and bringing about a new. Indeed, what was supposed to be the elimination of a few individual striving for their nebulous goal ended up being a war against an army of fanatic that were present in every country, in every position, including some leading one.

Now though, the conflict is finally nearing an end. And that is through the use of CUSTODIAN.  A new artificial intelligence system able to control an army of drones, and that will as such be unable to develop the fanatism the wretched Loligarchist have toward their idol.
However, to work it needs to be given order directly, and given how many loligarchists are out there, the chance of finding one are of about 4 out of 10. Because of that, it was decided that a council will be in charge of controlling it, with the hope of preventing it from failing in the end of the enemies. (The two development name that came before, Skynet and GlaDOS, and their respective AI are believed to be the reason of the current way CUSTODIAN works, in part because of a leaked report that involved neurotoxin)

"Anyway, you are the chosen council ! And I am the 11th man(well, more like 8th I guess), whose purpose is to organize the debate ! I mean, given the relative number, we still believe a lot of loligarchist are around, meaning we truly need everyone to participate if we want to win !
Anyway, without further ado, here is the order of presidency!"

With a clap of hand, a screen with the list of name comes down, with the current president candidate being highlighted

"As you can see, Meliran is the first that must choose her chancellor, after which everyone will send me their votes, on whether or not they trust for the two candidates to be good representative! Be aware that the vote will be revealed publicly at the same time for everyone.

As for what happen when the policies are enacted..."

Liberal Policies
1 [1st policy]
2 [2nd policy]
3 [3rd policy]
4 [4th policy]
5 [Liberals Win]

Fascist Policies
1 [Nothing~]
2 [The president investigate someone]
3 [The president choose who will be the next candidate]
4 [The president execute someone]
5 [The president execute someone, and from now on the Chancellor has Veto power]
6 [Fascists win]

"As you can see, nothing will happen when the first fascist policy is enacted, because of our reduced number~

Like the first secret hitler, it'll be a freeform RP optional, because I enjoyed how it worked~
Play as whoever you want, or even nobody, so long as you're playing the game. Message your votes to me privately, and the rules for the game are available here, as well as what the game would look like if we were actually playing it.

Also, the role pm will be sent shortly, not like it should matter for your very first post anyway~
As for the numbers, it'll be a game opposing 4 'liberals' against 2'fascist'+'Hitler'

The rules are the same as for last one, here for availability
1. No Outside Communication

Do not discuss the game outside the game thread with other players. This is especially important for the Fascists, since they know who is on their side, but are NOT allowed to communicate or plan.

2. No editing posts

Do not edit your posts. Reading over people’s posts is crucial for allowing players to scrutinize each other. If you edit your posts repeatedly, you will be removed from the game.  If you need to clarify or correct something, double post rather than edit.

3. No quoting PMs from the Moderator

Don’t quote a PM that you have received from the GM in the event that it is cards that you have received.

4. Stay active

This game depends on activity in order to be successful. Try to post often; visiting once per day is encouraged. If you are purposefully lurking, be sure to notify me, although this discouraged.

5. No posting after death

In the unfortunate event of your death, you're dead, unfortunately. You can no longer take actions or post, but you are allowed to give last words before you die.

6. Bold your actions, make them obvious, and limit changing your vote

Make sure people know when you've voted by MAKING THEM BOLD. You can say who you voted for, but you do not have to tell the truth. However, your vote WILL be made public when the results are tallied, so keep that in mind. Also, in the name of sanity on my end, I'd like it if you didn't change your vote after every post. The game WILL progress once everyone has voted, however.

7. Send PMs to the Game Moderator

Send your secret actions, like voting for Chancellor, selecting and discarding cards, to the moderator, in this case, Arraxis. If the Chancellor wishes, they can play their card publicly and make a post about it.

8. I reserve the right to arbitrate any unforeseen conflict/paradoxes that may result, however, do point to the PDF if you feel I have made a mistake

EDIT : All roles sent, if any of you has any question, feel free to ask~
Again, the Loligarchist aren't allowed to speak together, and the loli doesn't know who they are!
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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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Greeting, friends, lovers, and lolis hidden among us. My name is Megan, and I am your president, or so I'd like to think! You need not to worry about loli-favoring policies from me, as I am impartial between them. Rather, all I care about are freckles. Yes, if I am elected, I will ensure government funds will go into genetic research to ensure all new babies are born with freckles! And should it be possible, I will ensure all peoples who wish for freckles may get them at no cost to them~

For my chancellor, I nominate the ever-prude Arraxis. She shall rule justly, for she is the law, and she does apparently have fluffy tails! Not only that, but she's just so darn cute~ Look at those twintails~

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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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In all my impartiality as the organizer, I am still forced to admit that Arra is, quote : "just so darn cute~"

Also, since I forgot to remind people of this earlier, everyone, including the president and chancellor candidate, must vote.

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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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A loli sits at the table, eyes narrowed and pants missing. So he sent me this time... that bastard.

"Ahem." She coughs into her hand. "As acting loli-that-isn't-the-'loli', I would like to say... children shouldn't be rulers. They're really stupid and electing them will be bad."

"Don't just say something like that!" A voice buzzes through her earbud. It's exactly who you think it is. "If you take one side so openly, it won't be nearly chaotic enough!"

The Pantsless Wonder smirks, deviously. "Ah, see, I've prepared for this. By the very merit of being a loli, nobody will know what to expect, or how to act. I could be screwing with people, or I could outright be admitting my role. Hehehe... it's perfect."

"If you really are a Liberal, doesn't that just make things harder for your side?"

"Well, of course. But this game is rigged anyway, may as well even things up. Or... is that what the actual Loli would say, while pretending to be a Liberal...?" She laughs again, having clearly given in to the insanity that is her life. The poor girl, where hath her innocence gone.

"He did it." She casually points at Meta, ignoring the fourth wall entirely.

Chaos Man laughs, through the earpiece. "Now, if only we remembered how to play the game~" It's really his own fault for not looking, right...? The Pantsless Wonder nods in agreement.

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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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Hmmm, that sounds pretty suspicious Meg... there's probably more lolis than adults who have freckles and twintails! And then Elvis has an actual loli! This whole process is a pillowcase!-- I mean-- a sham!

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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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"Well, I see that I've been selected as chancellor. Well, I'm going to be voting for myself, if only to make sure that no babies are forced to have freckles. No problem with allowing people to modify themselves, but I'll also ensure the reverse is permitted. Also, I'd VERY much appreciate it if people vote for me not based on my cuteness, but based on my policies. Yes, I'm a foxgirl, yes, I have fluffy tails, and twintails too, but there's so much more to me than that! I just want to make sure that the world actually has a proper ruler for once. I may not want to do it because that's a lot of work, but if it's the only way to get things done..." She looks down before looking up again, determination in her eyes. "Well, someone has to do it!"

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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
« Reply #6 on: March 13, 2018, 09:27:04 pm »
"Ah I agree with you people regarding the freckles issue. While its true that noone chooses to be born with freckles or not, I dont think that is a decision that the parents should be given. In a while, people going to want to choose the gender, height, color of the eyes, the hair characteristics, etc. It would go against our values of freedom and liberalism we hold so deeply.

However, I would like to know what are the policies and values our kitsune lady holds for us if she is elected."

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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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"I'm a big proponent for travel of all kinds. Public transport, spaceflight, and transdimensional. I intend to fund education, science, and healthcare, and I'll also expand the public sector gradually, in order to ensure that we don't dilute our talent pool. I would describe myself as socially progressive, and I hope that all of you share my views and lend me your trust with your vote."


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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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A man wearing colonel uniform of Reichswehr sighs and rolls his eyes.
"Well fine, let it be, education, science, healthcare, transport, I don't know where you will find money for this, after years of war with Loligarchy, but go on. However, I think we have more pressing matters on our hands now" - He stands up with a sly shine in his eyes - "What are your plans of dealing with Loligarchy?"

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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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"Loli-ism, as they're calling it, is no system of government. If they make moves to implement their policies, they will find no support from me. A system of government based around... that is unthinkable. We might as well go back to the stone age and place our faith in a tree struck by lightning."


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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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"That's a really good thing to hear, even if you didn't really answer my question" - Oberst Karl von Fliegenpad sit down, smiling contently.

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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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A staccato gunshot cracks through the homogeneous drone of the meeting hall, the soft pattering of ceiling plaster follows rapidly as the tall figure makes his way across the room to his seat. He wore a pure suit of brilliant white and wielded to his left a staff of twisted wrought iron and to his right a softly smoking revolver. 'Greetings all.' He takes a soft bow from his position in the great assembly. 'It has come to my attention that I cannot trust any of you.' He shrugs his shoulders lightly tucking the revolver leisurely into his jacket and drawing forth a small silver pocket watch that he glances at mere moments before returning to the depths of his jacket. 'Well, I can trust half of you, and myself of course. The rest of you seem to be under the impression these young girls are better at ruling this country than our fine selves. A preposterous thought. Now.' His hazel eyes scan the room a moment, picking out 6 faces that seem to belong to the heads of the other present parties. 'Lets make this simpler for myself. I will roll these two dice. My votes will only ever be positive for chancellors of the people I roll and myself. Everyone else will be negative.' The two aforementioned dice are revealed in his palm, they appear to be roughly carved from sort of pine and soar gracefully as they are tossed to the center of the assembly, bouncing solidly a four times a piece before coming to rest.

Rolled 1d6 : 1, total 1

Rolled 1d6 : 3, total 3
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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
« Reply #12 on: March 14, 2018, 04:22:58 am »
"I think you're an idiot putting things to chance like this, and I will not be voting for you for anything. Someone who lets dice decide their fate is surrendering their ability to think, and that is the same thing that led to us facing a loli insurrection."

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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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Just trust in the twintails! You're going to let the loligarchy win with that behavior! Voting like that is too dicey!

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Re: Secret Hitler, Loligarchy Edition
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“Random chaos is fun!” Earbud Man buzzes cheerfully. “In fact, we’ll do the same thing, and-“

“Objection.” The Pantsless Wonder turns the earbud off. “We’ll be voting for Arraxis this time. Consider our debt repaid.” She doesn’t clarify beyond that.

“Well, actually, we sent our vote along a while ago, so whoever’s holding things up... hurry up, or you’ll reach a Bad End~”

The earbud turns itself back on. “Stop trying to seem effective! You’re still a gag character, and you can’t even kill people in this game!”

“S-shut up. Baka.” The Pantsless Wonder isn’t blushing and nobody can say otherwise. “Anyway, people can be killed later in the game, so don’t take my words lightly...!”

“It’ll definitely be you.”

“I said shut up!”