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Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Rebuild of Stupidity!
« on: January 18, 2019, 09:32:51 am »
Phillip! Oh, Phillip! I love how Phillip is proven right time and time again that anger and violence are justified. I was reading the first fight in the canon thread between Elidia and Phillip, and all the Pilots beat him into the ground emotionally. To see the gradual buildup as Azami works toward opening him up emotionally, and have him turn it around on her and provide immense support for her own trauma? Genius! God, that was amazing! I really would have liked to see them solidify their friendship more thoroughly and see if it could be truly be put to the test. Now that... Ooo. Shivers down my spine.

I realized this at the time, and it was my primary concern.

I crack open Phil for a momentary weakness, and Elidia uses that weakness to attack him. He has no recourse because it wasn't an equivalent exchange, so he flies at her in a rage. Azami is incensed by the violence, Yuki sees it as a Thug Move, and Eli more or less expected it to happen (begging the question, why). So he's proven right that he has nothing to fight for here -- not the city, not the people, and especially not his other Pilots. Anatoly of course rides to the rescue in bringing him back to the fold, eventually, and with much difficulty.

How do I go from that, to being chummy with anyone?

Divide and Conquer. With Azami seeming to share some part of his worldview, it was all a matter of making sure he was talking to her. Not NERV, or a doctor, or someone sending her to him. Really talking to Azami, without anything in the way. His talks with her before the climax of the Camael fight are tame, speaking in plainer truths and harder facts, not prying too much into her, not prying too far into himself. Testing, gauging the waters. Then he was faced with the reminder from home, and found her out alone, with literally only the ruins of the world around her.

And watching Azami be torn between her loyalty to her soldiery and her first real friendship since her failed squad would have been exhilarating. Pretty much the 'breaking out of her shell' that I was demanding from our Cardboard Girl.

Also may I point out that each of Phil's nicknames, based in part by OOC observations and knowledge, are concise and cut right to the heart of what someone was. The Fierce Girl Elidia, fighting for a world that doesn't exist, against enemies she makes herself. The Small Player Yuki, bright and bubbly, always up for a challenge or friendly match. The Trained Dog Azami, so locked up in her own beliefs that were forced upon her, stronger if she let that fuel her instead of be her. He couldn't have known this much about them from what he saw, but he still placed these labels on them regardless. I would call it intuition, his ability to read others, if I had to call it anything at all.

Is a shame I didn't get to make him more interdependent with more of the main cast, but the only person I could see him interacting much with would have been Takumi, since Yuki was so solidly in Elidia's pockets.

Though on a positive note! My experience with Phirru has opened me up to the idea of more aggressive and angry characters, rather than the 'Lawful Stupid' like Lenna, or the 'Overall Good People' I usually play. Even if I didn't see this to a conclusion, the spirit of the Trodaire Aonair (Lone Fighter) lives on.

After all, there is still work to be done.

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Adnascentia of Ideals
« on: February 20, 2018, 04:11:06 am »
Phillip wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but decided his best bet was to go with Azami. Following a short distance behind her, his eyes sweep around corners and dart back and forth the corridors. He stops a couple of paces away from Azami as she speaks to the Doctor.

Tucked into his collar is a similar pair of sunglasses to the soldier, having acquired them at some point or another. Why he wasn't wearing them was probably something to do with his vision. In any event he continues looking around for whatever may be around, pausing to look over the Doctor and Eli however briefly. "Roinnt slándála," he mutters to no one in particular. He desn't seem keen on conversation, and his face and muscles are as taut as they usually are when near other people.

General Chat / Re: The almighty SPAM TOPIC!
« on: February 18, 2018, 06:49:09 pm »
░░▄ ▀▄▄▀▄░░░░░░░░░

* Merne23 inserts Dogsong

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Adnascentia of Ideals
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:15:45 pm »
"Pfeh. We were all locked up in that house, what could have happened to us?" He takes one of the chairs and seats himself in it, putting his hands behind his head and his elbows out to the side. "Just a roghnú cluiche, Níl a fhios agam." He's not too keen on spending time with the others, but he doesn't say that to Rabbit. Plus the way she was hesitating seemed to him that she was trying to hide something, likely that the Gan Deara had been killed.

"Ah, are people still stealing your memories, Coinín bán? If you know who did it maybe I could... play 'tag' with them." That's what she called fighting with the metal dog just now, right? The question was more for Azami to know than him actually expecting an answer anyway. "And what happened while we were faoi ghlas ar shiúl? We were in there for a while."

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Adnascentia of Ideals
« on: February 05, 2018, 08:41:25 pm »
The Irishman thinks she's going to get closer to him again, but she just starts to laugh. She doesn't get angry or answer his question, she just laughs likes she means it. His perpetual frown creases his lips once more.

She finishes her thought and grabs him again before they start to leave. He gives her a sideways look, but lets her lead him around. He does eventually get her hand off him, and crosses his arms across his chest.

Up in the glass box they find the Rabbit. She smiles and burbles at them like usual. He grunts as way of greeting. "Ní fhaca mé le fada thú, coinín bán. Ní raibh muid ag imirt." Of course he also hadn't really figured out what they were going to play either, but no need to mention that. "Might be better to find someplace else for it. What if Azami wants to join?" He huffs a small laugh, giving her a small indicative point.

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Adnascentia of Ideals
« on: February 05, 2018, 05:12:30 am »
Phillip is held even more tightly, prompting him to grasp Azami's shoulders and push against her, if only so that her sunglasses and his totem didn't embed themselves in his chest. She wasn't letting go.

She wasn't letting go.

He hears her speak once more. A simple, seductive offer. All he had to do was nod. Say 'yes'. Give up, and give in.

Instead he feels the resistance let up, and he nigh on throws himself away from the contact, shaking in his limbs. He stands with his feet slightly apart and his arms to his sides, giving Azami an even, tempered look, carefully unbroken. He takes a couple breaths in through his nose and slowly out through his mouth before trusting his tongue to speak. "No. It's not." He carefully stands straighter, and jabs an accusatory finger at her. "I'm not giving up. I'm not going soft. Either give and take, or don't ask again."

He takes a minute to go back to his usual level of composure, though his typical scowl is replaced by a strangely neutral expression that sees little use.

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Adnascentia of Ideals
« on: February 05, 2018, 02:49:39 am »
Phillip tenses. He wonders what's happening. Azami's chest and sunglasses press against him, and her hair brushes across his face, smelling like blood. The wolf totem hanging from his own neck just barely misses her sunglasses and presses against her in turn, and her arms encase him like collapsed rubble.

One of his arms is trapped against himself, having been on the inside of Azami's grip. The other still keeps his hand on her shoulder. She wasn't crushing him, or making any other moves. She was just... holding him there. He isn't sure what to do, but he's very uncomfortable, his heart hammering in his chest and his entire body shaking. He doesn't dare to speak, and tries taking slow, deep breaths.

Slowly it dawns on him that she'd said something. He didn't understand it. He couldn't understand it. It didn't make any sense. She may as well have spoken Japanese. She wanted him to understand.

He couldn't.

"Níl mé ag iarraidh gortaiú duit," he hoarsely whispers. He repeats it to himself. "I don't want to hurt you."

The shaking becomes worse as he tenses and releases his muscles, not quite pushing her away and unable to let this continue.

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Adnascentia of Ideals
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:10:10 am »
Hearing Azami approach, Phillip flutters his eyelids to clear his sight. He listens to her rip apart his rant with just a few words. Then, she grabs him and hauls him to his feet.

More out of instinct than thought one of his hands locks on her wrist, and his other hand grips closed. He holds back from putting it into a punch as Azami cracks at him. Steiner, his feelings, his actions. His friend.

She grabs a hold of him like he was a raft, a piece of driftwood out at sea. He's held under Azami's gaze, as she's shed her sunglasses. He looks at her, his green flecks dancing, swimming in his hazel pools as he closes his hand around her shoulder instead of onto itself. "Life isn't nothing," he tells her. He thinks of all the things people did to each other, for food, for a grudge, for status. For drugs, and shelter, and themselves. "Surviving isn't nothing. Existing isn't nothing. It's hurt, and pain. But it's life."

The boy takes his hand from her wrist, to point to the scar on his cheek. "I didn't get this from a fight. I was tied down. D'imir." He shows the ring, on the same hand. "I got that because I beat the shit out of the guy. Pain, and hurt." He settles both hands on her shoulders, his muscles quavering. "I don't have any friends, Azami. Friends are people you don't hurt, and don't cause you pain."

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Adnascentia of Ideals
« on: February 04, 2018, 09:23:30 pm »
Azami tries to tell him about how her actions, from her own body, aren't hers. How her thoughts, from her own head, aren't hers. How everything that went into her choices weren't hers. He scowls at her, then turns away towards the abyss, crossing his arms as she stands back up. She mentions that someone else had already told her what he'd seen, her old gang leader. She seems to say that the way she's acting here is different from how she thought she would act, but then she wouldn't have brought up the other three. She was still sore from being sent here. She'd been part of something that she still wanted and didn't think she could have.

Phillip snorts sardonically at the notion, thumbing his ring. Even she had had greater luxuries than he had. Even she had things to miss.

He hears the strange creak-squeaking of leather gloves, and looks to see her gesticulate at the sean fear. He's not sure who she means when she says 'everyone'. After all, if they ended up killing the Angels then it would be pretty hard to blast the Earth clean of humans. Hadn't they already tried doing that a couple times with guns and bombs? They were here right now because it was hard for humanity to actually kill itself. Then she mentions wanting to see her old gang again, and cements what he'd guessed: Azami didn't actually care about humanity as a whole. He doubted anyone did, or could.

She tries complimenting him, trying to say how she wants to be like him. How she can't do things she needed to do. And she says that she's scared of herself, and what her imagined fakeness wouldn't do. She sinks against the railing and mumbles something, but Phillip is cracking his knuckles.

"You didn't listen to anything I said," he says as he turns fully to her once more. He looks at her, grasping at something solid to keep her from slumping all the way to the floor. He shakes his head, wondering if he should try to fix his closest enemy. If she was right, and she was just a vessel for the actions slapped into her, then she would be the death of him. If she was wrong, then she would be key to giving whoever needed it a sucker punch to the liathróidí.

"Does NERV tell you to wipe your ass or eat your food? Does it tell you to breathe or sleep? Does it tell you to talk to me about Piloting? Huh? No? Mac beith, Azami. Unless you're being Piloted from behind those sunglasses then you're being a amadán." He huffs in frustration, and resists the urge to nudge her with his foot by starting to pace. It would be an excuse she could use to say he was bossing her around, and he sure as hell wasn't when she was the one who called him out here. "Compared to the Eva, what can we do? Huh? And you think that something we do outside will kill everyone? How weak do you think you are? How stupid do you think I am? An bhfuil tú ag maireachtáil?"

He stops, stamping his foot against the walkway. He tenses his hands against his upper arms and takes a single deep breath to gather some more words. "Sure, you're not focused. What the hell does that have to do with anything? Déileáil thar an gcúl? So long as you're shooting the Angels when you're in the Eva who gives a shit? It works for the other ones so NERV obviously doesn't! What else do we need to do, Azami! What else could possibly need doing? You finding your old gang just so you feel like you belong won't heal you, so don't act like it will!"

The Irishman pants from his tirade, and realizes he'd just let his anger get the better of him. He knows that he's trampled on her when she was down, instead of helping her get up. But he's already said the words, so he can't take them back. He looks away from her, running a hand over his head. He should give her some space. He knows he should. He can't bring himself to make the first step. "You care. I don't. You had a whole posse of friends and I..." he looks at the ring on his hand, then holds it to his side if she wanted to look. "I don't have any. So you can hate me too."

He walks away from Azami, but not too far. He goes over to his own Eva and looks up at it, an engine of destruction. He crouches down on his haunches and wonders why his sight of the thing was so blurry.

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Adnascentia of Ideals
« on: February 03, 2018, 04:45:46 am »
Azami seems to catch on to what he's saying easily enough. He hums as she dismisses the idea of either sparring or sporting, though her reasoning for the latter makes him cock his head. "Type? It's not really about type. It's... pléisiúr le súgradh. Fun, distracting. Sure you've still gotta," he sees that she's dismissed the conversation, and huffs out the rest of his breath instead of continuing. Azami didn't like distractions anyway, so it probably wouldn't work.

She strikes on a conversation she would have called him suddenly out for all this way, Piloting. She talks about being an artist, how she expresses herself, and how he's destruction manifest. It seems a little unfair to him to say that he wasn't using the Eva and that she was, but she was right in that there was something to learn from how she did things. Of course it seemed beneficial. Her example is fairly simple, and his mind is made up immediately. She guesses correctly but then asks what he would do if help arrived at just the second. This causes him to pause and think for a moment, following a bit behind as she headed for the door.

She doesn't quite stop talking long enough for him to answer and talks about trust. Capabilities, breaking points and probably ability. She doesn't know anyone here, and talks about a base the same way he thought about the old city. Their situations were similar, they had to be, but they knew their own names and very little else. Yuki, the Idol. Azami, the soldier. Of course she addresses this, but she asks a more difficult question. Why them in particular? Why Phillip, needing to be shipped around the globe? Why the Focail imreoir, who would be just as well doing... Idol stuff? Why Azami, who would accept whatever orders she was given?

Well, Azami's reason spoke for itself, after all. She would do as she was told, when she was told. She was a soldier, more than a fighter, and she would snap to attention and keep doing until she was stopped. He wasn't really sure why the pinkhair was there in the first place, so he wasn't really sure what made her a good fit. She talked a lot, but she did at least seem to hold her own? Was that it? Were they simply the best choice?

Then she asks something he'd answered when they met the man with the wheezing cough, the Commander. She answers her own question instead of waiting for his reply, saying she doesn't know anything else. The skills she had would serve her well in any sort of gang, but on the other hand she wouldn't rise to the top of one on her own. She was too stiff in her resolve, thinking or acting too much of her own accord would break something. She says that NERV owns her soul, but it seemed more that she wasn't able to let herself think anything else. If the system broke and NERV scattered, then she would find the next closest thing. He would keep going on as he had been, taking what he needed, putting down dogs.

He thinks about going back to the old city. He thinks about what he'd seen before he'd left. No, he couldn't go back there, even if he wanted to. That place was dying even as he was living through it. Too many cops, too many guns, too many dogs. The city he knew so well was gone, either dead or more like the one he was in now. Even if he was shipped back to Ireland he would remain as he was here. The thought makes him wonder what sort of place he might get if he stayed here in the bait trap. If there were no more Angels, then he would have no reason not to stay, right? He could create a new life here, if NERV went under and the Angels were dead.

He mulls it over as he idly follows her out of the room, his shoes creating dull clunks that faintly echo into the darkness surrounding the Eva. Azami then sweeps her arm around and asks him who decided he was staying, a question as complicated as the bones in his wrist. He frowns in thought, furrowing his brow. "Cé a rinne an rogha... Tricky." He thumbs his ring. "I didn't choose to come here. I didn't choose to be fed into a tube and poked and prodded. I didn't choose to get beaten by James. But I did choose to stay here. Tá sé simplí, ceart? If I don't trust the other Pilots, I'm the only one who can defend myself. I get in the sean fear," he extends his arm with his hand flat, palm facing upward and pointing at his own Eva, taking the moment to check on its healing and getting the echo of its pain, "and I'm the safest anyone can possibly be. Pléascann an domhan, bás gach duine. If I don't get in, I'm asking to die with every other miserable dog on this rock. If I don't stay here, then there's nothing I can do."

The boy draws his arm back in, gripping his hand into a fist before giving it a firm shake, getting back on track. "So yeah, I didn't choose to be here. I chose to fight. Not anyone else. And I always have chosen when I fight. Ever since I learned how. Níorbh fhéidir liom maireachtáil mura mbeadh," he says the Irish with a matter-of-fact tone. He realizes that he let himself get carried away on Azami's fervor, and possibly said too much. On the other hand, it wasn't anything he hadn't said before. Either way he turns his shoulder to the girl, looking out over the abyss. They had so far to fall from here, he couldn't even see the bottom. He could barely see the room where he'd looked down at the Eva. Everything was so massive to fit all seven of the meat-machine Evas that Azami and he could scarcely comprehend it had they not seen it from the other side.

But she had. She was familiar with it. And that's why he wanted her to keep talking.

He looks over at her with his head. Everything about her reflected her outlook, her hair, her dress, and especially her eyes. They were red, the color of fire, blood, and violence. She would never see the world any other way. "You're not some hopeless dog, Azami. You're thoughtful and don't put anything forward that doesn't need to be. You're dangerous. We're dangerous," he emphasizes that harshly, unused and unwelcome to it. For now. "The others hate it. Hate what we know, and hate what we can do. Smaointe óga. Radharc beag. So you don't need to keep saying how held back you are. You can be free. You chose this, after all."

He finds himself out of words, and waits for her reaction to what he'd said. He realizes he hadn't asked a single question the whole time, and presses his thumb against his ring as he reaches up to scratch his cheek. Maybe she would offer a response, but he hadn't really left one open for her. Cac, he thinks to himself. At the very least, he'd already learned much.

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Adnascentia of Ideals
« on: February 02, 2018, 04:44:02 am »
Samael? What kind of name was that? Sure they were called Angels, but didn't people also worship them or something beside God? Wait, no, these couldn't be the same thing. But they were being named the same way, so that's just confusing. In any case, this... device was the key he needed to keep safe. Something that would lead to the truth.

Azami's fingers press against his own, and he jumps his attention back to her as she closes his hand. She mentions the Falsa Gaeilge and complains of him, pressing his fingers uncomfortably into the object. He draws his hand back to his side while trying not to move too fast in the motion, taking his fist out of her grip even as she eased her muscles. She mentions playing a game with the weirdo, though she talks about it more like a fight than a game so Phillip is a tad confused. She talks about information and technology, and says they need Steiner, the dead one.

He's dead, but his soul is alive. It's a shard of it, but he's still alive. He's dead, but he can help them. The Irishman does his best not to balk openly at what Azami was saying, since what she was saying was impossible. Souls being in Eva, asking ghosts for help, it was a bit much to wrap his head around, much less believe. He tries to reel himself back in to the now by latching onto the warning that Azami reiterates that whatever killed the bland boy would be in the information here, in the key he held now. The information to beat the others, to win this game, to survive.

He tucks it nonchalantly into his pants pocket, already practiced at not drawing attention to what was important. "If we want to keep the Rabbit away, then it won't be in NERV, huh? Tuilleadh trioblóide." He shakes his head and humphs. This talk of souls and desperate clawing had him thinking more that the girl was trying to play him somehow, set him up. He'd seen it enough before, and this was a radical change in Azami. She could do it, if she were ordered. "Beidh mé bás, má theipeann orm," he snorts sardonically to himself. "But you were living like that too. We both have, for as long as it matters. Right?"

He rolls his shoulder, and feeling that it could pop, holds a hand to it and rolls it more thoroughly until it connects in a satisfying way. With a soft puff of air from his nose, he turns attention back to Azami. "So why were we in here again? Wanted to spar? Rud éigin eile go hiomlán?" He lets out a single rough chuckle at the half-joke. "Can't be a lot of reasons you'd talk to me in private, right after getting me here."

Other Games / Re: Shadowrun: [Snazzy Title Pending]
« on: January 31, 2018, 06:16:30 pm »
* Merne23 hedchops Evils.

Other Games / Re: Shadowrun: [Snazzy Title Pending]
« on: January 31, 2018, 05:54:16 pm »
It is possible I may be tied up IRL but with any luck I should be good.

Other Games / Re: Adeptus Evangelion - Adnascentia of Ideals
« on: January 29, 2018, 05:41:21 pm »
There was a dull ache in his ribs and cheek, but otherwise Phillip was as whole as could be. He'd been wondering what could have been so urgent for Azami to call him out into NERV's den. Was it some sort of threat? Was it a trap? He couldn't really think of other reasons for it. But he really didn't have anything better to do, anyway. It was definitely important to her, so it would probably be important to him.

Rolling his neck and getting a satisfying crack for his efforts, he frowns at the hangar being empty. There were usually NERV dogs tending to the Eva, right? it wasn't nighttime, so they couldn't all be asleep. Nothing seemed wrong, and he couldn't hear anything except the creaking of the metals. He makes his way into the only other room Azami could be, rolling his shoulder as he approaches.

As soon as he enters he notices that the soldier seems more intense than usual. While that in itself was odd, she shoves the bench she'd been sitting on into the door. He thumbs his ring and crosses his arms, frown deepening. After she turns off her phone and mentions ears, he lets out a small grunt and fiddles with his own until it stops producing light. This seems to satisfy her, as she starts speaking again.

She talks about truth, and how she couldn't accept it before. How NERV doesn't work by dealing in truths. Then, she tells him of her revelations: The Gan Deara had been killed. He hadn't seen the other boy ever since the whole house had been locked. Maybe that was when. NERV knows more than the Pilots did. Phillip had taken this as a given fact ever since he had arrived.

What wanted one Pilot dead, wanted the others dead too. This didn't really surprise him, but it's frustrating. One more thing actively wanting him dead, which was really more than enough at this point. He cracks his knuckles by pressing his fists together, closing his eyes. Azami hadn't said who, so the Angels probably had something to do with it. Plus, if it were human, NERV could have dealt with it without caging them in for days. It was pretty stupid how they thought they could keep the Angels out while making their own pet out of their bodies, but what was he supposed to do about it?

Azami offers more information, and her price is holding onto... this? She calls it a key. But she mentions trust. She says she doesn't want to trust any of the Pilots, and definitely not Rabbit or the Cold Lady. Just him. He gives her a long, appraising look. She could be duping him, of course. After all, she was NERV through and through. On the other hand, she had just been saying how she'd been denying the truth. But if she was really so turned now, if she'd always been this way? What if this just turned out like last time?

The green flecks of his eyes shine at Azami as he comes to a decision, he looking at her red pools of determination.

He holds out his hand, letting his other arm settle at his side. "I can do it." At nothing else this will let him see if she's being genuine with him or doing this on someone else's orders. "I can keep it, but nothing's really safe. Féach ar dúinn. Under a whole city, behind layers of defense, and still hiding in a dead-end room," he snorts, appreciating the irony. "An bhfuil sé sábháilte dúinn, nó iad?"

The sentiment in the question is clear, as it reflects the boy's whole outlook. Us, or them? He holds his hand out for the supposed key, accepting the offer halfway.

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