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Introduce Yourself! / Nice ta meet 'ya.
« on: October 21, 2014, 09:06:16 am »
Nice ta meet 'ya, The name is on the left. Played the Sunrider and loved it. So I think joning the forum might be a good idea, this is why here I am.

I love a game about ship,submarine, and of course, SPACE. Love anime too. My favorite girl in Sunrider is Kryska, don't ask why, there's some reasons that I don't want to tell ya.

For RP role,I'm willing to join any faction if you accepted the Torpedo as primary weapon, Type-93 oxygen torpedoes with 20 firing tubes on each side is my recommend.

Also, I can't into English, can only speak Engrish. But I love to write fanfiction, writing many of them in my language but I don't think I can writin' it with my Horrible-Hellish-Engrish.

That's all I wanna say, hope I can get along with all of you very well.

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