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General Chat / Re: The almighty SPAM TOPIC!
« Last post by Geocorn on Today at 03:47:55 pm »
hmm, I don't know... It was in the San Jose convention center and they also had spaces in 2 nearby hotels. All I know is my step counter reached 23,000+ that day. Fanimecon lasts 4 days but it was my first time going so I just went to one day. Will probably go for the full experience next year.
Bug Reports / Re: Rising Angels: Hope
« Last post by Geocorn on Today at 03:39:30 pm »
I'm thinking I might have autoskipped through THINGS...
Bug Reports / Re: Rising Angels: Hope
« Last post by Arraxis on Today at 09:56:46 am »
Ahh, yeah, I noticed it was skipping dialogue that I hadn't seen yet too, despite having the correct option selected. Also, Eri reported that Willow got knocked out of the tournament even if THINGS happened.
General Chat / Re: The almighty SPAM TOPIC!
« Last post by Shirley on Today at 06:52:07 am »
I need to get in better shape, I went to a con 3 days ago and my legs are still sore.

How big was the con in terms of size and sq footage? And how many days did it last?
Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by Arraxis on Today at 02:48:17 am »
I thought that might be the case - acting fast so you don't back out. But yeah, find what you like and do that. I don't know what starting fresh with FGO would be like were you to do that now - maybe it'd be fine playing free, maybe it is too alluring. As long as you're aware that should help you out, however, and always questioning~
Other Games / Re: Moar Higurashi Time
« Last post by Geocorn on Today at 02:43:58 am »
I'm holding off on playing just yet because I read i the discussion threads that the PS3 voices only patch should be ready in the next week.
Bug Reports / Re: Rising Angels: Hope
« Last post by Geocorn on Today at 02:40:03 am »
So, I'm definitely having an issue. I have the options set to skip only seen messages, but it's skipping right past stuff I haven't seen before. I tried one different choice at first, and it skipped all the way to the end, but I saw a new CG flash on the screen before it went back to the title. I made sure seen messages was highlighted, thought maybe it was a fluke so I tried again. Made some new choices and got a dinner scene with Kika this time that it skipped right through before I was quick enough to hit tab again.
Other Games / Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Last post by Elvis Strunk on Today at 02:39:29 am »
Hell, your post even helped me to finally make up my mind about making a clean break from DanMachi Memoria Freese (deleting account recovery info and uninstalling the game). I had been noticing that I was just repeatedly skipping the story parts of events just to grind Iris to roll the gacha, and repeatedly find myself stopping just short of buying Iris to roll paid gacha, for a game where I no longer even bothered to slow down and enjoy the story bits.
Glad it helped even a bit. This is a serious sort of thing, even if I didn't take it seriously enough for a while. I played a few gacha games myself where I just kept logging in and collecting stuff to roll with, rather than playing, because I didn't really enjoy what the game itself was about. Probably not too good to get into that mindset. Games should be fun because they're fun, after all~

As a side note, I'd have recommended seeing if you could have sold the account to someone. It wouldn't have made up for what you spent in any way, but there are people who would pay for what you've got. Recoup things a bit.
Honestly the idea did occur to me, while I was in the process of unlocking everything. But I figured, if I took the time to do anything other than just finishing it then and there, I'd talk myself out of it. And then who knows how much farther I'd go before I decided to stop the next time. If at all. It was hard enough already. Turns out, if you try to burn your Servants, it not only gives you a popup for all your high-rarity Servants, but a separate one for just grailed Servants. So, like, do you want to burn Jack and Nursery Rhyme specifically? Okay, you clicked yes, now do you want to burn them with everyone else?

Maybe it would have been smarter to just sell it, but at this point future saved money is more important than getting anything back right now. I've still got enough to take care of what I need to and more. The bigger issue is that I still want to play. I keep thinking: if I started a new account, I'd have no reason to spend anymore, since everything I sought after and achieved is gone. I could just play with low rarity stuff, and not worry about the rest. Get to keep experiencing the storyline, and enjoying what I originally enjoyed before the problem started. But I don't know if that'd work. Could just find some way to entirely block purchases with my card, or bank, or something, but... I dunno.

For the meantime, I'm gonna just find other things to play and enjoy, and see what I'm feeling like in a month or so. Not done with Fate as a whole, no matter what; still got lots of media to enjoy. And I found a channel that seems to be uploading Onigashima story content, and if they keep it up as the game goes on, I might be able to read stuff without playing, maybe.

I do miss my Servants, and my game. If I ever do play again, I'll miss using Jack most, I think, and maybe that's good enough reason not to try. I'd always want to get her, and then I'd always want to get her to NP5, and unless I made that my literal only goal, I don't think it's feasible without spending money. But I do keep thinking about it.

* Elvis Strunk shrugs.
Other Games / Re: Moar Higurashi Time
« Last post by Elvis Strunk on Today at 02:16:25 am »
Thanks for the mention~ I picked it up. Looks quite nice next to the others~ I'm glad they settled on the sort of theme they did, for the game icons.
Mafia Vortex / Re: Villain Mafia: Night 3
« Last post by Elvis Strunk on June 17, 2018, 11:40:15 pm »
"And so, the days ends! Hours late, but even the Joker must spend time with his dear old daddy. Whoever that is!"

The chairs buzz, shaking violently- but nothing happens to the people within them. "Such a shame that we didn't get to use such a fun set up. Anyway, go to bed, get some sleep, and get ready for violence! The day will begin at 7:00 PM tomorrow!"

The Joker jumps forward, grinning madly. "Make sure you send me your night actions!"
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