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I have decided to include the link for the fifth chapter here to where I have posted chapters five through eight so far.

Yeah....the third chapter was a pain to do. I had a third time with the last half of it trying to get it to feel right which is why it took me so long.

Here is the next chapter and since I can't reset or remove the polls I guess I'll include the link to my page where I have a more updated and long going poll in place.

Chapter 3
Moving On

Lelouch had difficulty sleeping the following night after his reunion with Suzaku, but even after a month had passed since their conversation the former Emperor was plagued from everything to nightmares, memories of his life before and guilt over some of his more terrible actions. He managed to mask it well while at school, which compared to his internal state was faring far better than he had expected. Even C.C. and Garibaldi were impressed by how well Lelouch had adapted to life on Cera and in school beginning to steadily achieve higher grades in class, which was thanks to C.C. and Garibaldi’s own efforts in help Lelouch.

Fortunately it seemed the more he immerses himself in school work and activities it gave Lelouch a period of peace from the flood of unpleasant memories.

It was after school as Kayto and Lelouch were continuing the ongoing battle against paperwork, Kayto Shield’s most hated enemy.  Because of the obvious lack of members the stack of papers and reports on their holos were staggering to say the least, but Lelouch due to prior experience as an Emperor, leader of the Black Knights and 2nd Supreme Council Chairman of the United Federation of Nations made working through the piles of reports and budgets easy.
It still took a considerable amount of time nevertheless.

“Wow you must have been buried in work at your old school.” Kayto praised as witnessed Lelouch seemingly work through his share of the work faster than him.   

“I had a lot of experience, but that still doesn’t mean I like it no more than the next person.”

“I hear that!” Kayto said in agreement followed by a light chuckle.

It wasn’t long after that when Ava showed up with a very sour expression.

“Unbelievable how could this happen?” Ava muttered before sitting at her desk bringing one hand to her face to massage her forehead.

“Is there something going on?” The former emperor inquired, but he wondered if Milly was trying to pull something to get at him.

“The administration is busy overseeing the pool cleaning so they wish for the student council to oversee the cleaning out of the clubs that were shut down.” Ava explained as this brought back another series of unpleasant memories, but compared to the ones he had as Zero they were not as bad but not pleasant any less either.
He instantly began to suspect Milly’s involvement.

“Was it those clubs you closed down for not being able to cover their dues and failing to file the proper paperwork on time?” Kayto asked which he got his answer with a nod from Ava.

“I don’t recall any mention of this before, so I guess this happened before I joined.”

“You’re correct these clubs were terminated a day before you joined and for the past month the clubs have been clearing out. All that is left now is to clean and ready those rooms for new clubs.”

‘This sounds way too damn familiar.’ Lelouch thought as he felt a feeling of déjà vu come to mind.

During his time at Ashford Academy Lelouch and his friend Suzaku were conscripted to clean the old club rooms that once resided in one of the academy’s older buildings. The oddity of the situation was that these clubs deemed weird for a variety of reasons, but Lelouch thought the last one in there was probably due to people disliking the idea behind it. It didn’t sound like a big deal at first, but as Suzaku and Lelouch found out the clubs, aside from the last one, were anything but normal. It wasn’t a matter of Suzaku and Lelouch cleaning them, but it was surviving them.

“What were these clubs called?” Lelouch asked having a really bad feeling about this.

“The clubs in question were the Lolicon Club, Paparazzi Club and Gungan Appreciation Club?” Ava answered, but their names alone convinced Lelouch of likely additional reasons those clubs had gone under.

“I assume you want both of us to handle this?” Kayto said hesitantly, although he would take cleaning up some old club rooms over paperwork.

“Of course!” Ava answered curtly rising to walk over to a broom closet and revealing some cleaning tools for the two.

A short time later in the hallways Kayto and Lelouch approached the first of the club rooms needed to be cleaned out wearing white aprons. Kayto carried a bucket with water and a mop while Lelouch had a broom with a bucket holding some towels and glass cleaner.

“You seemed kinda reluctant back there?” Kayto asked as they reached the first room, but before he got an answer Lelouch held him back.

“I was reluctant because the last time I had clean some dead club rooms we ran into some unexpected complications I didn’t want to experience again?” Lelouch said with a serious expression that worried, but yet made Kayto curious about what could have happened to have left such an impression.

“So what were these complications?”

“Well the first club was called The Fall-Down-Seven-Times-and-Topple-Eight-Times Club.” Lelouch said with a hint of mid-disgust as he couldn’t believe he remembered that club’s name.

“The...what...that makes no sense?” Kayto said with a look of confusion while trying to imagine what kind of club that must have been.

‘Oh lord I can’t believe I remembered this as well too.’ Lelouch in internal embarrassment as he despised that club for its stupid naming and policy, but it was only the tip of the iceberg.

“Apparently the club…” Lelouch began face palming as he remembered its police that Suzaku had read to him when assigned to clean the rooms. “Its policy says that ‘We are a negative club that believes in falling down seven times and topple eight times. Our activities will have no victories. The policy of losers is our policy and we always look down while we walk.”

“How the hell did such a club get approved? It sounds like a bunch of nut jobs were running it.” Kayto said trying to determine if Lelouch was really being serious or making these stories up, but so far Kayto found no reason to doubt him considering how serious he seemed to be about it. Or he was just a really damn good liar.

“I know and my head hurts just remembering it, but when we opened the door to clean the room we found it completely empty.”

“Oh so that’s good right, so what happened?”

“I walked in and before I realized what happened my friend tackled me to the ground. He saw a hidden pressurized water gun that had been hidden out of view of the doorway that was motion sensitive.”  Lelouch explained to a stunned Kayto who looked at him with wide eyes.

“A hidden pressurized water gun almost hit you?” Kayto asked who was trying to look for any signs that Lelouch could be joking, but he saw nothing to indicate otherwise. “You’re serious?”

“My reaction was quite different especially since it was quite destructive which could have seriously injured me or worse.”

“After something like that I don’t think I can blame you for being nervous.”

“Heh that was just the start…the next club was the Landmine Club.”

“They didn’t have actual landmines in there did they?” Kayto looked at him with a look of concern as a mental image of Lelouch entering the club room before being blown up by a claymore mine.

Lelouch nodded his head, “we endured a total of thirteen of those clubs that left our cleaning equipment damaged by recognition, but the last club in the building, a Culture Club, was the only normal one where nothing happened.”

“One of these days I am going to find where this school was and visit it.” Kayto said as he was very curious to visit Lelouch’s previous academy to see if the stories were true.

“I am hopeful things have calm down since I left, but…” Lelouch began to say as he slowly opened the door, although Lelouch thought he was overreacting he thought it couldn’t hurt just to be better safe than sorry. He stuck the mop into the room and began waving it around as he began to say. “I am sure there isn’t going to be such problems h…”

Lelouch was suddenly interrupted when a projectile shot out of seemingly nowhere hitting the mop out of his hand.
Kayto and Lelouch were shocked for a moment, but after it passed the two cautiously looked inside the club room to find that a trap had been set up with looked like a home-made canon mounted on a desk in one corner of the room just out of sight when you first walk in. Looking around again the two found the projectile it fired which was a potato. Dropping his knees to recover the mop he used it again upon getting back to his feet to find any kind of sensor or trigger.
Another potato fired confirming Lelouch’s suspicions that the potato gun was somehow designed to fire more than one shot and there was a sensor in the room to fire if someone or something set off the sensor.

“Kayto did these clubs accept their disbandment well?” Lelouch asked calmly.

“Ava dealt with the situation herself, but from what I gathered not well at all I assume.”

“Then we should probably assume the clubs have booby trapped their former rooms as an act of retaliation for their closure since I take it the student council is usually responsible for cleaning anything up left over in the rooms?” Lelouch asked which Kayto nodded in confirmation.

Through some very careful effort the two managed to sneak their way across the ground to reach the canon and disarm it ensuring it wouldn’t shoot at them. The two cleaned the room afterwards and left the cannon alone as the two agreed that Ava should be informed of the nasty trap that had been left for them. When they proceeded to the second club Kayto and Lelouch cautiously checked for any signs of traps, but when they opened the door slightly Kayto spotted something above the doorframe after the two noticed a horrible smell when they opened the door slightly.

After using their tools to keep the small pan above the doorway from falling Kayto got it down where he and Lelouch found it was a pan full of fish that had since rotted making it painful for their noses to endure. After taking pictures of the trap with their holos the two disposed of the fish before proceeding to clean that room as well.

Everything went well until they reached the final club to clean.

“What has been taking you two so long?” Ava snapped as she approached the boys from behind.

“Ava did you know that the previous clubs you shut down have left behind traps for us?” Kayto said being straightforward.

“Traps, don’t make up stories Kayto!” Ava shot back clearly not buying what she believed to be an excuse. She snatched the mop from his hand and proceeded to enter the last club room with Kayto and Lelouch trying to warn her.

“He’s serious Ava we found traps in!” Lelouch said, but Ava was too stubborn to heed their warnings which were due to the fact she didn’t think anyone would set a trap for the student council.

Unfortunately Ava Crescentia under estimated the loathing she had earned from the clubs she had shut down, even though they deserved it, but still.   

Upon walking in Ava got caught in an invisible wall of plastic wrap that was painstakingly coated with some kind of sticky substance and placed in a way that no one would see the invisible wall until it was too late after entering through the door. Then a hidden sensor was set off that opened up a concealed bag that had been placed on the ceiling which dumped a bundle of feathers atop Ava’s head before finally a water balloon was fired from a concern of the room dosing Ava.

“Lelouch you better stay back…” Kayto nervously warned.
“Why? Obviously she is going to be angry about this.”

“You haven’t seen her angry in the ways I have. Mount Crescentia is about to erupt and absolutely kill everyone!” Kayto warned as if some kind of apocalyptic event was about to happen, but the look he saw on Ava’s face when she stepped out of the class room was one of pure barely contained rage.


“Well that day could have ended better.” Lelouch said as he and Kayto were walking together through Cera City.

“At least Ava wasn’t seriously hurt, but those students will be lucky not to face criminal charges. I can’t believe those idiots would hold such a grudge if you consider what their clubs were like.” Kayto said as the two walked together.

“I didn’t actually expect those rooms to be rigged with traps, but I suppose my prior experience was helpful.” Lelouch thought as he began remembering Suzaku’s conversation with him from one month ago.

“Yeah otherwise our afternoon would have really sucked.”

“True, but I was almost beginning to think such madness that was in my old academy wouldn’t be anywhere else.”

“I guess it all depends on the people attending those schools.”   

“True enough…” Lelouch said before he and Kayto would be approached by a young girl a few years younger than they were.

She had white hair styled into a pair of small pigtails with blue eyes wearing a white and blue sailor-style school uniform with a brown coat and a pink scarf around her neck. Lelouch guessed she was from a middle-school division of some kind considering her size and age, but also he had a nagging suspicion that she and Kayto were related somehow.

“Oh Kayto who is this?” Maray Shields asked cutely, but Lelouch noticed a more mischievous smirk on her face.

“This is Lelouch the new member of the Student Council and a new friend I made last month that I told you about.” Kayto said introducing Lelouch before turning to the young man in question. “Lelouch this is Maray my younger sister.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Maray eyed Lelouch in a way that made the young man nervous.

‘Why do I suddenly get the feeling that this girl reminds me of Kaguya?’

 “Ooooh he is so pretty.” Maray admitted which only cemented Lelouch’s opinion that this girl reminded him of Kaguya while Kayto face palmed at his sister’s response. “So Kayto are you two going out?”

“WHAT?!” Kayto and Lelouch both exclaimed.

Maray began laughing, which caused Kayto to become quite sore with his younger sister.

“It’s nothing like that and you should know better Maray!”

“Well I had to ask because it didn’t seem like you were having much success with Ava or any of the other girls.” Maray replied with a mischievous smile. “Just remember you got until the end of the year.”

“End of the year for what?” Lelouch asked knowing that it was probably against his better judgment to ask such a question.

“That Kayto needs to have a girlfriend or he will face a disappointed sister.” The white haired girl proudly announced much to Kayto’s chagrin.

“Damn it Maray!” Kayto huffed as his annoyance with his sister grew.

“So do you think you’ll be available next year when I attend school with Kayto?” The young white haired girl asked with a seemingly innocent smile.

“Maybe when you are a couple more years older?” Lelouch muttered remembering a certain Japanese heiress, although he had no real intention of dating her but drawing from his experience with dealing with the love struck Kaguya Sumeragi and her subtle advances on him he knew she would continue to persist if he outright refused.

“A couple years, but wouldn’t you have another girlfriend by then?” Maray said eyeing Lelouch suspiciously.

“I am not looking for one right now.” The former Emperor said carefully suspecting that Maray would attempt to twist his words and turn the conversation against him.

In fact Lelouch was beginning to wonder if Maray was somehow related to Milly since he didn’t find the possibility unlikely that she might have had children by this point. Why else would she choose to settle on a planet like Cera unless there was some kind of personal attachment here?  Another concerning thought, but it was mixed with one of relief was that for all of the times that Nunnally had been around Milly she was thankful she had never corrupted Nunnally.
Nevertheless Maray adopted a devious smile as she did find something to use against him.

“Be careful I might hold you too it.”

“Damn it Maray!” Kayto said trying to hold back a fair amount of anger and annoyance from spilling out. “I better take it from here Lelouch and I’ll see you tomorrow…I’ll handle this bundle of evil.”

“Mou, you know that is not a nice thing to say about your sister.” Maray with a pouty expression, but Lelouch eyed the young girl suspecting it was faked somehow.

“Right I’ll see you tomorrow Kayto.” Lelouch said before departing to leave Kayto to deal with his troublesome and perverted little sister.

‘I have never felt so thankful that Nunnally never became anything like that.’

Lelouch continued home, but as he neared the apartment where he was staying at he noticed he was being followed. Someone wearing a white cloak was tailing him a safe distance behind him. At first Lelouch thought he was just being paranoid, but as they got closer to the apartment he began to believe otherwise. Contemplating his options Lelouch decided to test to see if he was being followed, so he entered an alleyway before taking off in a dash down the darkened alley in an effort to lose his follower.

After making some quick and sharp turns leading onto another street before dashing down another alleyway Lelouch stopped at a dead end where his tired out body left him breathing heavily. The enhancements his body had helped his physical conditioning, but he was still no star athlete.

“At least I…I…lost whoever was following me.” Lelouch said thinking out loud while trying to catch his breath.

“Oh it’s not nice to run from someone only wanting to help you.” A mysterious voice said that sounded distorted and otherworldly, but at the same time there was an undeniable feminine tone to it.

Lelouch quickly turned his head and saw the person, who he was sure it was a woman judging by the voice, wearing the white cloak was standing at the end of the alleyway. She was too far away and the lack of lighting in the slightly darkened alley made it difficult to see inside her hood. But there was enough light to make out the rest of her as the rest of her body save for her pale and delicate hands were covered by her cloak.

“Who are you?”

“I can’t tell you right now, because that would be just a huge spoiler. You need to play the game if you want to find out my identity.” The mysterious voice said followed by a mischievous giggle.

“What game are you talking about?”

“You know your favorite game of playing the revolutionary. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it at times.” The voice inquired.

“And why would I even consider playing again. There is nothing at stake for me?”

“Maybe there isn’t, but there isn’t anything to hold you back now. You got nothing to lose.”

Lelouch’s eyes narrowed in frustration before he huffed in defiance before stating. “I was motivated for the sake of my sister, finding my mother’s killer which I found out was a pointless venture in the end and then I chose to make the world a better place?”

“It doesn’t bother you that all you sacrificed for that better world ended up being enslaved and devastated?”
That struck a nerve with Lelouch. If Lelouch had better eyesight he would have seen the figure smiling from beneath the cowl of her hood. “I guess I struck a nerve didn’t I?”

“You have no idea what I have been through?”

“Are you sure, but I hope you aren’t considering suicide or anything. Because I think you once told Tohdoh that would be cowardly didn’t you?” The mysterious woman said surprising Lelouch, but this made him begin wondering if the woman was C.C. Yet in the back of his mind he knew this woman wasn’t, but he already understood that this woman probably wasn’t even going to give him her name or any information related to herself.

“Why are you bothering with me in the first place?”

“Because when motivated you are far more capable when you realize especially with the right resources at your disposal.” The hooded woman said before tossing a small object sealed inside a small container at Lelouch who managed to catch it. “That will lead you to some resources you can repurpose for your own uses, but you’ll need plenty of manpower, funds and a secret base to do this at.”

“What is it?”

“Share it with your allies…you’ll be very surprised I promise you.” The hooded woman said followed by a mischievous chuckle. “We’ll meet again in the future, but for now just know that PACT will not be the only enemy you shall face.”
“What do you mean by that? TELL ME!” Lelouch demanded in anger as what appeared to be a rip in fabric of the space-time continuum opened up blowing wind and debris around him before the woman vanished into the rip leaving no trace of her presence behind. The flow of time returned to normal and Lelouch might have written off the experience as some kind of dream.

But the small container holding whatever information he was left was proof that encounter had happened. 

Lelouch’s mind was a whirlwind of thoughts at that moment as one half of it was trying to make sense of what happened while the other was grappling with his reservations of becoming Zero once again. He had more than one reason why he passed the role over to Suzaku, because the identity of Zero and the burden that came with it left him with a lot of regret and pain. Donning the mask again would remind him of his losses such as those he never had any intention of harming and the pain of the truth of his mother and her so-called death.

Maybe it was fear of that pain that kept Zero from donning the mask once more, but deep down he felt it was more than that.

He wandered out of the alleyway completely lost in his thoughts. So lost that he bumped into someone he wasn’t expecting to be in this part of town.

“Watch where you are going Lelouch!!” Ava snapped at him, which was more than enough to shake the young man from his thoughts.

“Huh…Ava…I thought you would still be back at the school?” Lelouch asked as he quickly recovered his composure before taking a second to pocket the container he was given. He remembered that Ava was staying behind to finish up some paperwork she was required to finish and sent Kayto and him home once they had completed their tasks.

“I finished my work quicker than I had expected, but I need to make a quick stop off at the market to pick up some supplies for my apartment. The store down the street from here was having a sale I decided to take advantage of.” Ava answered before folding her arms over chest.

“I see I just didn’t expect to see you.”

“But what were you doing?” Ava said eyeing Lelouch suspiciously.

Lelouch was annoyed, but he was careful not to show it. After all he shouldn’t be surprised at Ava being suspicious at him since he had just come out of an alleyway and bumped into her so from her perspective the situation was suspicious in its own right.

But as Lelouch tried to come up with a convincing and plausible excuse Lelouch noticed something in the corner of his left eye. On one hand he might have considered it a god send that he could use it to change the subject of their discussion, but Lelouch had a feeling what he was seeing was not a good sign. Observing them for a second longer until he was certain Lelouch carefully addressed Ava.

“Ava have you noticed you are being followed?” Lelouch inquired which got the young woman’s attention, but the former Emperor was quick to add. “Don’t look at them directly, but you can see it right?”
Ava used her eyes while mindful not to make obvious movements with her head.

Just down the street near a corner was a group of five men. They were casually dressed for the most part in various clothing, so they didn’t seem to be part of any kind of gang at first glance.

“Walk with me.” Lelouch suggested while he brought out his phone in a seemingly obvious gesture to check his messages, but he was using the front-facing camera to get a look at the men which Ava observed as the two continued walking towards the market. After watching the group of men for awhile Lelouch and Ava concluded that the latter was being followed. “Any idea why they would be following you?”

“I don’t recognize them from the academy.”

“I see…as soon as we enter the market lets loose them and retreat to my apartment for the time being.” The former Emperor suggested.

“An acceptable plan…” Ava said agreeing to the plan since it was a logical move and Lelouch’s apartment was closer.
As soon as they entered the market the two quickly made their way through the rows of food and other products before making their way out through another entrance in an effort to lose them. The duo decided to cut through an alleyway to make it to Lelouch’s apartment, but as they were passing by an old building set to be condemned they were cornered by the five men who had somehow anticipated their actions.

“Don’t think we’re just some two-bit crooks.” The leader of the men said who wore a simple blue suit with a white dress shirt under it with the top three buttons undone. He had something of a beard beginning to grow around his mouth, but his brown hair had grown to shoulder length becoming unkempt. 

“Somehow I think this isn’t some attempt to mug two high school students or to attack the girl with me isn’t it?” Lelouch said as he motioned for Ava to get behind him.

“You are half-right. You are just an unfortunate kid to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, but we are after her.” The leader said pointing at Ava.

“I don’t even know any of you.” Ava snapped defiantly.

“No but your father does.” The lead thug began before his face began to twist showing signs of repressed anger. “That tight-ass had me and some of my friends here dishonorably discharged from the military for snitching on us.”

“Really so you are going after his daughter for some petty revenge then?” Lelouch said not trying to hide the disgust in his voice.

“Whatever you did I am certain it was something my father couldn’t overlook, because unlike you he is an honest man at least.” Ava countered defending her father.

“You bitch!” The lead thug said before he drew a combat knife from his jacket, but to make matters worse the other men accompanying him pulled out handguns.

“I dare not think what you are intending to do to her, but…I…am going to stop this.” Lelouch said reluctantly knowing what he had to do. He didn’t know what her father did to earn such animosity from them, but it was clear their actions in the military weren’t condoned if it was enough to get them discharged. “Ava, whatever happens from this point on I want you to stay behind me!”



Lelouch turned his attention to the thugs who merely laughed at his attempt at bravado.

“Trying to protect the girl isn’t going to save you.”

“We both know you were probably going to silence me anyway?” Lelouch said as he brought his right hand up to his eyes before using them to unveil his Geass. “Because I am going to command that you and your friends forget this plan and forget you ever saw me to instead be become contributing members to society after you rethink your lives.”

The power of his Geass took effect ensnaring the men under its power.

Ava watched in growing shock and awe as the men who had suddenly stopped advancing upon her and Lelouch had seemingly entered some kind of trance-like state just before dropping their weapons.

“Yes we’ll do as you command.”

At that instant like a group of zombies the men walked away still entranced under Lelouch’s Geass until they fulfilled his orders to the letter. Ava was rendered speechless as her mind was trying to process what just happened. But her thoughts were interrupted when Lelouch turned around and Ava’s eyes widened at the red light in Lelouch’s eyes.

“I am sorry about interfering like this, but we both know there was only one way this would have ended.”

“What…what did you do to them?”

For a moment Lelouch considered casting his Geass on her to erase her memory of what she had just seen, but he hesitated. A full minute passed before he brought his hand up to his eyes to suppress his Geass once more to avoid accidently using it on Ava.

“I simply ordered them to do something and they did it. They’ll follow my orders to the letter…that is the curse…this power I was given when I made a deal with a witch.” Lelouch answered.

“A witch?” Ava inquired which under normal circumstances she might have ridiculed the idea of witches, but after witnessing Lelouch wield a supernatural power that compelled the minds of the men who intended to do god-knows what to her to not only forget and abandon their plans, but to compel them to take their lives in new directions.

“Yes a witch…” C.C. said as she approached the two holding an umbrella, but her arrival also prompted Garibaldi to appear.

“Why are you out here?” Lelouch asked with a sour expression.

“You didn’t arrive home on time, so we began looking for you. I was able to track your movements using the tracker I put in your bag as a precaution.” Michael explained. “I guess you handled whatever trouble you were in.”

“But we have a witness.” C.C. said looking at Ava before turning to Lelouch. “Why didn’t you use your Geass to erase her memories of this event?”

“I just couldn’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because…I…I just saw no point?”

“Is this because you refuse to become Zero again?”

“Why would I to begin with?”

“I see…” C.C. said before wondering if Lelouch had an ulterior motive. “Ava wasn’t it…come with us. If you want answers I’ll answer them but this isn’t the place for a long conversation.”   

Lelouch, C.C., Ava and Garibaldi returned to the apartment complex Lelouch had been calling home before C.C. began to reveal the truth to Ava. During the course of revealing and answering her questions Garibaldi left to contact some friends in key places to ensure those men who had gone after Ava would not become a problem in the future.

He would also ensure that Ava’s father would not be concerned about her whereabouts and take care of that as well.
Lelouch was strangely silent throughout the entire exchange between C.C. and Ava, which he couldn’t tell how long it had lasted it but he felt it was a good couple hours. 

“So what Lelouch told us about his past was…a half-truth?”

“No it was technically true, but he just left out some details.” C.C. corrected while waving her hand in a dismissive gesture. “Sitting there is a high school student, who in the span of one year conquered the entire world while building up from scratch one of the most formidable armies the world had ever known, which he then outmaneuvered and defeated even quickly when they betrayed him. His intellect and natural talent as a leader and strategist were key factors, but the power I gave him is what enabled him to accomplish those goals.”

“I see…” Ava said with a hint of surprise and a bit of jealously at what Lelouch had accomplished when he lived on Earth. If anyone else had told him this she might have thought the one telling her the story was insane, but when she saw Lelouch’s power in action she was willing to keep an open mind at least.

“We have been trying to help him adjust to his new surroundings while working to get him to take up the mantle of Zero once again.”

“To what end?”

“To become the leader of a new incarnation of the Black Knights to stop Compact who has become PACT from invading the Neutral Rim as the beginning stepping stone to conquer the galaxy, which they will once they have built up their forces to sufficient size. We probably have less than ten years at best, but hopefully more than five if we are lucky.”

“Are you…sure of this?”

“Yes we have someone deeply embedded within their highest ranks who have confirmed Arcadius’s intentions.”

“But why Zero couldn’t the alliance and the neutral rim unify against the threat with the evidence you have?”

“Most of the neutral rim worlds, specifically the larger and more powerful of them, including Cera are convinced such a thing would never happen. The Alliance is similar, but there are those who believe otherwise but they cannot change the minds of their leaders so they are preparing an alternative.”

“Zero…” Ava asked which C.C. nodded in confirmation.

“We have made some friends in certain places among some of the military and industrial sectors thanks to Mr. Garibaldi and my own contacts I have been building up since I left Earth. Of course I have a few other friends you have yet to meet who have been gathering some resources together to use as a good foundation to rebuild the Black Knights.” The green haired woman said while Lelouch remained silent.

Ava deciding to address Lelouch rose from the chair she had been sitting in the entire time she had been talking to C.C. learning how Lelouch had become Zero, built up the Black Knights, led his war against Britannia and ultimately how he became Emperor leading up to his demise.

Much to the surprise of Lelouch and C.C. the brown-haired woman grabbed Lelouch by the scruff of his coat and lifted him up glaring at him before she shouted.

“You IDIOT!” Ava snapped before she continued in a lower tone, but the seriousness and anger didn’t diminish as it was evident on her face. “You have an opportunity to do something that I could never accomplish and you are just wasting it. You can actually bring about a real change where an average person like me could never come close to accomplishing what you could do.”

“You mean I conquered my own world before I was even nineteen?”

“Yet I wonder what if are really capable of what these people believe, so why are you against it?”

“Because I don’t have a stake in this. I became Zero for revenge and for the sake of my sister, so why should it matter?”

Ava’s eyes narrowed before something dawned on her as she asked. “Is this because you seek to be punished still?”


“You had yourself assassinated not only because it was part of your plan, but you sought to punish yourself right?”
Lelouch was silent, but it was that silence that told Ava all he needed to know.

“If you seek punishment for yourself then live and become Zero again. If you fear that mask so much then let it be the prison you wear…your punishment for whatever sins you bare. You will wear it and become the man that is needed who will endeavor to the bitter end. Beyond all that's decent and then you can die.” Ava said with words and a drive that surprised Lelouch, but yet those words had sounded familiar in a sense.

He had spoken similar words when he spoke to Kyoshiro Tohdoh when he sought to die to join his leader, but instead he had convinced him to join his side. The conversation came to mind as he remembered it.

“I pledged my loyalty to General Katase. Now that he's dead I wish to die too.” Tohdoh spoke from his destroyed cell. 

“Don't be a coward!” Lelouch declared as Zero.


“You must take responsibility, responsibility for the miracle that you made.” Zero began to speak as he had Tohdoh’s attention. “The Area 11 resistance movement is more intense than that of any other area because Japan surrendered before exhausting all of its military strength. You've failed to continue the great hope known as the miracle of Itsukushima.”

“You're saying it's my fault?”

“Yes. People grasp at illusions because they're desperate for miracles. Why else has there been such rampant use of refrain? You must endeavor to the bitter end. Beyond all that's decent and then you can die. Until the name Tohdoh the Miracle has grown ragged and tattered.”

Back in the present a small smile appeared on Lelouch’s face as he realized that Ava was right and his own words from the past was also true because to cower now would betray himself. He knew suicide was a cowardly act and he would never do a repeat of the Zero Requiem. The idea of changing the galaxy through intrigued him, even though he had no stake in it. Then Ava’s suggestion to embrace the role of Zero once more for the sake of both redemption and punishment for his past sins even though he knew he would likely never be forgiven, but maybe the effort would be worth something.

“Very well…this Geass I accept.” Lelouch said as Ava released him bringing a smile to C.C’s face.

“Now you are truly alive again Lelouch.”  The green haired immortal said before turning to Ava. “Since you have succeeded where I have failed to get Lelouch back to his old self I have a gift for you Ava.”

Before Lelouch or Ava could ask the mark of Geass began to glow on C.C’s forehead before Ava was seemingly transported into a white void, a void he had seen when C.C. spoke words that would change his life forever.

“My gift to you shall be the power of the king. I shall propose a deal between us, which in exchange for this power we may call on you in the future to aid us should the need arise.” C.C. spoke from a location Ava could not perceive her while within whatever supernatural realm she had been dragged into. “Accept this contract, and you accept its conditions. While living in the world of humans, you will live unlike any other: a different providence, a different time, a different life. The Power of the King will condemn you to a life of solitude, or not if you are capable. Are you prepared for this Ava Crescentia?”

Ava contemplated her choice, but she knew her life would be changed forever beyond this moment.

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And here is chapter four....enjoy

Chapter 4
New Foundations

Months have passed since that faithful night, but as far as people like Kayto Shields and others outside of Lelouch, C.C., Ava and those aligned with them were concerned nothing had changed. Yet for Lelouch his mind was already active and he felt refreshed in a sense, but at the same he felt nothing but concerned for Ava who accepted C.C’s contact without hesitation despite knowing the problems and tragedies that could arise from the use of her new Geass.

Even more worrying was the fact that her Geass was exactly like his, although he made explaining how it worked a lot easier, but Lelouch was concerned she might fall into the same trap as he did especially when he began overusing it.

‘She is not the first person to gain a Geass like yours Lelouch if you remember your half-sister Marrybell.’ C.C. had told him that night while he did recall that one of his sisters through his uncle V.V. had gained a Geass exactly like his. He was told then that sometimes it was possible for some people to gain the same Geass power held by others, although sometimes it was rare especially when one possessor of such a power existed still.

Thankfully it seemed that Ava was being far more reserved with the power than he was, because since she had received it Lelouch hasn’t noticed any signs to suggest she has used it yet.

“So you are joining the navy.” Lelouch said causally, but deep down he wasn’t too surprised.

“Your reaction is different from Kayto’s.”

“Well it’s hardly surprising somehow, although I admit it was either the military or politics I could see you taking a career in.”

“Politics?” Ava inquired raising an eyebrow as she moved a white chess piece before Lelouch moved a black piece in respond continuing their chess game.

The two were sitting inside the Student Council room where it was a rare day where there was no paper work or reports that needed to be done, so while waiting for Kayto to show up for the meeting Ava and Lelouch began playing a game of chess. 

“Based on my own experiences I think you would do exceptionally well in either the military or politics, but I wonder if you would be better suited for the political field?” Lelouch said thinking out loud.

“I see, but I will join the military as my father before me did.”

“Ok then I won’t ask about it any further.”

This was the final day that Lelouch and Ava would graduate while despite starting late in the school year Lelouch had caught up and earned enough grades to pass ensuring he would graduate with top honors despite his late start and the fact he needed to be extensively educated on a large number of different subjects to ensure he would pass. Kayto on the other hand would only have one year left before he would graduate as well but he would be taking over Ava’s position as Student Council President thanks to Lelouch helping him during the student council elections. It helped that Kayto didn’t have much in terms of competition, which all but ensured a landslide victory for him.

It also seemed there were some who wanted holowear for their uniforms as well too and one of Kayto’s goals as the new president would be to push for it, so that helped his campaign. 

As if on cue Kayto entered the room breathing hard as it seemed that the white-haired youth had been running a marathon.

“You’re late Kayto!” Ava’s authoritative voice boomed.

“I am sorry I got held back for some last minute exams, but I got it done and I am free for the rest of the day.” Kayto said rubbing the back of his head with a smile, which only served to annoy Ava further. 

“I find that unlikely, but now that you are here we can take care of this council’s final duties for the year.”

“Uh you know they’ll probably just stuff all this into a box and just toss it into a room in the basement with similar boxes to see the light of day.” Kayto said trying to convince Ava that doing paperwork on what would be the final day of school was ultimately pointless.

“Rubbish we will complete our last day of duty as members of the Student Council and while I am still president the paperwork shall be done.” Ava declared with her arms crossed over her chest.

“You are never going to win that battle Kayto.” Lelouch said lazily knowing the outcome was already a foregone conclusion, although he didn’t quite understand why Ava insisted on waiting on Kayto before they began working as it could’ve saved them time. “The only time you might win against Ava in such an argument is if you outrank her in a more official capacity.”

“I highly doubt something like that will happen.” Ava said confidently.

“I am not sure about that…times can always change.” Kayto replied nervously, although he highly doubted such thing a thing would happen.

‘Yeah right Kayto like you would ever become Ava’s superior at anything.' The white-haired young man thought while laughing at himself finding the very idea absurd.

Lelouch on the other hand was a little different.

‘Ava is the more diligent and efficient between the two, but her empathy issues and lack of,’ Lelouch was thinking before his thoughts trialed off for a moment trying to find the right words, ‘people skills we could say could see someone like Kayto evaluated to a command position over her due to his ability to work better with and inspire others.’

Their efforts to finish up the last of the accumulated reports and stacks of papers lasted well into the night, but a complication arose when a blizzard hit effectively trapping them in the school. Lelouch had almost wanted to burn the piles of paperwork just to get rid of it at this point while he was sure Kayto was of a similar mind.

“Ava this is crazy…we are never going to finish all of this!” Kayto finally said dropping his upper torso onto the desk in front him with a look of exhaustion on his face.

“Unless we can have more people assist us we are never going to get this done unless we spend the entire night doing this, and we have the graduation ceremony tomorrow…which I should also remind you that you have a speech to give too.” Lelouch added as he continued working, but his own hands were sore from handling so much paperwork.

“Yes I am keenly aware of that, but that doesn’t change anything!” Ava answered stubbornly. “This work needs to get done.”

Kayto and Lelouch exchanged looks as their situation seemed hopeless, but with a blizzard raging they had little choice. However there was a chance the blizzard could die down allowing the three a break for it to leave the school grounds and return home if they just waited for the right moment. Realizing something drastic had to done with Lelouch and Kayto not interested in spending their last night together as a Student Council doing paperwork all night while trapped in the school with a blizzard raging around them.

Eventually somebody had to snap.

“THAT’S IT!” Kayto shouted in defeat as he hurled the stack of paperwork he had been working on into the air much to the shock of Ava. “I hereby declare myself an enemy of paperwork for life. From this day on Kayto Shields shall never touch another shred of paperwork as long as I live.”

“I second that for I Lelouch Lamperouge declare paperwork an enemy of humanity!” Lelouch said joining his friend as he hurled his own stack of paperwork into the air.

Ava looked at them as if both boys had lost their minds, but against all expectations Ava began laughing.

Kayto and Lelouch looked at Ava with eyes wide in surprise feeling they had just observed a law of nature being broken. Both of them had been expecting Ava to verbally chew them out for what they did, but enjoying a lighthearted laugh was something no one would have ever suspected. The two teenagers didn’t dare to say anything until Ava spoke.
“You’re right it’s pointless…they’ll just stuff all of this into that storage room in the basement. They don’t even look at it, not even the budget reports for that matter.” Ava said tossing her own stack of paperwork to the side much to Kayto’s shock. 

“I see so it’s true then the club budget is decided by the school and not the Student Council then?” Lelouch said as he decided to voice something else had he noticed during his time.

“Yes that is right. No matter how well we balance it and prepare it they always ignore it for what the school has been using for years.” Ava replied before asking. “When did you figure it out?”

“Within a few days.”

“Wait…then all of those late evenings we spent trying to balance the budget was for nothing.” Kayto said dismayed that was time wasted.

“Yes Kayto the Student Council has no real power and merely acts as something the students can direct their voices and complaints to without bothering the teachers. They do some planning and help coordinate events, but nothing else beyond that.” Ava explained sagely. 

“And you…knew about this?” An exasperated Kayto asked.
“I found out a few days after I became the new President yes.”

“Then what chance do I have of petitioning for new holowear uniforms?” The white haired student asked in dismay.

“I would say probably none at all.” Ava replied flatly. “You are welcomed to try and maybe you might get lucky since I have heard that all other schools around Cera City have updated their uniforms to holowear.”

“I wonder how many previous members of the student council were even aware of that?” Lelouch asked deciding to act and help ease the frustration Kayto felt knowing that his actions as the next Student Council President will have little impact on the school.

“I suppose it’s not hard to imagine that some were aware of it while others probably didn’t care either way.” The brown-haired teen replied with a dismissive hand gesture. “I had wanted my own term as Student Council President to be different through, but in the end I did nothing meaningful and no one was grateful towards my attempts for change at this school.”

“Don’t blame yourself...” Lelouch began with a bored expression on his face. “This is a school full of a teenagers who are blissfully arrogant for the most part of what troubles adult life will bring and they are trying to keep up the illusion their lives will be forever mind-numbingly ordinary just trying to squeeze as much time their teenage years will give them.”

“That’s pretty harsh Lelouch.” Kayto said looking at him while cocking an eyebrow.

“I guess I wanted my own life at least to be…more interesting instead of the same old day-to-day routine most people go through like zombies.” Lelouch said, but Ava knew his life prior to his death was certainly anything but normal.
“I see your point, but still…” Ava said as it was clear her lack of achieving any meaningful accomplishments during her term was hitting her pretty hard.

“Don’t worry about it and when you are in the military you’ll be in a better position to make a difference than you could at an ordinary high-school. You could very well end up saving the lives of people about to be killed or taken to become slaves by pirates or stop a band of criminals…you will have more opportunities if making a difference is something you want.”  Lelouch said trying to lift Ava’s spirits, but her stone cold face and lack of expressions made it difficult to gauge her exact feelings.

Kayto on the other hand having known Ava for much longer knew this wasn’t doing much to help her, but when he noticed the snow had stopped their chance to get out of the school before the blizzard hits again had come.

“Hey it stopped snowing outside, so if we’re going to go then we better go now.” Kayto suggested grabbing his bag.
The trio wasted no time leaving the school in the hopes of escaping the blizzard should the heavy snowfall reassume, although it was possible the blizzard was over and it has passed but no one was sure. The three were walking down the street together coming up to where the trio would part ways, but before that happened Lelouch who was in deep thought decided to say something.

“Let me tell you something a close friend and…another I knew talked about when we were children.”

“We wondered what happiness would look like if we could give it a physical form.” Lelouch thought looking down at his hand for a moment imagining holding a beautifully crafted piece of glass. “If I'm not mistaken, I think it was my best friend at the time that said that the shape of happiness might resemble glass.”

“Glass isn’t that fragile…” Kayto began, but after giving it some thought he reconsidered his answer. “Then again happiness can be fragile, so I guess that fits.”

“Yes his reasoning made sense after you think about it. He said that even though you don't usually notice it, it’s still definitely there. You merely have to change your point of view slightly, and then that glass will sparkle when it reflects the light. I doubt that anything else could argue its own existence more eloquently.”

“Not bad, but why tell us?”

“Even if our time together seems to be short or your time as children to teenagers seemed short before leaving childhood behind forever...I imagine you had plenty of moments. Even if you feel like nothing significant happened surely there had to have been good moments and you just need to change your point of view to see those moments for something better.” Lelouch said while Kayto realized it was more for Ava, but even Kayto had to admit for the times Ava has been cold, unyielding and extremely strict there were some good moments at times.

The incident with the anti-gravity generator was funny, although he knew Ava had a different opinion, but he saw Lelouch’s point and he agreed with it.

Ava on the other hand remained silent and was in deep thought but she cast a glance at Kayto causing her normally expressionless face to soften.

“Anyway I’ll see you two tomorrow for the graduation ceremony.” Lelouch said bidding Kayto and Ava good night.
“See you around Lelouch.” Kayto said waving farewell to his friend.

‘I hope we’ll all meet again in the future sometime after we graduate.’ Kayto thought as he watched Lelouch depart before he followed Ava back to the apartment complex they lived in.


One week later a transport vessel was traveling through space using warp. Using information provided to the mysterious being who had visited Lelouch months ago C.C. had some friends and former Compact members Suzaku had helped smuggled out of PACT space who had become disillusioned with how much their leader and founder had changed. They had gone to the coordinates Lelouch was given in the data he was given and had found something.

Now that Lelouch has graduated and gotten use to his new surroundings C.C. with Michael were heading to rendezvous with the others at Nomodorn Corridor.

The Nomodorn Corridor was a large and uncharted sector in the galaxy with only one known habitable planet, but otherwise no nation or organization other than criminals and pirates frequent the area. Even then pirate activity was fairly low except when they are trying to evade the law by hiding somewhere in the uncharted sector.

The place in particular they were going to was called the Mnemosyne Abyss.

According to what C.C. had told him Lelouch was led to understand that the Mnemosyne Abyss which is rumored by the inhabitants of the single planet in the sector to have been the site of an ancient battle thousands of years ago. There were many ghost stories about the site and of course tales of those who had attempted to explore it had never returned.

“How much longer until we arrive?” Lelouch asked as he sat in a chair on the small bridge of the transport vessel.

“Shouldn’t be long now, but I think you are going to like what we found.” Garibaldi said a smile.

“Something I should know already?” The former emperor demanded impatiently.

“I think it’s better if you see it for yourself.” C.C. replied before the ship dropped out of wrap having reached its destination.

It took Lelouch less than a moment to take in the scene before him, but his eyes went wide in awe at the sight before him while his mind was going into overdrive. Outside the windows of the bridge Lelouch beheld a graveyard of ships. All around them the space was filled with ships of a dagger-shaped design, but they were unlike any of the ships he had studied since his revival so they were not Solar Alliance or even Cera ships.

“These ships according to Lloyd are possibly Ryuvian Battle Cruisers taking into account their fairly light armament and size.” C.C. explained as Lelouch wondered about the name she mentioned.

“Lloyd as in Lloyd Asplund?” Lelouch asked as he was shocked yet again without time to recover from seeing the ancient starship graveyard around them.

“Yes, but unlike Milly and her accident Lloyd converted his body over time from human to cyborg and cyborg into android to live well beyond his years to continue his pursuit for science.” The green haired witch said with an off-hand dismissive gesture.

“Why I do I get the feeling he probably got kicked out of four scientific institutions along the way?”

“Six actually…” C.C. corrected in a matter of fact tone. “I am sure you can guess what factors saw him booted out. The one place he lasted the longest was at Diode before the disaster that destroyed it, but I guess even the one place in the galaxy where the Alliance and New Empire at the time had sent scientists deemed too dangerous found him too much to handle.”

It might have worried someone else, but Lelouch didn’t seem too bothered by it.

“So I take it he is very familiar with these ships.” Lelouch said deciding to change the subject and return to the matter at hand of what was before them.

“Yes although Lloyd isn’t sure of what type of vessel they are he is certain they are Ryuvian Battle Cruisers and dating analysis puts them at least around two thousand years old.” C.C. began to explain, but this prompted Lelouch to ask.

“Why hasn’t anyone else found this place…I mean it’s not exactly hard to miss.” Lelouch said gesturing to all of the floating derelict ships around them.

“Of course, but between the ghost stories about this place and the information you were given I think we know why this place has remained untouched for so long.” The green-haired woman answered before Lelouch deduced what she probably meant going off of the information on hand.

“Those ships are capable of functioning aren’t they?”

“That is right, because as it turns out that gigantic ship in the center of this graveyard.” C.C. said pointing at the largest ship in the graveyard which was at least over three kilometers in length easily dwarfing most of the ships around it. “Like the other ships it’s still functional, but it’s in a short of sleep mode right now.”

“But if someone disturbs it or does something to alert it to the presence of possible enemy vessels a defensive measure is triggered.”

“Correct, this is why Lloyd has been conducting a very delicate and careful salvage operation. The information advises we leave the dreadnought alone and focus on the smaller ships to avoid triggering the remote reaction of those ships. As part of another precaution we remove the power cores and computer cores in reach ship as an additional safety measure.”

“I see, so what are we doing with them?”

“We are using a specialized salvage freighter used to tow and move large cargo including ships up to a certain size to a safer location.” The green-haired immortal explained as she gestured out the windows of the bridge to a ship they were approaching. It wasn’t a Ryuvian ship, but rather it looked like a very large freighter of some kind designed to carry large amounts of cargo or tow a large ship. “It was difficult, but Lloyd and Michael had some connections to get us that ship to move the cruisers to another location where if they can be restored and repurposed for our uses we begin repairing those ships using parts we salvage from the other ships deemed too extensively damaged to be of any use other than spare parts.”

“Is that it?”

“No we do find some interesting trinkets and Ryder parts, so anything we can’t really use Lloyd has been selling them to some black market dealers and others for some funds to help finance our salvage operations.”

“I see…”

A short time later the transport ship docked with the much larger Atlas-class transport and salvage freighter named the Kobayashi Maru. It was primarily blue and gray, but it was clear from the wear on the hull and paint that it had seen better days. Walking aboard the ship Lelouch in the company of C.C and Michael were greeted by another familiar face Lelouch recognized almost instantly despite some white streaks along the sides of his blue hair.

He wore a black trench coat over a white dress shirt and black pants and matching boots. He still had the gold metallic eyepiece around his left eye, but other than the white streaks he looked almost the same along with his tan complexion.
“Your majesty it is good to see you returned to the world of the living again.” Jeremiah Gottwald said before bowing crispy to his Emperor, despite no longer actually being an Emperor.

“It's good to see another familiar face, although I am surprised you are still alive after so many years as well as being loyal to me even though I died.” Lelouch said respectfully.

“Thank you…and hearing those words made the years I have waited for your return all the more worth it.”

“Of course, but now that I am here please bring me up to speed.” Lelouch requested before Jeremiah gestured for him to follow.

“Lloyd is busy overseeing the removal of another computer core from one of the almost intact vessels we have recovered so far bringing the total up to four ships.”

“How many have been completely dismantled so far?”

“Three of them, but most of the ships furthest away from the dreadnought at the center are the most intact and well-preserved of the vessels while further in the damage to some of them is quite extensive.”

“So whatever devastated these ships came from that dreadnought at the heart of this graveyard?” Lelouch asked prompting Jeremiah to nod his head in confirmation.

“The Holy Ryuvian Empire at its peak was the most powerful galactic superpower in history with technology and weapons capable of unbelievable feats. It was said they even had weapons capable of potentially wiping out all life in the galaxy.” Jeremiah explained to Lelouch who listened carefully to his explanations. “Fortunately when it collapsed due to internal strife and civil war among successors for the throne of the Empire the galaxy was merely sent back to the dark ages having to rebuild itself from scratch than be completely destroyed.”

“I see…” Lelouch said before looking out at the graveyard through one of the viewport windows on the hull. The former Emperor tried to picture what the battle must have been like in the past, which given the amount of the ships floating adrift and the damage seemingly caused by the dreadnought gave Lelouch some ideas to how destructive the battle here must have been like roughly two thousand years ago.

Yet in the back of his mind he wondered why Earth wasn’t part of the Holy Ryuvian Empire before it collapsed considering it existed for thousands of years before its fall.

“Well hello there…back from the dead are we?” A very familiar and almost playfully mocking voice greeted.
Lelouch and the group came across a tall man with lavender hair and grayish-blue eyes with large glasses worn over them. Lloyd was wearing his trademark lab coat over his shirt and he wore the same black pants and shoes as before too. Like before when Lelouch had gotten to know him better as Emperor of Britannia the infamous Earl of Pudding was wearing a smile even through it was fake.

“Well Lloyd I must say I am surprised to see you as well too.”

“It helps I converted almost every part of me into a machine with an android body carrying my brain.” Lloyd lazily explained before pointing to his head where the only part of him still organic was kept. “I made a lot of improvements and upgrades over time and now I can do a lot more.”

“I know why Jeremiah has joined me again, but why are you here?”

“That is because working for you is a lot more interesting than anyone else I have worked for and I’ll have some excuses to branch out and do some new projects. Of course I really must thank you for this information on finding this graveyard of ships which is probably the biggest collection of Lost Technology in the galaxy.” Lloyd answered as he looked out at the graveyard, but unlike Lelouch his eyes sparked like he was a kid who has just been given the ok to clear out a candy store.

‘Somehow I seriously doubt we can restore every single ship, but if these ships are as capable as I am being told even a handful of them would give me an edge over most pirate fleets and even some military vessels too.’ Lelouch thought as his mind was already going over the possibilities.

“Any your majesty…” Jeremiah began, but Lelouch interrupted him.

“Jeremiah you are aware I am no longer an Emperor so you don’t have to call me that.”

“I know, but it is out of respect and loyalty I refer to you as such.”

“I suppose that is fine," Lelouch said knowing he might win this argument so he settled for a compromise. "Be mindful that you do not do it in public away from people aware of my true identity.” The black-haired former Emperor warned.
“I shall do so if you command it.” Jeremiah said with a quick bow.


“I think it’s time Lelouch should meet everyone else.”  C.C. said deciding to move things along.

“Right I’ll gather everyone for the meeting.” Jeremiah said using a hidden communicator in the collar of his trench coat.
Lelouch felt slightly nervous at meeting the people who were gathered together by Suzaku with help from C.C. and others to become founding members of a new Order of the Black Knights. He didn’t doubt his own abilities, but he was mindful of the fact that he was working with strangers and not people knew. They might share some common interest, but that was all at best through.

‘It might be difficult to win their trust, but I must do it if I want the Black Knights to rise again.’

Still Lelouch knew he had a long way to go before he could rebuild the Black Knights, but from what he saw C.C. and the others gather together for him so far it was a nice change of pace to have better materials to build a strong foundation upon. From the foundation made up of the derelict ships floating around in the graveyard Lelouch would have a strong foundation to work with.

‘I just need to win them over now.’

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Which is why I am going to hold off from playing the game until the update comes out.

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Wow just wow this almost make me feel like the end of season 3 of RWBY, but I am curious where the story will go from there.

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I have gotten the most use out of Seraphim by far and I use it the most so I admit to favoring it. I would have Phoenix as second because I find it also useful.

Yeah and I love using the Phoenix in conjunction with Claude's little gravity gun to pull enemies into close quarters with the Phoenix or better yet pulling said enemy into being counterattacked by both the Phoenix and the Black Jack just for kicks sometimes unless its a really tough one XD. 

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I voted for Seraphim, because its sniper has been very nice to have especially in later engagements and I can usually keep it out of harms way.

But I do have a fondness for the Black Jack and the Phoenix with the Liberty being a very helpful unit, making it my second favorite.  8)

 8) because I can be very cruel at times lol. But joking aisde we need some battles that you just can't win. At least Kayto and Lelouch will be smart enough to get the hell out of dodge but that leave poor Ava to the wolves.

I am contemplating bringing Tamaki back, why because he is a bloody cockroach in every sense of the world plus inability to die when he should lol.

Chapter 3 is 35% done at the time of this post and it will be the last chapter in high school before moving ahead five years to Zero's frist emergence. 

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Indeed and when I mentioned that to deathzealotzero he said something along the lines of being "nightmare fuel", but one thing I am sure of...if Ava attended Ashford Academy she wouldn't last against Milly's antics if what she did to Kallen and Shirley was anything to go by.

I think Kallen got the worse of it...especially if you saw any of the picture dramas.

Of course you got C.C. in this too so there is no telling what she might do.

Kayto and Lelouch will make the smart decision as they barricade themselves in their rooms lol.

Thank you very much.

I thought about doing that, but it just didn't feel write at the time I wrote it. However depending on how chapter three goes I might make up for that one. As for Cosette thank you guys for that one and she and Lelouch as Zero will be butting heads again at some point later on.

Well Milly was caught up in a weird and bizarre event that saw her keep her youth, which is why she is still so young and what happened I am not revealing yet lol. But fear the time when she and Claude join forces during the shore leave event.

I am working on it now and I think I'll have it happen during high school days before moving forward a couple of years to his first emergence as Zero.

Thank you again and I'll modesty admit there are some good ones and some bad ones, some of which might be seeing a rewrite in the future lol.

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