Author Topic: Seeing as Earth is essentially an evil oppressive empire can you defect to mars?  (Read 4474 times)

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i dont know if this question is to spoilerific to answer but i just re-read the backstory of the game on your website just now and was struck by what complete and utter a-- holes earth have been in the sierra verse. Considering that that the martians seem to just be fighting for freedom from oppression bordering on de-facto slavery i cant really say i feel any desire whatsoever to save the oppressors, so (unless its to big of a spolier) will we get the option to defect to mars?
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Comrade! You and I shall both loyally join the glorious revolution for Martian independence and cast off the shackles those from Earth have placed on us!

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I think the Martian Revolution is to be seen as justified, but excessively cruel and heavy-handed in their means to achieve freedom. Most colonies have also taken their side after several months of the Martians explaining their cause (though it's implied that part of it has been propaganda).

The problems is that after wiping out Earth's fleet in the first battles they directly went to completely blockade it and take for themselves all the loyal colonies  and bases left: at this point they were treating their fight more as a war for domination than a rebellion (like the Zeon they're based on).

Part of it is also that the main agent in this cases is the Sigil Corporation: the Earth seemingly sees the Martian problem as a problem of the Sigil Corporation. But the Sigil Corporation was probably required by the Earth government to give priority to Earthling when it came to the distribution in colonies. That meant that more colonies had to be built for Mars, but the only way to build colonies was through Mars materials, etc

It's a bit of a fish that bites its own tail

But don't worry, there are some of us who willingly joined the Martian cause for the glorious revolution! We shall take our freedom from the Earth, even if our main leader is a totally-not-fishy guy with a white mask!
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Oh, definitely. I'm hoping that that'll get reflected in Sera's storyline, actually. She joined up because she was angry about the way Earth treats Mars as well as personal issues as a result of it, but now that war's broken out, is wondering if they really need to go this far. She's still emotional about the events that led to her decision, but how many more people have to die? How many deaths can you justify? What kind of reparations are acceptable, and when does it get punitive?

I'm a fan of Zeon, but I think that a lot of their actions weren't justified, even in the name of independence. A lot of the soldiers for Zeon were good people, but conflicts like this are bigger than any one person, bigger than they can see from their perspective. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out in Sierra Ops.
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Woot a plot discussion I never thought we'll see one until a proper release. lol

On the topic if you guys are feeling like that then the writer is doing a pretty good job thus far hahaha. Since the idea is to have all of the factions to be morally gray. 

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If you ask me, my favorite character is from the Confederacy.

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I'm... biased. Horribly, horribly biased about who my favourite character is. My avatar is evidence of this. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to see this moral ambiguity in action. Even if we don't get the chance to defect, I do like getting to ask myself "Are we the baddies?"


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