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Hmm, a gigantic weapon of doom as a symbol of defense? Somehow I don't think that I would join you (as a freedom fighter).

Of course, if you'd institute the next "New Empire II, now with 185% more firepower!" I'll be at your state your true intentions! :)

It's not just about her own safety too. the effects on the morale of the entire crew if she does not survive would be devastating. If the rest of the crew sees you would order them to their doom to get shit done this cannot be without consequence.

Exactly, however I see it the other way round: What would the crew (and Ava) think of Shields (or any captain) if he didn't do everything in its power to destroy the enemy's flagship which has caused all this tremendous harm in the first place? Would the crew really understand this (especially if he saved his favorite 1st officer)?

I can't see the decision to spare the Legion as a moralistic one; actually, letting it escape seems to be simply unjustifiable (well, enough rambling from me... ;-))

Perhaps the original poll should actually have been named "Which decision did you choose on your first run"?

To be honest I can't understand why there are so many people voting for "Legion spared". When I first read the story text, combined with the Wishall and CP decision to attack the Legion, it was absolutely clear to finish this terror star and thus send someone to the (not described as lethal) auxiliary station. Another, perhaps even more dangerous, doomsday project behind it? Well, destroy it, too...after the first one.

It was only after facing the (almost?) death struggle of Ava where I shortly reconsidered my decision...but didn't change it. In fact, why should I, fighting as fleet commander against an overpowering foe? There is no mentioning or whatever that there are more Legions in existence, so destroying this one will give a crippling blow to the enemy and end the war (or free my home planet at least) as quickly as possible.

And if I got this whole story right at all then Ava thinks exactly the same. Don't get me wrong if I could go myself rather than order her to go there I'd do it, but since I didn't get that option...

I'm very interested at how this decision will be resolved in the 3rd chapter.

For me the destruction of the Legion is cannon and I cannot think of any reasons - other than those Shields told Ava - as why this one is a moralist vs. prince decision, because destroying one of the enemy's ultimate targets to save countless worlds can't / shouldn't be a considered a non-moralist decision... or do I see this completely wrong?

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Traitoress
« on: October 29, 2014, 05:04:45 pm »
Considering how infatuated she is with the captain I can see her betraying them out of jealousy then returning out of remorse if her actions lead to Kayto being hurt.

I too can see that possibility for the plot, being rejected by Shields due to Chigara's "super human" status...
on the other hand, if you can't trust the very core of Chigara's personality (which so far can be called moralistic, utterly loyal and non-traitorous by all means) then the whole concept of Sunrider's cause and fight would fall apart.

Maybe everything will evolve around Asaga/Fontana/Shields, after all the 3rd episode is called Rebirth of the Holy Empire.

Or maybe its Ava who has turned into a walking dead after the Legion and finally tries to establish the Holy Zombie Empire...

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Traitoress
« on: October 28, 2014, 07:53:30 pm »
Hahaha all of you are so silly.  THINK! Who is the real traitor going to be? Your lord already knows the answer!

Cosette. She betrays her own resistance movement and joins you.

Once again, I'm impressed with your creative thinking, mylord but...

One will betray the Sunrider. But who?

No Sunrider, no my vote goes for Kryska, because of the upcoming Alliance's neutral worlds occupation. :-)

Or...Claude's finally realized Fontana's equally impressive assets and joins PACT...

...Would you all please stop this dark thinking about Claude??? Of all characters she's the only one who always makes me laugh as soon as she appears. There must be no dark thoughts about Claude, ever!  ;)

Game Play Balance / Re: Nightmare Ryders
« on: October 25, 2014, 02:22:47 pm »
I tried it in a similar way as Yukihirou described, gathering all forces in a map corner (shielded by Chigari and Claude) and waiting for the Ryuvians to come after me, along with the additional two cruisers and four corvettes (patch 7.1a, standard difficulty).

Imo the upgraded quantum torpedoes are more important than the vanguard cannon since they are far cheaper (CPs) and are capable of destroying the Ryuvian cruisers in one strike, so you can sink 2 instantly (try the 2nd farthest away, use regular weapons and missiles on the 2 cruisers closest to your position, together with shield reducing from the corvettes)...

For whatever reason the defensive stance didn't help at all against the Nightmares' and cruisers' missile runs, they simply kept hitting (and destroying) me across the entire map despite Claude's accuracy penalties; in the course of battle I lost 3 of the 4 corvettes and two ryders. I didn't try to place Icari's ryder in front of my lines - perhaps she would have drawn the enemy's attention and then dodged the missiles...

You simply have to concentrate your fire power everytime, once a cruiser/Nightmare comes into range and hit them with Icari's/Asaga's melee attack once they reach your fleet .

I managed it in my first try with this setup but luck was on my side, those Nightmares are deadly with and without missiles (one strike, one kill), so no milk run here...

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Moralist and Prince choices
« on: July 22, 2014, 10:32:06 pm »
I've got an idea for how the romance'll play out. You make decision throughout the game, and then, at a set point, the captain has to go to a party, or a dance, or just an important meeting, and has to take someone with him. Whoever he takes is his girlfriend now. You can choose whoever you want regardless of any kind of points you have.

Sounds like a good idea; however you could also take the current points (prince, moralist, affection, love etc.) into account by letting the specific girl reject/accept his invitation...

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Moralist and Prince choices
« on: July 21, 2014, 07:48:15 pm »
I think that this is very probable, but the reason I started this thread was precisely to warn that the "Prince's" ways is not necessarily the best at long term. I personally would be a little happier if instead of using X points as Prince and Y points as Morallist, we also used events ("flags", as it is known in VN language) to mainly determine the path to follow.

I think I can see your point now, however the basic question for me would still remain: In what way will the made choices actually effect the outcome of the entire game (aka all 3 episodes) or will they have any impact at all.

Because if there isn't any longterm (or somehow cumulated) effect of your choices then I think the whole thing will come down to a mainly philosophical discussion. Has there been a forum thread dealing with the choices you can make? I couldn't find any in a quick search.

Introduce Yourself! / Re: I almost forgot: Hello to everyone
« on: July 21, 2014, 03:57:49 pm »
Fan of the VN genre or fan of the Turn based SRPG genre? 

Visual novels, the first one viewed (was it Moon?) could be almost 20 years ago.

Oh, and thanks for becoming a member of your empire, it's always easier to overthrow one from the inside...  ;)

Thanks to all.  :)

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Moralist and Prince choices
« on: July 21, 2014, 02:45:39 pm »
Because the book that pretty much defines Machiavellianism was named The Prince:

Ahm, the title "the Prince" is not accurate per se; it goes more like the translation "king" as the work "Il Principe" refers to a state's primary leader or ruler which at that time in Italy happened to be a count or duke (their sons were actually named princes, thus perhaps the link?) or a voted headman of a republic.

Anyway, I was wondering if there will be options in episode 2 in which Shields actually realizes that by going with the Alliance he might only change one tyranny (PACT) against the other (Alliance) - especially if it's being overthrown by the military (Adm. Gray). The dialogue options in ep. 1 (which I chose) had already indicated such thoughts, in the end however we went with the Alliance nonetheless.

I'm also interested in how this will actually play out with Ava, as imo she's clearly representing "the Prince's" longterm principles vs. Asaga's moralist point of view.

Introduce Yourself! / I almost forgot: Hello to everyone
« on: July 21, 2014, 08:58:13 am »
Hi there; I've already posted some comments before actually introducing myself.  ???

I've been a fan of this type of genre for a rather long time now and am therefor very interested in everything new.

My thanks to all who are dedicated to keep this forum alive; my special thanks to the creators of Sunrider.  :)


Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Favorite part of the game
« on: July 19, 2014, 02:53:16 pm »
It depends- if you've got a sizeable viewership (or your fandom's popular enough)...

I think this is the primary concern especially for copyright and trademark holders: once the fandom grows to a perceivable level, the fans' comparing of the original vs. the fanfic often starts to influence the public opinion and thus the merchandizing as well.

But back to the thread's topic: I vote for the medical examination with Claude.

It is simply hilarious to read, and especially to listen once the Run Amok music steps in.

A true circus to watch, with Sunrider's two main clowns Claude...and Ava at their best (yes, I like Ava).  :)

Whoever had this specific idea, it was implemented in a very enjoyable way.

Hello to all and I can only second that.  :)

A truly excellent music choice, especially the ones during battles (what a terrific guitar piece).

I don't know about the current film industry standards but I think you're quite talented at combining music pieces and story elements.

Maybe Hollywood should be paid a visit? On the other hand: please finish Sunrider first before leaving us behind.  ;D

many thanks again for the game.

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