The Hyperspace Forum Rules

Thank you very much for registering on our forums!

Here are our rules:

1. Do not be excessively vulgar in your comments. If deemed over the top, you will be warned.
2. Do not double post. There is an edit for a reason. Do it once, we will merge your post and give you a reminder. Do it again, you will be warned.
3. Do not post videos, links or pictures (including avatar and signature images) of any kind of objectionable material. Including but not limited to porn, viruses, warez, emulators, bots, and so on. Please add [NSFW] tag if you will post adult content, or hide it in a spoiler tag if it's a reply/quote.
4. Do not harass any other fellow member.
5. Do not copy-paste material without proper crediting to the original creator of such material.
6. Do not make off-topic posts. While it's understandable a thread conversation will derail from the main topic, it is no excuse to blatantly and deliberately change the course of the conversation.
7. Do not post on threads that have been inactive more than 7-15 days (AKA thread necro / reviving dead threads). If you do, it better be for a good reason, otherwise you'll be warned.
8. Do not post on behalf of banned members. It'll count as ban evasion.
9. Post in English and only in English unless you're at a section where a select language is allowed.(ex. Thailand for Project Nimbus)
10. Do not post for the sake of posting, that is, making useless threads or posts.
11. The total size of any and all images in your signature cannot exceed 600x200.
12. For casual chat between two members, stick to Private Messaging.
13. Read around before posting about a problem. There could be a good chance it's already been discussed and ways to fix the problem have been explained. The search function can also be used for this purpose.
14. Do not insult or disrespect anyone, especially on Staff with acts such as using swear words, direct insults, claiming them to be _____ without proper proof, and so on.
15. If you are (permanently) banned from these forums, that means you cannot make another account. If you do, and you are caught (which you will be), you will be permanently IP banned.
16. Do not use the Report function for anything else than it's intended: to report posts/PMs/visitor messages that violate any of the above rules.
17. This applies only to Staff Members: "warnings cannot be removed without first fully consulting the staff who warned the member".
18. This applies only to Staff Members: "Staff Members can receive warnings. If any rules are broken or out of line."

If you have inquiries, please contact us at [email protected].

InnoMen Productions Team