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Relation between Rising Angels and other IDHAS works
« on: April 19, 2015, 01:44:43 am »
After playing the other VNs/KNs available on IDHAS's website, several questions come to mind. Namely, are the events of these other VNs/KNs canon with Rising Angels since they apparently take place in the same universe? (I'm not totally sure if Dreams of the Skies is supposed to, but it does reference Anton's name among other things). If they are canon, then does that mean
Chief is pulling the strings during Red Rose and Reborn? (Obviously, he's writing it, but is he also a deity of sorts in story driving things?) Is Lenna dead? Is that why Sol dodge the subject with Natalie? Was Yoi's secret she was keeping from Faye that Sol found out about that she was to assassinate the Director? And apparently, she gets over her distaste for skirts?
And what of these events can we read into to predict what will happen during Fates? So many questions  :o

Edit: Also, I had assumed the races were aliens and Sol was just being an ass calling them mutants, but are they really the offspring of genetically modified humans like Yoi said about Elves?
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Re: Relation between Rising Angels and other IDHAS works
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2015, 04:59:46 pm »
It really doesn't matter if they do or not, because diehard fans can make speculations and chains anyways. Personally I haven't read any of IDHAS 's works besides Rising Angels, but even the smallest details can be links. If there are these small connections and people willing to speculate, then naturally there will be connections across most vn's.
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Re: Relation between Rising Angels and other IDHAS works
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2015, 05:40:39 pm »
Canon has evolved so many times over the years... the only works that are 100% canon right now are the Rising Angels series because it was the rework on the very massive lore and backstories that went on since 2005 when nobody really read any of the works. Anton's Vacation takes place in the same universe, and I think that is the only publicly available VN that took place there as well. There are several traditional prose pieces that take place there as well, but they are most certainly out of canon and the events that took place that still are in are alluded to in Reborn and Fates.

Dreams of the Skies was going to be, but I dropped that. Instead, I left that little easter egg regarding Anton and one of his traditional prose adventures in there.

Chief isn't pulling the strings in Reborn and Red Rose, but someone most certainly is pulling Stan and Natalie's strings...

Lenna has died so many times in canon that she's a damn zombie at this point. Except for Red Rose, Lenna Edeck has had an ambiguous death in every since work she has been in. And every single time I kill her, happy that I never have to write her again, she finds her way back into the story with some string of unlikely events. Lenna isn't dead, but if I can find a way to get her for good, I'm gonna try...

Sol dodges the subject because of how they broke up and his involvement in it. This most certainly will come back up in Fates.

That's one of them Yoi's hiding. Yoi is more of a villain in every story than a hero. She's always on the side of good, but damn does she keep doing things that make her a reoccurring culprit. Also, Yoi doesn't really hate skirts. She's fine with them, thinks they look cute. What she hates is pencil skirts because they are far too tight and have absolutely no practicality. She's a very fluid person and they are her most hated clothing item. I'd ask her about them during the Tropolain sections of Fates, when you are back in a jungle and she's in her stupid, stupid uniform.

In short, a lot of those events will either pop back up for little scenes or come to their arc's conclusion

Sol's right on this one, they are technically mutants. Everyone but the Afriks and Draemons can trace their heritage back to Earth in some way. As for the Afriks and Draemons, they claim that they are just like everyone else, but you can easily follow their history back further than humanities. Where they come from and how truthful their stories are is a mystery...

That being said, true aliens are probably on their way if I can get the RPG engine ready.

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Re: Relation between Rising Angels and other IDHAS works
« Reply #3 on: April 22, 2015, 06:54:30 pm »
Wow thanks for responding Chief! I'm super hyped :)


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