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Mods / [LD] Combat Animation
« on: June 06, 2016, 04:55:27 pm »
As the topic shows, where is it being stored?

I want to speed up some of the projectile speed but can't find it in all this clutter. Any help would be appreciated.

Mods / [LD] How to Mod LD???
« on: May 22, 2016, 04:03:37 am »
Okay, so here's my question. Before on MoA the modding was rather simple, because I can see the images folder & put it in there.

Now in LD, I don't see any of that. I do see this archive.rpa thingy, but I have no idea how to get the images from inside nor do I know how to repack it once it's done.

Anyone here can help me? I'm stuck. :(

Sunrider General Discussion / Sunrider Character Profiles
« on: January 26, 2016, 02:57:48 am »
Okay, so I'm thinking of updating the vndb page for Sunrider, but then I realized something...

I don't know the height of any of the casts.

I have acquired detailed traits as well as description, but no data on height.

So, this is a question to anyone (especially Samu if you see this) that has the official profiles of the characters. This also includes the one for Sunrider Academy if the heights are different in both universe.




Also, if anyone can give me the new pics for Liberation Day characters, I meant one for characters like Fontana, Cosette & the like, since I haven't found those yet, please upload it so I can put in on the vndb page for Liberation Day.

So far it's only the old ones that's on there.

General Chat / Security Check Fails for Attachment
« on: December 23, 2015, 08:10:53 pm »
Okay, I'm confused, I was just going to attach a JPEG image, but it keeps showing up "your attachment failed security checks. please consult an Administrator"

Is this a glitch or something? It's just a map I made using :-\

Sunrider General Discussion / All Liberation Day Units
« on: November 17, 2015, 07:57:29 am »
Okay, so as the topic shows, units.

I'm curious as to what units there are in Liberation Day. Can anyone list them for me along with pics of what each looks like?

Listing all of them would be nice :P

Sunrider General Discussion / Question About Ship Sizes
« on: August 03, 2015, 10:08:01 am »
Okay, so... after reading the topic about "Vanguard Cannon Vs. Legion's Main Weapon", I have come to question the actual sizes of the ships in Sunrider.

So far until now I've been just doing guess work but it seems some are off. The wiki also doesn't state actual ships sizes besides the Sundrider, Legion, & Sharr'Lac.

So... does anyone know or have a list on ship sizes? I must satiate my curiosity & my confusion. :P

Welcome to the Hyperspace / Hyperspace Forums vndb Index
« on: April 10, 2015, 06:13:55 am »
Yeah, since I haven't seen an index for this, I'll just make one. I'm one of the regular members of the vndb website & also one of the people who updates the database. I've made one for Sierra Ops as well a few months back, & just updated it with new info a couple of days ago. The ones for Sunrider & SA was made by someone else. Anyone who wants to view it are free to do so, I'll compile the links here. (If some of you are also members in vndb & wants to help update it as well, that's also appreciated 8))

[Innomen] Sierra Ops

[Love in Space] Homeward (Previous work, might as well add it here)

[Love in Space] Sunrider

[Love in Space] Sunrider: Liberation Day (Sequel)

[Love in Space] Sunrider Academy (Sunrider Fan Disc/Spin-Off)

[WarGirl Games] My Little Dictator

[WarGirl Games] Over The Hills And Far Away

More coming on a later date. These will also be regularly updated, especially Sierra Ops since there has been several changes & additions during production. Any suggestions are welcome & can be posted here as well. If you've made other vndb index about the games in this forums, put the links here & I'll put them in the index.

General Chat / Kitsunemimi!
« on: April 09, 2015, 10:46:53 am »
Yes, just as it says on the tin... fox girls. Post anything relating to it here, be it pictures, discussions or whatever.

I'll start with one of my favorite characters from the Nasu-verse, more specifically Fate/Extra... Tamamo no Mae, Caster class servant. 8)

I'll add this to the index.

Important Note:
Error on page 2 is gone, strange but a good thing nonetheless~

General Chat / "Kemonomimi Appreciation" Index Thread
« on: April 07, 2015, 06:46:24 am »
This is basically an index for all of the other Kemonomimi Threads. Since Elvis will have a hard time adding all of the individual threads in the "Appreciation Thread Index", I decided to just make a sub-index with this here to make things a lot easier. Well, since we already have 2 of said thread, it's only a matter of time before others start popping up, be it fox, wolf, dogs, or whatever have you.

Feel free to chat about all of them here, behind their backs, and basically just do literally whatever. It's an index thread about Kemonomimis, so you can chat/discuss/whatever about them here in general.

Neko Thread (Cats)

Usagi Thread (Rabbits)

Kitsune Thread (Foxes)

Urufu Thread (Wolves) [DEAD THREAD]

You can add future links here as well to add it to the index. Basically the same as Elvis's index thread, just that this is a sub-index that compiles all Kemonomimi thread in one place.

General Chat / Touhou Appreciation Thread
« on: March 29, 2015, 03:31:51 pm »
Just as it says on the tin. Post anything you want relating to Touhou on this thread, be it images, discussions, your favorite characters or other things.

General Chat / What is your preferred vessel?
« on: March 28, 2015, 07:06:06 am »
Just as it says on the tin. These are the current vessels available to all members of the forums, available through editing your profile. Though I gotta ask, which one do you prefer?

I decided to make this since no one made a poll for vessel types yet. So pick your favorite vessel.

You can also discuss about your vessels here if you want, posting pics is also fine.

Note: You can pick up to 3 of your top vessel type for your vote, you can also change your vote if you want.

Mods / How does 'Hate' work?
« on: November 19, 2014, 02:35:59 pm »
Okay, I need an answer for this one. How exactly does hate affect target priority for the AI?

I also need to know another thing, if I put a ship hate at 5000 & then minimum hate for each unit (the reset hate function) is 50, does that mean the hate of that ship gets reset to 50 during the next mission? Or does it always start at 5000 hate at the start of every mission?

Mods / About AI Target Preference
« on: November 17, 2014, 06:05:40 pm »
Ok, so currently I'm tweaking with the AI for enemy units. This particular part about target priority is kinda confusing to modify. I'm trying to make it so that ryders will prefer going after ryders & small ships like frigates, this is for the regular ryders. For Nightmare & Arcadius, they will attack any enemy they want indiscriminately until they kill everything. Bombers would remain mostly the same in that thy prefer capital ships but switch to ryders when they ran out of missiles or the enemy ryder is too close. PACT Elites will prefer ryders, but will also attack capital ships whenever they have the chance, but less frequently.

As for capital ships, I'm trying to make it so that they would prioritize capital ships as their primary targets with everything else as secondary. But will pulverize any ryders that gets in a range of 3 hex mercilessly with their point defense guns. Capital ships will target ryders only if they're actually a huge threat comparable with capital ships.

Is there an easy way to do this? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance for any suggestions. 8)

Please be sure to pay attention at the version of the patch & the notice at the bottom of this post. At times I will re-upload a new version of the mod with either further improvements or to fix issues & bugs.

Also, as of mod v4.0, I have integrated the beta 7.2 changes as well, including the latest AI & many other features with a little modification to fit the mod. Following Vaendryl's suggestion, you will also notice that the title on the window will say "beta 7.2 Extensive Mod", so you know whether you're using this mod or not & so that the engine automatically update the new files using reset_classes(). If it doesn't do so automatically, you can always do it manually, explanation at the bottom of this post.

New mod v6.89 have been uploaded. AI should be fixed now. Used a new code provided with the help from endershadow, azureflare & Vaendryl. Also re-balanced some of the missions.

Notice: Due to severe bugs in the side mission mod, I have decided to remove it from this post. It has some bugs from the start, but making it bug free while compatible with my mod will cause me a headache. I'll just be focusing on the main mod.

Note for Dev Team: I've already uploaded a several of my major mods to github. I don't know how to upload sound files & images there though, so you'll have to grab them here. Also, I'm a complete noob in using github, so please bare with any mistakes I may make. If you decide to integrate my mod, please be sure to grab all image & sound files from the attachment below, otherwise the HP bar mod will cause the game to crash upon entering the battle grid.

Phew! Finally got this done after over 3 weeks ;D

Originally, this was just a mod for my personal use. But then I thought "Ah, what the heck. Might as well share it, who knows, maybe others could put this to good use." So here it is.

First of all, special thanks to:

Vaendryl: Been a great help on many occasions. He helped me a lot in making some of the codes I was looking for, & he now helps in fixing my busted AI. Therefor I would like to greatly thank him. Cheers mate! 8)

azureflare: He's also been helpful in answering my questions. Also helped in fixing the busted AI. I'm especially thankful to him for allowing me to integrate his newest mod (awesome I might tell you) that noticeably makes gameplay faster. His mod also played a core role in my mod since faster gameplay means easier field mods. Again thank you. 8)

endershadow: Explained how test battle works, I was completely clueless before. Also helped in fixing my busted AI. Many thanks. 8)

Rhi: For allowing me to integrate his mod. It plays an important role in re-balancing lasers, so thanks.  8)

letir: For giving feedback & testing my mod. Helps a lot in re-balancing, plus some of his suggestions are good. 8)

Well, now about my mod. It's a personal re-balance of all the units in Sunrider along with all the weapons. During the making this mod I also found a way to make the UI better (in my opinion) which changes the color of the HP bar as it drops. I've also brush the status screen up a little.

Before you read further, I would like to tell you that this was made in Captain Difficulty, where the damage multiplier for all sides are 1. If you use this on higher difficulties, or even space whale difficulty, you'll find yourself in a very dire situation in battles. You'll soon know why.

Changes made by this mod:

Capital Ships: I find it strange that ryders that are smaller than a frigate can have HP comparable to a large sized cruiser :P As such I have modified each capital ship extensively (on all sides) to make them act more like capital ships: big, mean, & tough with lots of guns. 8) (They're still slow though, except for frigates which is faster, but they're more fragile. :P)

Ryders: I have also upgraded the base value of all ryders for more dynamic combat. That, & no matter how fragile ryders are, they are still huge mecha, which should at least survive one volley of enemy fire (except if it's from capital ships). However, I made sure that the ryders firepower cannot surpass capital ships (except in the case of awakening), but they are still able to damage capital ships with their heavier weapons, just not ridiculous like before.

Weapons: MORE DAKKA! ehem... I've modified the weapons' damage & shot count carefully as well to balance it, most noticeably the lasers. People say lasers are useless, well not anymore. Lasers just got a huge pump in firepower, to levels quite close with kinetic cannons, though the total damage is still less than kinetics. As for kinetic cannons, they work a bit differently now, I didn't upgrade the damage, in fact even lower the damage in some of the ships. Instead, they now either fire 1, 2 , or 3 rounds depending on the type of ship & number of cannons they have. This is for re-balancing kinetics which will be explained further in the 'armor' section. As for pulse & assaults, I didn't do much besides upgrading the damage and shot count. Missiles & rockets are still largely the same, just got some increased damage to make sure they still cause heavy damage without being OP. Also, I've greatly increased their max capacity for re-balancing purposes. Trust me, you'll need them 8) Be careful though, the enemies now have missiles with 10 flak resistance, 20 for rockets, but this does not apply to mooks, grunts, & bombers. Only elites & capital ships get these. The Ryuvian cruisers have 20 resistance for missiles. Don't worry, your allied ships also have 10 flak resistance to their missiles. You'll have to upgrade it for the Sunrider & you ryders though, since they still start at 0.

Another thing, I've increased the base accuracy for all allied & enemy ships, it's nothing game breaking, but battles will be more fun this way. Your own units also have upgrades on their base accuracy, but it's minor & you'll need to fully upgrade them to unlock their true potential. This is because you can only upgrade your units, the fleet you buy in the store is not upgradeable, hence I've modified them to be at "full upgrade", same goes for enemies.

Range Limit: I've made a new working system that applies range limit to all weapons & abilities with the help from Vaendryl (the creator of the base code). This way I have found a way to make Bianca a lot more useful with her shotgun. Also, this can be used for melee attacks for the AI for easier accuracy modifications. I found a minor problem early on, but found the issue in the 'classes' file of the master blueprint for melee, set the acc_degradation to 50 instead of 100 and self.accuracy to 100, since setting the acc_degradation to 100 in the master blueprint for melee after applying range limit would make melee useless with less than 30 accuracy.

Additionally, I've also put range limit for assaults & pulse to reduce the load a bit on the battle engine. assaults have a range of 8 & pulse have a range of 10. You won't attack anything further than that with these weapons anyways, since by that range the accuracy would already drop horribly even with accuracy buffs. Lasers, Kinetics, Missiles, & Rockets have no range limit though, since they're considered heavy weapons. It makes calculating accuracy for the engine a bit more simple, since it won't bother calculating for units out of range & simply put 0 there. This function has been tested & works properly.

Vanguard Cannon: Damage has been greatly increased to match the re-balancing mod, but now costs double the command points. Other orders also has their costs slightly increased so you'll use them a bit more carefully. Don't worry, it's only increased from 750 -> 1000. Vanguard now costs 5000 though. Don't worry, I found out that by making enemies tougher, you gain a LOT more CP. Don't know why, but I don't care. It's not game breaking anyway, the only way it'll run out is if you spam Vanguard, which I doubt you'll do. I even got over 4500 CP in one mission, I think it was mission 2? or was it 3? Who knows, maybe it'll accumulate to over 100k by the end. You'll use them quite often though, so use them wisely. Spamming useless orders will suck your CP dry very quickly even if you gain a lot more.

Armor: Ah, yes, the armor. The most important defense for any unit in Sunrider. I've made a simple formula that would make armor more useful even when your units' HP is low. For ships, armor will stop decreasing once it reaches 50% of its base value. For ryders, that would be 25% instead. The reason for this is simple, personally I find it weird that armor can reach 0 before your ship is destroyed. In normal logic, a ship would be destroyed even BEFORE all of its armor is completely stripped off its hull. In fact, around half of the armor on capital ships are still functional although damaged even when the core implodes. Destroying all of its armor would mean to strip a capital ship clean of all its armor on its body. Same goes to ryders, even if their armor is broken more easily due to their size. That & this is the reason why kinetics are OP in the first place, since armor is the only way to counter it. This way, lasers can be more useful since it deals more damage to armor than kinetics, if there is no shield or the shield doesn't go beyond 50 anyways. 8)

Why this armor mod you ask? Simple, because armor doesn't get recovered even if your units are repaired in the middle of battle, which means your armor will just continue to wither down until it's completely useless. This makes capital ships VERY vulnerable to bullets which is ridiculous. This will prevent that from happening, so the best way to destroy a capital ship is with the big bad guns & lots of explosives. Hence, MORE BOOM FOR THE BOOM GOD!!! (Don't look at me like that, I know you like big bad guns & explosives as well! Confess! :P)

Shields: I've used the formula by Rhi for shield stacking. I've decided to integrate it here since it'll make lasers more useful, especially combined with my mod. Be careful though, enemy units have their shields upgraded. In addition, the Sunrider will now immediately have a shield range of 2 upon purchase of the shield upgrade from the store. Liberty & Bianca will still have a range of 1, & it'll stay that way since I've removed the shield range upgrade from R&D (personally I think this upgrade is both a waste of creds & can be abused in this mod which will be game breaking).

Movement Cost: I've modified the movement cost for each unit matching their type. Seraphim now moves a lot faster (she's a scout), Black Jack is also faster, though not to the extent of Phoenix. Paladin is now slightly faster, since it's funny to see a ryder slower than the Sunrider (lol).

Energy: Now for the juicier part, all capital ships have their base energy doubled (except for Frigates & Destroyers wich is just a 50% increase). Several ryder types also have their energy increased accordingly (except Nightmare which has double energy, meaning they'll be more ferocious). But in exchange, I have modified the energy cost of each weapon & support ability accordingly, & removed the 'energy cost' upgrade in the R&D to avoid game breakers. You can increase the number of actions per turn by increasing the units energy pool. Don't worry, even with base lvl max EN, your units can still double fire their heavy weapons. if you upgrade the energy quite a bit, they can triple fire them. I've also recolored the energy bar in the UI to make it look better :)

New UI HP Bar: As stated before, I found a way for the HP bar to be more dynamic. It starts at green, changes to yellow upon reaching the 50% mark, and red at the 25% mark. I've also changed the function of the tiny HP bar under each unit in the battlefield overview. They're too small to actually see the remaining HP besides the numbers. So I've changed them into an HP color indicator, the system is exactly the same as the new HP bar, but this one merely changes color without decreasing, acting as an indicator. Personally I find this feature very helpful in monitoring each unit without having to check each units HP constantly. It applies to all units be it friendly or hostiles, this way you can monitor which unit is still in good shape & which ones are in the red zone. ;D
The EN bar still works the same though, since it's still visible & not that useful to change.

Also, I've integrated the damage reduction GUI made by Histidine (Armor & Shileds only, hope you don't mind :() that will be integrated into 7.2

Support Abilities: I've also modified the support abilities of both sides, most noticeably the flakoff & shutoff ability. Instead of completely shutting down flak & shields, I decided to make it merely weaken them severely, by 40 point to be exact. So any unit with 40 or less flak and/or shields will have it shut down, while those with higher than 40 will have it severely weaken instead. This way, shields isn't completely pointless anymore. The highest shield a unit has is 80, & that goes for the Legion only. The highest Flak is still 100, which goes to Legion & Nightmare.

Awakening: Modified the functions of awakening to make them even better without being OP to silly levels. Just OP in awesome levels. 8) Sola's awakening now cost 100 HP, but in addition also doubles her evasion (since it's supposed to drastically increase her response speed & reflexes). Asaga's awakening now also modifies flak in addition to evasion, armor, & damage. In exchange, her starting HP cost would be 250, & drains 100 HP onwards for each turn active. Also, instead of a 50% increase each turn, it will be 20%. In addition, this now only applies to damage & armor, flak & evasion will merely have a 100% increase (which is already OP). Don't worry, during the final battle, it's going to drag on, & her damage & armor rating will shoot to the roof, reaching a total of +300% after reaching turn 10. With her drastically improved laser batteries at 400% output, you'll sweep the floor with the enemy by then. Only the densest of shields can hope to mitigate enough damage for the unit to survive, here you will witness the true powers of the Shaar of Ryuvia Prime. 8) But there will be a lot of reinforcements, so be sure to keep an eye on her HP.

PACT Support: I've found a simple way to make Assault carriers not spam PACT supports all the time, especially since they've become a bit more annoying in this mod. Assault Carriers now either spawns 2 PACT Elites or 1 PACT Elite along with 1 PACT Support. Haven't tested this fully yet, but it works on the early tries.

The Legion: I've made this big bad boy into a REAL Super-Dreadnought. Don't worry, you can still beat it with full upgraded units & your personal fleet, just plan your moves more carefully. ;)

Attack Animations: I've improved the kinetics attack animations to be better, especially for the ones with huge cannons like the battleship. The number of shots they fire also matches the actual number of shots of their kinetic cannons. 8) Nothing wrong with the lasers though, so I see no reason to change them. Be sure to copy the sound files I put in the attachment as well, there's 2 files that are important for the Alliance Battleship's Cannon attack animation (cue awesome short charge up sequence before firing the biggest gun in the Alliance fleet 8))

Experimental Upgrade Limit: Still experimental, I've put upgrade limits in the R&D. If you reach the max limit for each upgradeable unit, you'll reach optimal balance while having quite a bit more advantage over the enemy fleet without being OP. I still fail to set individual limits though, so be sure to read the note I put in the attachment to know each units limits (those that still haven't got an actual limit). The notes also tells the few minor issues I still have. Don't worry, it's not going to break your game, I've tested it. I've also put 2 mil creds for you to test the upgrades, it may seem a lot, but it'll be gone with little over 20k left after your done with the upgrades of each unit. That's cuz I haven't properly set the proper cost for each upgrade since it's very tiresome. I'll do that later. The money is just a quick cheap fix for that. :P

New Item In The Shop: You'll find a new unit from the Alliance you can purchase in the shop after mission 12 (battle of Far Port). Max limit of 2. Also, you can now have a max of 4 Cruisers & 6 Frigates. The fleet grows larger, you'll need them for tougher enemies (plus it's more epic this way ;D) HOWEVER, since the ships have become a LOT more powerful, their cost has also drastically increase, but it's worth it. ;)

Money Reward: You now gain a lot more money from killing the enemy. The Legion especially, since I've made it into real super-dreadnought mode, you'll gain shitloads of creds from killing this bad boy, enough to buy an entire fleet from the store & still have plenty of leftovers. Since the money reward is also a lot higher for each enemy, you'll gain more money during your journey, making side missions more worthwhile. But remember, the enemies have capital ships, & they're now a lot tougher. Better start upgrading soldier! ;D

Shop Cost: Items are more expensive now since you gain a lot more money. The wishall can now be sold for 200k creds though, which can buy each item in the shop to max limit with around over 120k left. But beware! The Nightmare Ryders are more fearsome now. Be careful trying to get this item, as the Ryuvian Cruisers also got a massive stat boost to match the 'Lost Technology' level. You'll need all the firepower you have for this one.

Script: I've made a little tweak in the scripts, just my personal fixes for the final mission. Makes more of a challenge, but also more epic with that "final boss" feel. Also fixed typos & missing words I found & made some minor improvements on a few lines (I'm the lead quality checker for my VN translation team). Story is still the same, no changes. (Though i would like to make my own version of side story some day ;D)

Tool Tips: Made a new, more refined descriptions for a lot of the weapons & a few of the support abilities. I think this new description is more helpful & cooler. 8)

Well, that's about it for my mod. Feel free to use this on your own mod if you want, you can use any codes you find useful here. The devs are also free to use this (plus it'll make me happy ;D). If you want to calibrate the damage & other stats, just look into the library file. Don't mess with the other files unless you know what you're doing, this mod is quite sensitive in some parts. I've encountered many errors during the early parts of making this mod (Hey, I'm still learning :P).

To use this mod, unzip the zip file. Then copy all the contents inside the folder & put it in your Sunrider 'game' folder, replacing the files & merging the folders when prompted, I've made it so it'll be an easy copy paste job to apply this mod. Make a back-up file in case you want to revert it back to Vanilla Sunrider. Also, due to the nature of this mod, you'll have to start a new game after applying the mod, since it's not compatible with old saves.

Enjoy! Hope you like it! Tell me if any errors occur 8)

EDIT: Just re-uploaded Rhi's side story branch, 2 of his upgrades counters the purpose of this mod since it's applied immediately without the use of R&D. I've tweaked it a little to make sure the balance stays. Might want to fully upgrade the Sunrider's missiles first though. But the choice is ultimately yours.

~Re-calibrated all capital ships HP & EN
~Added max limit for evasion upgrade
~Re-calibrated max missiles & damage for all ships
~Slight improvements for battleship attack animation & additional fixes to attack animations
~Main menu now plays a different music (can be changed through option file)
~More epic last battle with different choice in battle music (you'll like this one, I used the op song for this, & it doesn't change or stop even if it's the enemy's turn & until you win/finish the mission 8))
~Re-calibrated all weapon damage
~Re-calibrated accuracy for enemies & increases Sola's rifle damage
~Added 2 mil starting money for upgrades testing since 1 mil wasn't enough after the re-calibration
~Fixed a major problem where all enemies are immune to Chigara's shield off
~Fixed attack animation for Paladin's kinetics
~Re-calibrated kinetic shot count for Legion, Battleship, & Assault Carrier
~Re-calibrated Seraphim's damage upgrade
~All of your combat ryders are now mounted with a light shield to help defend against laser barrages (shield range = 0)
~Re-calibrated shields on Ryuvian units to be more powerful (it's made from lost technology, deal with it :P)
~Re-calibrated shields on PACT Elites & Arcadius (what? they're elites, only natural to have shield generators, shield range = 0)
~Fixed attack animations for Sunrider rockets
~Re-calibrated Ryuvian enemies to be more fitting for the status of lost technology
~Changed mission songs on a few of the story missions to make it have a better 'feel' 8)
~Fixed mistakes in the Ryuvian unit's energy cost
~Adjusted hate on escort units so the enemy doesn't swarm it all the time
~Added features from v7.2 including the new & improved AI
~Still haven't figured out the pricing for upgrades, just be happy you have a lot of cash (though it'll be gone quickly after full upgrades :P Well, you'll still have around maybe 200k left so it's fine, so long as you're not a big spender that is.)
~Additional fixes of Ryuvian units since I put an older version of the library file by mistake
~Fixed a stupid mistake where I forgot to update new damage values for the Sunrider & Black Jack
~Fixed another stupid mistake where the calculations for the Ryuvian Cruiser Missiles are wrong (missiles breeze through flak like nothing)
~Fixed AI problem rushing towards allied units
~Minor tweak in Ryuvian Units
~Re-calibrated rocket damage & added new vanguard cannon base damage
~Fixes regarding rocket attack animations
~Re-calibrated upgrade cost & money reward
~Re-arranged enemy units for final battle
~Re-calibrated Legion (even more reward money & re-calibrated missile energy cost)
~Changed starting CP to 5000 & money to 25000 since the upgrades pricing has been more or less set (still in testing though, Ava will tell you about this since I've made a little tweak in the script so it won't come out of nowhere)
~Adjusted debuff immunity on some of the enemy high-elite units & stationary bases
~Minor adjustments for reward money & some of the unit's energy cost
~Minor fixes in mission 11
~Integrated 7.2 missile path to predict how many missile would reach the target
~Slowed down enemy reinforcements arrival in mission 11
~Adjusted laser accuracy following Sunrider 7.2
~Adjusted mission 11 unit's
~Fixed major problem found in AI, hopefully it's fixed now
~Re-calibrated several unit's stats & unit arrangements in a few missions accordingly
~Added another fix to the AI
~Error fix upon starting game
~Error fixed with PACT Elites
~Give up all previous method & uses new way to fix AI, hopefully this time the AI will actually move
~Attempt at fixing target preference
~Another attempt at fixing AI
~Re-adjust morale system
~Re-adjust hate system
~Another attempt to fix the AI
~Testing new code to fix problem with AI target priority
~Minor re-calibration on the AI
~Re-calibration on CP gain & CP cost for orders
~Mission re-calibration
~Fixed problem with enemy melee

Note: I've updated the notes regarding upgrades in the attachment. Be sure to read it to see the new upgrade limits. I've also found a way to make gameplay even smoother using the image cache in the option file, it's currently set to 40 instead of 15, & I've noticed considerable improvements in performance. Don't set it any higher or the game will crash saying the engine ran out of memory when a lot of ships load in the battlefield at once. If you encounter this problem, set it a bit lower & try again. Don't set it lower than 25 or it'll lag, the original was set to 15. Note that this was used on a 4GB RAM, if your RAM is smaller, you might want to set it lower. I doubt you can use it any higher than 40 even if your RAM is bigger than 4GB, I think this has to do with the nature of ren'py engine, since I still have around 2GB free RAM when I used set the image cache to 50, though the game crashes as soon as I enter a huge battle.

Additional Note: I forgot to mention, I also mod the Vanguard attack animation a bit. You know how that annoying song (march of immortals) keeps repeating itself when you fire the Vanguard Cannon & it keeps on & on & on until you end your turn or the music is forcefully changed? Yeah, I tried to fix it, but no results were satisfactory, so I simply removed the annoying song (good riddance). It still plays all the animations & sound effects perfectly well, but the BGM of the battle will still play. Personally, I find it cooler this way, especially in the final mission. Plus it removes one cause for headaches :P

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I've just found in the early parts that enemies are immune to shield off. It has been fixed along with other minor problems that were found. To those who have downloaded previous versions of this mod, please re-download it. To apply the new mod without losing your saves, first apply the new mod by copying all files inside the folder to you game folder, replacing files & merging folders when prompted. Then activate developer mode from the option file, and while in-game, press "shift+O" and enter the following: "reset_classes()" (without the " of course). After that press enter & the new changes will be applied. Or you can simply start a new game if your still on the early parts of the game.

In addition, for future updates, use the same method above to simply re-initialize the codes while in-game if you don't want to lose your saves or start a new game.

Also, an important notice. It seems that whenever you put reset_classes() you'll have to re-purchase 2 items in the shop if you've already done so, Chigara's repair upgrade & Quantum Torpedo Licence I think. Hence, the initial cash I gave you will be useful here, that & you also gain a lot more money from battles anyways.

Mods / Enemy Melee Counter Attack Twice
« on: October 24, 2014, 07:29:26 pm »
As the topic says. During test battle I moved a ryder next to the Havoc to test the counter attacks, but instead of shooting her gun, the Havoc used it's melee attack. I guess that's fine & all & makes sense since she has a melee weapon, but the problem is this: she does this twice.

Is that supposed to happen? If not, is there a way to fix this?

Again, thanks for any help in advance, sorry if it seems I'm asking a lot of questions, my mod is pretty extensive ;D

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