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GammaTech Industries, Weinan, Western AEGIS.
Legion Departing Platform.

Veronika: Przepraszam(Excuse me), Is this the ship departing to Weinan?

Suddenly, a young little girl appeared in left of his transparent cockpit. This is a clearly surprised to everyone in the ship, especially military-style organized ship like Legion to have an underage girl in Commercial Naval Unifrom asking for direction

Pilot: It is, young lady. Is there anything I can help?

Veronika: Tak(Yes), of course. I am of boarding this ship. Can you of helping me loading my equipments?

Pilot: (raise eyebrowns) You must be mistaken, little girl. We suppose to have Ms. Crescentia and a TDG representative aboard here.

Veronika: Well, I am a TDG representative.

The Pilot man is quiet a bit shock.

Pilot: (tries to hold his chuckle) I'm-I'm not trying to be rude, Ms. But how old is the age restriction in your company?

Veronika give a grin to the pilot. Well, you see Ivan. This is the problem when your body is a loli. Now remember not to touch a nuclear reactor or Kuchekov's experiment work if you don't want to end up like this.

Veronika: (hand the pilot her doccument) It is 18, and I is of past my 30's already, Mr. pilotowa?. Here's the document, And I of not knowing, but you shouldn't asking woman her age, little girl or not.

Unfortunately, The document is in Western Soyuz language. So our poor pilot cannot read it. But seeing the cyrillic alphabets and red star with torpedoes at the top of

the paper, he can tell that this is not fake, or a very well forged fake doccument.

And you are wondering why the hell the age restriction of TDG is 18 despite the fact that our people here can live up to 200? Well, because it's your people. Not far-away-space. You see Ivans, Far-away-space people love Uranium and radiation. They love so much that everything is powered by nuclear reactor, and that means they are expose to radiation more than our people. This means more DNA mutation and shorter lifespan, and did I mention they have poor healthcare? Well, you guys good luck to have ObamaCare...I mean, WhaleCoware.

Pilot: Oh, (Take a look at the document) alright. You are serious. I appologize, Ma'am. I'll call our loader right away.

Veronika: (Sighs) Finally, Dziękuję Ci(Thank you), Mr. pilotowa.


After a silence of awkwardness, The woman in little girl body starting to think about her mission.

'Oh for kurwa's sake.' She talks to her mind. 'If only that Helmsman has not of getting sick I should have been drinking wódka and admiring space view on Marokshod bridge right now.'

Yep, that's right. She's on this mission, with only 15 minutes instruction from Helmsman. Appereantly she can't get KTKM to speak here either thanks to poor communication system and internet lag of TDG company, damn the low budget.

Okay, so what is her mission again? She holds her paper, written in a cyrillic with typewriter from Kapitan KTKM. Let's see...Hm... 'The objective here is to convince Chairwoman Yi to sell, lease, or donate the use of the “Phalanx” Advanced Power Armor to the ADF for use with recent technological finds''Power armour' She thinks 'Big chunky metal coffin putting in soldier body? Why would ADF wants that!?' In her docterine and all Far-away-space docterine, Porwer armour is sign as useless. Because, You see Ivans, why give a sausage an armour when you can make the armour fight? In other words, flyring robot with power-armour is better than human in power armour. Even if somehow human is power armour is better, Tanks are going to beat them anyway. Don't tell me your power armour can stand a chance against glorious people's socialist 120mm canon.

But anyway...She is employee of TDG, she technicly got paid for this. With that big 35kgs equipments she carry with, It's going to do a good job.

She begins to write down her little speech on the paper, the vintage way for speak preparation.

GammaTech Industries, Weinan, Western AEGIS.
GammaTech Landing platform. 1100 hours.

Officer: (smiles) Hello again, Ms. Crescentia And...

Veronika: Veronika. We change Representative in the last minute.

Officer: And Ms. Veronika! My name is Katelyn. The chairwoman sent me to bring her to you myself.

Oh, thanks comrade Lenin for not bringing more 'are you really an adult' question! I think we got enough of that for today. +10 affection point.

Ava: (nods) Thank you. Let us begin, then, shall we?

Katelyn: Of course. Right this way, please~!

Katelyn leads the two, whistling a small tune all the way, out of the landing area and down an underground hallway to a lift. It takes them to the top of a large wall,

from which an observer can see a large amount of manufacturing facility between them and the outer wall. On the inside of the wall is a rather well-appointed tram-system, which the trio step into and ride for a few short minutes.

Veronika: What you whistling, lady Katelyn?

Katelyn: (thrown off a bit by the accent) Just a tune my father taught me. “Never saw the sun… shining so bright. Never saw things… going so right. Noticing the days… all of them gone. Nothing but blue skies… from now on…”

Veronika: We have song like that in Far Away Space. But we sing deeper and to tune of bass guitar.

You mean sing deeper in choir with orchresta, right? Comrade Veronika?. And it will be something like 'Ponad stepem nieprzejrzana mgła...Wiatr w burzanach cichuteńko łka.'

Ava: Well, you seem to enjoy your job at the very least. How long until we get there?

Katelyn: Shouldn’t be long now… Ah, here we are!

Since then Veronika cannot keep her mind at things around her anymore. She is currently focusing on more important note, like speeches and how to represent properly to chairwoman. Thanks, Veronika! This mean we can finally skip to the part where we met the chairwoman Yi! Oh, I know you've been boring about this isn't it? Reading a long prolouge and didn't found the main point after reading for like, 15 minutes? Well, time to cut your long awaits you lazy reader. Here it is!

They finally entered chairwoman's room. This room is large, a giant window overlooking everything on the back wall. Dwarfed by its size sit’s a very young woman, no more than 20 or 21. Her hair is an odd combination of silver and a very light brown, and she has it cut fairly short. Her eyes are a chill blue and by most standards she would be fairly beautiful. Her outfit is modest, little more than a silver-gray jumpsuit with a vest overtop. On its right side on the upper chest-area is the symbol of GammaTech: An equilateral triangle with sides of bronze, silver, and gold. She drops her data pad on the conference table and gets up, smiling softly at her guests.

Yi: Thank you for volunteering, Katelyn. A small bonus has been placed in your account. (laughs) Treat David this time.

Katelyn: (smiles back) Thank you very much, Madame.

Wow, this chairwoman must be really kind to give a bonus to her employee for voluntary work. She even knows about her employee's relation and encourage her. If only that greedy Kapitan KTKM know how to do this...

Yi nods at Katelyn and she turns and makes her exit, Ava swearing she could hear her say “Nailed it!” under her breath. Rather than make a big deal out of Katelyn saying she’d been assigned the job, she focuses all her attention on Yi, who smiles at her and uses both hands to motion to the whole room, the couches and chairs on the sidelines included.

Yi: Have a seat anywhere you like, ladies. I don’t deny people courtesy, least of all to the friends of one of our many heroes. (grins) And then let us begin. Business awaits.

Veronika: Very well, time is of valuable, and both of us are business woman, we don't of wanting to waste it, yes? I am Kapitan Veronika, manager of the Escort carrier Marokshod, Torpedo dealer group company. You must have heard of us before, yes?

When you are an arms dealer, you have to make sure your arms are in good shape. The TDG on the other hands...Well, let's say that all arms dealer companies are producing Tanks instead of ships. We will see TDG producing.....Cheap Toyota truck with machine gun. (Reaper's ship in this case will still Reaper's ship) We know Toyota truck with machine gun is not effective against tank. But guess what? It's (almost) effective against everything that is not tank! Trucks, Troops, unarmed men, you name it. Hell, if we put missile launcher or AA gun onto it, it can even shot down plane. Or even fighting tank if it get first shot. See? This is why It's popular with Terrorist, like ISIS.

And when your company is an arms dealer producing weapons for terrorist...well, you're not going to have a good reputation.

Did I mention the real goal of TDG is actually for producing armament for Soyuz Resistance to fight against PACT? Well, I already told you. But we will get into detail in another day.

Veronika: Today I is of coming in the name Of Alliance for defense of Freedom. Please of not asking us why we decied to work with them...It's a matter of business. As a representative of Torpedo Dealer group company, but in the name of ADF. I know this of sounding wierd. But I of getting paid for this. I am her to ask you, the glorious chairowman of the GammaTech industry, to share the Advance “Phalanx” Power Armor to us.

She drag the 35kgs 'equipments' on wheel, and open it. No we can see that it is a big monochrome screen. With a lot of vacuum-tube under it. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I presented you, the Far-away-space computer!

But It's not just a normal computer, it is installed with program NotMicrosoftPowerpoint 503 to help you present your work in the office much easier! Wow, such a great inventattion Far-away-space.

Actually, she could use a hologram projector which is much easier to carry...but, damn to foreign tech. She couldn't resist her patriotism.

Veronika: We of knowing that, recently your company has problem with AEGIS-supporting Military and the GammaTech Security Forces arguing about law and registration. (She then proceed to press a button on her 'computer') But fear not, for I have the solution to clear every problem out of the company....Introducing...

The orchresta soundtrack from '2001: A space odessy' can be heard to gain more epicness...


As she end her words, the room become quiet and awkward for a second. But the loli captain don't want to make this moment get any longer.

Veronika: Now you of sitting on your seat! Let me of showing how this works. Okay, you see? We are Far-away-space people. The master of Propaganda. Our people were of fighting against each other with ideology for centuries.

The screen is showing Soyuz military parade, with all it glorious red star bearing all over its vehicle. Then cuts to Soyuz factory making firearms. Clearly this was taken from a propaganda film. Don't worry, commies don't care about copyright so you can post this on Youtube just fine.

Veronika: In those days, you'll of having to convice people to work together. You'll of having to convince them to put aside their differences and fight for motherland. of we do that? Well, fear no more...As I is of being here to answer you!

Now the screen is showing a little girl on a villiage stage. She has to stand on a chair so she can remain in the height. Looks like she is doing some speeches...But wait, that girl look kinda...familiar?

Veronika: You can of seeing on the screen. That is of being me. You see, I was a Civilian propagandist. My former job is of telling people to believe in motherland, work for motherland, and fight for motherland. But I know you are of asking in your breath right now, how can this work in such a capitalist pig do-...I mean- A big company! Like us! And you! Well, let me explain...

The monochrome monitor then playing a whacky Soyuz animation. Showing a desperated man with his sibling aside.

Veronika: This is Ivan, and his sister Ivana. They don't like each other and often fight each other.

The animation then switch to a blonde-haired lady on pink apron looking at her son and daughter with a sorrow.

Veronika: And this is Mother Rossiya. Her husband died serval years ago and she has to take care of her children alone since. 

Now the scene is switched to where Ivan and Ivana is arguing to each other, a Soyuz toy car is in the middle of them.

Veronika: Now both of them are fighting over the toy car. Ivan suggest that this toy car should be donate to Aegisky, a priest living in neighborhood. While Ivana said they should keep this car for themselves. Now Mother Rossiya is wondering, Oh dear Komrade Lenin, what should I do in this such hard situation?' Suddenly, she got the idea.

And then Veronika began to add the vocal by herself

Veronika: 'Ivan, Ivana' She said 'You must be stronk and stop fighting.'
     'But Мама Россия!' Said Little Ivan 'Ivana is a Сука! She doesn't support glorious communist donation!'
     'No! Mama Rossiya!' said Little girl Ivana 'We must of keeping the toy! It is of us!'
     'You little greedy kapitalist pigdog!' Ivan insulted her sister
     'Watch your mouth, Ivan!' Said Ivana 'Talk is cheap, Come face me!'

Andddd...they're fighting each other again, oh poor little Ivan and Ivana. But this time, Mother Rossiya has a bright idea to stop them.

Veronika: 'Ivan, Ivana! Stop!' said Mother Rossiya. 'Big devil is going get us!'
     It works! The sibling stop fighting for a second, and look upon their mother
    'What do you mean, mother Rossiya?' 'Yes? What is Big devil' Both of them kindly ask for their curiosity
    'It is Unified State of Murika, My child.' Answered The Mother. 'If we are not stronk and unite together, Murikansky will come get us!'
    'That's scary, Mama!'
    'Da, and it even worse. Murikansky look for chance when we fight each other to kill us! If we not united, we're weak, and we can't fight!'
    'Oh no, we must unite!' Said Little boy Ivan.
    'Yes, for glorious Soyuz, Tovarich!' Little girl Ivana Agreed.
    And then they live happily afterward, the end.

Serval clapping sounds can be heard from somewhere. We do not sure from who, probably not from Ava.

Veronika: Now I hope you know what I was trying to be of saying. Advice#226 of Soyuz Propagandist. Big devil make people unite! If you can't solve the problem, just bring a big bad devil in and problem will solve itself! Now I see your 'employees' are arguing over each other. But with help of former Propagandist team, such as me and my crews. We can bring little attention to the big devil and make people not fighting themselves anymore!

She waits for a whole second to make this looks more Epic

Veronika:We just need one thing, the DEVIL itself. It can be anything. And just look at these days. We're full of Reaper, Prototype, Alliance's territorial Expansion, Terrorist, Pirates, Separatists, Rebels, EVERYTHING is going to kill us! We're drinking dangerous 3 times a day without even noticed it. But with our little help, in the name of ADF, we can make them noticed again! And that is just one of our 700 techniques of propaganda! All we ask for is a little....(cough cough) Donation.

Veronika sincerely hope this will work. She does everything she can. Like what she did in the old times in Soyuz and now, TDG. Hopefully Kapital Welkrow will be pleased by this.


GammaTech: An Independent Industry
Escort carrier Marokshod, Meeting room.

KTKM: And you know. I am not going to take the mission.

Veronika: Wait, of saying what?

Welcome to the Marokshod Meeting room. Here we have, a table. The most interesting thing in the room. Lie up with the less interesting person. Including KTKM, the chairman. His Helmsman, The Marokshod Captain who cannot speak English Properly, and her Helmsman.

KTKM: Yes, I am saying that I am not going to take any mission at all. And It means, me. Short story that I already told you is that I got a Not-An-Alliance-Spy following me. Disguised as a secretary something. In which I already know who she is but whatever. That does not important.

Helmsman: I heard that news as well. But I didn't think that it will be true...

KTKM: Well, thanks for some weird old scientist guy who always faking the news on our network! Our employees starting not to believe in our information anymore! Great. But yes, that's true.

Veronika: Uh..- Kapitan? Then do the news that Green tentacle monster will attack us is true as well?

KTKM: No, that is just Kuchekov on drugs doing that again.

Veronika: Oh....

KTKM: Wait? Why the hell you are dissapointed?....Well, anyway. Because I got Not-An-Alliance-Spy up on my back. And no one on Cera knows how to repair our Flagship Kitakami and we need to take her back to our port. That is why I'll have to leave you two to do the mission....

Marokshod Helmsman: E-Eh?

KTKM: Ahem...You Three. Sorry for forgeting you, Kiddo. Now, any question?

Helmsman: Yes sir! (He rises his hand) How the did the engineers of the most advanced planet have no idea how to repair a low-tech ship from another galaxy?

KTKM: Easy. I don't know what Kuchekov done to Kitakami again. (Sighs) But the Ceran Engineer do not know how to revert it back. And They reccomend me, either to replace the inner parts all, or just leave it be. You can see that I choose the latter part. Why? Because, you see, My patriotism trust Kuchekov's Engineering more. Don't ask why. Now...Any question?

Veronika: Definately of being yes! You didn't tell us of what mission shall we take!

KTKM: Obviously. Your fleet will containt one Escort Carrier, and two Escort ships. Totally not for fighting by looking at the name. And Hey, we are a company! An Arms dealer company. I reccomend we choose to go to GammaTech.

Veronika: But what can we do without our chairman!? I mean-...Ja is of just a Captain. Not businesswoman. Ja don't have your skills like you.

KTKM: Veronika please, This is Circa 508 already. We all have Transmission system that can communicate all over the place right now. Just bring a screen and connect it to me if you think you need me to talk, okay?

Helmsman: Well, I remember last time you done that you lost connection in fifteen minutes because our 'unstable wireless connection'

KTKM: Look, comrade.  I paid the Internet bill this time. It wouldn't happen again. Now, I think you don't have more question anymore. I'll just gonna go back to my place. And hang around while that damn Alliance observer watching me. Kay?

Veronika: Do widzenia.

Helmsman: See you again soon, sir.

But before KTKM walks out of the room, the chairman turns back and speak to the crews.

KTKM: Oh, hey, hey! And remember. All of the TDG's Vessels are De jure vessels of the ADF.

A moment of silent happened.

Helmsman: And what is De jure?

KTKM: Well, it means we will follow their orders, do as they wish. But we wouldn't appear on their paper, or bear their name and flag. To aviod harming relation between us and The Alliance. Yes, I know what you are thinking. But this will work. Trust me, is already worked for like, 3 years now.

Veronika: ....Uh...If you of saying so.

KTKM: Oh, and hey. In case of you forgot. My Comrade over there (He points at Helmsman) Will be my Representative. Act as chairman of the company while I'm not here. Got it? I'll be gone now.

After The chairman leave the room. The 3 crews are now have to prepare for meeting another chairman.

Veronika: So, what of being the plan?

Helmsman: Go to the GammaTech, I guess. We already recieved the coordinate, isn't that right?

The Helmsman of Marokshod answer her question rapidly

Marokshod Helmsman
: T-Tak! Our crew have prepared everything in order! Ready to warp in any minute now, sir!

Veronika: So what's your order? Mister Representive?

Helmsman: Eh, you know. We suppose to follow other ships. I believe we have other guest taking this mission. Just wating for the signal.

Veronika: Tak. Oh well.


What? You are too lazy to read the whole content? Well, read the summary then!

-KTKM is gone because of reasons.
-TDG Flagship Kitakami is sailing back to port.
-Helmsman is now temporary working as KTKM. With support from Veronika, captain of Marokshod, and her Helmsman.


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Those links are messed up, rodent.
All three load just fine for me
Mind uploading them for me, and anyone else they're borked for? :P

Since no one seems to upload them and as a random person, I volunteered to upload them instead.

And then, meanwhile in the manga world

I have to continue. Here is my post for the Ex4


Admiral Grey: And I'd like to remind you again about-...

KTKM: Nope, Negative. I got it right and clear Admiral. Whatever you are going to say.

Admiral Grey: Good, Just keep it in mind. One more violation against the treaties and we will have to break our trade.

The Solaris Alliance has been a very, very good trader between TDG for such a long time. Why? Well, main reason is mostly because of their support to the Soyuz Rebel. Just in case you forgot. PACT invade Soyuz and made it their colony. There is a Soyuz seperatist rebel trying to seperate Soyuz from being PACT's territories. And Alliance is helping them. And we know that KTKM, chairman of the TDG is a nationalist, patiotic, PACT-hater that support rebellion in his homeworld.

And we know that KTKM has just take the ADF mission of taking an Alliance convoy, right? Now that's harming a long relation between them.

KTKM: But supporting a charity group... *cough cough* ADF *cough cough* would not count as breaking treaties, eh?

Admiral Grey: As long as you intent not to attack the Alliance vessels, yes.

KTKM: Okay, I'll keep that in mind. So...Good bye, then?

Admiral Grey: One last thing, take care of our 'Observer' too.

KTKM: Oh, you mean, that brown-haired girl you sead to watching over me in case I do something supspicious.

Admiral Grey: Yes.

KTKM: Yeah, Yeah. I also keep that in mind. Harming her will mean I'm harming relation. right? Now if there's nothing more, I'm gonna close the communication.
As the sound of the communication screen turns off, The chairman close his 16bit vacuum-tube computer. It sounds like wooden logs squeezing together while it closing.

KTKM the chairman lay down his back on the not-very-comfortable chair. It's a hard work to rule a company indeed, especially when you have commie and Admiral Grey fighting each other, while a group of armed charity trying to stop them. But then a group of well-armed well-equiped well-devoloped well-winged Alien appeared from nowhere fighting a group of a seem-to-be-asshole-and-bad-and-will-enslave-us antagonist. Whole situation is a mess, not to mention that the share price of TDG company dropped down by 2.3% last month because people are more interest in Reaper technology.

KTKM sit down, looking at the blank cieling in his 2mx3m office. How will his company gain the popularity back? Right now people are aware of those winged aliens than a far-away-space company. This will not be good in a long term...

There is only time for silence for 3 minutes. A scientist appeared. Yes, that old thosands of years old scientist that everyone knows.

Kuchekov: KTKM!

The old man quickly push the wooden door and enter the room without knocking it.

KTKM: One last time, Kuchekov. Knock the good damn door.

Kuchekov: Then why don't you use those steel automated respond like all other space captain do!?

KTKM: Because it's not cool! I love wooden door, Okay!? It's made from wood and looks 150% modest than those high-tech doors. Probably even better than one of the door in those Winged babaric's ship!

Kuchekov: How can this be safety in case of fire then?

KTKM: Silly old man, if Kitakami get caught on fire, we wouldn't need a safety steel door to protect the room. Because everything will get exploded and we will become Space BBQ in just few minutes. Right? Mr. Rocket Scientist?

Kuchekov:  Oh....Right. Those flamable fuel we have on the Liquid fuel tank...

KTKM: Anywayyyyy....I do believe you are not here to discuss about how our wooden doors are cooler than Reaper's door (Althought we never ever seen one) Right?

Kuchekov: Yes.

Kuchekov hand KTKM a big stack of paper. This, of course. Leave the chairman in a confuse. But he pick it up and read it.

KTKM: What is this? (He read some of servals paper.) Oh, This? A tech about-....

Kuchekov: It's about those all ancient technology you got from the mission...Hah! What do they say about this? 'Greatest discovery of lost technology in history' 'Best things of all time that can kill everything' 'Xxx360NoScopeRyuvianKillingMachinexxX' And all that!

KTKM: Well It's all good ol' Ryuvian technology that suppose to be lost because....Eh...Because it's evil and kill people so some good people sealed it?

Kuchekov: That's not the problem. The problem is that this is not our technology. Not our shipbuilding technology, not our weapons, not our naval equipments.

KTKM: You mean it wouldn't fit on our ship?

Kuchekov: No, It WILL fit. And unfortunately, even better than all of our equipments. More effiency, and more damage. Overall effience compare to price is even better than us. Only one Problem. It's not OURS.

The old scientist emphasizes the last word more than usual.

KTKM: Okay....I think I saw what will be next. You are a nationalist prounding of the Far-away-space technology. And can't stand that we are going to modernize all of our technology to some point because it's a foreign tech.

Kuchekov: Yes, that is the point. Now, comrade. I am totally against changing the overall equipments to... Some old ancient Ryuvian people. We have the pride, our pride in our balistic canons, shipbuilding, and space exploration. We believe that we are the best at them. And if we're not. We are going to improve it, not adopted their way.

KTKM take a short stares at his patriotic scientist. No doubt he is. It's always the problem when a faction, country, or a nation trying to adopt other technology or modernize. There will be always old heads people against it. Althought at this scenario, KTKM is almost agree with Kuchekov and is resisting his urge to be a nationalist.

KTKM:'re the head of our research. It's not like I can stop you from not adopting it anyway...

Kuchekov: Yes, and remember about Prototype?

KTKM: You mean the Prototype tech that I give you to research.

Kuchekov: Yes, wonder why we only found about growing potato?

KTKM give a little time to think...then...

KTKM: Ah.....I get it. So you were lying, isn't it?

Kuchekov: More like keeping the technology as it meant to be, comrade. What we could do with that information is...quiet too much. It could have change all of our technology and culture all along.

KTKM:....sighs....Whatever. It's not like they will contain anything much more useful anyway. I have heard that it mostly about creating elite troops and power armors isn't it?

Kuchekov: A little more that might benefit us, but yes. As we are a naval equipment trader, most of the Prototype's experimental data that you got isn't quiet useful to us, so....

KTKM: (sighs again).....You're crazy, man. Keeping all data to yourself and tell us to use the old far-away-space technology? Man...

Kuchekov: Oh yes, I am crazy, Son. Did not you call me a crazy scientist all along?

KTKM almost chuckle, just almost.

KTKM: 'kay...'kay...( sighs )Anyway....... I'll have to cancel all of this project, wouldn't I?

Kuchekov: Very well. If there is nothing more. I might have to take my lea-...

Suddenly, before the old scientist can open his door and leave, a knocking sound and a voice. No, not that. It's a female voice.

?? ??: May I come in, sir? I have brought you the tea.

KTKM: Good, good. Come in. The door didn't lock anyway.

Kuchekov: Comrade, who is...that?

KTKM: Oh, she's my personal maid. Starting her job from this day?

Kuchekov: Wait-wha-

The person open the door. Revaled the face of the...Person.

Kuchekov: What in the actual fuck, comrade?

That is his words when he saw the maiden.

She's a tall woman. Brown-haired. Look likes your average Far-away-space-ian of you ignore the brown hair. Nothing very important, she looks so normal that if we put her in the crowd, we might couldn't find her due to her being 'too normal to be spotted'. She's in the maid uniform, why? Well, you'll get the answer in the next line.

KTKM: I'll introduce her, Old boy. This is Miss Osana Najimi.

The more shocking expression can be seen on Kuchekov's face when his boss introduce the maid. What the hell is this name? Is her mother cannot come up with something better than this?

Kuchekov: Co Kurwa?

KTKM: What's the problem, comrade? Don't like the name?

Kuchekov: Osana Najimi? Are you kurwaring seriously!?

At this point, 'Osana Najimi' is a bit out of patience. Of course, you wouldn't like it when someone say 'KURWAAA! YOUR NAME IS OF WIERD' Don't you? And if you are not familair with Ceran Anime. Osana Najimi means 'Childhood Friend' in Japanese Ceran

Osana Najimi(?) : Excuse me, my good sir. But what seem to be wrong with my name?

Kuchekov: Well...If-....(heavily sigh) If you know at least a bit of Ceran, you will know what is going on.

KTKM: (Almost a whisper) I told you this name is stupid. Sere-...Osana.

Osana Najimi: And they told me this will be the best name to disguise!

Kuchekov: Wait-wait-wait...You are...disgusing?

Osana Najimi: Oh...I-...Uh-

KTKM: Well, I hired her, okay? There's nothing to worry about, really. I mean, remember that time when I decied to hire a smuggler? (chuckle) well, you turned out to distrust him too! Now-now. Why don't you leave this at my statement to deal it like the last time?

Kuchekov: Well....We obviously don't trust a disguised employee, don't you think?...I can already sense a bad smell from her. Not including that personality that remind me of those Capitalist scums

KTKM: Yah, I mean I am the chairman of this damn company, okay? I know how to manage this and that. Now just leave it to me, 'kay? Everything will be fine! Everything will be fine...

The chairman then pushing his Cheif Engineer out of his office, trying to get this business done more quickly.

And as the sound of the not-very-automatic-made-out-of-wood shutted. The two begins to talk

Osana Najimi: Phews.....

KTKM: Well, well, well...(sighs) That hard-head scientist




6th Torpedo dealer group expeditionary division, 6th of the Luna-class Escort Carrier, Marokshod. Command Bridge.

Veronika: Apsik!
   Oh don't be afraid, It's not a spellword. It just how far-away-space people sneezing in one of their many language. In this case, Veronika. The captain of Marokshod, that we are too tired to mention that she is actually more than 30's but still look so young due to the wierd affect of radiation that make her aging process stop somehow. Some of men(or even women) Might consider her sneezing as a cute action.
   But not our dear Helmsman who standing right next to her, he's clearly not a lolicon. At least not now.

Helmsman: Oh, you catch a cold?

Veronika: Nie, is of a random sneezing. (She blows her snot) Is of more likly that bad things will happen.

Helmsman: Hm...It is rarely to see people believes in the sneezing these days, especially to find others. I am glad I'm not the only one, heh.

Veronika: You of ougtta trusting me, Mister Sternik. When you of commanding flying spacebox, you might wanting of to trust the luck. Szczęście jest wszystkim. (Luck is everything.)

   The Helsman didn't say anything back.

   Suddenly, a shy but workaholic helmsman of Marokshod, also working as secretary of Veronika, reporting in.

Marokshod Helmsman: Kapitan! There is a massage from the flagship! Chairman said he want both you and...Ehr....(She tries to look at her portable computer to find the name of Helmsman) Uhm...Mister Sternik, to be there on the Kitakami in 15 minutes

   Sternik means 'Helmsman' In the native language of one of many native langauge of Soyuz. But that's not important, Mr.Helmsman doesn't want to introduce his name anyway.

Veronika: Tak, tell Boss that we will arrive there, ETA 5 minutes. Is of let going, Mr. Sternik.

   Maybe Veronika's sneezing might tell something about this, he thinks.



 Part 2: This is where we are going to go to the past, meaning of backstory, boring speech, boring space battle, and such.
Is writing. Please be waiting. Estimated time = 2 days or less.


In writing process, will be updated soon

After many weeks, I presented you this post.
Not the best post yet, but at least I posted. I will put the second part as soon as possible

 Part 1: In Torpedo dealer group, equipments break you.

Somewhere near Asteroid Cluster Epsilon-327 , Galactic Sector D-5.
Torpedo dealer group Expeditionary division, Flagship Kitakami, Command bridge.

The Torpedo dealer group Expeditionary Division, Which is Torpedo Cruiser Kitakami and her escorts, Marokshod and two Vostok-class escort ships were anchored. They are wating for the report.

Helmsman: The cargo has been secured. However, it looks like they managed to get a distress call out before we could jam them.

KTKM: Whatever. It's not like they will care to investigate about it much anyway. I mean, this is space. Pirate attacking convoy is just an everyday life. Remember that we got 2.27 convoy raiding per day? And It's not the same pirate guy. Millions of pirate live here in the galaxy. It's not like they're going to think that 'Hey, actually. Maybe we should try to find out who they are' But if that so, good luck trying to find a pirate in a space where there are pirates everywhere. So...(shrugs) Who care

Helmsman: I see, And Sir... Mr. Switchblade is already demanding that dinner with Lieutenant Commander Shields.

KTKM: Dude, I told him that he and Cutter are going to have dinner in the Legion. I said nothing about having a dinner with Ms. Nozomi AT ALL. But the access to Legion give you a chance to make a free roam around the ship, therefore, have a chance to visit where Ms.Nozomi live and have an encounter with her, or have a good enough luck to make Our dear Whalecow invite his daughter to have a dinner with too.  If you are lucky and charismatic enough, you may be able to get to know her much better, and may get into realationship. If you screwed it up, well. It's your fault.

Helmsman: Aye, sir...

KTKM: Something wrong, dude?

Helmsman: You think we will get in trouble for asking for too much money from Central?

KTKM: You're talking like this is still Soyuz, comrade. I assume you mean Legion. If so, I can assure you that any trouble we come into will be the minimum. Really.

Helmsman: We still shouldn't be too needy or take advantage.

KTKM: The hell ya saying, dude? You are starting to hate this?

Helmsman: All I am saying is that I have trouble with taking food from the mouths of widows and orphans.

KTKM: People eats foods, not credits, comrade. And you know what? This money will go for supporting Soyuz Uprising.

Helmsman: ..........

KTKM: You know what happened to Soyuz dude. PACT invade our homeworld Soyuz and annexed her. You know how PACT guys treat native people. So we are basicly funding our motherland to take an uprising against people who is taking food from mouths of widows and orphans too, you know.

Helmsman: I was about to say the same to you, comrade.

KTKM: Good, then..-

All thought of further speech is lost as the cargo ships begin docking and the unloading begins.

KTKM: Ah, here it is the cargo. So we suppose to bring the cargo to ADF, huh? Geez, Whalecow. Not even bringing a transport ship for us?

Helmsman: That is because we didn't request, sir.

KTKM: Oh, right-right-right-right...

Helmsman: Uhm...Sir, We have a problem, sir. Our Kitakami can't take the cargo that much...Uhm-...

KTKM: That's why we have our Escort carrier Marokshod there, comrade. She was suppose to bring the Asteroid Redierctor Spacecrafts, so we replaced most of her spacecraft in the hangars with it. Now those ARSs was gone because we use all of it. So there's plenty of empty rooms there.

Helmsman: Affirmitive, sir. Changing target, loading cargos to Marokshod.

Suddenly, KTKM receives a transmission on the Soyuz-built analog TV screen. Then leaves the room with a smile on his face.

Helmsman: Sir?

KTKM: Good news, comrade. Serena is coming.

The Helmsman merely nods, unsure if he should be happy or worried.

Helmsman: Do you mean your friend from the childhood, sir?

KTKM: No, no, Not her. It is UFS Serena. Unified Federation Submarine. Remember Unified, comrade? Capitalist guys who always offend Soyuz. These days they are allied with Alliance, since PACT take agressive way first and invade Soyuz to take more clays, Unified just simply ally with the enemy of PACT to-...Ah, I guess I don't need to re-tell the history about that again, thought.

Helmsman: Not a very good sign to see a Unified ship in this area...

KTKM: Indeed, especially if it just unclocked a minute ago. Meaning this guy was watching us. This could be worse than we expected.

Then suddenly, they recieve a call from UFS Serena.

Helmsman: Sir! A call from UFS Serena, sir!

KTKM: Good, didn't hear the sound of another Far-away-space people for a long time. Put them throught. Wonder what will they talking about...

Mister Helmsman hand his boss a voice-only transmitter, or at this rate we could just call it a phone. KTKM picks it up, and begin to speak.

KTKM: This is chairman of Torpedo dealer group, speaking.

Suddenly, the loundest voice you ever heard in the history of space exploration can be heard throught out the Command bridge of The Torpedo Cruiser. Even thought KTKM is using, basicly a phone. But the voice of Captain Keains is just too lound that you can heard it from 10 metres away, and yes, from a phone.


KTKM: Oh my godness! Can't this guy just talking less lounder? Turn the vollume down, comrade. I don't want our transmitter to be broken again. (sighs)

But it seems like turning down the vollume didn't help much, as Captain Keains is just speaking even lounder. With three hundread percents more freedrom and democracy.


KTKM: Hey-hey-hey! We ain't commie, fools! We are businessmen! Merchants! Dealers! Or whatever you call us these days. Seriously, comrade. Mute him, before he yell more and my ears become dust.

Sadly that it just too late. Catain Keains turn his volume up to 350% lounder than before...


...And the Kitakami's Voice-only transmitter, or at this point, telephone. has a spark, and a little bit of...explosion? Either what happened. It's broken.

   And It's not ending there, Our dear Captain Keains thought that the TDG put the call down, therefore didn't like the action. He thought they were cut the conversation. At first he decied to order the gunman to point the glorious Serena's 12''/50 caliber Mk. 8 gun and shoot the ship down. But then, It's not a very good idea to shot a ship thought. Which could harm the space laws or something like that. Which is, actually, nobody even cares especially some Alien guys.
   So what did he do to the ship? Well, he just making a scrath to Kitakami, by 'accidently' scratching his ship's side to Kitakami. To show the TDG's crews that UFS Serena didn't please with this at all. As you may know, The torpedo dealer group's space ships are made from low-grade metal alloy. Due to the lack of metal in the area. Which is not affect to the TDG that much since their main goal of the escort ships were meant to scare the pirates away, not to figh with them. But when it came to ramming. Well, you know the result. Kitakami can't take that much freedom from the Unified ship. and then...

Helmsman: We are taking damage, sir!

KTKM: Gah...! I shall report this to the Space Traffic police! Did our rear cameras record all of this?

Helmsman: Sir, they are all broken a week ago.

KTKM: ......Really?....

But that's not the end. The damage seems to be even worse, even it just a scratch from a Submarine. The USF Serena take a warp jump and leave before she could see what she has done to the poor TDG's flagship.

Helmsman: ...Sir! Our third liquid fuel engine is leaking! Uh...It's mixing with oxider in the engine room, sir! At this rate It's going to be-...

KTKM: Then what the hell are you doing! Shut the rocket engine off before It's going to be-...

The far-away-space ships have many early spacecraft technology put in theirs. Like Liquid fuel rocket engines. It's still use as emergency engine in case of making a full orbit, or de-orbiting. Or even for combat, as it generate more thrust than a normal Ion engine, but came costly with the price of the fuel, as it burns up more fuel than your normal average engine, a lot. Kitakami is one of them, with half of the technology were took from many factions, other half were still Far-away-space-like. Including Vacuum-tube computers, analog TV screen, glass cockpit and more.

And Sadly, they didn't manage to shut down the engine, we don't know how that the Oxider and Liquid fuel mix up together and screwed up in the engine room can cause a dramatic explosion but somehow only damage some engine rooms, and somehow didn't even hurt the crew out there. But seriously, what can we expect of Dr.Kuchekov's design?

Helmsman: ...-Explode.


The Boss and the Helmsman finish their lines

And then it explode.

The sound of explosion can't be heard throught space, but can be heard in the bridge. A big moment of silence when the crews on the bridge realise that the third engine room just explode and causing the main Ion engine to be broken. Which is mean, Kitakami is now uncruisable.

At this rate, KTKM just facepalm.

KTKM:...Report the damge.

Helmsman: Uhm...third Liquid Fuel rocket engine room is explode, main Ion engine is heavily damaged, First and Fourth Solid Booster seem to be gone and...Sir, Our Xenon gas tanks for Ion engine is leaking at the rate of 0.76 percents per minute.

KTKM: (sighs) And this is just from a scratching! Imgaine if we are going to take a real battle! Oh dear...


KTKM: Alright, deploy our repair probes and engineers. Or at this rate we could just all a rescue space tug boat....


KTKM: Also, It seems like they didn't know that we done this for ADF thought. They didn't mention about ADF even a single word. I guess they are just watching and assume as what they seen. Which is good, good for ADF at least.

Helmsman: And what about us?

KTKM: Dunno, maybe they will send officer to watch over us or something?


Then, 15 minutes later.

Helmsman: A call from the ADF, sir.

KTKM: Hmm...Our transmitter reciever is broken, our Voice-only trans-...I mean telephone, is broken. Let's see...Uh...deploy emergency contacting device!

Helmsman: We, uhm, stored that equipment near the third liquid fuel rocket engine, sir.

KTKM facpalms.

KTKM: Okay, good. Make a call to Marokshod. At least our inner local transmitter is working. Heh.

Minutes later, A young woman with terrible Engrish appeared on the analog screen.

Veronika, The captain of Marokshod: Is there of being anything, Kapitan?

KTKM: Yes, contact Whalecow for me, please. Tell him that Kitakami's transmission device is broken, contact me throught Marokshod.

Veronika, The captain of Marokshod: Tak, holding on plox.

Minutes later, Veronika came back.

Veronika, The captain of Marokshod: Kapitan, An ADF crew answer our call. He said ADF need our help?

KTKM: Again? For what?

Veronika, The captain of Marokshod: They said there is a conflict with a Private Military company and a big alien race which is...I cannot of understanding the rest of it. But it is sound like the PMC is of assholling the Alien race.

KTKM: Humans bullying Alien? I think I heard that story of that not too long ago. Seriously, why they need to put every humans to be assholes and every aliens to be much better?

Veronika, The captain of Marokshod: Ja is of no idea.

KTKM: And more further, why do we even need to care? Aliens will just blame 'Ohhh All the humans are bad! Human worst! worst!' anyway. Huh? This is just too ridiculous.

Helmsman: Sir, you seem to hate aliens more than before.

KTKM: Since they slapped me for almost no good reason, by just showing our tech at them, comrade.

Veronika, The captain of Marokshod: What are we going to do, Kapitan?

KTKM: Sending help as always, of course. Or Whalecow is going to be angry at us...Eh, maybe not. It just big conflict of Big fleets of ship and another Undefeatable alien big fleet of ships anyway. What can our ship make different? (shrugs)

Helmsman: But how can we go there, sir? Our Kitakami is heavily damged.

KTKM: Easy, we have Marokshod over there. Hey, comrade. Go board the Marokshod.

Helmsman: What?

KTKM: Go board the Marokshod.

Helmsman: No, sir. I didn't mean that. I mean, why?

KTKM: Because I'm a chairman of this company, also a captain of this ship and need to stay here and command my ship?

Helmsman:...No, sir. I mean, why me?

KTKM: Because you are my right-handed man?

Helmsman: ....Okay.

KTKM: 'Kay, good. Since transmission devices are broken, you will have to be on your own. Do it just like what I should do, okay? Remember, silly act will make you less evil, that's what I always do. And always, always remember that you have to make profits out of things.
Helmsman: Yes sir.

KTKM: Now go board the space boat and take yourself to Marokshod, comrade. Say hi to Veronika onboard and hello to Whalecow and Ms.Crescentia for me too.

Helmsman leaves, he go board the Space boat. To take a trip to the carrier that command by a young woman with very terrible Engrish. He didn't know of the jorney without his captain would be like, probably even worse. With 150% more explosion and terrible Engrish.

KTKM watches the Marokshod and her Vostok-class escort ships jump away from the Kitakami. The chairman didn't even have an idea of what will happen next, as well as The Helmsman.



Part 2: The Marokshod
Somewhere near Asteroid Cluster Epsilon-327 , Galactic Sector D-5.
Torpedo dealer group Expeditionary division, Flagship Marokshod.

As our mighty Helmsman enter the 5th Luna-class Escort carrier, Marokshod, as representive of KTKM. He found himself in an interesting place.
Wonder what Far-away-space ship looks like? Here, imagine an Ocean Warship. How about a carrier? An escort carrier. Then put it in space. Add space engine (Most of the time it's Ion Engine) and rocket engines, and perhaps some space accessory, and Done.

Yes, that's it. No Fantasy Sci-fi-ish design, no Greatest beautiful ship design, no. Just a ship in space. Totally a spaceship. Spaceship, a ship in space, get it? Of course, many people would count it as 'Ancient Design'. That even Holy Ryuvian Empire can't even be this old. As you may know, Far-away-space people has even more older culture than Ryuvia. They're basicly cold war-era people in space. With mixed technology of Space Exploration era and the Space colony era. And not very well-devoloped when compare to Solaris People, Ceran, PACT Citizen, and even some random poor netural rim countries.

So what do they color their ship? Of course no, they don't do fancy colour like green, blue, pink, yellow and stuffs. They mostly put it as what they color the ocean warship. Since, you know, we identifie the ship by their flags and ID anyway. So why bother picking the color?
And what technology do they equip with? Oh don't even make me tell you. Fancy sci-fi tech weapons like Laser, Plasma, Proton canonon, and fancy stuffs were rarely exit until they were colonised by PACT, and were allied by Alliance for the Unified. They mostly use Space Ballistic canon, Kinetic, Rocketery stuffs, and other things that you can find in the Space Exploration era. But actually...who cares about it anyway? Right? Soyuz and Unified politic are now nothing but just another uninteresting news, PACT occupation in Soyuz is still there for almost ten years and most likely going to be like that forever, Unified still ally with Alliance, just like other nations.

Now back to our mighty Helmsman, still standing right there in the entrance, until the Captain of Luna-class carrier Marokshod greets him.

Veronika: Is of welcoming!,Powitanie Sir Sternik! Welcome to the Marokshod, 5th ship of the Luna-class Escort carrier, the most advanced ship in the Torpedo dealer group!

Of course, the name 'Sir Sternik' is not our Helmsman's real name. It's his nickname, Sternik is meaning 'Helmsman'. Actually, as a narrator I wouldn't even show his real name. Do you know that he suppose to be a character that his name wouldn't be told forever?

Helmsman: ...Eh...I suppose?

As he met Veronika often in his duty, as she joined the Torpedo dealer group since the start, when the TDG immigrate from Soyuz to PACT territory and the same time that Our mighty Helmsman joined. But still, her childish body is still making Helmsman feels wierd. According to the doccument, the affect of radiation from the Soyuz Nuclear Reactor in the year 499 made her look like this. Althought the doccument said she's already 38. Still, with her Torpedo dealer group Naval Summer Uniform (TDG Naval Summer Uniform is white-toned, if you don't know) and with her Bad Engrish fulls of...wierd words, and her height that never rise up to 150cm, she's obviously the person that a Ceran Otaku will call loli-...Actually, let's skip that part, shall we?

Veronika: Oh-oh, don't be shy, Sir Sternik. Me and my crews is of very welcoming you. As you are the representive of...Uhm...That guy, we are even more welcoming you. Now please follow me, I will show you your room while you are here

Helmsman: No-no. Maybe not. Our boss doesn't want this to be a long mission. I will only onboard Marokshod until this mission is finished.

Veronika: Oh...Our...boss?

Helmsman: I mean KTKM, Captain Veronika.

Veronika: Oh, Tak-tak. You mean the chairman. Ja is of sorry, didn't hear anyone call by that word for long times. Very well, please let me lead you to the command bridge.

1 and a half minutes later, a man and a Lo-...I mean, a lady with a not very well-devolop body, arrived to the Marokshod Command bridge. Like Kitakami's, It's full of analog screen. The displays always use big and chunky Cathode ray tube with no LCD light. And don't even think about 4D technology, none of them exits here. The different between Kitakami's and Marokshod's is It's wider, has more space, and a little bit more high-tech-ish.

The ship isn't wierd thought, for a Far-away-space guy obviously. What is wierd is he is not yet found a single male person on this ship except for him. Is this some kind of female-populated ship? Or just some random Ceran Anime bullshit? He wonders, as he enter the command bridge fulls of female officers.

Veronika: So...we are going to Sector 88F? The uncharted space?

Helmsman: Correct.

Veronika: Hm...These people must cannot into exploration, or being a n00b. We, Far-away-space people, already explored all of galaxy, conquered them all, and make cold wars since...Uhm...hundread year ago?

Helmsman: Actually, it's only 70 years ago, but that is because due to the space exploration race between Unified and Soyuz that make it fast. Plus, it doesn't matter now. PACT occupied Soyuz, All of our glory is just...plain.

Veronika: Is of very right.

Helmsman: Okay, let' the subject and get us warped, shall we?

Veronika:Tak. (Issue an order to her helmsman) Get us to SEC-88-F, common Protocal.

Marokshod helmsman: Yes, Captain. Ahead Flank! New course!, 26.

Veronika: Charging the Warp drive. Power?

Marokshod helmsman: Tak!

Veronika: engine?

Marokshod helmsman: Tak!

Veronika: HEAT-Shield?

Marokshod helmsman: Tak! Main engine start!

With a strange countdown that Helmsman never encountered before in his service as Kitakami's helmsman. He can't help but stand in his position, doing nothing but watching all the Marokshod crews doing their things.

Marokshod helmsman: T-10! All engines are go! Begin the countdown!

Veronika: Remove the stupid countdown! That is unescessary! Get us to on going already!

Marokshod helmsman: T-tak! Mark!

And the Marokshod is shaking, the good sign that the warping is getting start.

Marokshod helmsman: Warped! Escort Carrier Marokshod warped at GSD5, 05M03W01D02H509Y.

Somewhere in Sector-88F.
Torpedo dealer group Expeditionary division, Flagship Kitakami, Command bridge.

As the Marokshod and her Escorts, 2 Vostok-class Escort ships. Warped in. They found themselves in a safe distance. Far away from the ADF fleet, PMCs, and the Aliens.

Helmsman:...Hm...Shouldn't we join the ADF fleet instead of here?

Veronika: I am of sorrying, Sir Sternik. But we are not part of the Alliance for the Defense of Freedom.

Helmsman: Huh?

Veronika: I must of saying, only our Chairman and the Kitakami crews are members of the ADF. We and the Torpedo dealer group company, however, is not.  The TDG Expeditionary division is here in the name of Torpedo dealer group, not ADF. Even thought our chairman is into some wierd club, that doesn't mean we are part of that club. Even thought our chairman issue an order to support them.

Helmsman: Oh, right. We need to stay netural here.

Veronika: Very of Tak. So what shall be the order? Sir Representive Sternik?

Helmsman: Hm...Let's see about the situation first. Please contact the Legion, we need to speak with.

Veronika: Affirmitive.

And then, 3 minutes and a half later. The Captain of Marokshod is issue many orders to her crews. But then come back to our Helmsman with a rather pale face

Veronika: Uh...Sir Sternik?

Helmsman: Yes, yes? (stares at the Veronika's face) Oh please don't tell me the transmittor is broken again.

Veronika: Of true, Sir Sternik. However, our voice-only transmittor still online. We will trying to communicate with them as much as possible. Sadly that it can only be talking one person per time. (She points to an old Telephone on the desk)

Helmsman: I have no idea how to use that...Eh...Is it like a normal modern one?

Veronika: Ja of having an idea! Why not let me do talking? I can into talking of good! Might as well as introduce me to the ADF.

Helmsman: Uhm...okay? I guess?

As Veronika picks up the phone, she issues her Comunication officer to connect the telephone to Legion. Then another 3 minutes past until they can talk to each other...

Veronika: Halo? Moshi-moshi?  Mówisz po polsku?

The owner of the voice talks back to Veronika, but it seems like it's not avaliable to others to heard.

Veronika: Far-away-space Rusky Propagandist? No-no-no! I am not Rojski! What? My accent sound like Rusja? Of being rude! How could you!-...

And then, the owner of voice talks back.

Veronika: No! I am from the Torpedo groupy! I-I mean Torpedo dealer group! No! I am not here to sell things to you! I said we are here to support you! God damnit pieprzyć!, where is of your leader!? Eh...what's his name? Wieloryb? Wieloryb-Krowa? Ah, WelKrow! Where is Leader Welkrow! I need to speak with him now!  What? He is not here? What do you mean he's onboard another ship? He is captain of the ship! How could-...No-no-no! Don't hang up! Explain to me!

And then, another 5 minutes past until she finished the talking

Veronika: Stupid Ceran woman KURWA! I can tell that she's Ceran from her...Accent...thing...or whatever that is....

Helmsman: What happened? why it takes so long?

Veronika: That woman! Whoever that recieve the call! She can't even of understanding my glorious accent! Kurwa! Totally Kurwa! Must being of bad Kurwa!

Our mighty helmsman only stares at the Marokshod Captain, splitting the word 'kurwa' to the whole crews. With all the officers on the bridge watching her pissed of, hitting things, and swearing in her own language.

Helmsman: Uhm...okay...So what's the situation?

Veronika: Tak, Sir Sternik. we heard before. There is a Private Military Company...that seems like they're not in our contact list... and Alien forces fighting each other, Leader Welkrow is currently not onboard Legion. And there is a guy named Spy...Eh...I don' get what he's doing...fighting Alien? Hm...

Helmsman: So they are killing the Aliens now?

Veronika: Nie, nie! can I put this? Ah, they have a battle. And seems like ADF is of supporting Aliens. And there is a pilot with greatest ryder of all time intercepting missiles and..uhm...I don't get the rest that she told me...

Helmsman: Hm...that's wierd. Supporting Aliens over the humanity? Did you get this information right? Captain?

Veronika: Of not very sure. Ja been pissing of with the Ceran woman. Uhm...

Helmsman: Okay, okay. I understand. That's enough to make a turn. Also, how many our Ryder?...or spacecraft that we have in the Marokshod Hangar?

Veronika: Tak! Due to that we have to carry The Asteriod Redirector to do mission, we only have 3 Sukhoi Su-99 fighter Ryders. 1 Kuchekov Ku-15B Observeration Spacecraft.  And a PT-8 Torpedo Patrol boat. Not very good if we are going to fight.

Helmsman: Hm...then there is one simple thing we should do for this.

Veronika: What should it be?

Helmsman: Nothing.


Marokshod helmsman: Uhm..b-b-but...shouldn't-...we save someone? L-like what the ADF do! I heard on the news!

Helmsman surprised that another helmsman is speaking and adding her comment, which in this case he replies kindly.

Helmsman: Oh, Ma'am. Sadly that we are not ADF. We are the Torpedo dealer group, right, Captain Veronika?

Veronika: Is of very true, but why we should stay do nothing? I is of meaning is-...Our Vostok 30cm flak auto-cannon can still intercept some missiles, eh...not sure about Su-99 but-...

Helmsman: And we will take the hits, of course. If we are getting too close. Remember, our ship isn't designed to fight in the hellstrom. It designed with big guns to scare the pirates away, not to fight the well-armed one. And plus, our dear carrier is lacking of Ryders and spacecrafts. This obviously means it's going to be less effective.

Veronika: Hm..Not to mention that the Luna-class Escort carriers has no armor as well. One hit could be...of disaster. Since they were design to carry spacecrafts and ryders only.

Helmsman: Yes. So we better not take parts on this. This is too big. Well-armed private military company fighting with Aliens isn't something that a group of Escort ships can fight. Look at our name, Luna-class 'Escort Carriers', Vostok-class 'Escort Ships'. These are not something to war.

Marokshod helmsman:........I'm-I'm sorry...

Veronika: Is of not needing to feel sorry. I know of everyone that has something of helping each other.

Helmsman: Alright then. Told the Legion that we will stay here because...Uhm, well. We can't take the fight. And have no troops to support in case of boarding. But willing to help, if Escort ships like us can do.

Veronika: Tak, but shouldn't we do the basic job like...uhm...Communication jamming?

Helmsman: No,no. Our jamming system is, well, bad. and it only protect the Far-away-space ship. So it can result in jamming everything except us. Which is even worse. Beside, our jamming has terrible range.
Veronika: Oh, right.

Helmsman: Just anchored the ship. Send a probe with camera onboard and watch the show, shall we? Also don't forget to contact Legion about our decisiont too.

Veronika: Gah...I hate to talk with that Ceran Kurwa girl again....(Then she issues the command before proceeding to pick up the phone) Anchor the ship!

Marokshod helmsman: Yes, captain. All stop!

And then our dear Captain Veronika is starting to speak with that 'Ceran woman' that we don't know who is she....or did we already know? Hm...

Veronika: Yes, yes. It's of me. This is Captain of Marokshod, being of representive of Torpedo dealer group. No-no. Is of not meaning that! Suka! Gah...

And then the talking begin again...with more swear words in her language

And so, The Marokshod and Her escorts anchored in a safe position. Not involving in the fight, despite that they're still shooting or not. Althought they said they will support the fight in ADF's side in case of needed. The Escort ships would be pretty much little to no use on this. Well.


And that's it. Thank you for reading.

I didn't get much free time lately. And sadly, I wouldn't be here at least for 5 days due the business that I have to go to the countryside, and there is no internet there. So I wouldn't be able to respone anything until I came back.

At least I manage to finished the post, here we go.

The Matchstick And the Powder Keg And of course,  A Nuclear Reactor.
The Matchstick And the Powder Keg And of course,  A Nuclear Reactor.
Somewhere near Asteroid Cluster Epsilon-327 , Galactic Sector D-5.

As for today, the Torpedo dealer didn't arrive with only Kitakami. They have 2 Vostok-class escort ships, and a Far-away-space-built Marokshod Escort Carrier. As for today they need to 'redirect asteriod', So their carrier is act as a mobile base for Asteriod redirector Spacecraft.
As you may know, Torpedo dealer group Company operate some small fleets all over their Star system. With the amount of ships enough to protect their cargo and trade route. Sadly that big and expensive ships like Battleship or Dreadnought-size never exits in the company, simply because the lack of budget.
For the detail of the ship, the Vostok-class escort ship is the crappier version of Destroyer. With lower speed, less maneuver, and actually built to use in coastal defend. As for the escort carrier, they are smaller version, 1/2 sizes of a normal carrier, the only job of escort carrier is to carry ryders and spacecraft to protect other ships in case of ryders attack.
So the little group of Torpedo dealer group ships is here, not meant to attack the Alliance convoy. Their only job is to redirect asteriod and watch from a far away.

KTKM: Welp, they transfer us only 200,000 credits.


KTKM: So we will need to make a deal down a little bit, contact Mr.Cutter, comrade. Oh, and of course, with our voice-only transmission system. Because Kuchekov's crews still not repair the comm system.

Helmsman: Yes, sir.

Cutter(on comm, telephone, or whatever): So, Hello ADF Rep!

KTKM: Dude, got a little bad news. Our leader has cut the money down dude to the shortage of budget.

Cutter(comm): ...what.

KTKM: Get Switchblade in line, we need him to talk too.

Cutter(comm): Alrighty, Hey, Switchblade, come here!

Swithchblade(comm): Is it Miss Nozo-...Nevermind. Is it ADF representive?

Cutter(comm): Yah, Come here. So, what is it, Mr. ADF rep?

'ah' KTKM think in mind 'No worries at all, I got another plan in mind already'

KTKM: Well, our Contributor, has offer you an addiotnal reward for

Switchblade(comm): Additional reward?

KTKM: Due to the lack of budget, our Contributor, a.k.a Mr. Whalecow. Has contact us to lower the deal.


KTKM: But to make sure the deal will worth a while, we have add additional...'thanks' for your mission. If you successfuly capture all the ships without damaging the cargo. You can choose between payment of 250,000 credits....or, 150,000 credits and a dinner with the ADF.

Switchblade(comm):.....Wait, why in the god damn we will want to have a dinner with you in exchange of 100k credits?

KTKM: Because Miss Nozomi is involved in the dinner.


KTKM: If you agreed to lower the deal to 150k, I can contact Leader Whalecow to arrange a dinner with you....or both of you, in the FSS Legion. I believe that after this mission, the ADF will require to know the 'Havoc' much more, and therefore,  having  dinner is the best idea to came in our mind. And of course, this give you a very high chance to meet Miss Nozomi. Since Whalecow would probably give you a permission to roaming around in the Legion. This including a high chance to talking, discussing, and handshaking with Miss Nozomi.


Cutter(comm): Ah, well. Why ADF need to cut the money, mr. rep?

KTKM: We are out of money. Due to the starving Crisis in many poor nations. We need to fund them...'A very big fund' in order to support them.  Therefore, if you want to support us in this situation, you can help us by lower the deal to 150,000 credits.

Helmsman(Whisper): Sir? is this really happening?

KTKM(Whisper): Happen in Uganda, I guess. But whatever.

Cutter(Comm): Okayyy....So you are in trouble with financial...Hm...

Switchblade(Comm):...........You said we can choose the 250k deal?

KTKM: Yes, if the 'additional reward' did not statify you enough. You can just take the credits. And That's it. Nothing more.

Cutter(Comm): This men is 'mo money, Switchblade. and the 150k looks good enough. Why don't we help them a bit?

Switchblade(Comm): ADF representive, I am not a selfish man who will make 100k of credits that coud go to our account, exchange into a dinner and having a chance to meet....Miss Nozomi.

KTKM: Exchange? Nahh, We just offer you to help us in this financial trouble by 'lower the deal down', and offer you a dinner with us for thank you in your help. What's wrong with that?


Cutter(Comm): Yah?

Switchblade(Comm): Are you okay with this?

Cutter(Comm): They have 'mo money, They spend it on feeding starving people. So why not helping them?



Cutter(Comm): Deal.

Switchblade(Comm): Deal.

KTKM: Ah, thank you for your support. Have a nice day.

Switchblade(Comm): Remember, ADF Representive, You own us a favor for this. And remember to arrange the dinner.

(Transmission ended)

KTKM: Alright, that's end of the dealing. Now, comrade. Get us to the position. We will deploy the spacecraft there, contact our carrier to be ready.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------the deploy
Somewhere near Asteroid Cluster Epsilon-327 , Galactic Sector D-5.
After finished the preperation

Helmsman: Escort Carrier Marokshod is ready to deploy Grabber spacecraft, sir.

KTK: Good, contact Marokshod. I need to talk to Kuchekov. He's curently insdie Marokshod, so don't use our universal chanel. Use the voice-only transmission device instead.

Helmsman: Uh...

KTKM: What?

Helmsman: I'm-I'm....Uh, Pardon me, captain. I don't know how to use THAT (He points to the Voice-only transmission device, a.k.a Space Telephone.) to contact the nearby ship yet.

KTKM: Oh dude, you know how to use that to contact a pirate group from light years away, but don't know how to use it to talk with our nearby ship?

Helmsman:  ...Yes, sir.

The Captain only sighs as respone, and proceed to pick up the phone and push some buttons to call the Marokshod manually.

KTKM: Hello? It's me. I need to talk, privately .

Instead of a male Communication officer's voice of Marokshod as usual, It appear to be female voice instead. KTKM regconize the owner of that voice in a few seconds.

????: Oh Halo, Kapitan. How can I be of your service?

KTKM: Oh, Hey. Ms. Henryka. How things going on Marokshod? Where's your communication officer? Why you pick up a call by yourself?

Henryka, The captain of Marokshod Escort Carrier: Ja,-Uh... It's-It's a very. Is there of anything, Kapitan?

KTKM: Kinda wierd that you called me like that thought, Aren't you a captain of the ship too now? Well, anyway...I need to talk to Kuchekov, bring him on the line.

Heyryka, The captain of Marokshod Escort Carrier: Tak, please be of waiting.

'Meh, as usual' KTKM thinks 'She still sound like a foreigner even after stay here for a year. Nothing improved.'

A few minutes later, the Crazy, Thousand years old, Radiated scientist appear on the line.

Kuchekov: Son?

KTKM: I'm not your son, old man.

Kuchekov: (laugh) I'm surprised that you make a call to me privately like this.

KTKM: Just need to ask about the 'redirect asteriod'.

Kuchekov: Oh, everything is good. The Asteriod redirector Spacecraft is ready. Calculation system is fine, Nothing to worry.

KTKM:Don't make it explode like last time, okay?

Kuchekov: (laugh again) Oh, no no no. It wouldn't.

KTKM: (sighs) I will issue the command to deploy the Asteriod redirecter in a minute. Don't fuck it up this time, I repeat DON'T fuck it up. Please.

Kuchekov: You are being too much paranoid these days, son. But I promise it would not.

KTKM: Good.

KTKM end the call. and head back to the Captain's chair

KTKM: Alright. Send massage to Marokshod throught the Universal Chanel. Begin to deploy the Asteriod redirector. Operation 'Matchstick And the Powder Keg And A Nuclear Reactor' start!

Helmsman: Sir, that is not a good name for the operation....

KTKM: Screw it anyway.

And the Asteriod redirector Spacecrafts is deploying from the Marokshod Escort carrier. The Asteriod Redirector Spacecraft, or the A.R.S. is the special Rocket-powered space probe, designed by Soyuz Space Program Rocket Engineers. It contain no fancy space furuistic tech, no tractor beam, no plasma shield, no A.I., even no Futuristic power generator . Only Far-away-space's Liquid Rocket engine, Solar panel, Unmanned Probe core, crappy Space-age battery and a metal grabber use to grab asteriod. The A.R.S. can show us how far behind of Far-away-space technology compared to this galalxy's technology. But It's surprisingly effective.

How this crappy low-tech probe will shoot asteriod to the Alliance convoy, you asked? Easy, At first the A.R.S. will grab the Asteriod, then fired the rocket engine, control the direction with RCS system and Liquid Propellant. After it gains speed enough, it will shut down the engine, release the grabber, turn to opposite direction, and fire the engine again to stop itself. Due to the momentum in space, no force will stop the asteriod so it will go foward until it hit something.

Because the Alliance fleet is sailing in the Asteriod cluster, where Asteriods are everywhere, it wouldn't be much noticable, plus you can find asteriod everywhere.
But the calculation isn't easy, there can be some error. Or the target is chaged course before the asteriod hit it, result in missed. With enough luck, the asteriod will hit the target for sure.

Helmsman: Sir! Ships spotted! Bearing, 39 degrees.

KTKM: Idetify the ship, use the Alliance's ship data that whalecow send us to compare.

Helmsman: Confirmed sir, It's the Alliance convoy.

KTKM: Good, contact to the Marokshod, Launch the Asteriod.

Helmsman: Yes sir, Launch the Asteriod!

KTKM watching everything from the Captain's chair. Seeing a little dots flying toward another dots. Sadly, no epic fantastic 4D model avaliable for Far-away-space ship screen. Everything is mostly monochorme or black and green, or filled with computer verbs.

A *beep* sound, confirmed that one of the Asteriod hit the target, then following another and another.

Helmsman: Asteriod #1 Hit, sir. Asteriod #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #10,  #14, #15 Hit, sir!

KTKM: Report the damge of the convoy.

Helmsman: We manage to put some minor damage to 2 Alliance Cruisers and an Alliance Battlecruiser, knock down 2 Alliance Cruisers and a destroyer sir!...Uh...

Helmsman read the report on the screen again.

KTKM: What's wrong?

Helmsman: One of the cruiser is on fire, sir. It appear that all engine has been destroyed and appear to have an airleak, sir!. She is Completely  immobile. Other 2 ships got a moderate damage on the deck and engine, force them

KTKM: (sighs) So we only have 2 ships left. Very well, contact the Havoc. Wait until the Alliance convoy begin to sail again.....I just hope they will choose to left the ship behind and continue the jorney. If everything is going well, we will manage to capture the freighter, and bring it back to ADF.

Helmsman: But sir, We only have a Cruiser and a Destroyer left. It couldn't hold enough men to capture and sail all the frieghte-....

KTKM: We will capture what we can, Comrade. And we will destroy what we can't. Now There's nothing we can do, just call the Havoc and watch them do the rest.


Half an hour later, the Alliace left just as planned. The Havoc group deploy a group of small landing crafts, capture a damaged Cruiser and a Destroyer with the lost of a Landing craft, and some good men in the attack. But those brave men is strong enough to get into the ship, shoot every moving things around the ship. And Capture the ship from inside.

KTKM: Ah, alright. Looks like just as planned. Now the only things left is to repair the ship and sail to the Alliance fleet as fast as we can. Then after meet with Alliance convoy, jammed the transmission, capture the freighter, ambush the Convoy, an sail the frieghter out as fast as we can. Oh, and don't forget to destroy the freighter that we need to leave behind. If nothing go wrong, everything will be fine.

Helmsman:...I hope so.

KTKM: Oh, and remember to send our men to check what is inside the cargo, and it will be much better to 'brought' a little bit of what is inside of the cargo back to us too. For now, send our men to repair the Captured Alliance ships, and our job will be done.

Helmsman: Yes, sir.


As always, thanks for reading.


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Martians and Kerbals are totally better.

So, Humans suck GG.


YES. Everyone is shipping you with Ava, you just realized that now? Go get her Whalecow! lol.

Not everyone, I try to set him with Cosette :V. You can call me Lolicon or whatever.

Oh, and I almost forgot about my post, here. Sorry for the delayed of the post. But at least I posted it.

The Matchstick, The Powder Keg And also A Nuclear Reactor
Prince option. "The Matchstick , The Powder Keg And also A Nuclear Reactor"
Torpedo Cruiser Kitakami, docked with The Torpedo Space Station, orbiting over Torpedo planet.

KTKM and The Mighty Helmsman is currently watching Whalecow's briefing in the monochrome monitor. Due to the lack of budget and the lack of import-, some screen monitor in the Torpedo dealer group are Far-away-space built monochrome screen. Designed by Doktor Aleksy Kuchekov, the cheif engineer of Torpedo dealer group. (At this point, KTKM wonder why this old man can design Weapon of mass destruction, a torpedo that can blow up half of the planet, and a Space ICBM that can bring gigantic warhead to blow up the sun. but still cannot invent a single LCD screen at all.) You can guess how Whalecow look like in a crappy 60's monochrom TV with low-quality sound. That is what KTKM and the Mighty Helmsman watching right now.

After the briefing end. It's time for disscussion.

Helmsman: So....What is our next mission, sir?

KTKM: Asteroid Cluster Epsilon-327, The Alliance convoy.

Helmsman: W-what!? but...why?

KTKM: Jeez, didn't you read the title of this post? It said I am taking the prince option, remember?

Helmsman: What title, sir?

KTKM: Ah...Oh, nothng. I just break the fourth wall...Well, ignore this. Let's get back to our conversation.

Helmsman: So, why do we choose to go to the Alliance convoy?

KTKM: Easy, remember what I always said?

Helmsman: Uh....."Armor is unnecessary safety feature"?

KTKM: Not that one, damnit. Another one.

Helmsman: ...Hm...uh..."Our main goal is profit"?

KTKM: Yeah, that's one. Remember, we join the ADF because we need good reputation AND Profit. We have no interest in saving galalxy from bad guys or make peace or keep freedom or anything at all. I mean, seriously, do they think they can just make the galaxy in peace by just doing something like this. Pfff.

Helmsman:....So how does this mission make a profit?

KTKM: Oh, easy. I'll explain to you later. But for now, call Mr. Cutter for me.

Helmsman: ...huh?

KTKM: Remember that pirate leader that called themself "Havoc" from our last mission? Cutter and Switchblade. They are going to be need on our mission.

Helmsman: Wait, wait. Sir, don't we have a face-to-face FTL comunication system over there?

KTKM: Kuchekov broke it a day ago, comrade. That old man's inventation always broke anything nearby, (sight) Now we only have FTL-Telephone left. So now, call them for me.

Helmsman: ...Alright.

Helmsman pick up a FTL-Telephone, and call the pirate leaders for his captain.

?????: *Beep* *beep*, oh, Hello? Who is this and what the hell do you want?

Helmsman: It is a pleasure to meet you again. Mister Cutter. The chairman of Torpedo dealer group company have a request to speak with you.

Cutter(telephone): Chairman of.....what? you mean who?

KTKM: Ah, comrade. Give me the phone. (Speak to the phone) Hello? It's me! The ADF rep.

Cutter(telephone):...ADF rep...Oh! Hohoho!  Alrighttttt, hey! How things goin' Mr.rep?

KTKM: Not much, not much. Hey, listen Mr. Cutter, My transmission system is broken so I need to call you from my telephone-......Uh, I mean voice-only transmission,  It's pay phone So I'll make it quick since It's a pay phone. Listen,  I got a work for you.

Cutter(telephone): A work?

suddenly, Switchblade, another Pirate (or now, former pirate) leader appear in the phone too.

Switchblade(voice from telephone): Who are you talking to, Cutter?

Cutter(voice from telephone): Hey, It's that ADF rep. That torpedo guy, don't ya remember?

Switchblade(voice from telephone): Ask him if there's any news from Ms. Nozomi, okay?

Cutter(voice from telephone): 'kay, man! (talk to KTKM) so back to our business, what da ya mean 'bout work, again?

KTKM: Remember about "Privateer" that I was talking about? I got privateer job for you.

Cutter(voice from telephone): Privateer job huh? (talk to Switchblade) Hey, man. You gonna need to come and see this, ah, I mean listen to this.

Switchblade(voice from telephone): about Ms. Nozomi or something?

Cutter(voice from telephone): Nah, It's about job. (talk to KTKM) 'kay, Switchblade is here too. Now explain us how we can help!

KTKM: Okay, It's not much. Just some convoy raiding and capture ship. We need you to attack the Alliance convoy in Asteroid Cluster Epsilon-327 , Galactic Sector D-5.

Cutter(voice from telephone): Alliance convoy? But that's a well-guard on-....

Switchblade(voice from telephone): Listen there, if you are going to ask us for to do this for a favor, then the aswer is 'no'. Why we help you before is to "demonstration of our capabilities". Yes, we will be glady to help. But not for this.

KTKM: Then how about if we pay you? Of course, we wouldn't let you do for free for such a risk mission like this. We will 'transfer' additional funds to support the Havoc group.

Switchblade(voice from the telephone): Pay? .........How much the payment.

KTKM: (laugh) ahahaha! I know you gonna interest in this this, how about 70,000 credits?

Switchblade(voice from telehone): (grin) too little for attacking a convoy with well-armed escort.

KTKM: You gonna need to capture only some ships, my friend. Only some of them.

Cutter(voice from telephone):

KTKM: Here's the plan. We wouldn't need to destroy everything. Our main objective is the frieghter in the fleet. As you probably know that every escort fleets are usually have small ship like Destoryer, frigate, Light Cruiser, or whatever Alliance use. And usually put these kind of ships near the freighter. Our plan is, we will attempt to knock out that small ship, and by the word 'knock' I mean to just knock out the engine, or made it need to anchor to repair. The fleet has plenty of ship, so they wouldn't just wait for some small ships to repair, and the convoy need to hurry to deliver supply. So they'll just go and let that small ship repair alone.

Switchblade(voice from telephone): So how will you knock out that ship? and what are we need to do next?

KTKM: Easy, Asteroid.

Cutter(from telephone): Asteriod?

KTKM: Yep. Here in Torpedo dealer group company, our Cheif engineer and rocket scientist, Aleksy Kuchekov, is skilled in redirecting asteriod. He can just use his probe to grab an asteriod, use his rocket-powered probe to adjust the way of asteriod, and you know the momentum in space, right? The asteriod will still going even without the probe power it. And boooom!  the ship is hit without any single evidence. And it is not very supspect since we are going to the asteriod cluster, and you know, it's full of asteriods. We will redirect a bunch of asteriods. Of course, the Alliance escort fleet is going to evade some of our asteriods. But with enough luck, we are going to hit some of them, and knock down a small ship. And I'm sure they're not going to shoot asteriod. Since, you know. Shooting a big asteriod will result in it explode into fragment, and you will have small thousand asteriods heading to everywhere, which is even worse. Maybe they can shoot some small asteriods, but with bigger one, well. Shooting it would mean more dissaster.

Cutter(voice from telephone): So what are we gonna do with that small ship? Ain't ya said the objective is to capture the freighter?

KTKM: Hey, easy there, folks. You'll need to capture 2 small ships first. Since you know, if we knock out frieghters, they wouldn't left  freighters with valueable object alone in the space for pirates i'm sure. But for a small warship? Well, that's different. It usually be Light Cruiser, Destoryer and Friggate. So you wouldn't have problem capture them. After you capture it, we are going to repair the damage, then sail as fast as we can to the Alliance escort fleet. There's a report that the ship is escort by at least a battleship, and you know, battleship is slow. So they couldn't keep the speed as same as small ship like Light cruiser, destoryer , friggate, or whatever we are going to capture.

Switchblade(voice from telephone): And let me are going to use that '2 small ships' to capture the frieghters....

KTKM: Exactly! With the short-range warp between the ship, we can just teleport our "Privateer" to the freighters, jam the communication, jam the radar, jam the system or whatever it is we are going to jam. Then attempt to escape from the fleet in that moment.

Cutter(voice from telephone): But what if anything gone wrong, we can't just escape like easy as plan, ain't it?

KTKM: Your "Privateers" wouldn't sail the ship to escape alone. You will need to send some cloak ships to ambush the escort fleet, making the Alliance escort fleet to be confuse and pay less attention to the freighters. Anddd Vola! If we are lucky enough. The frieghters full of privateers will escape the Alliance escort fleet, and leave no evidence behind that ADF or Torpedo dealer group are behind this. And we can just blame it to pirate. Because all pirates are look the same, Even thought you are not pirates anymore but....anyway.... so they wouldn't know what groups of pirate are attacking them, even if they know...Well, not my problem or ADF problem anyway. It's YOUR problem.

Switchblade(voice from telephone): are hiring us to steal some freighters from the Alliance to you?

KTKM: To the ADF, yes. We need something in that cargo, don't ask furthur more why, because I don't know too.

Switchblade(voice from telephone): I must say that the price of 70,000 credits is still too low. This is a risk privateer mission, even for our crews.

Cutter(Voice from telephone): Yeahhh, It's not gonna worth it at this price

KTKM: Okay, 120,000.

Switchblade(voice from telephone): Wait, wait wait wait. Why the hell you are rising the price too easy?

KTKM: Meh, I'm not the one who pay the bills anyway. It's Whalecow and his ADF people, not me. So ask the price as you like.

Cutter(voice from telephone): 150,000?

KTKM: Sure, why not.

Switchblade(voice from telephone): No, 250,000 credits.

KTKM: Allright, 250,000 is high enough thought. Don't ask too high, Whalecow will think I'm faking this.

Cutter(voice from telephone): I'm okay with this, what about you?

Switchblade(voice from telephone): Good enough to get risk, I think.

Cutter(voice from telephone): Well then, deal?

KTKM: Deal. 250,000 of credits. Make sure you send your "Privateers" enough for this mission, we will meet your crews at rendezvous point, It will be near Asteroid Cluster Epsilon-327 , Galactic Sector D-5. Okay? I'll send coordinate data to you where the rendozvous point is. Good luck to you.

Cutter(voice from telephone): Good luck to you too.

Switchblade(voice from telephone): make sure you pay it, alright?

(And they end the phone call.)

KTKM: Gahhh, and I'm talking too long again. Damnit. The payphone is gonna cost us a lot again.

Helmsman: Sir, It just a few credits...

KTKM: Few? FEW? Imagine if that few credits waste everyday and everyday, comrade! If you want to become a milionaire, you gotta save EVERYTHING you can. See?

Helmsman: (sight) Very well, then. But will Whalecow is going to be please with this?

KTKM: He expect us to just 'light the matchstick' but not drop it to the Nuclear Reactor-....I mean the Powder keg. With this plan, all we have to do is redirect the asteriod for those pirates. And they will get the job done for us. Easy, right? And the Alliance would jus think "Oh, the pirates steal our ships! We gotta get more protection to our fleet and attack more nearby pirate bases!" And wouldn't supspect ADF at all. Furthermore, I'm not paying the bills. The ADF is.

Helmsman: I wonder why Captain Whalecow did not hire that group by himself...

KTKM: Maybe he don't know about this group much, remember? We are the only one who made the contact for them in the last mission, and the only one who meet face-to-face with them, and somehow can contact them because we ask them for the FTL-Transmission reciever numbers. are we going to make a profit with this?

KTKM: Easy. First, we are just going to look at the frieghter we captured. And look for something useful, if there's anything, we'll just take a little bit of it....Second, send the massage to Whalecow about this mission, said that we ask Havoc for help, and the Havoc ask for money to support them in return. Then said that we already paid them. Yep, we need to paid it first.

Helmsman: .....and?

KTKM: and then send the bills as 'mission cost' to Leader Whalecow. Made it 400,00 credits.

Helmsman: 400,000 credits?

KTKM: Yep, of course, we are going to pay the Havoc only 250,000 credits as in the deal. For another 150,000 credits we got? Well, that's our 'profit'.


KTKM: Well, I said before we join the ADF for profit, not chairty. So this is our "Profit". Futhermore....

Helmsman: Futhermore?

KTKM: I'm an asshole.

Helmsman: Uh.....well...

KTKM: Yes, An Asshole that need more profit (laugh).

Helmsman: Very well, As a crew of Torpedo dealer group, I cannot interrup it. Althought It is a very asshole action.

KTKM: Good, now send the massage to Whalecow that we need 400,000 credits and  get us to the rendezvous point.

Helmsman: Yes, sir.


Anddd We are going alone, again!
KTKM: Anddd we are going alone again, like the last mission.

Helmsman: Apparently, it looks like we are taking the mission that every ADF members are avoid.

KTKM: ....Well, At least I still have you, (look at a Type-94 Oxygen torpedo near The office's cabinet) Right, Torpy?

The Type-94 Oxygen Torpedo named 'Torpy' didn't answer. It is inaminamted and quiet as always.

Helmsman: Well.....

Ah, also. If you think the amount of credits is too high or anything, please warn me. I'll try to decrease it to the resonable amount


and Thank you for reading my little boring post, as always. Thanks for reading.

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Ah, Kancolle Appreciation Thread. I have waited for this for a long time.....

Let's go with Houshou-san. The mother of all carriers in the Imperial Japanese Navy. Sadly that she didn't appear in the anime version of Kancolle



Japanse Tea VS. British Black Tea

Kongou: Admiral! It's tea time!
Houshou: Admiral, would you care for some tea?

Houshou: Oh my, Kongou-san. What EXACTLY DO YOU THING YOU ARE DOING?
Kongou: Oh, I just thinkin' the Admiral WANT SOME BLACK TEA, that's all.
andddd...they fought each other. Japanese tea VS. British black tea, who will win?

[translation from Danbooru]

Oh look! Mr.BMU, The wrostBest Spammer on the forum has arrived on our thread. This must be the sign of chaosGood things!

On the other hands, I am sorry that my post will be late, again. Due to my idiotness, I accidently close the windows while I am typing the post for this thread.

Now I promise I wouldn't do it again. And my post will be arrive as soon as I finished re-write everything.

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Trap? Have some of trap from Touken Ranbu!




Also, It is dangerous to do it alone, In case if you want to...uh..well, please take this.

So, Sorry again guys. I was busy, very busy. But at least I manage to post on the thread. Due to the lack of time, I have to cut some of the story that I planned on my mind. But here we go, The interrogation of Prototype


Legion, Interrogation room.
We don't know what the day it is since we use Soyuz Calendar. But We pretty sure it is the day of Interrogation

KTKM: Omom, Suddddddd (eating a cheap instant noodle cup.)

Prototype: ..................................................................

This is an awkward moment. Yep, pretty much awkward since it is the interrogation. Or we could say that, It is pretty much awkward since the man who do the interrogation is, KTKM, eating his noodle cup.

It goes like this for an hour now. In the glass-protected visible room, or "Interrogation room". Prototype sit and tied up there. With a table and a chair in his front. KTKM sit in front of Prototype, doing nothing but eating Instand noodle cups. He didn't even talk anything to Prototype, no. He just get into the room, take his instant noodle cup and a boiled metallic water bottle, and begin to pour the boiled water into the noodle cup. Then he eat it slowly, slowly. Relax and take his time eating.

KTKM: Suddddddddddddddddd

Prototype:...............(stare at KTKM.)

Oh, and the Mighty Helmsman, KTKM's Helmsman, Sensors and Temporary Secretary (Seriously, can't this man get a real secretary already?) waiting outside the room.

KTKM: .........................(Chewing his noodle)


Anddd, It's going like this for another ten minutes. KTKM going to take the 5th cup of Instant noodle, but Prototype finally break the silence with heavily sight, and begin to talk.

Prototype: (Heavy sight).....Is this an interrogation?

KTKM: Hmm? (look at Prototype) Yes, yes. Of course.

Prototype: Then do it.

KTKM: Uh-huh. (Continue eating)


KTKM: Yupyup....suddddd sulpsulp

Prototype: That...."annoy" won't work for us. We will never fall into any trap, EVER.

KTKM: Did you know that many victims in the torture ususally said that 'this kind of torture won't work for me.' and did you know what are they end up? They're broke.

Prototype: We are superior than you, humans. We have little to no know pain, unlike you. Do you think we will tell our information by being annoyed? Such a stupid interrogation.

KTKM: Wait,...Did you just call me 'humans'? Seriously dude. I am the only one here, why the hell you just put 's' on the word 'human'? Did you see my duplication or something? Or perhaps you have a problem with your eyes? Hm....I didn't know before that being Prototype will cause your eye to see something wierd.

Prototype: You are stupid.

KTKM: Huh? (continue eating his noodle cup) You said that without looking at the mirror, do you? You are stupid too. No, even more stupid than me.

Prototype: Ha, such a stupid words from a stupid man.

KTKM: Same to you then.

Prototype: Did you think that you are different from others? Did you think you are better? Did you think that annoying people like this will make you look different from others? The answer is, no. You are just the same trash as those 'humans'. Same trash as this undevolop people. You just trying to make everything different. But did  you know that you just end up the same trash as them. The same 'undevolop' people.

KTKM: (stop eating) I don't know If you can read people mind or something. But insulting would never work with an idiot, like me.

Prototype: Then eat up your own words. 'this kind of torture won't work for me.' Did you know what the man who said this sentence end up? They broke.

KTKM: Ha. I think I like you. A group who think they are superior than anything all.

Prototype: Yes, we are superior than you, and anything all. And remember this 'We will destroy you'. Remember it until the end of your freedom.

KTKM: Freedom of what? Da fuck are you planning to do? Make every humans become your sex slave? Ohhh, what a hentai man.

Prototype: You are watching too much Ceran cartoon, human. We will enslave you all, yes.

KTKM: It's not cartoon, damnit. It's a Ceranese Anime. But, yeah. Who cares anyway, I'm not that kind of stuff. Just joking thought. So...You will enslave us, for what?

Prototype: Because we are superior than you.

KTKM: Uh-huh? and?

Prototype: We will conquer you, all of you. Then build the empire on your corpse and freedom. Your love, your people, your family and you will be enslave and made as our toy and labour. We will hang ADF members (He try to lean toward KTKM, but unfortunately he's tied. So it end up something that look funny) like you. Smash all of your lover, important and your family into a flesh pile and force you to eat it until you're broke and become our slave. Now is my answer statify you?

KTKM: So....that's it?

Prototype: Look like my answer is too difficult for an idiot to understand. Well, well. I did not expect you to understand this from the start.

KTKM: Ah, I know, I know. But that's it? I mean, Harold Grey of the Alliance has the reason to do, he want to expand Alliance, Protecting his people and...whatever that is. PACT has the same reason too. Everyone here neither a good guy or a bad guy. They have reason, and I respect that.


KTKM: And I respect you too. Because you have reason. Althought your reasons are VERY stupid. Seriously, enslave humans? Do you even study about human before doing this shit? Did you know that humans try the slavery many times. And every time it fail. 'cause human is a race of free bird. They love freedom.

Prototype: And that is why we will enslave you, we will take your freedom from you, forever.

KTKM: Well, well. Did you know that slavery didn't built for a large amount of slave? Because once they gathered themself, they will rebel against their master, if their master didn't treat them well, like you guys. According from the plan that you are trying to enslave all of mankid, all of them, really? Did you even learn history?

Prototype: We are superior than you all, even superior in any term. We will not fail like humans enslave humans.

KTKM: Where do you get that confidence? I mean, with that large amount of human and with your treating, they wouldn't be happy. So you will end up have them trying to revoke you one day.

Prototype: Then we will kill them all, very easy.

KTKM: Annnddd You will end up killing everyone. Or almost everyone. And you will realise that you are the only one in the galalxy. While there's another galaxy called Far-away-galalxy looking at you, and laugh at your shameful mistake.

Prototype: We will conquer the Anprotoshka Galalxy too, sadly to you, Far-away-spae man.

KTKM: Anprotoshka? Hehe, didn't heard that name for a long time. Everyone here just call it Far-away-glalaxy. But anywayyyyy, do you think you will have resorce enough to conquer us? after conquering this galalxy?

Prototype: Your low-tech Vacuum tube technology cannot stop anything. Your Soyuz was conquerd by PACT. Your Unified were force to become ally with Alliance. You Far-away-Space are nothing but weakling in term of Space technology. And we, well, we don't need to tell you that many time that we are superior.

KTKM: (He picks his nose) Your idea even failure communism. Seriously, how did you came up with this stupid idea? An old ancient Ryuvian Cereal box or something? Even Kuchekov can thikink about better nation than this. So, what will you name your empire after you conquer us all.

Prototype: .......what?

KTKM: I mean, the name! name of your nation, man! Every nation need name, flags and anthem! Did you think about a cool flag? You know, to make you and your people pround of your nation, even thought it full of slavery shit. And of course, anthem. To make your people sing this all day. And not to forget about culture, sport, olympic game and many many other things that nation suppose to have!

Prototype:.......We are not nation, stupid human. We are one.

KTKM: But humans aren't dude! You need something as a symbol to unite them, even it's a slavery! Seriously, you didn't even plan for this, are you?

Prototype: Why will we plan for this since you all will be enslaved?

KTKM: (sight)....ever heard of Propaganda?

Prototype: We don't need Propaganda. We are superior. And with our power, we can rule them all.

KTKM: Dude, be realistic. You cannot rule hundreads of billions of BILLIONS people, without propaganda. You need them to believe that their life  is good. It will not going like "oooh, our life sucks, our life sucks. But we are just slave, we have many men, we can rising up against our master, but fuck it, our life sucks and we will continue on our work, they got big guns, we are scared. Ooohh, our life sucks." No. It wouldn't going to be like that. If they realise that their life REALLY sucks. They will revolt, riots everywhere. And They will end up win, or loose and all dead. See? Propaganda is important.


KTKM: Oh, and seriously. I hate your ideology about 'we are superior'. Even hate EVERY RACE who think they are superior. Even those damn Reapers.

Prototoype: But what if it's the truth then? What if you are denying-....

KTKM: Staphhhh. Lemme explain this shit. Did you know how the life begin? We didn't talk about how you make your new fancy body from the factory, but we are talking about 'life'. How the hell life born in the universe? Did you know?


KTKM: Did you even know that, we are made out of atoms? that you, me, everyone. Even Reaper, are made out of the atoms. We made from the same ingredients. In other words, we are one.

Prototype: One?

KTKM:  Yes, we are one. Because the atoms comprise life, the atoms that become my body, your body, are traceable, to the crucibles. You know, it cooked light elements into heavy elements in their inside, in the very, very high temperatures and pressures. Then It become stars. then these stars went unstable in their later years. And then they collapsed and exploded, scattering their enriched guts, across the galaxy. These guts made of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and all the ingredients of life itself. These ingredients become part of gas clouds, that is condense, collapse, form the next generation of stars with orbiting planets. And those planets now have ingredients for life itself. Which will become our great-great-great-great grand father and mother. Every life came from this, from the ingredients of life. So, me, you, reaper, aliens and everyone, made from this kind of stuff. We are in fact, the same family in the universe.


KTKM: But then we put the hate to each other, by the words 'superior'. We saw other life that seem different than us as threat, as rival, as different. Or as the inferior. Regardless of the action. We spread our hate to everyone. Now, The Reapers look at us and then laugh, they say "Good luck killing yourself, humans" But what they didn't realise is, they are the children of the ingredient of life, like us all. That when they are killing us, they are killing one of them. One of us. Everyone. There is a level of conectivity in everyone.


KTKM: So, we are connected to each other. That’s really what you want in life, You can put your fancy words that you want to rule all of this universe, that you want to enslave every humankind, that you want to make peace in this galalxy, that you want to...whatever you want, But that's in fact, you want to feel connected, you want to feel relevant. You want to you're doing participant in the ongoing of activities and events around you. That’s precisely what we are, that is what being alive.

And It's going awkward again. The Prototype didn't say anything more, neither KTKM.

KTKM: I guess we know about you, a little bit more. At least about your objective.

Prototype: I told what I already tell the first man who interrogate me, human.

KTKM: And I told you what the most astrounding fact about universe. So, yeah. That you have a fail ideology, that one day you will fall, like other not-well-prepared nation. And that your 'Superior' is something that pointless. Seriously, why did you even do this anyway? Enslave all human kind? (sight) Producing cereal is even better idea than this.

Prototype: We didn't ask your oppinion, human. Now if you finished this, leave me alone.

KTKM: Yes, I will. Mr. Prototype. But remember one thing.

Prototype: What is it?

KTKM: Even thought everyone told you that you are evil, monster, that you are ruthless, wothless enemy. But we, I, respect you. As you have reason to do, as you have sentient. You didn't do this because you are just an animal, but you do this because the reason. So I respect you that. Sadly that a well-evolop and highly intiligent race such as Reaper never respect their enemy, like you. But remember, We respect you. In the term of Intiligent race. Remember that you are intiligent, not an animal. I respect you and your reason. And I will not doing as others did to you. I will give a peaceful, good and quick dead to you as the respect when the time come. Not to torture and play you like a toy like those sadistic guys out there.


KTKM: Seriously, this isn't even look like an interrogation at all. What the hell are we doing? (sight) Oh, nevermind. My job's done here. Hope I did change something on your mind. I hope we will not meet each other again, farewell.

as KTKM walk out of the room, the room went queit again. With a Prototype tied up on the chair, and a cold, half-eaten noodle cup on the table. They didn't get anything much from Prototype, but at least that what KTKM can do the best. Now just wait for the others....

Torpedo cruiser Kitakami, anchored near FSS Legion.

KTKM:  I really have no idea why the hell Leader Whalecow invite me to do interrogation, since I can mess up with Prototype, probably do the wrost too, like...playing airhorns to them.

Helmsman: I have no idea either.

KTKM: There's a lot of our member that can do better than me. Mr.Spy , Ms. Crescentia, many many more. Oh, and I bet even Emporor of Trinician can do this better than us. Not to mention that Captain Endershadow that full of mysterious can probably interrogate Prototype better than me. Seriously, I look like an idiot here.

The Helmsman didn't answer, he leave the silent as his answer, and get back to his work , looking at monitors and controling some wierd bottons and controlers


Thank you for the reading guys! Sorry if it was too long or something, but I hope you like it!

Also, about KTKM's talking with Prototype, I didn't create all of his words to be honest, many of the words inspired from Neil deGrasse Tyson's. So If you are a fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson, you probably noticed some of it :V.

Well, That's all for my post. Waiting for whoever gonna post next!

I actually suppose to posted, but unfortunately. I'm an idiot and accidently close my browser, and lost all of my writing, which is almost finished.
Now I'm out of brainpower and need some sleep.

Sorry, everyone. My post delayed. If nothing gone wrong I will be posting at tomorrow morning. (My country morning, of course.) Again, I'm sorry for my idiotness. Will back-up my post more recently and will never do it again.

I have no problem with the Ex-03 replacer, or whatever it will be. A better and well written scenario shall improve our thread.

Now that all that political shit is over and done with, I have one question for you that needs answered by tomorrow night or sunday morning please:

Who wants to interrogate a Prototype?

Interrogate a Prototype? Why not?,- I mean...Of course, I want!
Don't expect it to be serious thought ;V It will be kinda a bit hilarious. If you really want a good-work man, not all of members to interrogate a Prototype. Well, just passing me thought. I can only messing around with him, and maybe get some data. But If you allow every ADF members to interrogate with him, please allow me to do so!

Ah, It looks like we got a new member! After didn't have anyone for a really long time. Welcome! Admiral York Crescentia.


EX-Mission 03  "Imperialists". Legion auditorium.

KTKM: we go, 'bout Trinacian Empire, ain't it? Ha, that guy. Ya know, that man has the same objective as us, to keep the galaxy in the peace, and to stop the all wars. But what's he doing? Unite all the galaxy in the same banner, in his banner. Smart choice I'll say. (He then drink a cup of water that on his table.) He know that even if he can stop the war, people are still greedy and gonna start a second war anyway. So what will he do? I bet that he's trying to show everyone 'The horror of the war'. By fought to everyone that dare not bow to him, show them how scary the war is, and let them remember until their last generation. Just look at him, he didn't try to disturb Ryuvian at all. Once he conquerd Ryuvia, he just leave it be.
Anddddd....we know what the secret they're hiding too. Many bad things too actually...well, same objective as us, but their action is different. Just gonna say that if they get into our way, let's blow the shit out of them!


So, that's all for the ex-mission, hope I guess it right.

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