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    • Improved dialog. Thank you saibotlieh for revising and enhancing the dialogs of the first half of the mod! Based on your suggestions I revised the other half of the mod. Now the dialogs should be a bit more natural.
    • Improved AI for the Ryuvian Destroyer
    • Aoe Missiles for the original ships of the Sunrider game are now outsourced in an extra mod which is already included in this Side Story mod. Just delete the "Aoe_Missiles" folder in the Mod Folder to disable these Missiles.
    • The upgrades from the additional research during the side story now work properly for the Paladin.
    • All effects of store items from mods you purchased during MoA are now taken over to LD, even if you've Reset_on_LD on True.

This time I couldn't test everything, so please report immediately if bugs come up.

Updated to V1.04. Fixed several bugs reagrding the last mission. Aoe Missiles are now optional.

Actual Version 1.05

This mod for Liberation Day adds 4 ~ 6 hours of gameplay by introducing a new pilot on the Sunrider after Ongress. Two main missions and three side missions are playable during the sidestory. At the same time the Character side missions of Claude, Kryska and Icari can be done. The story starts after the events of Ongress and after the escort mission. The Sunrider gets a mission regarding a pirate base at the Tucana Corridor which is located at the borderline of PACT and the Alliance. In this mission the crew encounters a new pilot which got in a situation with the pirates and needs help. Ryuvian Technology gets a bit of focus here.

This mod just works in Liberation Day V3.01 with First Arrival and Mask of Arcadius Port and Character Side Mission installed! They need to be installed BEFORE you install this mod.
You can find these mods here:,1307.0.html

This mod includes a modified version of the Tweakpack from bigfoot in the version 02/11/2018. If you already have Tweakpack installed, overwrite the Tweakpack.rpy with the new from my mod.

What comes with this mod?

See here:


The [LibDay:3.01] First Arrival and Mask of Arcadius Port and the Character Side Mission have to be installed!
You may backup your game folder before installing any mods!

Extract the files from the zip into the Game folder of liberation day.
Choose "yes to all" if you're asked to overwrite.


It is highly recommended to put 'Reset_on_LD' in the MoA_in_LD.rpy to False. Otherwise all the researches are pointless xD. Consider to put your Intel to 0, after the first fight with the pirates in the LD part, if you have 'Reset_on_LD' on False. (DevConsole: = 0)


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Can I use the label for my own mod?  :D

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