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General Chat / The Pervert Returns! *sexy female moan* ;)
« on: May 14, 2017, 10:24:28 am »
Hello my Hyperspace peeps ^_^ *waves*

It's been a while since I was last here, but, in that time I got a **** ton of work done on my VN. I also joined Elliquiy and am having a blast living out my darkest perverted fantasies. :P

Because of my new experiences I've started work on a much larger VN entitled, HaremKing: Furry World. A tale of a guy thrust into a world filled with sexy furries waiting to pounce on him. Needless to say, it's my first eroge I've ever made.

I'm also completely done with the story for How Can A Pervert Save The Universe? I'm now fully dedicated to the character artwork. I think by mid July I will be posting a massive update which will include full story summary and several character sprites.

I hope you all are doing fine, and I do think about you guys often.


The Perv

Didn't know where else to put this. But, since you guys asked about my VN I thought I would give you a look at one of the possible waifus.

Her name is Mara. She is from the planet Staris and she really really REALLY likes cinnamon rolls. She's not into normal guys at all, in fact she hates them. She only likes men who are interesting, to her that is. She is feisty, weird, and loves to uses a twin set of blasters as her weapons of choice.

Say hello to Mara. ^_^

Other Games / Monstere Revolution Chapter 1: The Awakening
« on: February 13, 2017, 03:56:54 pm »
Chapter 1: The Awakening

Nicholas adjusted his glasses and glanced over at the clock.

Nicholas Reinhardt
Ten o' clock? Dam it's getting late!

  Nicholas shook his head and went back to work. His fingers rapidly crossed over the keyboard as he typed furiously. The deadline for his assignment at work was due tomorrow morning at 8am. A few strands of his red hair fell onto his face and blocked his vision. He blew the hair away with his breath, too busy to bother with smoothing the hair back into place.

  Outside a dense fog began to crawl across the ground, splitting into thin finger like strands of white smoke. The trees outside appeared like black spikes dotting across the landscape. They were stripped of their leaves, and barren of any life. The winter had taken hold in town and threatened to shut in every person for days. But, Nicholas was determined to fight against the weather and the elements to get his assignment done.

  Nicholas was about to click the save button when out of nowhere a soft voice said:

Ghostly Voice

  Nicholas peered over the computer screen and looked for the source of the sound.

Nicholas Reinhardt
Hello?...Is anyone there?

  A few moments later Nicholas heard it again, only now it was stronger and focused from the doorway.

Desperate Female Voice
Nicholas,please help me!

  Nicholas sprang from his chair and knocked it over. His eyes darted from one end of the room to the other. Where was the voice coming from?  He slowly walked toward the door, his heartbeat quickening with each step. His hand grasped the doorknob and began to turn. Nicholas paused for a moment and thought to himself:

Nicholas Reinhardt
What am I doing? There's noone here

  From behind the door the voice rang out in every direction, filling the room with the voice of the desperate female.

Desperate Female Voice
Help me! Please help me!

  Nicholas went white as a sheet, his hand frozen in place. The voice terrorized him, for growing up he had a fear of ghosts and the paranormal.

Nicholas Reinhardt
It's just the TV, or maybe it's the neighbor, yeah

  Nicholas summoned up all the courage he had in his body and swung the door open. Light came pouring into his bedroom and enveloped him in an intense white light. Before he could react, the light surrounded him and transported him through a portal to another world. The light vanished and all that remained in the bedroom was his glasses.

  Nicholas awoke in a pile of thick hay, the smell of farm animals and dry wood permeated the air. A large brown horse licked the top of his head, covering it in its thick syrup like saliva.

Nicholas Reinhardt

  Nicholas leaped through the hay and dusted himself off. Then he took a look around the large barn. twenty foot rafters overhead led to a crawlspace on the second floor. A ladder in front of him led up to the second floor. Behind him he could clearly make out a set of doors that led out of the barn.

Nicholas Reinhardt
Where the hell am I?

  Nicholas stepped through the hay, and loose stones  and made his way to the barn doors. He carefully opened the doors and peered outside. It was night outside, and was a clear night. The night stars overhead were so clear that he could even make out some of the colors. He knew he wasn't in town anymore. But, how did he get here? And where is here anyway?

  Suddenly a man and woman dressed in their nightgowns came walking out of the wooden house nearby holding lanterns.

Farm Owner
Who's there? show yourself!

Nicholas Reinhardt
Oh shit!

  Nicholas crept alongside the outside wall of the farm and hide behind it. The farm owner and his wife searched inside for the intruder. Nicholas slowly walked through the back woods and then made a break for it. He traversed a hill and looked over the side. A small village lay below filled with warm inviting houses. Nicholas had made his escape, but, now he wondered what he would do next. He shivered as the cold wind traveled through his t-shirt and up the legs of his jeans.

Nicholas Reinhardt
Is this a dream?

Other Games / The Perv Strikes. ~Monstere Revolution~ A Pervtacular RPG!
« on: January 18, 2017, 05:52:19 am »
The Perv slaves over his computer night and day. The seams of time unravel with each word written. Lost in a world of his own making. Finally, the last key activates the portal into this world of his own creation. He gulps the rest of his Dr. Pepper and throws it into the watse basket. Then he boldly jumps into the portal. A long white tunnel leads him into a large, cold, damp rooom with no doors or windows. The only thing in the room is a console with a green flashing light. Upon further inspection he realizes that the console is a character creator. After adjusting the various knobs and wheels he decides a character named, Nicholas Reinhardt. A 6 foot tall, muscular, brown haired man. A voice tells him to walk through the doorway in front of him. A tall white door with a single golden doorknob appears. White light floods the room from the crack beneatj the door. With trepidation he creeps his way to the door and turns the knob. Suddenly a flash of green light envelops him and he disappears. The next thing he knew, he woke up on top of a pile of old hay. His eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light around him. As soon as he could make out the doorway out of the barn, he stood up and walked over to it. He stepped out into the bright light of the new world. Filled with lush green forests, strange glowing blue trees, and flying creatures with three horns and a split spiked tail. He was in the world of his own making, the world he alwats dreamt of, the world of, Wynoria. However, The Perv looked down at his feet and was immediately shocked to discover that he was not the handsome hunk he planned to be. No, instead he was a 5 foot tall, 300 pounf fat man with a large green beard and moustache. The Perv freaked and wondered how the character creator could have malfunctioned. And was he really in the world of Wynoria? Time will tell.

Thank you all for coming to see this RPG. I used to play RPG's online all the time when I was younger. So, I decided that while I'm waiting on some assests to be made, I might as well pass the time by creating an RPG for y'all.

So, to make this RPG the best it can be we need to set some ground rules. Because without a set plot and rules to follow, the RPG will become a perverted, disgusting, mess. Trust me on this one ;).

You are a character (or characters) of your own making. They must be either a monster, human, or god.

They are broken up as follows: (you can always create a new race if you wish)


Outsider (from another world)
A guard
A noble
Part of the royal family
An assassin
A ninja
A witch
A warlock
A wizard
A Monstere Destroyer
A student of the Bovarian Academy for Monstere Destroyers
The town fool
A slave
A Brothel dancer

An elder god/goddess
A lower god/goddess
A corupted god/goddess

Once you create your character or characters you must see them through until their death or when they reach their "happy ending"

You must keep the characters within the world of Wynoria. If someone created a sexy cyborg or tentacle creature it would snap the story out of the fantasy/horror realm all together.

The aim of this game is to rank up your character by taking on quests, defeating monsters (or turning humans into monsters), and either defeating the ancient demon Daemocon, enslaving all of mankind, or if you so choose, settling down with your partner(s) and making a family.

Other than that all other side quests, world explorations, and treasure hunts are up to you.

If you marry or take on a partner you will gain a 15% attack and defense boost.

If you join together in a party then all members gain 5% more defense.

You all begin with 100 Wynoriam coins or Warks as they call it. 25 attack, 25 defense, and either a specialty in magic, physical attack, defense, luck, or believe it or not sex appeal. Because with higher sex appeal you can more easily persaude people to your will.

There are nine known regions and 4 secrets regions which make up the 13 regions of Wynoria.

The known regions are:

Greater Astoria

Lesser Astoria

One of the biggest islands is home to all wizards and witches, which is called Tristar Island.

The four unknown regions are for you guys to find.

Finally you must be a part of a guild in order to take on quests.

When you sign up you must give them a 50 Wark payment, and complete one of the five F Level quests.

As you climb the ladder, more dangerous and exciting quesrs are open to you.

Quest Levels (Lowest to Highest):

Level F The initiate class
Level E The squire class
Level D
Level C The novice class
Level B
Level A The adept class
Hero Level
Legendary Level

Schools are available to help you gain additional knowledge, attack moves, and more attack, magic, and defense points.

Available Schools:
Astoria Academy
Tristar Academy
Bovaria Academy
The Gantuinian School of Magick
Lithium University
Barracadian House of Assassins
The Van Grendelweiss Coven of Witchcraft
and Crystallia's Home for Monsters

If you need more info I would be glad to clarify before we begin.

Hope you enjoy,

Pervy ^_^

Introduce Yourself! / Konnichiwa ^_^
« on: January 11, 2017, 02:12:22 pm »
Hello fellow Hyperspace peeps  :P

We are PervyGames, a group of talented kats making visual novels for you to enjoy.

We have been longtime vn players, and decided one day to create our own.

Currently working on Quantum Crusaders. ^_^

We hope we will share many happy memories with all of you.

Best Wishes,


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