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Bugs and Fixes / Credits and Clicks
« on: July 02, 2015, 10:21:02 pm »
Good evening everyone !

I just finished your little demo, and I think discovered one little bug.

When displaying the credits, if user clicks on the screen, some other lines from the credits appear and superimpose on the displayed credits. So the credits can't be read anymore, and that's making something ugly on the screen. Well that's not very important at the moment but who knows...

Good luck to find out where's the problem  :)

Other Games / Convoy
« on: April 23, 2015, 10:25:23 am »
Hi everyone, today I'm going to show off a brand new game !!!

It is called convoy, quite explicit don't you think ?

What is  the game about then ? It is very simple, the story is easy to understand : you are part of spaceship's crew, your spaceship had some breakdowns, and had to land in emergency on a dangerous planet... Pandora-like if you know what I mean (Borderland fans, welcome !). You have to drive your main vehicle called a MVC with it's escort accross the planet in order to bring back to your ship some components you'll need to escape. They're random, and are somehow funny, during my last game I had to bring back self sealing bolts, which are very useful despite no one, including your chief engineer knows what they're useful for.

About gameplay, you're controling your escort but not the MVC directly. The MVC can use somekind of special abilities, but not fire directly, nor move. On the other hand, your escorts can move (and must move) and fire to kill enemies. Just like FTL there's a tactical pause in the game, very useful to manage all your movements, and the game is in full 2D graphisms, with a rogue-like gameplay.

So try it, it is fun, and somehow cheap, only 12€. Ho and remember, it's FTL like, so easy mode = normal mode, and normal mode = hard mode, and hard mode = SPACEWHALE !!!

Other Games / Muramasa : the demon blade
« on: March 30, 2015, 09:29:02 pm »

Muramasa the demon blade.

Maybe the best beat'em up game I ever played.

Story rich, with beautifull 2D graphism...

There's two different storyline. Because I have a lot of ... games (not work, games :p) I never had the time to end Kisuki story.

I played Momohime story which is very interesting. In that storyline, you're playing a young japanese girl who is possessed by Jinkuro, an evil dead warrior, looking for his own demon blade. Possessed by the devil, you will travel from eastern to western Japan, fighting monks, samurais and many strange creatures directly picked up from japanese mythology.

The game is fun, battle engine works very well, you have a wide bunch of different technics you can use to defeat ennemies, many swords you can craft, , the game is easy in normal mode, so you don't have to be a pro to finish it, and a "very very very" hard mode, called Shiguriu mode : win the game with only 1 HP. Even with items and level up, you'll never have more than 1 HP. 1 hit and you'll die. Good luck.

Momohime, a good waifu <3

Mods / [WIP] Les miserables
« on: March 15, 2015, 07:43:23 am »
Hi everyone.

Today I'm going to show you off my mod, called Les Misérables. With this strange name ? I'm sure you all know about the book written by Victor Hugo, les misérables. In this book there's a very interesting character, called Cosette... Which had a very funny life, she was "sold" to some very nice people, the Thenardier, who will use her as some kind of slave.




I'm finding miss Cosette Cosmos is pretty in such situation. My mod will tell you the story of our favourite loli-psycho-pirate !

Intended features :

A loli-psycho-pirate story !
Playable pirates
Named characters

New ennemy units... such as ... Boarding ship (will be very hard BUT I have some ideas about how to program this).

Maybe new weaponry, such as ... boarding launch tubes (same mechanics, and rocket animation seems good)

I'll try to post the first mission on sunday next week ^^

I'll just need some help sometimes...

For instance, I thought someone made a mod to play even ennemy units but I can't find it ! It would help me, cause I managed to make pirate playable, right, but ... you can't use them, there's a problem with control interface, and voices. Could help me to see where all of this is implemented in the code.

Another example : I want to make this mod as a standalone campaign. So where can I find the main menu in the source code to implement a new button allowing to play Cosette's storyline, such as you use the button to play first arrival or mask of arcadius ?

Thanks for all, I think I'll have other questions later 'cause this is my first mod ^^

Introduce Yourself! / A new comer
« on: March 11, 2015, 11:03:04 pm »
Greetings every one, I'm new to this forum. I found it while I was looking for information to mod Sunrider : Mask of Arcadius, a pretty good game.
I read very interesting things there, and I want to discuss about the game with over players, and maybe discover the other games in this forum ^^

If you want to know something about me, well then just call me Piers, which is actually not my true name but who cares, a twenty year old student in IT. I'm not a very good programmer though, but I want to improve my skills, and modding a game written in Python seems good to me.
Also notice that English is not my mother tongue, I'll do my best to write as well as possible, but I can't guarantee anything.

Er...I think that's all.

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