Author Topic: Why do you like hypocrasy so much?  (Read 2018 times)

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Why do you like hypocrasy so much?
« on: December 27, 2016, 12:52:48 pm »
I was wondering why do you people like hypocrisy and ruining you games with it so much?

I thought both Rising Angels: Hope and Rising Angels: Reborn ware good games with potential to become even better later on but both of them ware ruined by some of most ridicules hypocrisy I had a misfortune to read/hear.


Rising Angels: Reborn was free of it for the most part but then close to an ending where you get a choice to kill a doctor or not and chouse to kill him the lines after that are a complit nonsense, he tried to kill everybody for noting other then money, come close to it a faw times and Faye might still die because of him there is apsolutelly noting wrong in executing him and yet Natalie after that talks like she had done something bad but the lines after that Zuri tells to Natalie are some of the most stupid things I read, "I couldn't protect him I will newer be a warrior" just WTF!? Protect a scumbag who tried to kill them many times and come close to it several times and laugs in their faces about it and will likely try it again? Just WTF!? is wrong with you people. And beside they are soldiers in war they kill enemies that is what they do there is noting wrong with it. Zuri herself constantly calls herself warrior, warriors fight and kill enemies not protect people who trie to kill them and their friends.... This is so insane that something like this even needs to be stated. After that line I could barely even finish the last few mins of game and I didn't even go to see other routes/endings, I couldn't stand to read any more of it, I hear my brain screaming from it.

Rising Angels: Hope was even worse with whole Lenna incident, Lenna does terrible things behind Faye's back and when Yoi tries to shield Faye from it somehow all the blames shifts to Yoi and it's all her fault??? Again WTF?! Durning the whole incident part none of it made any sense at all, just pure instanity.

So just why do you put stuff like that in your games? Why do you ruin you games with it? what is wrong with you people?

PS: Sorry for mistyping but I think your writing just broke my brain.


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