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My Little Dictator - A Battle Visual Novel
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Game Summary

A romantic-comedy, battle-visual novel set in a parody universe, where the leading figures of WW2 have been replaced by irrational teenage anime girls.

Plot Summary
The world is on the brink of destruction. The treaties of the past have failed. Tensions brew as the Europa powers prepare themselves for war. The young dictators of the continent find themselves drawn into battle. They need a strategist. A soldier with the knowledge to help unite the continent under one banner.

Commander Yamato Yamamoto, a brave soldier from the east, is summoned to fight and advise. Can Yamato take on these allies and vast enemies; the intense Adorofia Hitora of Germania, the sly Gallia Cyrano of the Republic of Franzo, the wise Winstefina Churchill of the Empire of Britannia, and the devilish Iosefina Starin of the Union of Sovia? Or will the world be plunged into further tyranny and darkness?

Conquer and expand into new territories! Fight using the latest weapons, technologies and units! Fall in love! Capture the world and the hearts of girls!


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My Little Dictator is the intellectual and commercial property of WarGirl Games. The fictional story, setting and characters contained within are the intellectual property of the developers. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to any real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This game is a fictional work of parody, featuring caricature as well as elements of satire, and contains suggestive content. This game was designed and developed by a global team of creatives of various beliefs, backgrounds and ethnicities. The makers of this game do not condone, endorse or encourage engaging in any conduct depicted in this game. This game contains references to warfare and war crimes, violence, genocide, jingoism, imperialism, fascism, communism, dictatorship, racial and ethnic stereotyping, intolerance, propaganda, suicide, nudity, and themes of a sexual nature. As such, player discretion is strongly advised.

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