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Introduce Yourself! / NEET Detective, It's the only NEET thing to do.
« on: August 25, 2016, 12:10:07 am »

 -Incoming Transmission from unidentified space vessel-
Decryption successful!
*Uploading prerecorded message to the ships NAV Screen*
*The NAV screen emits static for a few seconds*
*The screen flickers before a figure appears on screen. Covered from head to toe in a black robe akin to that of some sort of cultist.*
This is the NEET Detective at your service. It seems you wanted some info on me before hiring me so I am here to accommodate. I'm not a licensed detective by any means but it doesn't mean I lack the skills you would find in one. Though because of this I am not confined to a code of honor and operate above the law. As far as personal info goes, I am 18. Currently taking college courses "full-time". I am undeclared not because I'm indecisive but, that I like to keep my options open. The trivial personality test you made me fill out had me listed as an INTP. In my free time I enjoy visual novels like Narcissu, Fruit of Grisaia, Corona Blossom, Nekopara, Karakara, Lucid9, and my favorites: Analogue: A hate story and Hate Plus. I also enjoy playing games like the Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius, Sierra Ops, and Project Nimbus. On a similar note, I like anime like Oregairu, SAO, Bakemonogatari, and my favorite is: Kamisama no Memochou. If you require any other info that isn't confidential I'll humor you.
*The NAV screen abruptly goes pitch black*
-Transmission ended-

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