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Rising Angels: Fates Writing Contest
« on: September 29, 2015, 07:06:59 am »
We are going to continue our lead up to Fates's release with a couple of contests. The second contest is everyone's favorite, a writing contest!

Theme: Challenges to overcome; One of the reoccurring themes in all Rising Angels games is that the world isn't there to just give things out to you. Hard work, dedication, and that little ounce of luck are the driving forces. Sometimes those challenges are easy, sometimes those challenges are not killing Stan. Either way, a challenge is what awaits you, dear writers! Now overcome it!

Eligible games to use characters from: Anton's Vacation, Rising Angels: The Red Rose, Rising Angels: Reborn, Rising Angels: Fates

Prizes, what you all are interested in! Both the writing contest and art contest have identical prizes. Now, I'd like to give out more than large cash prizes, so if there are any donations to our contest, I'll welcome them. I'm chatting with a couple people to see if they would be willing to lend some aid, so prizes may increase.

First place: $200 USD via Paypal

Second place: $100 USD via Paypal

Third place: $50 USD via Paypal

Contest officially starts on September 19th, 2015

Deadline: October15th, 2015

Results announced: October 17th, 2015 during our regular Fates Weekly.

Judging: All pieces will be judged on creativity, relation to the theme, grammatical accuracy, and plain old awesomeness. All pieces will be reviewed by the dynamic IDHAS trio: Chief Editor Komi and his two bumbling assistants. Depending on the number of entries, we might include a fan vote in there as well.

Art contest rules:

1. You must have at least one character from either Rising Angels: The Red Rose, Rising Angels: Reborn, or Anton's Vacation. You can include other characters, if you wish.

2. Proper credit must be given to all characters. (Mostly if you include characters that aren't yours or the studios.)

3. You must include the theme in some way, shape, or form.

4. You can submit up to two pieces for contest.

5. Keep it under XXX rating. IDHAS has never been a family friendly studio, but let's keep the smut out of this one. You can toe that line, just don't cross it.

Either post entries or send them to [email protected] . Winners will be announced on the website and e-mailed.

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Re: Rising Angels: Fates Writing Contest
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2015, 11:50:00 pm »
Oh just 4 weeks? It's like Nanowrimo is early this year lol


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