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Hey all. Sorry for being so late with my post. I would have an excuse but I have none other than me being lazy :P
Anyways, here it is! :3

D – 4 – Near Nielson’s Nebula – CICC Hurricane
*The CICC Hurricane was deployed near the Nielson’s Nebula due to odd energy signatures from within. After two weeks of patrols, they detect a massive energy spike….from weapon’s fire. The Hurricane’s Captain walks onto the CIC, taking his command position*

Tactical Officer: Captain on the Bridge.

Hurricane Captain: Status?

Sensors Officer: : Weapons fire coming from within the nebula, energy signatures are consistent with what we know of Alliance and Ryuvian weapons, Sir.

Hurricane Captain: What are Alliance and Ryuvian ships doing in uncharted space?

Science Officer: We put the sensor data through the database and found that the Ryuvian ships are in fact from the Ryuvian Empire time period.
However, the Alliance ships seem to be affiliated with the ADF, Sir. Possible Scouting Flotilla.

Hurricane Captain: We need to know what’s going on out there without putting ourselves at too much risk. Helm, bring us in closer to the battle. Engineering, shut down all non-essential systems and prepare for silent running when we approach the battle site. Sensors, scan the battle site for a better indication of where exactly the battle site is and monitor the battle itself. Science, find out why Ancient Ryuvian ships are here.

*Each station acknowledges their order and the Hurricane’s engines (silently?) roar to life as it moves towards the battle site in a semi-stealth mode.*

--- Half an Hour Later ---

*The Hurricane arrives just outside the combat zone and it looks like the Alliance-ADF ships are taking quite a beating, the bridge crew notices the celestial body, possibly a planet, nearby.*

Hurricane Captain: Well…I guess we’ve found our answer.

Tactical Officer: The ADF ships seem to be taking heavy casualties, should we assist?

Hurricane Captain: No, We cant risk giving our position away to the defenders, Hurricane is a good ship but im not sure that we would fare any better
than those ADF ships. Besides, I know that engine glow means that they’re about to warp out anyways.

Sensors Officer: Preliminary sensor data is coming in for our position in the nebula as well as for the Celestial body that we saw…

Science Officer: It looks like that there are some major structures on the surface and underground….Military Base perhaps?, too out of the way….Research base?...maybe but it seems to be too heavily defended for such a remote location…..a database…a library perhaps?!

Hurricane Captain: No sense second guessing, helm get us back out of here. I don’t want to overstay our welcome and have to deal with a Ryuvian Empire Welcoming Committee.

Helm Officer: : Aye, Setting course for previous position. Engage on your order, Sir.

Hurricane Captain: Warp!

The Hurricane disappears in a flash of light as it returns back to its patrol location.

Comms Officer: I imagine Vice Admiral Crescentia would like a report on what we saw, Sir, so I took the liberty of putting together a secure burst transmission destined for the Ashen Wing with the data that we have.

Hurricane Captain: Good…saves me some breath…Send it. Now we sit and wait, as is procedure….

Comms Officer: Sir, it will take several days before the transmission will reach the Ashen Wing.

Tactical Officer: ….So who’s dealing the cards, this time?


D – 1 - 2 weeks after the Quadrivium Incident
--- Black Mamba, just after leaving Legion ---

*The Black Mamba has just exited the Legion’s Hangar Bay and is headed back towards the Solaris, York and Chizuru are both on the Mamba’s bridge, when a message is being relayed from the Ashen Wing to the Mamba via a heavily encrypted frequency, rarely used.*

York(In a mock Computer voice): You’ve got mail…

Chizuru: Heh, I realize that. Thank you, random pop-up window….Message Playback, most recent.

*The Computer beeps in acknowledgement and the message from the CICC Hurricane starts its playback. Meanwhile, the data found by the ship is shown on the main screen. This information certainly intrigues Chizuru*

Chizuru: A library?...In a Nebula? Defended by Ancient Ryuvian Ships?

York: Sounds important. Makes sense, it’s out of the way. Makes it harder for your enemies to steal your secrets, normally….You aren’t planning on “investigating” that place like you always do with places like that?

Chizuru: *grins* What has given you that idea?...Yes, I am planning on going. I wonder about the technological possibilities such a place might have. You know that improving our ships and other technologies is on the Military’s highest priorities, right?

York: I know, I know….I just don’t like the idea of you going off into the Unknowns and possibly getting hurt.

Chizuru: And I know that you do not like that either. I will be careful, as usual.

York: Okay…

Chizuru: Oh, do not give me ‘that’…You ‘know’ that I do this for the same reasons that you do the things you do for the CSF.

York: Yeah…

Chizuru: Hmm….Well, the Ashen Wing would draw too much attention to CI…perhaps it will be better to use a…smaller vessel.

York: Like a Cruiser?

Chizuru: …Yes, or perhaps….a command cruiser. The Typhoon, it just completed its retrofits and shakedowns, correct?... She doesn’t wait for York to reply Comms, Please send a message to the CICC Typhoon to rendezvous with the Solaris once it returns to Ceran Space.

Mamba Comms Officer: Right away…

The Mamba approaches the Carnivorous Hangar bays of the Solaris and lands inside the Frigate Bay designated for it. The Solaris wastes no time as it warps away, heading for Ceran Space.

--- CSFD Solaris, Ceran Border Space ---

Some time later, the Solaris enters Ceran space, York and Chizuru once again on the CIC but now on the Solaris, instead of the Mamba

Comms Officer: Tethys Class Interdictor, “Venture,” is requesting CSF ID and Flag Validation codes.

York: Transmit them immediately, I don’t want to get shot in my home territory by my own people.

Comms Officer: I didn’t realize we could refuse… Noting that York had to give him an order to transmit the codes instead of just letting the Comms Officer transmit them automatically

Sensors Officer: New contact on sensors, one Typhoon class Command Cruiser.

Chizuru: It seems that my…”ride” is here.

York: Stay safe….please.

Chizuru: We go over this all the time but…I will.

*They smile at each other and go for a hug…but then they realize that they’re being watched by the entire bridge crew so they stop*

*Chizuru takes her leave from the CIC of the Solaris and heads back down to the Mamba. After board, the Mamba lifts off from the Flight Deck and transfers from the Solaris to the Typhoon.*


D – Day – CICC Typhoon – Somewhere near the Ceran border space
*With Chizuru having boarded the CICC Typhoon about 10 minutes ago, the Typhoon readies its stations for the ‘trip’ to Nielson’s Nebula and then to the Library system, to begin their investigation*

Tactical Officer: Director and Admiral on the Bridge.

Helm Officer: Coordinates for CICC Hurricane Rendezvous point are locked.

Chizuru: Engage, best possible speed. We can’t waste any time.

Helm Officer: Aye, Ma’am.

*The Typhoon speeds off into Warp*

Typhoon Captain: Ma’am, the 108th Ranger Paratrooper Regiment boarded the ship before we left. Their Major assures us that we will have their
support on the ground when we begin our investigation.

Chizuru: Good, I’ve heard a lot about the 108th, how they performed Guerilla warfare against PACT forces throughout the Ceran War to Maintain Sovereignty. Their help will certainly be useful.

Typhoon Captain If I may ask, what do you think we’ll find in this “Library”…if it is a library after all.

Chizuru: I do not know. History perhaps, definitely holobooks on technology and sciences. Intact Ryuvian Empire technology….automated defenses….many possibilities.

Typhoon Captain: The usual then.

Chizuru: Indeed…

D – Day – CICC Typhoon – Near Nielson’s Nebula(CICC Hurricane Meeting Point)
*After the Hurricane sent out its transmission to the Ashen Wing, standard CI procedure for investigations is for the investigating ship to meet with the ship which sent the transmission. The CICC Typhoon warps in and maneuvers itself to be parallel to the Hurricane. A transmission is opened between the two Command Cruisers.*

Chizuru: And how accurate is this information?

Hurricane Captain: Its only preliminary data, unfortunately. The defenders may prove to be troublesome. We had to stay hidden to keep the ship intact.

Chizuru: That is not much to go off of…hmm…Still, it would not hurt to perform a more thorough investigation if your scans are indeed correct. You may return to HQ, Hurricane. We can take it from here.

Hurricane Captain: Yes, Ma’am. Good luck.

* The Transmission between the two ships end and the Hurricane warps away. *

Chizuru(quietly): I feel much older when people begin to address me as “Ma’am” or “Madame”…*Out loud* Set course for the “Library System” and-

Sensors Officer: Sorry to interrupt but we have numerous contacts, a fleet, incoming at Warp Speed. Their Trajectory suggests that they’ll go right past us and towards the Library.

Chizuru: Can you give us more information about the identity of these contacts?

Science Officer: Their markings and designations are consistent with ADF ships. The Largest vessel in the formation and the flagship most likely, being the FSS Legion.

Chizuru: Those ADF Scouts did their job correctly, it seems. I wonder if they are here for the same reasons we are. Change of Orders. Shadow them until we reach the Library system. If they engage the defenders there then disengage stealth drives and assist them.

Helm Officer: Intercept and Shadow Course plotted.

Chizuru: Transit.

D – Day – CICC Typhoon – Nielson’s Nebula(Library System)
*With the Hurricane warping back to Ceran Space to resupply, the Typhoon enters the system without its support, witnessing the beginning of the space battle between the ADF Fleet and the Library system’s defense forces.*

Tactical: Disengaging Stealth Drives, Powering Up Weapons

Engineering: Shields Online, Reactors stable.

Helm: Moving to join their formation.

Chizuru: Try to limit our combat to long range. Comms, notify the Mamba to standby and prepare for Planetary Operations. Also notify the 108th to prepare a detachment for the mission.

Tactical: Plas.-Accel. Cannons are online and firing at will.

Comms: Notified.

*The Hurricane joins the ADF Fleet’s formation, using its powerful engines to quickly do so. The Plasma-Accelerator Gatling Cannons mounted on the ship, replacing the normal Savior based Gatling Cannons, begin to open fire on the System’s defenders. Since the Typhoon’s stealth profile makes it a difficult target to hit, it sustains minimal damage as the Fleet nears the planet*

*Once this happens, Chizuru boards the Mamba and the Surface battle now begins.* ((After Spy’s STEHL REIN lol))

D – Day – Library System Surface
*The Mamba exits the Hangar Bay of the Typhoon, headed for the surface. Before Chizuru had transferred her flag onboard the Typhoon, the 108th Ranger Paratrooper Regiment had transferred on board for this “Operation.” Two Platoons are on board the Mamba, one to defend the landing site and the other for breaching the Library itself.*

The Mamba lands at an LZ that is separate from the main ADF LZ. The reason for this is to secure the alternate entrance, draw some defenders away from the ADF forces. Another reason is to begin the investigations with less…distraction. The platoon designated to follow Chizuru into the library moves forward.

Chizuru: Interesting, the architecture is certainly Ryuvian…*The team approaches the entrance*

*They encounter part of the Library’s defense systems. They open fire and, needless to say, so do the Cerans. *

Chizuru: They are not a friendly bunch are they? *She unsheathes her blade and rushes forward into the thick of it *

Some time Later

*After making a hole in their defenses, Chizuru and her team make their way into the library, trying to dodge fire and study the Library and the technology (among other things) at the same time*

Chizuru: Corporal help me out with this… *She hands the corporal next to her a scanner and they both scan as much as they can*

*After some scanning…and lots of oil being spilled from the destroyed robots, Chizuru starts to hear something, deeper from within the library.*

??: (raising voice gradually) --- Well, let me tell you right now, that’s BULLSHIT!  If you crawl in the dust after them, you’re only playing into their hands. Now is the time to be sure for certain, Whalecow of Cera… (she gestures at the data cards.) Are you human… or are you Reaper?!

??: --- destroy these. --- trying to make --- solution for everyone. Not just humans… but ---.

??: --- don’t WANT your help! They don’t NEED your help! THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU!

*Chizuru tells the Platoon to return to the Mamba as she continues on. As she expects that those voices are from people she knows*

*Chizuru cuts through the defenders, doing her best to not get hit in the process*

Voice: Imperial technology is housed in repository 1 of 4. Scans show breach. Security at 79% integrity. 62%… 54%… 38%… 29%… 19%… 8%… Security has been nullified.

Velora(??): (Semi-Muffled) I think --- mom’s ---.

Ava(Semi-Muffled): You ---?

Guardian: (enters the room/muffled, cannot make out the words)

*Muffled Explosion*

Voice: *Muffled, Cannot make out the words*

Whalecow: *Less Muffled* --- power down, now.

Voice: *Less Muffled* Understood ---

Whalecow(Less muffled, gets louder and clearer as Chizuru gets closer to the source): We’ll have to ask Admiral Crescentia for that data when we see her. Knowing Mrs. Intel, she’s probably already done the same there as we did here.

(He turns to leave and ends up gun to forehead with a fourth droid.)

Whalecow: Well shit…

(Suddenly, a blade stabs through on the other side of the droid’s head and stops with the tip an inch from Whalecow’s head. The blade is removed and the droid falls to the ground, lifeless.)

Chizuru: (places her blade back in its sheath) …Greetings.

Whalecow: (picks up his own blade and sheathes it.) Sup?

Chizuru: An investigation. And you?

Whalecow: Same. We have all the data that was previously available here. And between the both of us, we should have what the ADF is here for.

Chizuru: Your technician has disabled the primary security for the hallways and central command spire.

Whalecow: Very well. Meet us at our landing zone in 10 so we can… consolidate our victory here.

Chizuru: … (she simply nods.)

(Whalecow does not notice, but instead wanders past her, Velora and Ava in his wake, absentmindedly.  There is yet much to think about.)

Sorry for the long wait, there have been ALOT of things happening on my end for the past couple weeks and now I actually have time to post goes
---Legion, Prison Cell Block---

*...After exchanging pleasantries, the "Ceran Power Couple" turn in tandem to the form in the cell. Yep... that's a prototype. The green Alliance armor is a bit... disconcerting. Ava opens the door to allow her parents in, all the while remembering a similar situation two weeks ago, and expecting the interrogation to go just about the same as it had then.*

York: So 'this' is one of the little buggers that annoyed the shit out of us...nearly three years ago?

Chizuru: ...That does seem to be the case, yes.

*The prototype sits at the other end of the cell, being moody and quiet, as usual.

York: want to go straight to the scan or just talk first?

Chizuru: I don't think it would be wise to start off using the scan, it might cause unwanted pain in...the subject.

York: ...You sound know, "them"

Chizuru: ....hmm, I didn't realize...

They stand there for a minute, thinking about the reference York made but then remember that they have a Prototype to question.

York: Right...Hey! Get up!

*The prototype had been sitting down, looking at the ground. When it gets up from the ground and looks at the new "inquisition," it takes a keen interest in Chizuru, which seems to suggest that the Prototypes know about her...Chizuru simply raises an eyebrow, not sure what to think about this.*

Prototype: We...know of you two. The "Witch" and the "puppet husband" under your spell.

At this, York tries his best not sock him, straight in its face. Chizuru does not bat an eye, as image means alot within Intelligence agency circles.

York: Hmph, you're fortunate that I'm a better man than you think I am.....Now...First question, What do you know of Ceran Defensive capabilities now?

Prototype: We know....that we are superior than your minuscule defenses. You cannot stop us. We have already proved our superiority when we invaded your homewor-

York: Can you just shut the frak up about your "superiority" nonsense!?...Typical...Do you answer 'all' the questions with monologues about how you're "superior" to us...come on, at least open up your vocabulary from time to time...

Chizuru:...He is asking about the specifics. In other terms, What do you know about our defensive capabilities, regarding ship numbers and types, technology?

Prototype:....We will not dignify that with a response.

Chizuru: I had expected as much....moving on, How deep was or is the infiltration of the major factions? I notice that you are wearing the uniform of an Alliance Ryder Pilot.

Prototype: Our...benefactor has given us the means to do so.

Chizuru: I...see.

York: That sounds disturbing....somewhat....How many of you are there?

Prototype: We have more than enough to conquer, that is all that we will say.

York:...Its not much to go off of, considering how they were able to capture you....I dont see how you guys will be able to conquer.

Chizuru:...You might be...provoking him, York.

York: Maybe..its better than just beating the shit out of 'em for what it did, though.

Chizuru: I suppose....last question before we leave...What do you know

Prototype: We...know who you truly are...."Chizuru" cannot hide the truth for long....and will no longer be an obstacle! That will make it easier and allow us to conquer your homeworld once more!

York:....Can I deck this guy now?

Chizuru:...One moment.....She concentrates, holding out her arm towards the prototype and closes her eyes for a few seconds before opening them again and putting down her arm.....hmm....nothing.

Prototype: Surprised? Your trickery and witchcraft will not affect us!

Chizuru:...We will see about that....once, York, no more.

*York grins and makes a motion to punch the prototype but stops when he notices that it flinched*

York: Hah! Didn't think that would work but that felt good!....Superior, my ass, you bastard...I think that's enough questions for now, don't you think?

Chizuru: Indeed....for now.

York: Shall we go now? Its very....gloomy in here.

*Chizuru nods and they start to leave the cell. Just after they get out the door however, Chizuru receives a text commlink message.*

Chizuru: Hmm?....It seems that matters may get....complicated.

York:...I dont like it when you say're usually right....

Chizuru: Take a look.

*York looks at the message Chizuru got* York:.....Trinacrians?.....Well shit....*Unenthusiastically* To the Hangar bay.....awwaaayyy....


Aaaannnnddd....that's all I got. lol. On with the thread....I guess :P

OOC: Okay...first actual ADF post....Here we go.

CSF-CVB Solaris, On the CIC, Present Day

York:.....I'm doing what?

Elisha: *Facepalms* Did you even read the report I gave you?

York: Yes.....Err....No, I haven't.

Elisha: *sighs* Okay, short version. You're supposed to go onto the Legion and interrogate one of the "Prototypes," responsible for ordering the invasion of Cera several years ago.

York: Ohhh, Yeah that report. Didn't think that was today, actually. Prep the shuttle then.

Elisha: Actually....your wife, I mean, Vice Admiral Crescentia is waiting with the Mamba in the Hangar. (The "Black Mamba" is a Corvette/Frigate sized craft used by Chizuru as her personal transport and "Blockade Runner." Typically used in situations where using the Ashen Wing would be "less than ideal")

York: When was this?

Elisha: Just now.

York: I see....Tell them I'm on my way.

*Elisha acknowledges and York goes down to the Hangar. It contains the typical 4 Squadrons of 12 Ryders each(48 Ryders total), numerous drone fighters, various support craft.....and the Black Mamba, sitting in it's own "Frigate Bay" with Chizuru waiting at the base of the loading ramp*

Chizuru: I thought you'd be right on top of this, considering who we're going to be "chatting" with later.

York: Well, cliche incoming, "You know me."

Chizuru(quietly): More than I'd like to...

*York gives Chizuru a somewhat surprised look*

Chizuru: Kidding....Kidding, come on, you 'should' know me better than that.

York: I should, Yeah. But you always end up doing something that surprises me.

Chizuru: True enough....Anyways, shall we get underway "Fleet Admiral"

York: What? Oh right, Let's go.

*After York says this, they both head inside the Mamba as the Ramp closes. The Frigate is given clearance to lift off and exits the hangar bay, heading towards the Legion*

OOC: And there we have it. It's a bit short but I can't really do much with the "mission" if I'm not on Legion at the moment :P

OOC: Hey guys! Admiral Crescentia here :P
Whalecow has been bugging me about joining the ADF thread for a while now....maybe not. But still, I'm here now to participate in the madness :3
I will be playing as...well...Admiral York Crescentia (duh) and his wife Chizuru Crescentia(Not her real name, just so you guys know :P) This is meant to be more of a heavily condensed version of how the two Crescentias survived the Invasion of Cera System. I can't exactly participate in the current EX mission because my chars. are not apart of the ADF.

WARNING: I'm not that good at this kind of stuff :P

Approximately 2.75 years prior to the Present. 3.38 Lightyears from Cera. Zero Hour. CSF-CVB(Battle-Carrier) Solaris

*York walks onto the bridge as Red Alert has been called by the Ship's Captain two minutes ago. He sees his wife, Chizuru on the viewscreen, who seems to have also called Red Alert*

York:...Chizuru?...*sighs* give me the short version.

Chizuru(over comms/CIBB Ashen Wing):....Transmission from the Homeworld.....Cera...and the Sunrider is under attack.

York: *He is in disbelief for a minute but then Chizuru nods and confirms the information* Crap...Talk about cliche timing. *Turns to the Ship's Captain* What's the status of the fleet?

Elisha(AKA Solaris Captain): 4th Fleet and to an extension- the Sunrider- is under attack by, what seems to be, PACT Frigates. 2nd and 3rd Fleet Flagships are not reporting enemy contact. Although, elements of all 4 fleets stationed in Ceran Homeworld space are.

York: We all knew this would happen eventually. Chizuru, what about CI?

Chizuru: Our ships are scattered all over the place, it would take some time before we're able to jump in our Fleet into the Homeworld's surrounding space.

York:....Is the rest of 1st ready to jump?

Elisha: Rest of 1st Fleet reports that their Warp drives are spooled up and awaiting orders.

York: Good...set a course for-

Elisha: Sorry to interrupt but we're getting reports of a massive PACT signature jumping into the system.....with the Legion.

Solaris Comms Officer: Sir! Incoming transmission from the Fearless...Its the Fleet Admiral....and its a distress call. Audio Only. Its pretty garbled though.

York:....Patch it through.

*The transmission is audible throughout the CIC*

Fleet Admiral:*static*..General Evacuation of the *static*..Contingency Plan....*static*....PACT....*static*...Legion....*static* Oh My God!...*static*...Firing! Evasive-

Computer: Transmission ended at Source.

*The CIC is completely silent for several minutes as the blips denoting 4th Fleet disappear with several other blips denoting elements of the other fleets as well as the Sunrider doing the same before York finally breaks the silence*


Elisha:.....The reports are coming in now, Sir...The entirety of 4th Fleet and some elements of 2nd and 3rd was destroyed by the PACT Fleet, No sign of the Sunrider although it sustained heavy damage and exhibited an energy signature suggesting Warp Drive use before we lost visual..Prior to the Capital's destruction, Parliament ordered the use of the Contingency Plan and a general retreat....I wish it was under better circumstances but...if the Fleet Admiral is dead then....that makes 'you'(referring to York) the acting Fleet Admiral...Sir.

York: I never thought I'd say I wasn't looking forward to that.....*sighs* Contingency Plan is in effect. Send general transmission to all Ceran vessels in the range of our comm systems to proceed. Authorization code; Lima-Foxtrot-7-9-Oscar-Bravo....Set course for the Contingency systems. Chizuru, you should order your ship and CI to do the same. Also....try to find out what happened to the Sunrider....and our Daughter.

Chizuru: I'm on it, I was hoping that you would give that order. *Her transmission cuts as she ends it*

Helm:....Sir. Course plotted.

Elisha: With all due respect, Sir, I don't think its right that we just abandon our people!

York:...What do you think we'll be able to do against a Super-Dreadnought!? They just took down the entirety of Fourth Fleet which consisted of our most powerful ships! It was designed to take down Fleets 3 times our Military's size by itself. This isn't some Role-Playing Game....we can't secure Cera if we're dead. Our plan now is to withdraw, regroup our forces and counter attack when the time is right. PACT may be led by Malevolent P.O.Ss and a pork chop but they know how to conquer systems through superior firepower...Now....Is the fleet ready to jump?

Elisha:......1st Fleet is reporting, ready to jump.

York: Start the Countdown.

Elisha: Fleet-wide jump initiate in 5...4....3....2....1...Jump.

*The Solaris,the rest of 1st Fleet disappear in a barrage of light, heading towards a safe haven where the surviving ships could 'hopefully' from the hunting PACT vessels. Approximately 66% of Ceran military assets were destroyed during the Invasion and subsequent 'hunt' by PACT vessels. The Command Sections of 1st-3rd Fleet have survived however. The Fleet Admiral as well as the majority of the Ceran Capital's population, including Parliament was believed to be killed. The rest of the population was "taken prisoner" by PACT.*


About the Solaris, its about...40 years old at this point and is about, just over twice the size of the Sunrider. It was originally an Alliance Flagship Carrier but then it was sold to the Cerans because the original design proved to be too vulnerable against other Capital ships. Right now it has been heavily retrofitted to become a full fledged Battle-Carrier. It does lack a Vanguard and instead is equipped with 4 "Messiah" Spinal Cannons which do have a much longer range(=~ 10 Lightseconds) than Vanguards and still relies on a Rotating Section to provide gravity although it does have a secondary "artificial grav" system similar to the Sunrider, just in case. Since it has come into Ceran Service, along with its sister ships, it has become the Flagship of the Ceran 1st Fleet.

Chizuru's ship, named the Ashen Wing...well....let's just say that it will not be participating in combat in the ADF thread, unless in self-defense, for balance reasons.

It's a bit short and perhaps a bit terrible :P Again, I'm not too good at making things up on the spot. Criticism is welcome.

Alright Guys! This Thread is not Dead!
College work has taken up most of my time :P
I will end up compiling a list of characters "used" or created by people to better keep track of them.
Now this is also on Steam!(Because Whalecow never gets around to getting a Skype name  ::) )
Just search up my forum name if you are interested to add me on Steam! :D

Once this thread gets more participants we can start. Me, Whalecow and to some degree, Xaneks, are doing a "psuedo" RP, just messing around within this RP's universe on Steam Group Chat. Anyone can join in on Steam if they wish, IF they have registered a character on this thread. Because we dont have too many people, any of us are allowed to take over other non-taken character's or minor characters temporarily, if it is agreed upon by the participants, in these "mess-around" RPs.

That's all I have for now. Be sure to keep your eye on this thread for any updates! :D
-Admiral York Crescentia

I don't know if this will work, but...

Name:Cosette Cosmos (why not? Canon by the way.)
Age:??? (You guess too low, I kill you. You guess too high, I slap you then kill you.)
Rank: Pilot
Family Members: Mother (deceased)
Personality: I'm crazy. Heh heh heh. AHAHAHAHAHA!
Ship Assigned/Commanding: EA-109 advanced modified "Cosmos" Zephyr Fighter. Commander of 1st Whiplash wing, FSS Legion (Whalecow commanding)

Honestly that now reminds me that I forgot about the Raiders, the Babylon 5 equivalent to an orgranized pirate syndicate. We'll see if I can fit her in, we just need more people right now. :P
I didnt post the thread on Hard-Light yet >.< i'll get to that later.

We have a couple of people that applied, great! :D
Just so you guys know, you can apply for more than one char. such as 1. Canonical, 1 OC or 2 OC, etc. BUT NOT more than 1 Canonical character, to make it fair.
If you guys know anyone that is interested in any of the three crossed-over universes, you can tell them to at least take a look at it.
Even if you or your friend cant join the rp right now, just having the Character on file will help in the future, and save some hassle later on.
Also, I will start the RP once I have several Alliance and CSF OCs and Kayto/Ava as they play a vital role in the RP. I wont spoil why. :3 (EDIT- Actually...its pretty obvious, idk why i said that >.<)

Once Again, Skype is not required if you are not going to be a "canonical" character. Even if you're going to RP as a "canonical" character, it is only "recommended" not "required" (I changed it now :P)

I will be posting a similar thread on Hard-Light ,later today,(Home of Dimensional Eclipse mod for Freespace 2 + one of the crossover universes) directing them here. Hopefully i'll getting a few more people interested. Hell, it might even get some people interested in Sunrider ;P

"Crescentia, Out!"

I command the FSS Legion.
I began as PACT, then defected to the alliance, which forced me to go to the Cera academy. I graduated then went to command school in the alliance. They assigned me to an aging carrier and I was able to capture Legion at New Eden. In my universe, Kayto dies at Cera, and his sister (whose name is Nozomi) has been adopted by me. Legion is now an independent starship. Would there be room for me?
I might be able to, we will have to change around the story a bit since PACT does not exist yet.(Does not exist until the Earth Alliance Civil War in 2260, loyal to the Rogue Earth Alliance President)
Otherwise, I might change it so PACT was formed by the Earth Alliance after 2249.
CSFSD Legion? Maybe. I dont know, I have to think about it more but I can probably fit in your character, in any case.
Like I said, more details will come in the coming days.

Why not exclude canonical chars all together? Except as "background" characters.
I just want to give people that chance, if it doesnt work out then I'll do that. But until then...

Hmm, I wouldn't mind RPing as Kayto but as someone who's not hugely interested in the Sunrider lore nor has yet to play the game through to the end yet it's probably best for someone else to do so.
Also I haven't watched Babylon 5.
Well, I will be posting the general situation at the "time"(Current Timeframe of the RP) in the first or second post and generally describe what's going on without spoiling too much. So you dont really need to know much about any of the three universes to RP in this. Plus, If I need to, I can just PM the people playing the canonical chars. additional details or you could play as an OC.

List of Current Ships  + Fighters available(Not including "custom" Ships, subject to change):
CSFD Solaris(CN-DD-01)(Inscription/Motto: Non pro se, sed pro multis)- Solaris Class Destroyer-Carrier, assigned to guard construction of Babylon 5. Direct Predecessor to the CSF-CVA Sunrider, Relies on Rotating Section to provide gravity, Commanded by York Crescentia (Downsized from 3.4km to 1.72km for Various Reasons. I.e. Supposed to be replaced by Sunrider Class, Crew of 1000+)
Fighter Complement: 96 Starfuries(8 Squadrons, downsized from 16)
HA BB Ashen Wing(CI-BB-01)(Inscription/Motto: Gladius Stellarum)- Custom Battleship-Carrier for Heaven's Alliance, Augmented by Vorlon Tech more than other Ceran Vessels. Commanded by Chizuru Crescentia
Fighter Complement: 72 Starfuries(6 Squadrons) (2.02Km, Typical Crew of 680+ -180 Crew, 500 Marines-/Minimum:180 -80 Crew, 100 Marines-/Maximum: Approx. 10000 -Primarily Marines-)
EAS Omega: Earth Alliance Destroyer assigned to guard construction of Babylon 5, Relies on Rotating Section to provide gravity.
Fighter Complement: 24 Starfuries(2 Squadrons) (1.71km, Crew Ranging from 500-940+)

SA-23C/Cera- Aurora Starfury - (Only available to CSF characters/Modified Mk I Aurora)
SA-23E - Aurora Starfury - (Only Available to Earth Alliance Characters)
SA-24/A- Blizzard Mk I Starfury - (Only available to Heaven's Alliance Characters)
(NOTE: Most of the OCs will use the above, if affiliated with the above factions as they are the mainstray fighters in each faction)
SA-23/Civ- Civilian Starfury - (Only Available to Independent Characters)
EarthForce Gunship-(Only Available to Earth Alliance Characters)
EA-109 Zephyr Fighter- (Only Available to Independent Characters)
Astrogator Fighter-(Available to All)
Durandal Fighter-(Available to All)
Skjoldr Fighter-(Available to All)
B/SX22-SA Yukikaze-(Available to CSF Spec Ops + Heaven's Alliance + Icari) (You MUST have a REALLY GOOD reason for why your char. has it as it is a very "expensive" and rare craft)
B/SX22-FRX00 Yukikaze Custom, 'Mave'-(Only Available for Asaga)
B/SX22-FFR31 Yukikaze Custom 'Super Sylph'- (Only Available for CSF Spec Ops + Chiigara)

List of Canonical Characters Available(As of 10/7/14):
Kayto(CSF) - Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade(Pre-RP, promoted to Full Lieutenant early in the RP)
Ava(CSF) - Rank: Lieutenant(Pre-RP, promoted to Lieutenant Commander early in the RP)  - Taken by Whalecow(At least temporarily)
Kryska(EAN) - Rank: Ensign
Asaga(Independent) - Rank: Not applicable
Chiigara (Independent) - Rank: Not applicable
Claude(Independent) - Rank: "Doctor"
Icari(Heaven's Alliance/Independent) - Rank: Ensign/Not Applicable
CSFD Solaris First Officer(CSF) - Rank: Commander
EAS Omega Captain(EAN) - Rank: Captain
EAS Omega First officer(EAN) - Rank: Commander
HA BB Ashen Wing First Officer(Heaven's Alliance) - Rank: Commander

List of Available Factions(For Now):
Earth Alliance - Babylon 5's equivalent to Sunrider's Solar Alliance(Or just The Alliance)
Cera Space Force - Pretty Obvious
Heaven's Alliance - Highly Advanced Mercenary Group(HAM), Hired and sponsored permanently by the CSF for Long-Range Protection(LRP) and technology testing of the Neutral Worlds
Independent - People who are not associated with any one faction, whether they be traders, mercenaries(Not Heaven's Alliance), civilians or whatever else.
Mining Union - Based On Tydaria, The largest corporation in Human Space
Ceran Intelligence/Spec. Ops- Special Operations Branch of the CSF

Military Ship Classification Types(For Earth Alliance/Heaven's Alliance/Cera Space Force) (From Lightest to Heaviest):
Interceptor(FI - Partially Defunct with Introduction of Starfuries)
Space Superiority Fighter(F)
Strike Fighter(SF)
Assault Fighter(AF)/Light Bomber(LB - DEFUNCT)
Strike Bomber(SB)
Heavy Bomber(HB)/Gunship(G)
Light Cruiser(CL)/Escort Destroyer(DD - DEFUNCT)
Frigate(Fg)/Medium Cruiser(C - DEFUNCT)
Heavy Cruiser(CA)/Command Cruiser(CC)/Light Carrier(CVL- DEFUNCT)
Dreadnought(DN)/Carrier(CVN)/Assault Carrier(CVA)/Siege Carrier(S-CV - OUTDATED, Re designated CVA)
Battle Destroyer(D OR DD)/Battle Destroyer-Carrier(CVD)/Battleship (BB)
Super Destroyer(SD)
Juggernaut(J - Only "Pallas Athenae" has this classification)

Yearly Timeline:
2209- Birth of York Crescentia
2210- Birth of Chizuru Crescentia
2217- EAD Solaris built
2227- York and Chizuru join EarthForce Navy with York at 18(Joining the Marine Corps) and with Chizuru lying about her age
2229- York is shipped out as a Corporal. Chizuru is shipped out as a Midshipman.
2230- York/Chizuru discovered to be Telepaths by PsiCorp. Allowed to be In EarthForce as long as they join PsiCorp as well./Dilgar War begins. York is promoted to Sergeant, in command of a Ceran Main Battle Tank. Several Months later, York/Chizuru go through OCS(Officer Candidate School) and AOS(Advanced Officers School).
2232- York and Chizuru Crescentia Marry/Dilgar War ends with Earth Alliance Victory.
2233- York and Chizuru become Officers, Starting at Lieutenant
2235- Birth Of Ava Crescentia
2236- Birth of Kayto Shields. York/Chizuru Promoted to Lt. Cmdr.
2241- York/Chizuru become Cmdr. Rank
2244- Cera and some other Human Colonies secede from Earth Alliance/York and Chizuru leave Earthforce and Psicorp for Cera Space Force
2245- Earth-Minbari War begins/Cera joins Earth Alliance unofficially
2247- York/Chizuru become Captains with York in Command of EACC Typhoon and Chizuru in Command of EACC Hurricane
2248- End of Earth Minbari War after Battle of the Line/Maximilian Crescentia, York's brother, is killed during the Battle
2250- York becomes Rear Admiral, takes command of the 33 year old CSFD Solaris
2251- Cera becomes Major Power, representing the former Earth Alliance Colonies which seceded years ago with help from Vorlons/ Cerans invent Warp Drive to supplement HyperSpace Drives
2253- York becomes a Vice Admiral with Chizuru becoming a Rear Admiral, joining Ceran Intelligence, in command of the newly built HA BB Ashen Wing
2256-57- Pre-First Arrival/ Solaris Arrives at Babylon 5 Construction Site with Ava training on board as part of Advanced Officer School(Lt --> Lt. Cmdr)/ York becomes Admiral with Chizuru becoming a Vice-Admiral/RP Begins
2257- CSFD Solaris and its sister ships receives heavy retrofits/Testbed technologies for Sunrider
2258- First Arrival/Sunrider Launches/Invasion of Cera
2259- Mask of Arcadius
2260-2261- Post-Mask/Earth Alliance Civil War/ Start of Rebirth of Holy Ryuvian Empire
2261-2262- Rebirth and Post Rebirth of Holy Ryuvian Empire
Be sure to PM for more details about my "selection" process for canonical characters if you want to RP as these characters as there might be others who want to RP as them.
More details will follow


York Crescentia: Admiral's Personal Log "It has been 8 years since the Earth Minbari War. After the Minbari's surprising surrender at the Battle of the Line, The Ceran Navy continued to provide security for neutral and contested Space against Pirates. That was, until the Vorlons approached us with an...interesting offer. The Solaris and her Fleet are to provide security against any threat for a new station that the Earth Alliance is building. To be honest, its quite odd that the Vorlons want us to represent them and not send their own ships to guard the Station just as the Earth Alliance, Minbari, Narns and Centauri did. Supposedly, this station is meant to provide a place where Humans and Aliens can settle disputes peacefully. At least, that's what the Earth Alliance says. A Station Five miles long, 2 million 500 thousand tons of spinning metal....all alone in the night. It can be a dangerous place, but it is our last, best hope for peace. The Year is 2256, and the name of the station is BABYLON FIVE."

OOC: Hello all, the time has come. This is meant to be a crossover RP between three universes, Babylon 5, Sunrider, Blueplanet (A Freespace 2 Total Conversion mod) and Dimensional Eclipse(Another Freespace 2 Total Conversion mod)
Why Babylon 5?
I felt that it was the only major Sci-Fi show which fit Sunrider the best as it has the common use of both Energy and Kinetic Weapons, unlike in other Sci-Fi shows where they mainly concentrate on one or the other. Also, I had this idea for a while, I never considered others :3
This RP will cover Babylon 5 from 2256 up until the end of Season 5 in 2262.
Currently, the RP takes place during the construction of Babylon 5, where the Ceran Fleet was "approached" by the Vorlons to represent them as a "favor" for helping Cera build its Fleets and develop technologies. All OCs plus some "Canonical" characters are arriving on board the CSFD Solaris for Front-Line Training and assignment, jointly with the Earth Alliance.
NOTE: The Fall of Cera has not happened yet! I have decided to make the fall of Cera occur in 2260, 4 years from the current RP.
Cera(plus some other neutral worlds) seceded from the Earth Alliance a couple years prior to the Earth Minbari War but DID assist the Earth Alliance against the Minbari.
This RP will mainly be a "side-stories" RP(meaning, most of the time, it takes place inbetween Babylon 5 Movies + episodes) and will only become relatively linear when the RP reaches a date where a Major event in Babylon 5 Occurs. Otherwise, people RP'ing can start various "events" within reason.
NOTE: You dont HAVE to have extensive knowledge of any of the three universes to participate as I can explain whats going on and will put a general description of "current" events in the first post.
As I said, this is only a Basic Thread for the "Static" RP Section.

Various lists and rules will be posted soon.
I will be accepting Character Applications for both "Canonical" Characters(Characters from Babylon 5/Sunrider, etc.) and OCs using the following format(NOTE: you can apply for more than one char. such as 1. Canonical, 1 OC or 2 OC, etc. BUT it is HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you DO NOT apply for more than 1 Canonical character, to make it fair.):

Format for Canonical and Original Characters(As of 2256, Pre-Fall Of Cera Era:
Species:(i.e. Human)
Faction:(Currently only Accepting characters affiliated with Earth Alliance, Cera, Heaven Alliance and Independent)
Rank(If Applicable):
Family Members(Mark if they are deceased or alive):
Personality(For OCs):
Ship Assigned/Commanding(If Applicable):(I.E. CSFD Solaris, EAS Omega, etc. The Sunrider does not exist as of now) (Those that want to have a "custom" ship must PM me with the details of the ship. If the Ship is approved, other people may join that ship as well)
Type of Fighter Class(If Applicable):(NOTE: As of right now, Ryders don't exist at this point in time, it may be changed in the future)
End Format

Those that are impatient can PM for additional details as well as my Skype name, for the possible "Live" RPs, if you are interested.
There will be 2 "sections" to this RP, "Static" and "Live". Static RP is referring to the RP on the forums while Live RP is referring to RPs that may be done using group chat on skype.
If you have Skype, be sure to PM your skype name, ESPECIALLY if you will be RP'ing as a "Canonical" character. If you will be participating in "Live" RP, it is REQUIRED.<----CHANGED as of 10/16/14- You DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE SKYPE ANYMORE.
Note: You dont have to have skype even if you are playing as a canonical character but, it is still recommended. Participation in the "Live" RP is not required either.
I will be playing as Admiral York Crescentia(Ava's Father/CSF) and his wife, Chizuru Crescentia(Ava's Mother/Heaven's Alliance)
See you all later, im kinda busy :P

My Characters:
Name: York Crescentia
Faction: Cera Space Force, CSF Spec Ops, Sunrider Project
Rank: Admiral
Species: Human
Family Members: Chizuru Crescentia(Wife), Ava Crescentia(Daughter), Maximillian Crescentia(Brother/Deceased), Alice Henderson(Sister)
Personality: A bit laid back compared to his wife and daughter, introvert, tries to be friendly with his crew, not that formal, strict with training though, Idealist/Optimist
Ship Assigned/Commanding: CSFD Solaris, Commanding Officer
Type of Fighter Class: SA-23C/Cera Aurora Starfuries/REDACTED

Name: Chizuru Crescentia
Faction: Heaven's Alliance Mercenary Group, Cera Space Force
Rank: Vice Admiral
Species: Human(??)
Family Members: York Crescentia(Husband), Ava Crescentia(Daughter), Maximillian Crescentia(Brother-In-Law/Deceased), Alice Henderson(Sister-In-Law)
Personality: Strict and somewhat 'cold', like her daughter, is a bit of a tsundere, not afraid to speak her mind, outgoing, Realist
Ship Assigned/Commanding: HA BB Ashen Wing, Commanding Officer
Type of Fighter Class: SA-24/A  Blizzard Mk I. Starfuries/REDACTED

Name: Lucina Minamoto
Rank: Field Commander(AKA Rear Admiral, Upper Half)
Species: Human(??)
Family Members: ??
Personality: ??
Ship Assigned/Commanding: ??
Type of Fighter Class: SA-23E  Aurora Mk II Starfuries

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Hi all, Im about to post details for a possible crossover RP("Static" RP/ Posting on the thread and "Live" RP using Skype), in the future. Im just wondering where I would post such a topic because Im getting conflicted answers right now.

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Thank you all, for the warm reception, I hope to be a valuable part of this...."forum" community.  ;D
Not-A-PACT-Spy, nice try but our databases are offline right now. :P
Anyways, I cant talk for long because we're shadowing a-....what?!....Are you sure!?.....Red Alert! All hands to Battlestations! End Silent Running Protocols! Sorry, Im in the middle of a situation right now! This is Admiral Crescentia Signing Off!......Why aren't the Saviors and Hell's Darts Online Yet!?
*End Transmission*

OOC: Hey all, Thanks again for the warm reception. I hope to put out a basic thread for the rp I plan to post, later today. It is a crossover between Sunrider and several other Universes. If you want a hint for one of the universes involved, look at my profile picture and the ship's name in my Sig. See ya!   ;)

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It is? Okay. *Ahem* Hello all those on this odd website that you call a "forum" (It does not look like any "forum" ive ever been too...wait...21st century...riiiiiiggghhhttt....)
....What else do I say?....Well it seems that I do not have anything else to say....I should really get out more........................Wait...what did you say?....What!? N-No!....Yes I do love my wife know what, excuse me for trying to stay appropriate...

Sorry, my First Officer likes to poke fun at my relationship with my wife...Oh right, its still on....well...
This is Admiral York Crescentia, signing off.....okay now what to do?...wait...its still on....S-*LOST CONNECTION*

OOC: Yeah, Hello all on Hyperspace. Sorry about that Role playing style paragraph up there, its just how I work, i guess...
I did that for a reason, which you will see on this forum in the "General Chat" section soon. *Hint Hint*
Anyways, NOW im signing off! Cheers!  ;D

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