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Command Order tactics
« on: July 05, 2014, 03:38:58 am »
So, if I understand correctly:

1) If you want to issue a Command Order it must be the first thing you do during the turn.
2) The Short Range Warp command is the only option that allows a second command to be issued in the same turn.

It would be particularly helpful to be able to jump behind enemy lines (say, a particularly large enemy vessel) and fire the vanguard cannon, but that fires left-to-right.  Are we going to be given the option of changing the Sunrider's facing in the future?

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Re: Command Order tactics
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There are plans to eventually allow the Vanguard to be fired in four different directions, from what I remember of a similar discussion a while back.

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Re: Command Order tactics
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Yes, there was talk about allowing the cannon to fire in any of the four directions.

Also, you can use a Command at any point in the turn, BUT save for the Warp, you can only use one in a turn.
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