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Other Games / Tales of series : Rays and Berseria
« on: March 01, 2017, 02:20:38 am »
Made thread so someone can translate Rays for me

So Tales fans :D
feel free to post memes stuff on Tales of sries.

Other Games / The experiment - FFA sandbox RP -Third entry-
« on: January 22, 2016, 07:35:49 pm »
Post your character creation in the prep thread so GM can see who is playing

You find your self in middle of nowhere in air, then a loud beep plays out as something strapped to you explodes and becomes a parachute, if you know what that is.

You rather successfully land in the sandy shore, seeing the automated parachute disappear to nothing like magic. There is a note in front of you saying "You should build shelter fast. It is dangerous out here." and see an man sleeping by the tree in front of where you landed.

Other Games / The experiment - FFA sandbox RP -Prep stage-
« on: January 15, 2016, 08:35:26 pm »
This loud noise... heavy gust of wind that throws my body around... I am.. in middle of nowhere, mid air.

Welcome to the Hyang-yu island. This island , rather tropical jungle like, with small areas of desert and arctic is your new home, trusting that you are still alive and plan to stay that way. Each player, with their own backstory arrives at this island with small belongings and memories of past, facing the new life. There might be an mystery and reason behind the turn of events, and there might even be an scary monsters in the jungle!

seek fun not victory

1. You are only allowed to roleplay 1 character at a time. If you introduce a new character, either ur previous one dies or disappears forever. (They can be re used as new character in future or be used at GM disposal if given permission.) Does not mean ur char suddenly have heart attack or stabs themselves. remember it is role play. No changing char to cause fights so others kill you when you were nicest person on island, no jumping in to volcano when you char is smarter than that. GM has right to revive you if the character's death was flat out on purpose.
2. All actions and interactions are free to do, trusting the player's general sense to make the RP fun. But if for some misfortune a debate occurs, users are to find common ground before GM gets involved :)
3. Action against another player must have that player's response as well, unless you are forcing an action, such as pushing to make player move or stealing or even act of violence. of course, these kind of one sided actions are generally counted as hostility and you will face consequences if your target isn't generous.
ex) handshake requires both players to do the action, punching a person from front requires other to make defensive action. However after successfully sneaking (others can decide if they think they can detect or not) can punch without requiring defensive action of the target since the other player can not perform action against unknown movement.
4. From the point of last post, 1 hour passed will make you blanked out - sleep. This is to prevent a player attempting interaction (punch, shake hand etc) and end up unable to RP due to no response, freezing in time.

1. Survival: Everyone needs general amount of food water and heat. Only enforced if someone without water tries to live 2 weeks and such. Consume resource properly or GM may grant diseases.
2. Inventory and such: Player is to post their inventory in their post now and then, in spoiler text. Newest inventory posted is the final data, if you forget to store something etc u lost it (CCCV ftw), if you add something by mistake, it never happened. Equipment are treated the same way, and items you can have in inventory will vary based on your equipment.
3. Crafting and collecting: By doing whatever it takes to earn items, you can craft some stuff, in reasonable sense. If your idea of crafting is questionable, see if other players will allow it. Maybe they will say combining dry ice and grenade makes cryo grenade, maybe not. Maybe they won't let you but allow some other guy who has story about being explosive expert to make it.
4. Death: You can either respawn naked on the shoreline or make new char and drop from the skies. Respawning will treat the character as  brand new char, so it is to simply keep the bio and name same as when you started.
5. Information: Personally wishing that new players start without prior knowledge, but can't really stop a player from reading previous messages to know secrets of other players. Shared information (smoke from campfire, building etc) will be updated in first post now and then to make it easier for new players to blend in.
5. Settings: Your character can be descriptive as possible, but you can also hide settings. However obvious stuff can not be hidden (your visual, language you use when you speak, clothing, height etc.) of course you can dress like male but is a girl or have nice hair but actually bald etc. imaginations are wild. For the starting items character is expected to be able to bring stuff able to be packed inside of pockets of their clothing. Try not to bring superior weaponry or armor even if your character bio is some legendary war vet. try to bring stuff you can use to craft creatively, not bring finished products that can't be really dismantled for other use.GM has all rights to strike thunder at you if your starting gear is out of the line.

Q: Which era is this?
A: hyperspace. from caveman to space marheen, anything human being may be in your imaginations can be a chracter. No existing figures tho. You aren't Vladmir Putin.
Q: TL;DR of char making?
A: only mandatory is how you look. bio can be non existent if u want ur char at memory loss etc. show up naked for your preference. but how you look (and maybe sound like too) is needed so others can interact with you. cant shake hands with ghost you know.

Discussions of the game:
1. Race of the characters.
Q: Do they HAVE to be human?
Akio: I just didnt want god like beings, to set fair grounds. even non gods, dragon-man or cat-man would be... stronger than human in general sense, but beings with physical form they can be balanced based on RP I guess. Humanoids are ok for now I think.

accepting GM volunteers and suggestions to rules and etc.
feel free to suggest stuff to make game more playable or make it more fun.

also by user makes all, feel free for someone to make a map of the island if you need it.


Initial setting: You rather successfully land in the sandy shore, seeing the automated parachute disappear to nothing like magic. There is a note in front of you saying "You should build shelter fast. It is dangerous out here." and see an man sleeping by the tree in front of where you landed.

Create n' Share / Fanfic: Cossette player
« on: January 15, 2016, 06:43:18 am »
(Warning: will contain tons of not so funny jokes because they are their to make me laugh.)
(Also Kayto is not same as Kayto in game. This Kayto is more of a serious acting comedian.)

Tukuk tukuk tukuk....

The sound of the heels hitting the floor. This will be the last time I hear this...

"... I lost count. How many times is this?"

The whoxx of that asshole, Ava, stands in front of me, with a face I should be making right now.
well, I can educate her the answer.
"Oh I guess that dick banged you so -censored censored yadiyadiya- having short term memories?"
"36th time being here. You dumb whoxx"

"You wouldn't be here if your fighting capabilities are as good as your vulgar mouth." and with that, Ava swiped the card to my cell.

"We will see about that!"
... and with that, I lunged at her from my cell, and woke up in this space pod. Time to read the note shoved down the back of my plug suit. That asshole is putting down there on purpose I bet.

-To dear Cosette. Despite my dear Ava's tantrum, yet again I failed to lock you in that cell. It would have been fun, you and I, traveling around the space enjoying the views.-

This guy never fails to be despicable as ever.

-I trust you know the pattern now. On the cargo of that pod is some military documents from last week and stuff that your buddies may find fancy of, so have fun making another bedtime story of how 'Unyielding Cosette' landed another blow on me. This time, there might be an welcoming party As well. I will hope that our 37th encounter will be the charm, until then, be safe my dear.-

... I still can't understand what is he planning. To show off to  alliance like a dog? It did seemed that every battle I get captured alive even faster, and he got stronger. And does he really intend to make me his minion? what a sicko.

With that, the 36th space pod is now stuck on the hill as a symbol of my return, and some of the guys are rushing here to greet me. This time that blasted Kayto will pay for this humiliation! I will rebuild my forces once again!

"Boss, what took you so long?"
"Shut up you arses got me caught. Don't worry I'm back and we will gain our independence."

Thats the sound of hammer cocking. "The fuxx are you doing"
3 guys, two in all black suit with SMG and a body armor and electronics, one just drew his pistol on me. last one is kid in t shirts with assault rifle.

"Internal decision while you were gone, boss, returning over 30 times like this, we decided that you might be a spy, purposefully wasting our forces in pointless combats against that single ship."

"What? I would never! I led this revolution since start and-"
"-You also always end up in Sunrider and lead us in combat with Sunrider." This warrior interrupts my lines like if I am nothing.
"And we decided to shoot you on sight this time." and with that, he aimed his pistol at my head, right heel lifted so he can step back.
"Wait wait hold on you said we are simply going to question her!" the kid with assault rifle seems rather confused.

"Your not one of us!" I yelled as I lunge towards the traitor. He fired the pistol, cutting through my hair as I tackle him down.

"Shit! OP, OP, salmon requesting back u-!" The other warrior in body armor draws his SMG at me, as he is shot down by the kid. With that, bunch of gunfire occur as flares go up and siren plays. I doubt that Kayto asshole would set me free this many times just for this so Alliance rats must have done something on their own. I managed to jab a punch on this assailant and disarm him, and bashed his face until my hands were covered in blood as it seeped through his face cover.

"A-are you ok bo-"  I shot the kid with this assailant's pistol. He was persuaded by them to arrest me. What a piece of shit. Hehe, and Kayto thinks he can accept me and change me. I'm same as ever.

"Ha, Kayto you think everything is in your control but look at this! Your precious Cosette nearly died!"
Wait, what am I saying? I can't die. Where does Kayto even come in this? Why do I care if that retard's plans are foiled?

With that, I managed to come back as the 'Unyielding Cosette' who managed to defeated Kayto in his attempt to annihilate us during my absence, foiled by my return.
But wait, what if he even planned this Alliance assault? End result they caused heavy casualty on my ground forces and I nearly died, and has regained power without any troubles. Is this what he meant by surprise and be safe? Why am I still thinking about Kayto? ... Is he able to send Alliance troops to die like this? or is he trying to weaken me so he can capture me again? wait why Kayto again? UUUUUUUUUUGH!!!

Meanwhile at Sunrider...

"Ava, you think my dear shrimp will join our cause soon?"
"Kayto for the last time locking her up in there forever is the best solution, not letting her go like this!"
"Hey, this time I really did not interfere with Alliance operation, in fact I even told them where Cosette will be. I am following your commands."
"... Punching you haven't changed anything. What am I supposed to do to make you straight!"
"Oh I am perfectly straight Ava, I just want Cosette, can't have cute girl like her as enemy."
"... I'm surprised how you command a fleet in battle knowing EVERY ARMY HAS FEMALE SOLDIERS LIKE ME FOR EXAMPLE"

"Ava, please, you had your chances."

As Ava swings her fist at Kayto, it stops right before it hits his shoulders, as she notices the operator's call.

"Captain, incoming message from the rebels."
"Well well well, my little tyrant is safe and sound isn't she. Lets hear it."

"Kayto you -censored for pure minds of Ceran crew-. What is the meaning of this?"
"What, the alliance attack? Sorry I told them where you were, no intention to harm you however, I expected them to arrest you but they probably noticed that I'm failing to kill you."
"You should, before I tell them of your love letters"
"What? Kayto you-"   "Hold it Ava, if you want letters I can write them for you tomorrow. for now, Cosette is speaking."
"My Cosette, it won't do any good, so don't bother. Just come to me."
"Fuxx you Kayto, How dare you call me 'my' I ain't your shit! and even if these letters won't make a difference, my army will!"

"Challenge accepted. But this time, lets meet somewhere next week."
"Alright Kayto. hehehehe prepare your end!"

So I started to plan how to ambush and kill Kayto.
Kill Kayto? no He will WILL suffer for what he has done to me... yes, he will be captured alive, dragged in front of me.. When I capture him, first I will kiss him and feed him an nice dinner like he did to me, then slam that steak on his face and laugh at him! crush his hopes! HAHAHA... wait why am I kissing him! Get a hold of your self Cosette this is a date with Kayto- I mean not a date! NOT A DATE! BUT AN PAYBACK!... but if I want him to suffer as I did, I should do what he did to me and that involves... how did he torture me like this with such gentle actions..? It surely pissed me off but...

"Boss, intel from PACT. They leaked an intel on the whereabouts to lure Ceran ship and Alliance to an death trap, that we can strike anywhere at will. Should we trust them again? I think they just want Alliance to get damaged without dirtying their hands... boss?"

Death trap? what, to kill Kayto? no no! NOO! ONLY I CAN TOUCH HIM! NO ONE ELSE! ... I mean only I can kill him! No one in the universe can hurt him before I do!

"Tell Kayto of PACT plans and make excuse to flee to this location, thats where we will meet. We strike Sunrider here along with Alliance forces for a sweet revenge!"
"Good call boss! This way we can have Alliance fight PACT and ourselves can take revenge on small Alliance escort fleet!"

Hehehehe finally it is done! Kayto is mine! all mine! He won't get away from me again, no he is done for good! I will tie him up in my bedroom, watch him scream day and night as I laugh at him and... and...!

and like that, I am captured once again, I somehow got kidnapped by that Kryska dog.

(Anyone feel free to continue on.)

Anime/Manga / Opening mash up thread
« on: October 06, 2015, 07:49:57 pm »
As title says, opening mash up.

How to:

1. get around 1:30 long sound and opening animation
2. Put them together.
3. ???

1. animation opening
2. cartoon opening
3. opening of any kind
4. song of any kind.

have fun.

note: not including MAD/AMV since we got youtube share thread :D

Anime/Manga / Weekly Anime battle royal thread! (results seasonly)
« on: September 26, 2015, 08:12:16 pm »
feel free to murder each other within limits

Thread to talk about best anime of season and fight anyone who defies your logic, or be one with their logic!

not to be confused with what are you watching thread, this is where all the fights will occur.

1. No murdering in real life. do not share home locations.
2. No threats. fight fair in here.
3. Contestants are only animes on air. If season changes, pick your new religion of anime.
4. You may teamkill over small things like my waifu better than yours.
5. You may celebrate and brag if your anime deems to have won the season.
6. If past season anime has OVA or movie during current season, they ARE allowed to join the fray. If your anime is messed up having rough time and sticks its foot across multiple seasons (ex. Kekkai sensen) feel free to join fight as well. u wont have good basis tho. However, for OVA and movies, it follows BOTH original release and US release, since to discuss one must be able to watch it first. I may put a balance patch of negative votes on these if they dominate too much.
7. You may use whatever logic to win others, other than threats. Includes good artwork, fanfic, RPing, bribing etc.
8. I recommend main focus of fight to be based on the week's episode, but winner will be decided end of week based on total fans. Feel free to use ep1 to convey greatness of anime for 10 more weeks. Obviously since not all anime starts and ends at same time.
9. If animu gets game or manga release etc, do not include. it makes too much contestants and popular anime to dominate for ages.

have fun.

I'll try to update the thread randomly to show who seems to be winning. I'll use poll system once I or BMU gets used to it.
Poll will be updated if someone supports certain anime since i dont feel like naming over 30 anime.

Winner list:
2015 Summer : OVERLORD

General Chat / various work finding thread!
« on: September 10, 2015, 11:29:14 pm »
as title says, a thread to look for free/cheap labor for your school/indie project!

felt that all the individual small threads died out so making a center thread (?)
feel free to add or remove and ill apply if possible

idea thread is different. this is where you seek manpower when your idea is finished.
ex)i have zz idea anyone interested? (x)
     i have zz project and is in need of x people to do y. (o)

making indie game : need coder and artist
seek volunteer section

doing college project to make visual novel : need 1-2 male and female voice actor to do romance lines.

maid cafe : Need 5-6 females for a maido cafe. Moe overflown required, kitchen skills are welcomed. Free dress and place to sleep included.

sunrider,mld,sierra etc-
needs testers and sponsors and adoring fans with love

Douman: coder
shadowx: python and some java coder

all benefits for working would be experience portforlio and maybe small payments. don't expect too much please. its more of volunteer to help each other on free time. General advise would be non-profit can keep volunteer but if its gonna be commercial use, please credit the helpers and help them out too.

Was going to call it SNS game but I doubt people play DMM games or webgames that much so phone it is.

will change title if u guys want it, or go make thread if u think it should be separated.

Basic rule: make friends.

that is all pretty much.
1. spam referral if u want to as long as it promotes discussion.
but specify which game/server it is.
If there is a limits to referral (such as 40 referral max and such) update your status accordingly.

2. I'll advertise it on front topic if its needed. (such as most of u somehow happens to play [email protected] That will be topic name if requested.)

3. you may show off your luck or fancyness or how much money you spend etc, until someone says 'staap'. spoiler it with warning then.

4. If you wish to introduce a game, make it pursuasive, explain key features, bonus detail (mainly how fair is it to free users or how balanced the game is between existing and new) and Name Referral Server etc.
New players will have hard time playing when they have 1/n chances of meeting you or have to play alone or restart from scratch.

5. If you want to and it is done without abuse, you may do so called 'ressetmara' for others. It can be voluntary or purchased with something. I discourage real money transaction cuz that ruins friendships for odd reasons, and that this forum could get in trouble. So stick to favors in forums or ingame stuff. (basically keep the forum out or make it not money valued.)

also I'll make list of games you guys play, so that new people can easily meet each other. Also means if you dont want random person asking for your details of sudden, update when you quit the game or starts to play less.

Sunrider General Discussion / Sunrider Academy unlocks
« on: June 23, 2015, 06:22:24 pm »
So, the title can be bit misleading but....

I barely played this game even now, just finished with 2nd wave of competitions. Now I played this on denpai version... and realized that I do not have cards for this game.

Bigger issue was that the game doesn't launch on steam.
But that was yesturday. Today the game started.

and now I have bunch of CGs unlocked that I have never seen or should have seen. (Some feels like they are extra CG that happened in parts ive went through, but most of them arent.

also Ava and Asaga is 100% locked like they should be while Sola and Chigara have it all unlocked, Damn
of course no nudity in stuff unlocked well, kinda expected.

won't complain since i doubt ill even see a single ending properly but this is weird result.

lookin around and stuff, there is a small chance that some of the stuff i purchased is missing as well... I thought i bought a lunch set >.>  ignore this part.

Sunrider General Discussion / SA general finding thread.
« on: April 18, 2015, 07:22:00 pm »
Post your moments, weird loops, time paradox, nude, luck spree, unlucky fail etc!

for start,

I placed 88th and passed Ava's expectation. as usual I checked on her after an achievement, and she starts lecturing me about my grades. I guess she needs me to be a president!

General Chat / Cold Arms waifu thread
« on: April 05, 2015, 08:02:05 pm »
post your jack frost

As fans of Fire Emblem and many numerous fantasy and historical beings, I present you, a thread for thick and thin armors and weapons.

The line:
the thread may include primitive fire arms as well, to make a vague and easy to understand cut line, I will say cuirassier (armored cavalry)  are ok but red coats arent.
sorry I just LOVE armor
If you can dare to find primitive bullet proof vest of ww1 and 2 which are pretty much plate armor, go ahead.
fantasy is allowed to spess marheens may jump in, beware.
I would try to say try to keep it at level of swords and guns but space marines use chain sword so oh well. just keep the guns minimal, otherwise we need fire arm thread.

mecha does not count.
mecha with additional armor and etc may.. count.

Other Games / Oi, Million Arthur time.
« on: December 01, 2014, 06:14:31 am »
No Effort donePromo :

Home Page:
game is kind of like Qurare, (another ccg game i don't expect anyone to know of)
reason is that compared to the previous Diffusible Million Arthur, Here you pick cards out of 5 in your hand to buff debuff and set combo and etc, so its more interactive.

Also very free player friendly. Havnt spent money yet but I am pretty high up and my friend maxed out everything.

I'll start translating or put my personal experience guide if anyone has japanese itunes account to actually try the game. and add me on a referral so that i get free cash.

ps. For tutorial sake when you DL it and can't wait for me,
don't worry about which arthur to pick, u can switch between 4. but blonde arthur with shield emblem is best for start.

Warning:  If you spend money, spend over $500 and buy some stock, otherwise play free. game lets u run gatcha alot from being active but also made gatcha very crap. You can learn this by doing resetgatcha trick which takes like 20 times till u get a good card.
Also game isn't for you if ur phone has bad connection, bad ram, bad battery  and if u hate grinding or waking up in middle of the night to participate events.

So I re installed the game cuz of Bianca missing her skill..... and now this happens.
I go through beach episode and right after that asking ava to carry on gives me this error. Do I need to get rid of the beta thing?

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 15146, in script
  File "game/script.rpy", line 15147, in <module>
    if alliancecruiser1 in BM.ships:
NameError: name 'alliancecruiser1' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 15146, in script
  File "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Sunrider\renpy\", line 778, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
  File "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Sunrider\renpy\", line 1382, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "game/script.rpy", line 15147, in <module>
    if alliancecruiser1 in BM.ships:
NameError: name 'alliancecruiser1' is not defined

Sunrider Mask of Arcadius  Beta 7.0

Sunrider General Discussion / Re-attempt feature?
« on: September 30, 2014, 04:51:29 am »
So some players have said
'What if ur so bad at this game that you waste all your dough on consumable and now you face enemy with minimal upgrade? It becomes inpossible!'
Personally I dont use consumable cuz its a fixed pool game, but

I think we could do something like a ancient relic (stuff like wishfall or whatever) that allows player to sell it or give power to replay a certain battle that player considers to have done poorly, re try it, thus gaining couple more hundreds.

Relic itself ( can be a side system to skirmish if needed)
Consumable and money spent on them due to battle

Spinoff- instead of having player re create it in skirmish, have it as pre-made battles and call it 'recording of the event through sim'

still havnt used skirmish so idk

Create n' Share / Cosplay-who shall make a body suit?
« on: September 28, 2014, 07:15:36 am »
Seemed like there isnt a thread yet.
Share your or take other's cosplays and share craft tip and guides, flame about cosplay requirments and classification.

we also accept reenactment if u can somehow perform far port irl

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