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York Crescentia: Admiral's Personal Log "It has been 8 years since the Earth Minbari War. After the Minbari's surprising surrender at the Battle of the Line, The Ceran Navy continued to provide security for neutral and contested Space against Pirates. That was, until the Vorlons approached us with an...interesting offer. The Solaris and her Fleet are to provide security against any threat for a new station that the Earth Alliance is building. To be honest, its quite odd that the Vorlons want us to represent them and not send their own ships to guard the Station just as the Earth Alliance, Minbari, Narns and Centauri did. Supposedly, this station is meant to provide a place where Humans and Aliens can settle disputes peacefully. At least, that's what the Earth Alliance says. A Station Five miles long, 2 million 500 thousand tons of spinning metal....all alone in the night. It can be a dangerous place, but it is our last, best hope for peace. The Year is 2256, and the name of the station is BABYLON FIVE."

OOC: Hello all, the time has come. This is meant to be a crossover RP between three universes, Babylon 5, Sunrider, Blueplanet (A Freespace 2 Total Conversion mod) and Dimensional Eclipse(Another Freespace 2 Total Conversion mod)
Why Babylon 5?
I felt that it was the only major Sci-Fi show which fit Sunrider the best as it has the common use of both Energy and Kinetic Weapons, unlike in other Sci-Fi shows where they mainly concentrate on one or the other. Also, I had this idea for a while, I never considered others :3
This RP will cover Babylon 5 from 2256 up until the end of Season 5 in 2262.
Currently, the RP takes place during the construction of Babylon 5, where the Ceran Fleet was "approached" by the Vorlons to represent them as a "favor" for helping Cera build its Fleets and develop technologies. All OCs plus some "Canonical" characters are arriving on board the CSFD Solaris for Front-Line Training and assignment, jointly with the Earth Alliance.
NOTE: The Fall of Cera has not happened yet! I have decided to make the fall of Cera occur in 2260, 4 years from the current RP.
Cera(plus some other neutral worlds) seceded from the Earth Alliance a couple years prior to the Earth Minbari War but DID assist the Earth Alliance against the Minbari.
This RP will mainly be a "side-stories" RP(meaning, most of the time, it takes place inbetween Babylon 5 Movies + episodes) and will only become relatively linear when the RP reaches a date where a Major event in Babylon 5 Occurs. Otherwise, people RP'ing can start various "events" within reason.
NOTE: You dont HAVE to have extensive knowledge of any of the three universes to participate as I can explain whats going on and will put a general description of "current" events in the first post.
As I said, this is only a Basic Thread for the "Static" RP Section.

Various lists and rules will be posted soon.
I will be accepting Character Applications for both "Canonical" Characters(Characters from Babylon 5/Sunrider, etc.) and OCs using the following format(NOTE: you can apply for more than one char. such as 1. Canonical, 1 OC or 2 OC, etc. BUT it is HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you DO NOT apply for more than 1 Canonical character, to make it fair.):

Format for Canonical and Original Characters(As of 2256, Pre-Fall Of Cera Era:
Species:(i.e. Human)
Faction:(Currently only Accepting characters affiliated with Earth Alliance, Cera, Heaven Alliance and Independent)
Rank(If Applicable):
Family Members(Mark if they are deceased or alive):
Personality(For OCs):
Ship Assigned/Commanding(If Applicable):(I.E. CSFD Solaris, EAS Omega, etc. The Sunrider does not exist as of now) (Those that want to have a "custom" ship must PM me with the details of the ship. If the Ship is approved, other people may join that ship as well)
Type of Fighter Class(If Applicable):(NOTE: As of right now, Ryders don't exist at this point in time, it may be changed in the future)
End Format

Those that are impatient can PM for additional details as well as my Skype name, for the possible "Live" RPs, if you are interested.
There will be 2 "sections" to this RP, "Static" and "Live". Static RP is referring to the RP on the forums while Live RP is referring to RPs that may be done using group chat on skype.
If you have Skype, be sure to PM your skype name, ESPECIALLY if you will be RP'ing as a "Canonical" character. If you will be participating in "Live" RP, it is REQUIRED.<----CHANGED as of 10/16/14- You DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE SKYPE ANYMORE.
Note: You dont have to have skype even if you are playing as a canonical character but, it is still recommended. Participation in the "Live" RP is not required either.
I will be playing as Admiral York Crescentia(Ava's Father/CSF) and his wife, Chizuru Crescentia(Ava's Mother/Heaven's Alliance)
See you all later, im kinda busy :P

My Characters:
Name: York Crescentia
Faction: Cera Space Force, CSF Spec Ops, Sunrider Project
Rank: Admiral
Species: Human
Family Members: Chizuru Crescentia(Wife), Ava Crescentia(Daughter), Maximillian Crescentia(Brother/Deceased), Alice Henderson(Sister)
Personality: A bit laid back compared to his wife and daughter, introvert, tries to be friendly with his crew, not that formal, strict with training though, Idealist/Optimist
Ship Assigned/Commanding: CSFD Solaris, Commanding Officer
Type of Fighter Class: SA-23C/Cera Aurora Starfuries/REDACTED

Name: Chizuru Crescentia
Faction: Heaven's Alliance Mercenary Group, Cera Space Force
Rank: Vice Admiral
Species: Human(??)
Family Members: York Crescentia(Husband), Ava Crescentia(Daughter), Maximillian Crescentia(Brother-In-Law/Deceased), Alice Henderson(Sister-In-Law)
Personality: Strict and somewhat 'cold', like her daughter, is a bit of a tsundere, not afraid to speak her mind, outgoing, Realist
Ship Assigned/Commanding: HA BB Ashen Wing, Commanding Officer
Type of Fighter Class: SA-24/A  Blizzard Mk I. Starfuries/REDACTED

Name: Lucina Minamoto
Rank: Field Commander(AKA Rear Admiral, Upper Half)
Species: Human(??)
Family Members: ??
Personality: ??
Ship Assigned/Commanding: ??
Type of Fighter Class: SA-23E  Aurora Mk II Starfuries

General Chat / Question about Thread Location(New RP)
« on: October 07, 2014, 10:06:47 pm »
Hi all, Im about to post details for a possible crossover RP("Static" RP/ Posting on the thread and "Live" RP using Skype), in the future. Im just wondering where I would post such a topic because Im getting conflicted answers right now.

Introduce Yourself! / *Incoming Transmission from -REDACTED-*
« on: October 07, 2014, 12:54:12 am »
*BEGIN TRANSMISSION* this thing on?
It is? Okay. *Ahem* Hello all those on this odd website that you call a "forum" (It does not look like any "forum" ive ever been too...wait...21st century...riiiiiiggghhhttt....)
....What else do I say?....Well it seems that I do not have anything else to say....I should really get out more........................Wait...what did you say?....What!? N-No!....Yes I do love my wife know what, excuse me for trying to stay appropriate...

Sorry, my First Officer likes to poke fun at my relationship with my wife...Oh right, its still on....well...
This is Admiral York Crescentia, signing off.....okay now what to do?...wait...its still on....S-*LOST CONNECTION*

OOC: Yeah, Hello all on Hyperspace. Sorry about that Role playing style paragraph up there, its just how I work, i guess...
I did that for a reason, which you will see on this forum in the "General Chat" section soon. *Hint Hint*
Anyways, NOW im signing off! Cheers!  ;D

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