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*likes the update, and screenshots, but still grumbles about not getting a hug out of the fox when it was in the commbox*

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It's looking good, Fox. Elvis likes the pictures, as well as the info provided, even if he doesn't know what half of it means. Elvis was never good with history... still, I'm happy to see you're alive and kicking!

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Is glad the Fux is ok, daft thing vanishing like that.

Updates with MLD look good as well
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoyed the festive season and any celebrations over the past month. Thank you for supporting WarGirl Games and our games throughout this year. It's all because of your supportive advice and comments that work on My Little Dictator can continue through the months. At times it has been a struggle, facing challenges, having to delay release and find workarounds. But with the best of intentions and a lot of hard work and support, a really awesome game will be released by the end. Thank you for everything throughout 2017!

The past months have seen a lot of progress although December was relatively quiet due to a number of factors. A two week holiday out to Tokyo (for some field research...), combined with Christmas holiday and having to sort out taxes - it all took a toll on work. Some scriptwork was started in early December and several small scenes and characters were worked on. One example was Prince Paul of Serpana (Yugoslavia) and the signing of the Tripartite Pact, which leads to a coup and the eventual invasion and occupation by Hitora's Germania (Germany). There was also some work on some of the more technical aspects - conversations regarding tanks, weaponry, tactics and maps (the kind of stuff the armchair generals/military otaku will enjoy most).

Over the year there have been lots of scenes, situations, coding, soundmixing, writing, rewriting, proofing and testing. It's all adding up but we've still got a way to go just yet.

One question I've received more than any other when I've put out information on this game's development is . . . Where's the beta? A demo? Something I can test? After 3-4 years of development, it's a reasonable question. Why hasn't a demo/trial version of the game been released? This is simply to do with the stages of development, the issues that have been faced along the way, and where budget/focus has gone. The below diagram might explain it better.

There have been some really amazing artists, musicians and creative types who have put in a lot of effort and produced some really stellar work. Unfortunately, there have also been individuals that have been rather unprofessional and some that have left the project, along with changes to the structure and plot, unforeseen circumstances and many other things. In order to release a demo/trial, we want to be able to showcase a completed first act of the game. Because the battle engine held up the project for so long, we've had to consistently delay releasing even an alpha, let alone a beta version. Hopefully sharing this simple timeline will go some way to explaining the game's position. The good news? Once a demo is released, the final release won't be far behind it, since so much of it is already complete and simply waiting on that battle engine. Good news - the battle engine has a latest release, in its current incarnation, at an alpha stage. More to be revealed once critical bugtesting is out the way and it's ready for beta testing!

Once again, thanks for supporting us throughout the year! We really do appreciate everything you guys do and have done for us. If there's more you want to see, or if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We hope you continue to support our games in development and that we continue to make games you’ll love!

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Don't know if many people say this to you (DesertFox), but I really appreciate the work you've put in. Even if MLD has taken an extended period time to get even close to completion, you definitely communicate with the fan base. Every month, I look forward to the updates on Patreon, which full of comprehensive info on the status of the MLD. Every day looking forward to another tweet from Twitter with some fun trivia or funny pics of whatnot for the game.

There is a lot that goes into game development(stuff that would most likely go over my head) but I can tell that you've been pouring your soul into this work. Despite the many setbacks from people being irresponsible mernes jerks and conflicts with the game engine, you're still putting forth an earnest effort. Even if the game has taken a while to take form, it is reassuring that it is in good hands.

Either way, I hope you know that some of us really appreciate what you've been doing. ^>^ Keep up the good work and please take care of yourself!
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