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Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
« Reply #375 on: March 03, 2018, 07:58:52 am »
2: Stop playing and check the news app.

Also, playing games FTW.

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Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
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Before the last minute votes came in Dee was the selected choice but the news has won~


You stop playing and check the news app.

A generic, if catchy tune begins playing in the background, the developer apparently looking for something soft and uplifting rather than dark or brooding- or, as one might otherwise expect, silence. Likewise, most of the information displayed on the front page seems fairly positive; you don't see anything awful going on, on a global scale. It only starts seeming odd when you're moving into the later pages, and the trend continues. Perhaps the world has suddenly decided to be nice to itself for once?

Whatever the reason, there isn't anything depressing going on. Instead, you're met with headlines discussing the on-the-verge breakthrough a company in Japan has been working on, relating to hyper-realistic rendering software. It seems like a new level of gaming immersion may be on the near horizon- as in, within a decade or so, for easy public access. Likewise, it seems average living conditions in North America and Europe have been on a slight increase over recent months, according to several studies. Lastly, the front page boasts of an upcoming satellite launch by a joint team headed by members from Australia and Germany, allegedly capable of scanning the interior makeup of the moon.

Later pages are more of the same, discussing scientific and economic information that might otherwise be missed. Bee populations on the rise; cloning technology advanced to the next stage of testing; cancer-related deaths at the lowest point in thirty years. It seems, compared to the situation you've found yourself in, the rest of the world is doing pretty well. Perhaps you'll even live long enough to enjoy the fruits of some of their labor.

You do find one message around four pages deep, that seems a little off compared to the rest. What sticks out first is the title, "Dreamscape has expanded". It isn't written with quite the same flair and energy as the others, and it's by-far the shortest title. Inside, you find that the author's style and prose are also entirely different, though you know the producers of the app have a variety of writers on-hand. However, it's the contents of the article that seem strange, speaking about concepts you've never heard of before, and offering little to no explanation for what they mean, as if expecting whoever the target is to know the ins and outs of what seems like a very complex... program? It seems to be something akin to one, based on what you can gather.

You decide to...

1: Dig deeper, research this 'Dreamscape' article and see if you can figure out what any of it means.
2: Keep going through the pages, try and find anything else that might seem unusual or eye-catching.
3: Stop checking the news and look into the Holy Grail War.
4: Stop checking the news and do a search on someone you know.
5: Stop using the computer for now and do something else.


As a side note, you still have time to accomplish a little more with your day, most likely, but you should make careful use of your time from now on~

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Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
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* WeAreTheMeta arrives to a new set of incredibly strange solution

The world is going well but a strange thing that makes no sense is happening. We're in a grail war.
What if, we aren't in a Heaven Feel ritual, but in an ACTUAL grail war that grant wish. No corruption of the grail that mean every wish ends in destruction, no goal to get to 'true magic', just an actual wish granting war. And the reason the world is going so well, is, actually, a wish.

Of course, that doesn't really explain what is happening to us, and why we would be attacked while not being a master, how there seem to be a grail war without any of the, albeit small, organisation the others had, etc...

However, we also seem to be some strange kind of human/servant, so maybe the wish of whoever won last war was made by our own master, so we, along with the current world, are the result?

Anyway, I may be going too far in my speculation, for now:
Option 1

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Arraxis [Sep 23, 2016, 11:37:43 pm]:   Love you too Meta

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Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
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Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
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6. Masturbate

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Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
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Surely that should fall under option 5 meg?

Regardless, I vote option 1. Might as well dig a little deeper, who knows, we may find something that relates to us...

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Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
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6A. Vote against Meli

Just gonna cancel this one out completely...

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Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
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6A. Vote against Meli

Just gonna cancel this one out completely...

How cruel! We need this story to get lewd~

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Re: Fate/Decrypt Survive
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* Deeox2 kicks at F/DS.

Option 1!


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