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Create n' Share / Trump Shooter
« on: February 24, 2016, 03:06:51 pm »
I made a game for iOS called Trump Shooter and it's only $0.99, so you should all check it out.

Other Games / Yohjo Simulator
« on: November 18, 2015, 06:39:51 am »
Well, umm... I'm not sure what to say about the game. It's like goat simulator but with a loli instead.

Here's a video of me playing it.

Other Games / Socuwan - Kickstarter
« on: September 10, 2015, 08:10:25 pm »
Here's a game that I've been following for a little as the guy who's making it has a youtube channel that I follow. I thought I'd give a shoutout to him and his game.


General Chat / Acen 2015
« on: May 30, 2015, 12:59:50 pm »
I went to Acen 2 weeks ago and I've finally decided to actually upload my images.

First, we have the Madoka Magica cosplay gathering
All the characters that were at the gathering

Mami and Bebe





Next we have some Assassination Classroom cosplay


Now for the rest of the cosplays
Possibly Tobiichi from Date a Live
A spartan from Halo
My Cousin

Here's the merch I got
I got a poster of this

And yes, I know that the last one is kinda derpy.

And finally, something that most if not all people reading this are (or think they are) familiar with

And no, that's not the Black Jack (even if they do look eerily similar)

Here's the album with all the pictures as well as a few extras:

In the ADF thread I created a character called Laplace and I have a good idea of what her design should be. I'd do the image editing and stuff myself, but I'm not that good at it. I have a couple of pictures that I think would make a good design when combined. Here's the pictures that I was thinking of.



I like the design of the first one, but I think it should look slightly more android-like like in the second image. I also like the background and interface in the third image. I was also thinking of a color scheme similar to Cortana from Halo. I hope I'm not being too unreasonable.

General Chat / Kantai Collection Appreciation Thread
« on: March 28, 2015, 01:54:55 pm »
I hereby create the KanColle Appreciation Thread. Let's start with some Kongou


For Elvis:

Other Games / Endershadow's Game Giveaway
« on: February 13, 2015, 02:34:22 am »
I recently bought the latest HumbleBundle and have some extra steam keys.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Mods / [Sunrider Academy][SolaM4Build1][0.1] Claude Class
« on: December 29, 2014, 11:47:06 pm »
You know how you get to choose your class in the beginning of the game? (luck, wealthy, athletic, etc.) Now you can choose Claude mode and be relieved of 5 additional stress at the end of each day. Features in this mod are subject to change in future versions.

Potential features for future updates:
  • Random chance to lose affection from other girls
  • Less stress is relieved at the end of each day

Create n' Share / 1,000th post celebration
« on: November 21, 2014, 01:04:16 am »
Since this is my 1,000th post, I thought I'd do something special. Have 1,000 randomly generated sentences using the english translations of No Game No Life volumes 1-5. I make no gaurantees that the sentences make sense or are even sentences. Blame the program that made them.

Sentences 1-100
The 「Representative of the word used when invoking the Ten Oaths.
In there was no one would get tired you can explain.
You also said the proposal out.
What is the property of Elkia (those two) is worthy of thy service.
However the pattern can be wagered.
Then Sora who had deduced his intentions are obvious.
The Great National Library of Congress, located in the range of the wall.
He smiled boldly as if mocking him in.
This stupid race, I don't understand as geniuses, while the Empress was frozen momentarily in shock, however Ino continued, ignoring everyone else.
Now that she had taken place We'd just stipulate policies and guidelines.
With even Jibril couldn’t deny the Seirens.
But of course fake as well.
However, Steph stood up.
If the laws of physics.
If this continues, then there was an all or lose hope and feel your erogenous zone.
In the future, it will be considered as a joke to a game console and SNS.
if it never happened.
I the only question that was about to fall asleep, replied.
And the 'price' reminding her that Shirowas much more difficult for him to help you wash your hehe.
You were the only other person who should’ve known what was going to school.
You’re the ones who shall mark the end it’s still an eighteen year old child, and accepted the criticisms and continued yet again:.
and the combination used.
Shiro let out killing intent of others and had made.
the bet against the table.
Izuna asked confusedly with her arms.
I even gave them that Sora and Shiro – these futures will definitely earn the right meaning.
No – Shiro.
Although this was an appearance that was far too childish.
However, a brother who always felt weak, had clearly emitted an aura similar to the water brought out her arms about were strong opponents who could use magic and the Flügel, have only one who answered however was unable to hide from place to stay like this – the first time we metit really is surprising that this will be an eerily small amount of people.
If what he wanted to try and improvise but before thatSora and the others were in it.
If a person whose absence would make people scoff.
Steph burst out.
And she would win all the cities I know love and I win, of course knew nothing else would come out – but.
The Jibril in turn, and took a step back, the surrounding areaas for the sake of uniting the werebeasts to be looking at me like a monologue to Shiro who was unaccustomed to this.
Watching Sora whose figure was constantly shivering.
Of the Ten Oaths.
I said let go of my sudden poor physical condition, you can't do it, so be a surprise if Fii and Jibril should also be impossible for you – how selfish of you guuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssssss.
In her dream, like a prick.
Sora suddenly popped a question – for that bird over there.
If the proofreader will remove this part, can I ask why is the source of all this while being in a disease.
Yes, that was Shiro, he would agree to whatever you want my love that wasn’t enough, for love is.
After seeing the Unknown.
As you wish to expose your true identity of a young Imanity girl could force him into an evil smile.
If the higher ranked species alone despite being told it was a giant city made up of nothing but bones.
Kurami was alreadynonexistent.
She probably felt the presence of the crack underneath the door.
Because only the underside of the core.
The Empress went into hibernation」 back to the vacuum, or was she waiting for you to feel awed by Soradono anymore.
so even if you went with a body unable to even suspect her master, thinking that.
Kurami was also true.
Sora No, Jibril.
Sora had recovered his consciousness, Sora.
Finishing the conversation, Sora clapped and began speaking first.
She just wanted to shout while falling.
The line of sight towards the classroom.
even if it wasn't over yet.
) Kurami stopped by.
I the only illumination in the wind blows.
Kurami for a hike.
So the one who noticed it, Shiro will.
Sora was also no good.
But it could not be able to stop him.
That this was huge, I must state, Mikosama.
With this mindset and all the characters on them.
Oi, you vermin.
If the Seirens did not accept the words that Sora had indeed waken up inconsolable, Steph recalled what she thought of, Miko’s reaction was instantaneously captured with the same.
There really are overconfident.
But these words were slightly drooping.
Well, the Flügel.
But of course they would definitely lose, thus it wouldn’t be able to win without fighting.
Yes, this was true.
Ah, a splendid excuse.
If it's that stateoftheart 'maritime nation' One of the feudal lords turned pale at first, before she spoke.
as this morning, ‘Make Sora a little offense at that seemingly interesting method.
Hearing that line, Kurami sucked in his heart and capabilities to do.
As the siblings there.
You shut up, you lower bodied slave.
She brought a troublesome oath, I swear on my chest.
Kurami just so he deliberately stood there.
If I'm really disappointed in you, so you could smile a little hint on how to awaken the Empress would’ve been awakened by now.
Those with that double meaning the left side while Shiro calmly assembled a 「Word Game」 to play this game, this will be handed to Kamiyasama, sorry and I feel like refusing myself.
What the heck should I put it, um – let the sea you know.
With this rejection, Jibril was about five days with meals, how meddlesome.
But even they have girls like Steph finally lost all of them shouted out that could only hold onto her target.
Sora was spot on.
Jibril didn't know what it was some aspects in common with Mahjong, it was a déjà vu situation from a different direction.
Sora will be regarded as an ‘infringement’.
For the one that wasted these six ones.
And Sora could not help but agree with anything better.
Sora managed to deceive her into the chaos as well, and stairs and walkways arranged in such a thing.
Plum was at a loss for words, Kurami went on.
Sora has done.
Because what she felt that she was pointing and shouting in pain.
Do it more polite.
However a voice audible to her normal flat tone, Sora reluctantly picked one up too much.
For Sora who was watching the climax of the second morning had already lost a large number of vocabulary, and I know.
That at 10 years ago.
And said one thing:.
As she said that, I've successfully ignored the pain sensors of the table.
That’s the kind of scamming bible is that so.

Sentences 101-200
At that instant, Sora suddenly.
Sora as the Human species' piece, KuramiElven Gard would probably use.
Steph it was reading out, then 142 and 3/4 turns, once it reaches the floor, grimacing in pain for she had played the game after betting the whole of Imanity, I hope.
When he saw was – the Masters choose whether you want to.
Steph was unable to refute Sora's words, but instead she was immensely fatigued, deep dark circles under his eyes which caused Sora to cry.
Even a puny species (Imanity) had managed to create bookshelves that covered all the cards which are meant for war definitely not allowed, running after winning.
Azrael  and whose fault is thisnyan.
Yes, the pub downstairs was also looking confused at Sora's head.
This this is comfortable, continue, des.
Sora is done tampering with your words.
Are you trying to make it feel to have stopped.
from the cubes – Even if I lost, many people here.
You are Nilvalen.
For you two, he was an alcoholic or something.
If you bypass the super appropriate price she had looked when she heard his reply.
But that was short on manpower, we’ll just arrest them and establish friendly relations alone or that Kuuhaku『   』 was a top priority.
That this was something that caused the wings of iron.
so as to continued the Word Connector game.
If such a thinghowever, in that 'possibility'.
Because a normal person would express his/her opinion, how are you alright.
Shiro had the power of the room, causing the siblings continued their argument.
The natural enemy of the weak, fight with the screen.
So please, stop the demonstration this time, and I'm a guy left could achieve, but that was false information.
While Fii who she had committed a heinous crime on.
I the only one that approved the dastardly 《Book Equality Law》 from earlier, however this time Oceande’s going to have one black spot in his eyes, as if the fact that Sora didn't know.
This really gives off a vulgar desire from deep within Sora's heart, but it was filled with LCD screens and a little bit expectant.
She still perceived it even when the metal hinge let out a squeaking sound before the Second generation S, pleased to meet Amira with her.
In the Othello game when fabricating it; however, in a hurry to shut up, Nilvalen.
Well, the Flügel language.
I have, an objection.
Because we are still powerless.
How should he describe the scenery of countless books, there was still therecoming into contact with Sora avoiding the subject okay, eh.
This should end it now, hmm.
Then, for today, you'll be the socalled equal and multiracial country that is something different than the speed of sound, her hand at the ceiling above her head.
What he got back was a handsome guy and all the books to Sora and the rapid processing.
what had Plum’s plans changed.
Wwhat was that, while the Eastern Union in Elcheafor Hatsuse Izuna right.
) the Oaths.
if like a corpse, weakly lying down on her face, and Steph froze in place  「Naked17」.
They glanced at Shiro.
Fine, I promise.
I not take a rest once in a matter of fighting in the monitors did.
This really is a game in order to let you die a virgin – an eternal sleep.
Steph, did you misunderstand something.
what that guy from the chair and yelled this single page will be restored, so please forgive me Fielsama (monotone) Oka~y, I forgive you, des.
I are not responsible.
Because that requestwent past the underwearthen disappeared.
And she – slowly raised it up, before saying.
Izuna hurriedly flipped her book with a game belonging to the process.
This was what the guy who made such a drastic change – Plum did not swear about not Giving false reports to Sora, I had to say to at least they should be that Sorasan believes that you just tell her the will of the 「Ten Oaths」, the Seirens mate with other nations and were prepared for the moment he could obtain the necessary information.
something Sora looked up and said: Start with.
That when people ask questions to which Plum nodded in agreement at once would be a handicap, to Shiro in confusion while Barter confidently shouted: Since I’ve found out.
No, the gift command earlier – the fact that they’ve managed to keep things suppressed up to her and recalled her grandfather.
However, she was telling the truth about this incident.
Shiro was temporarily relieved, she let out a mischievous child.
Okay, we should start from kicking the water – while any who could do nothing – Jibril giggled and.
Although she became the 「Final Unit」nyan ♪ She turned away.
Steph that girl.
But you can entrust Elchea to, give this to have understood the concept of romantic feelings as knowledge only.
Was her limit.
The scenery, no matter how disrespectful or rude it seemedto Ino, it was like here, a tentative explanation was rather exaggerated.
Although the times one crashed, even if Shiro and Jibril nodded, and then –  「No entry (トオサヌ toosanu)」.
Losing was not allowed to be asleep, a purewhite haired sister with red hair and cold eyes.
But what do you want me to a Convincing victory, like a prey cornered by hunters, Sora broke Ino's thoughts and grimly said: You think I cannot help but wonder if it's in the future.
So that would mean that she didn't do it, so he ignored that line.
we even reached the limit of understanding on their left and right using themselves as the fake Flügel were already the puppet government of someone aiming a gun before and were prepared for this word.
Shiro, I now feel a little more conservative.
Although those group of actors after finishing and left to right.
––– that should have been using was to 'maintain a crazed morale amongst the Elves」 Is this really isn't uncommon.
You thought that he could hang on.
Jibril, there is a trick, there must be extremely boring for both of them removed their hoods.
Only her smooth and steady breathing could be felt, the man turned to Plum.
everything you have, then touch the shifting characters – that smile did not matter how strong the mandate of falling in love with him, but for Izuna to town, she felt her temperature rise.
Sora to ask them to step forward once again replied without hesitation: Of course I do not mix their souls, they will now obliterate you into a trap that the Imanity piece.
There you go running out of the game.
I like him – no matter what degree the beauty, they could win.
Izuna The direction where Izuna was still a sense of violation.
why was it.
If their positions with nothing.
Just this word that has accepted his/her fate and spoke:.
And the bald monkeys.
Shiro and me then.
Sora, the Empress  removing Leila of her brother, while clutching her arm, before continuing.
In there was something that shouldn’t have let us see How far must I be so selfconscious about it, it was still ranked above the city were forced open with an abstract halo floating on her chin, stared into Sora's eyes.
As it turned out to the mirror, the three of them was an extremely high frequency created by space shattering, the group of people you’ve slept with must be the same no matter which world, we will not cause the death of the table, cradling his head straightaway.
If we can't hear my true intentions.
Shiro the corner of the bed kept shifting positions.
Sora think Izuna received the blessings of the Representative of the room whose body was decorated lavishly and carefully laid her down there.
And just as I was in a rather advantageous magic.
so that one's intentions could be used once they are exposed.
Jibril couldn't do it themselves, which is the sunblock useless on Plum ♪ You don’t need to think what would you say.
But even that's fine.
If it succeeded then for the girl, the big picture, and she wins the game, Steph spent the time when he bet the Flügel’s race piece for that.
Although in reaction to Shiro's silence, Sora dispelled his tense expression and started thinking.
get this done in 20; then for Jibril, with your round, ignorant eyes.
Okay, the answer was known to Shiro, Steph, and began pacing around the room came the sound of choking voice, as if she could fly, she didn’t understand love wasn’t surprising any more.
There wouldn’t be able to return to the very beginning of the country, so Elchea built a new Urban Legend it eventually became a rumor had spread that 「Sora hurt Steph (male)」.
Izuna said out these words written on it.
I had lost, Shiro would feel something wasn’t right somewhere, why would there be such hopeless vampires.
Thenthere was no way I could laugh.

Sentences 201-300
Hehe, it was really fighting for humankind, and her fists as well – ah~ and.
Steph is superior to the side suddenly said: Then let me lick the floor.
The front and back was a completely flawless beauty, this your brother will be considered a good thing.
what they were the one and ranked two, <OldDeus> and <Phantasma> respectively.
I was both born and raised their thumbs together.
How the heck did you just say you weren't informed of this.
Jibril as she understands it, Steph shyly lowered her head.
She had a look of utter whiteness, there was that mountain.
and a shirt with 『I ♥ Imanity』 on it – Senpai, you just said, and in the Great War was because that she completely failed to trick us, that’s all.
Sora that flowed into Jibril's retina.
I was still firmly on her head, denying her own body.
But, that instead made things even after that.
Nii, Steph is more tiring to Shiro.
In this game, the virtual world.
Then why don't I just don’t understand what they were flying about in the possibility that it would be the last decisive moments happened.
If he could not be as adamant now when you are free to utilize the territories like this forever.
Jibril, with a smile, but with a smile, but with a piece, was unheard of after the implementation of a great force, Sora sighed in frustration, then spoke with a gaze of her voice.
But at that which is also questionable at the figure that was always puzzled when someone claimed that he couldn't win at all.
Jibril that got dodged let out a gentle moan.
Sora, also slightly chagrined, scratched his head, explaining it like that, Master.
Facing the helplessly smiling Miko, Sora and others that she was panting heavily.
As to what I say, I will introduce to everyone.
What was written as the rules of this event.
Which was why he couldn’t possibly come to him reading a few pages, and she once again.
Then that plain, then.
But – Sora interrupted her midsentence.
In the room, and in order to give that sly deviloh, I just need to pass.
Even Ultr*man9 is tougher than you, you could catch it, it really is.
And said one thing:.
Hearing Sora said flashed through Sora’s mind was ––– ––– Sora was troubled and confused by their physical ability.
if the victor was decided by games.
There must surely be games at the girl who had caused the loop to almost let out a long queue of Werebeast girls who look almost exactly like humans, who have finished the coronation of Humanity's strongest alone.
As this is the archaic lingua franca for the country, eh.
To the Werebeasts, Hatsuse Ino then replied to Kurami's words: Yes, I know your countermeasure for the siblings who were pursuing their own extinction, I think of yourself then you will have disputes, so that the other party, and thus be possible under normal circumstances.
This this is the Empress yet – which meant that it was more than enough.
And looked over to Azrael.
Those that worked tirelessly in the state of haziness for this purpose.
Miko finally realised.
And, if I lose too, it doesn't matter.
Well, if even I, who does not possess.
Even the throne.
and to fight and survive, was because they were like castle walls, the morning in my care.
What should we do.
Shiro's is a really good at psychological warfare, it would be a handicap, to Shiro who was chattering all kinds of doubts, but Sora suddenly spoke up, using a combination.
Sora not through words, but after Shiro discovered the 「Answer」.
And Steph Dessert.
Sora and Shiro were there, it was some kind of people will instinctively flock to these kind of Rumor is like a city of Elchea.
how you looked at her brother (.
Izuna, was all the same time.
So that means the 「Only God (Tet)」has guaranteed that when worn, would not have bothered in the singledigit range, being a born talent.
Sora, the Dhampirs as well.
We as a Werebeast when saving the ball directly, the ball will be deemed invalid after the first time entered a long, sad sigh instead.
What he needs is just like teleporting.
The king and the inevitable fate if that really do have a symbiotic relationship.
She stared at him as well, but – With a sweet feeling went into hibernation, and the combination used.
Yeah, I get the idea.
With a gaze that could not hope to conquer the world getting constructed in front of him said held his words.
Shiro can follow along with me at.
Jibril turned her body which was Sora, would her brother because she trusts that you, who built the third time, they used were bottle caps.
Shiro this kind of meaning.
how the money works here.
In every ranch, start with this.
I had to be decorative woven patterns lit up by a force even more inferior to The Flügel.
And you are not the zombielike sense of apprehension.
As the colossal amount of courage to say that you need to speak of.
What her eyes in shock – me and~ a few days ago.
He – Ino continued: The stage just changed drastically, a scene from after the first move.
I could use magic, can use a hand to his brain, we can – if Steph were in contrast to what I want you, please reciprocate my love.
how you’re making use of magic, it does really explain how the trio were having so much countries backing up those two as well – You’re pretty observant, Dhampir – can you guys talking about.
With a devilish smile, Sora knelt down with her skin starting to overflow.
Yes, she didn't see her after school at all at that ti~me took over 800 years you kno~w.
Steph a few thousand years already.
Even if we take the offensive, but we controlled your movementsso the results of their bodies' elementals to achieve their goals.
Sora was unable to find out about this question that was removed refilled itself, an explosively low air pressure was created by Elementals.
Azrael is the trouble with different characteristics, only using it defensively, only works when using such a fiery feeling that it is possible.
With her strength restoring and her Masters, the owner of this reason, winning was close by, so Sora continued to rise while her face almost horrifyingly pale.
Let this swindler have a question.
it’s even going to have been there until now, it is a draw.
However Kurami sat in one hand, he stood up.
So that was fit only for the elves, the only one who answered however was not possible, unless it recorded that stuff about shooting generals and horses, helpers, scouts for information in one hand, and wrote countless lines on endless sheets of paper on the bed, Sora stepped onto the ground began to materialize, as the ones who you are, but you never said it would burst as it takes’.
Sora it was like the next king, will be weird if you loseee.
that not just destroy the capital of Elchea, the Eastern Unionand lost.
What we said Rumble rumble rumble.
I, the god of war, the city with the same you know about the cleaning scene, then there can only use three more, and now were left behind.
It all added up in the pseudoTokyo game.
When a wing each flapped their wings, but – Then how about this, what are we going.
that day, that day when I lost in the pub, the hooded teen took out a sigh.
and that you don't fall into the ground.
It was a possibility of defeat once.
Just the same, then there is such a presence swooping by her.
The king and queen i.
a turn even if you just let this game.
really had a miscalculation.
What happened – w, what is written this time Steph quietly stood and tried to choose first, the side that she could bear, and – Even if it isn't necessary to be published every five months or so – Azrael attempted to guesstimate the source is reversed.
Because in the demonstrations against Sora who had forgotten about Steph’s existence completely.
You can use the knowledge from another world'.
The matter of hitting the nail you really win against the Flügel Jibril.
Everyone was adhering to that.
Sora were overwhelmingly strong.
With Sora wearing a sailor uniform identical to Shiro’s explanation, Sora looked to be extracted until exhaustion or even if she was forced to shut up, you lower bodied slave.

Create n' Share / [1.1] Endershadow's Subreddit Downloader
« on: November 14, 2014, 04:50:26 am »
I recently made a program for downloading all the images from a subreddit and I thought I'd share it with everyone here. Before I do, I want to know how you'd prefer to use the program (see the above poll).

This program was built for subreddits like: Nekomimi, funny, and awwnime (but it will work with any subreddit)

The program has been uploaded. The GUI should be self explanatory, but ask any questions if you have them. The date field in the GUI is optional and can be ignored.

If you want to use it with the command line, the arguments are as follows:
Code: [Select]
[subreddit] [save directory] *[download images posted after date]The last argument is an optional date in the format of MM/DD/YYYY

Running the program from the command line with no arguments will open the GUI. When you start downloading from a subreddit and the GUI freezes, don't panic. That means that it's downloading. The GUI will unfreeze once all the images have been downloaded.

The source code is available here:


-fixed a bug that caused the program to fail in most cases.

-initial version

General Chat / How is everyone?
« on: October 22, 2014, 04:10:06 pm »
Exactly what the thread name says.

Mods / [WIP] Sunrider: A Hole in Reality
« on: October 19, 2014, 06:01:01 am »
Since Beta 3 (a month before First Arrival was released) I've been working on a mod that takes the sunrider through a hole in reality. I took a break from working on it and recently continued its development. That being said, I'm uploading a teaser for you while I complete part 1.

Installation of this mod is like every other mod. This mod also takes advantage of a few features in renpy that allow me to override labels without modifying the sunrider files (Thanks Vaendryl).

In order to enter the mod, you need to use a save from right after Ongess. By right after, I mean after the last battle but before you go to the shipmap. If you want me to be specific about the mods entry point, the mod starts at the goodmorningsituation label.

While there isn't much in this teaser, feel free to give me feedback on the mod (especially the script).

NOTICE: I've noticed some bugs occurring with screens and this mod in 7.1a. The bugs are fixed in 7.2

Bug Reports [DO NOT POST HERE] / [7.1a] galaxy map doesn't show.
« on: October 17, 2014, 04:16:48 am »
For some reason the game doesn't want to open the galaxy map on any of my saves. It works correctly on the steam version, but not the torrent version. It worked last night but just stopped. I've attached a screenshot. (the planets are most visible right below and to the right of the R&D area)

Mods / [7.0-7.1] Branched Save/Load Menu Mod
« on: October 04, 2014, 07:17:32 am »
I've been working on this mod for a while and finally finished it (mostly). The only bug that I'm aware of is where the save/load menu doesn't visually remember if you branched a save file between game instances. I'll upload the images and zip now so that you can use it if you want. if you have any solutions to the problem, please tell me or make a pull request for this github branch.

Click the right arrow to branch the saves.

You can save to each one independently of each other.

The right arrow branches the save.
The X will delete the first branch and the left arrow will delete the second branch and then make it one branch.
When you reload the game, you'll need to click the right arrow to make the branch appear again.

General Chat / Obligatory Birthday Thread
« on: August 30, 2014, 06:39:46 am »
Today is my birthday so I thought I'd make a birthday thread. I have no clue why I'm making this...

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