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Game Play Balance / Re: Overall Game Balance
« on: July 18, 2014, 07:24:15 am »
About save scumming, I think that is kind of inevitable in a game as RNG heavy as this. While it's true that you could win all battles without it (I really only had to do it in the last two in 4.1, and because of that the last one was almost easy), there are some situations that defy all explanation (failing with 75%... twice in a row), and so I think that at least one save at the beginning of each turn is more or less acceptable. I have to admit however that I tend to be the kind of person that hates random things, so my plans tend to be very rigid, so when the 80% hit fails, it kinda destroys all my battle plan. Of course, my personal theory is that the RNG hates me, but I'm used to it.

BTW, if you're going to put Fire Emblem as an example you should know that in the last games (since Binding Blade, I think) the RNG is not exctly random, but schewed towards high numbers That is because a true RNG is very unforgiving. Think that all the Fire Emblems before that actually allowed to save at the beginning of each turn (but the RNG was fixed)

Introduce Yourself! / Re: Hi
« on: July 17, 2014, 09:09:00 pm »
I don't know about being normal....

My impressions of Sunrider is that it is a very nice game. What has atracted me more, at least at the beginning is the combat system. I never plawed SRW, but i have been a fan of mecha and SRPG since I discovered anime (and games), so it was a sore spot. More than that, Sunrider also gives ships a very important role, which sweetened the deal even more for me. Aside from that, the plot is normal but good enough (the section of the Ryuvian ruins send cold shivers down my spine, the best part so far), and I don't think I have a favourite: I like Ava a lot, but Sola and Claude catch more my attention, and the game made me care for Asaga. I supose once every heroine gets the same amount of development I would have a favourite.

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Moralist and Prince choices
« on: July 17, 2014, 08:57:08 pm »
I understand that is done the way it is because gameplay reasons, but I wanted to put attention on the fact that some seemingly very "moral" choices can have surprising reasons once you start analyzing.

Regarding Kryska. I dont think this this is moral choice. At least it's not logical as you mentioned and i hope that's not really moral choice....
As far as I remember, I don't think your treatment of Kryska changes your morality values. It's just a choice to give the player more interactivity, but not necessarily one which fits into the morality spectrum. You can make too many arguments either way as to which alignment either decision falls under, so I didn't think it'd be fair to assign alignment points there.

If it is like this then I’m sorry, I jumped the gun, my fault (I tend to use Ava as a meter, when she argues in favor of something I tend to think “prince”).

I must say, Shields maked a stupid move, then he give "point-jump" technology to Alliance. Yes, they can easily make raides on PACT defence or dodge Legion energy attack or use it to tactical advantage in battle, but what he gonna do after PACT lose, Alliance can easily take control of galaxy with this technology and they gonna do it, so, that the point to give it to Ally-for-the-time, then the Alliance fleet initially have bigger fleet than PACT? Because after war he will need thousands of "warp-blockers" just for defence against Alliance raids.
I actually think that it was one of the best decisions he could make. Tactically and maybe even strategically it is a dumb move, but precisely because of it, Shields will then automatically become “inoffensive” in the Alliance catalogue. And that is perhaps more important that some technology that the Alliance would have gotten anyway (when the Sunrider needs repairs, who will help at Far Port? Certainly Chigara wouldn’t be able to do it alone, and the drones may have been used in the battle, if it is not that then is whenever it receives supplies, etc, is generally impossible to hide something from an ally when you share the supply train, even the spares you need gives them information)

In general some of you have said that Grey is also prepared for the case when PACT strikes first. That is true, but it is also true that it lets the current government save face (the war is declared by the congress, which lets the progressists to still maintain some hope of power in the next elections), and that it seriously expands the length of the war. Which is exactly what Shields needs, because he needs to in that time recruit a liberation force loyal to him to at least free Cera. In general, time is a thing that Shields needs, a lot. And if the war lengthens then the hope of a peace treaty is more likely than that of total conquest by one of the factions. With the progressists maintaining some power, they are more likely to concede more easily. And the thing that Cera needs is precisely 2 weakened great powers, more than one big power which can eat her for breakfast. Not only that, if the people of the Alliance is moved to frenzy by the death of the diplomats they won’t stop until Pact is exterminated, and unless Shields somehow manages to create an army at least a third as powerful as the Alliance’s in that time, things look bad for Cera. Again.

Well, I supose we will see all more clearly when the scene moves to Solaris, but only with the name I have a very bad feeling with the universalists. Which is kinda why I started thinking more profusely about this

Sunrider General Discussion / Re: Moralist and Prince choices
« on: July 17, 2014, 07:29:22 pm »
Thanks, it's very reassuring to hear what you think. Like I said I will post now regarding the Kryska situation. Since it's a endgame (endbeta?) thing, i will use spoilers

Now, about Kryska.

First, let’s suppose that you have an ally. That ally is absolutely more powerful than you, and while maybe you could survive if he betrayed you, you surely wouldn’t be able to achieve your goals. Now that ally sends you an obvious mole. What are you going to do? Talk to her, and explain that you know what she is doing but that you “trust” her as allies and hope that she also does? Or do you scold her, while threatening to take her to the brig? Of course the second! I mean, it’s not like you are in the middle of a fleet that could blow your ship at any moment, or even board it and stole the ship for the Alliance before you can say “potato”! And it’s not like this fleet is the only thing stopping your enemies to use their absolute numerical superiority to blow you to smithereens! Wait…

While the decision at Versta at least could be excused as thinking with a lot of foresight, this one is absolutely DUMB. I mean, if the Alliance wanted the Sunrider they would already have it! Not only that, but simply by telling her that you trust her, you already can feed her all the (revised by you, of course) information that the Alliance wants of the Sunrider (weaknesses, place where is more advanced, etc). Not only that, you can tell her that there is no genius engineer in the Sunrider that will revolutionize the war, or that the Seraphim is only a mercenary unit, and not a Ryder with 2000 years that will also revolutionize the war. You can have her eating by your hand, together with the Admiral Grey, that will think of you as an honorable captain who despite everything fulfilled the orders he gave you at Versta. Meanwhile, the “prince” option gives you the great position of almost causing a riff between you and the only possibility of surviving an impeding battle. Not only that, Admiral Grey will know of it, which not only leaves open the possibility of having her return (say goodbye to your only unit aside of the Sunrider capable of damaging something more than frigates!), but also of simply putting another mole in a less conspicuous place, or maybe even make a squad of ships of the alliance with the mission of always monitoring you and being ready to blow you anytime (because you let him hear that you openly suspect the Alliance, which will probably make him wary of a possible betrayal). So you can eat up and make it seem you accept it with open arms (and with a little time you can manipulate which things arrives or not at the admiral), or you can anger the only possibility of ever recovering Cera. Tough choice, eh?

In the end, the only way for you to rationally choose the “Prince” option is if you use meta-knowledge (“I spent 1000$ in the Paladin and I haven’t even used it yet, the game isn’t going to take it away” or “It’s a morality choice, the game is not going to give a bad end for sticking with the prince path”), or if you don’t think things thoroughly, which is a perfectly acceptable choice, but does not fit the image I have of a “Prince”.   

Again I want only to remark some defects, tough I admit that in this case I may be a little harsh, but is it because is the kind of situation that becomes more baffling the more you think about it.

It ended being a little longer that I intended, but there you have it. Looking forward to see what you think.

Introduce Yourself! / Re: Hi
« on: July 17, 2014, 05:52:27 pm »

Sunrider General Discussion / Moralist and Prince choices
« on: July 17, 2014, 05:49:00 pm »

I played the Sunrider beta in Steam this last three days and enjoyed it considerably. The gameplay was very nice (at least for a beta), and the story was slightly clichéd, but with good characters and scenes (the soundtrack was fantastic, BTW). However, after playing and thinking a little, I found a small problem: The moralist/prince duality is a little sloppy. In the first side mission works very well, but the next options are a lot worse. I’m going to justify it now, but let me warn you that this is going to be a big wall of text (The conclusion is the last paragraph if you want to skip everything).

First let’s start defining the two “roles”: The prince is the one who wants to win the war and fulfill his duty at all costs. This duty is basically to restores the Cera government (a democracy, I suppose?). This requires to free Cera from PACT, but also from the Alliance. Thus, the requirements are basically to:
-Physically free Cera form whatever force occupies it
-End the war with Cera in a position in which it can reasonably maintain its independence/stability (basically to not leave Cera surrounded by a huge faction that will shallow it at the minimal chance). This requires the two factions to be very weakened from the war or altogether dissolved.
In the worst case, it is also probably acceptable to let Cera join the Alliance, but only with a high degree of autonomy, and a non-nationalistic government ruling (remember, Cera hates nationalistic governments)

The moralist is simpler, basically wants to save the maxim number of lives possible, and to stop any sources of cruelty, tyranny, etc

Now, let’s look at the choice at Versta. You could let the diplomats die. The consequences are:
-The Alliance government loses face, while the universalist party and the military say “I told you so” and gain prestige and power
- The Alliance readies for war against the Pact. This means that the number one superpower in the galaxy, which both outproduces and outnumbers (at least it seems that way from the maps in the wiki) his opponent starts accumulating his power.

This basically amounts to a repetition of WWII. The Pact has some gains but is inevitably swept away by the production and numerical superiority of the Alliance (while the Sunrider takes care of any superweapon of Arcadius). Meanwhile, a certain admiral gains a lot of prestige as the winner of the war. Not only that, the war reinforces the universalist party and the military, which both proceed to demand a strong central government to avoid the “disaster” of letting PACT grow repeat. The Universalist party logically will gain the next elections (maybe they will try to, I don’t know, unite the universe, as its namesake implies?) and after the war a certain admiral maybe decides to try for presidency (and will probably be chosen). Or even worse, the military decides to try a coup. And of course the Neutral Rim gets “liberated” by the Alliance, and maybe suffers a division a la Germany. Now, where is Cera’s freedon and autonomy there? Anywhere, because this is a gambit by Admiral Grey, and he takes into account the core worlds of the Alliance, and not some Neutral world with only 4,5 billions of humans.

Now, if we choose to spare them:
-There is no change in the political situation
-The Alliance is not ready for war. This means that it will suffer a lot of damage in the initial attack. Not only that, they will be forced to rely even more on a certain captain with a lot of experience in resolving tactically impossible situations.

This means that both sides will be weakened considerably, and probably the war will descend in a stalemate around the Neutral Rim. The political situation will also not change, and even in the worst case that Cera is forced to join the Alliance it will probably retain a lot of autonomy (even if only de facto, because the central government cannot get anything done). And aside of Admiral Grey, the story of a certain captain who saved the alliance diplomats, and later spearheaded the war efforts, will certainly catch the attention of the public. This influence will probably be instrumental in restoring Cera’s autonomy, which the weakened Alliance and Pact won’t be able to deny.

Now, which is the prince’s option, and which the moralist?

In general I feel that the prince’s choices, while pragmatic, lack a great amount of foresight. It is not a choice thinking of the endgame, only in the short term. I will later make another post about Kriska (don’t worry; it will not be half as long. I think…), but in general this lack of foresight by the options worries me. I’m afraid of switching so constantly between “moralist” and “prince” choices that the game gives me a bad ending, or some strange thing. Could the game have a third route, a la Shin Megami Tensei? While I personally think of me as a prince, half of the choices I found made me choose “moralist” options.

Thanks for hearing me. I don't intend to bring down the value of the plot, or even the duality. I precisely thought that it was very interesting, which is why I want to make known what I think that could possibly be problems. I look forward to see what you think

Introduce Yourself! / Hi
« on: July 17, 2014, 03:28:51 pm »

I'm basically a gamer that tested the Sunrider beta in Steam and I really liked it. I lurked a little, but decided to finally make an account mainly to discuss some things about the game. I'm from Europe, concretely Spain, so english is not my first language. If you notice any mistake please don't be afraid to point it to me, I'm generally bad with slang and some other terms.

Thanks, and I look forward to contribute something

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