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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #705 on: April 12, 2018, 05:27:46 am »
Well, Meli's summed up the event pretty well so I guess I'll just do Servants and CEs.

5* Limited Rider: Iskandar
AoE Buster NP, reduces enemy defense with Overcharge
Charisma A: Party Attack Up (10-20%) for 3 turns
Tactics B: Increase party NP damage (9-18%) for one turn
Lightning Conqueror EX: Self Buster up (30-50%) and star generation up by 50% for 1 turn
Cards: QAABB

Like Medb, his NP hits like a wet noodle right now. Will be upgraded with Interlude eventually.

4* Caster (Welfare): Irisviel
Arts NP, Heal Party, party gains Guts status for 3 turns (Guts Heal scales with overcharge)
Resolution of Commitment: Increase healing done by her for 1 turn
Infant of Nature: Invincible for 1 turn, NP gen up for 3 turns
Magic Medicine: Heal one ally

Alas, poor Irisviel suffers from really shit NP generation. I wish I had more occasion to use her, but when I do, she pulls her weight and more. Hell, the last set of battles for Part 1 I was able to turtle through with a combination of Iri's healing/Guts, Jeanne's invincibility, and [redacted]'s stupidly powerful NP.

4* Assassin (Permanent): Emiya (actually Kiritsugu)
Single Target Arts NP, does damage, reduces enemy NP gauge by 1, decrease enemy crit chance for 3 turns (Overcharge)
Magecraft B: Arts up for 1 turn (24-40%)
Affection of the Holy Grail A+: Invincibility pierce and crit damage up (30-50%) for 3 turns, decrease party (except self) debuff resist for 3 turns
Scapegoat B: Taunt on one ally for one turn, gain crit stars (5-15)
Cards: QQAAB

Kiritsugu is one of my favorite Assassins to use, honestly. His biggest problem is that his NP gain is really terrible, but he makes up for it by generating lots of crit stars and doing lots of crit damage. Both of which his passive skills help with. He doesn't give as many stars as, say, Jack, but it's still a good amount. Gets his own NP upgrade later on.

3* Assassin (Permanent): Hundred Face Hassan
Single Target Arts NP, does damage, reduce enemy crit chance for 3 turns
Library of Stored Information: Increase NP and crit star generation for 3 turns
Expert of Many Specializations: Chance to increase Quick, Arts, and Buster damage by 30% for 3 turns (individual per card type; 60-80% chance), grant Evade for 1 turn
Battle Retreat: Heal (2000-4000 HP), remove all other buffs from self
Cards: QQAAB

I haven't actually played around with HFH myself, but just looking at her (their?) kit, I'd say HFH is a solid choice of an Assassin. Just be careful using that heal. Use that one before any other skills. Also gets an NP Interlude at some point.

0* Avenger (Permanent, FP gacha only): Angra Mainyu
AoE (I guess?) Arts NP. Heals self, adds "wait" status. At end of next turn (or start, just some time in the next turn), deal damage to all enemies based on damage taken during that turn (2x at NP1, 3x at NP5). Note: If he has Guts status active and dies from damage, he will still deal the damage. Have done this myself for a specific Nerofest challenge battle. It's weird.

Tawrich, Left Fang Grinder: Reduce one enemy's crit chance for 3 turns
Zarich, Right Fang Grinder: Reduce one enemy's NP gauge by 1, reduce their attack for 3 turns
Murderous Intent: Increase Quick for 5 turns but in a weird way. Adds a status that kills him after 5 turns. This can trigger Guts status. Also can be removed by enemies using buff removal skills on him.

The Quick Up skill works really oddly. It increases the actual Quick buff by an amount determined by the skill level over each of the 5 turns. For example, it starts off at 20%. This means that the turn he uses it, he gains 20% Quick up. The next turn, he has 40%, after that 60%, and so on. Maxes out at 40% per turn, for a whopping 200% buff after 5 turns. Later he gets an interlude (but can only be done at Bond 10) that adds a Guts status to this skill so he doesn't die. Also it can apparently stack with other Guts buffs, but this one gets used first. I don't know, my Angra on JP is only at Bond 7.

On that note, his Bond CE will be useful in a few story chapters, so if you ARE able to use some sort of eldrich luck (Elvis I see you over there) to get him, put him in your party. Also, even though he's a 0* Servant, he gives 2 Quartz per bond level past 6, much like a 4* would.

I'm not entirely sure when Anger Management is added to the FP gacha, since he never gets announced like the rest of the Servants. I think he'll be available once the event starts, but don't count on getting him. He's rarer than a goddamn 5*. He's also kind of a joke character, but hey, he's an Avenger!

Final Destination: 5*
Start with 30% NP, gain 3 crit stars per turn

Before Awakening: 5*
Quick, Arts, Buster, and Defense all increased

Volumen Hydrargyrum: 5*
Invincible for 3 attacks, +200 flat damage on all attacks made

Young Maiden Ignorant of Love: 4*
Quick Up, gain 4% NP charge per turn

Self Geass Scroll: 3*
Increase Stun success rate

Penis Burrowing Worms: 3*
XP fodder.

All of these sans penis worms increase Insignia drops for the class of the Servant it is equipped on for this event.

Sorta minor spoilerly things for the far future
On a side note I finished the first story chapter of Part 2 in JP today, read some of the translated stuff, and now feel kinda dead inside. I'm a monster. And now I can't summon cute ice Caster because then I'd feel like NTR trash.
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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #706 on: April 12, 2018, 10:24:35 am »
I feel bad. Yolo'd a 10-roll on Jeanne and got her when Revo didn't. :(

Wow you got her in a single 10 roll?! Thats some real luck in there. Congratz! xD

Technically 2. I got OT this weekend so used that money to buy 100 quartz and got her on the second 10-roll.

Updated: April 12, 2018, 03:27:41 pm
Here's a guide I made for the F/Zero event.

Just a note - I don't see any benefit of the CEs to boost drops, unless it's not a 100% drop rate - which it very well could be.

The Fate/Zero Event in 75 Easy Steps!
Step 1: Run Act 1
Step 2: Run Residential District D once
Step 3: Run Residential District C once
Step 4: Run Fuyuki Bridge D once
Step 5: Run Act 2
Step 6: Run the Harbor D twice
Step 7: Run the Harbor C twice
Step 8: Run Act 3
Step 9: Run Fuyuki Bridge C 9 times
Step 10: Run Act 4
Step 11: Run Act 5
Step 12: Run Act 6
===Buy 1 Demons Foot using Caster Emblems===
Step 13: Run Urban District D once
Step 14: Run Urban District C 5 times
Step 15: Run Act 7
Step 16: Run Reservoir D once
===Buy 1 Demons Foot using Archer Emblems===
Step 17: Run Reservoir C once
Step 18: Run Act 8
===Buy 2 Magic Ores using Caster Emblems===
Step 19: Run Fuyuki Bridge B 3 times
Step 20: Run Act 9
===Buy 3 Demons Foots using 50 Caster Emblems and 150 Archer Emblems===
Step 21: Run Urban District B 6 times
Step 22: Run Act 10
Step 23: Run Harbor B 7 times
===Buy 7 Assassins Masks using 150 archer emblems, 150 rider emblems, and 20 assassin emblems===
Step 24: Run Residential District B 5 times
Step 25: Run Act 11
Step 26: Run Act 12
Step 27: Run Einzburn Castle C once
Step 28: Run Einzburn Castle B 4 times
Step 29: Run Act 13
Step 30: Run Residential District D 5 times
===Buy 3 Assassin Masks using 150 Assassin Emblems and 50 Berserker Emblems===
Step 31: Run Residential District A 5 times
Step 32: Run Act 14
Step 33: Run Tohsaka Manor D once
Step 34: Run Tohsaka Manor C once
Step 35: Run Urban District A 8 times
===Buy 7 Magic Ores using 170 Lancer Emblems, 70 Saber Emblems, 50 Berserker Emblems, and 50 Caster Emblems===
Step 36: Run Tohsaka Manor B once
Step 37: Run Tohsaka Manor A 10 times
===Buy 9 Goblets of Treasures using 150 Assassin Emblems, 70 Rider Emblems, 50 Berserker Emblems, and 150 Archer Emblems===
Step 38: Run Homurahara C once
Step 39: Run Homurahara B once
Step 40: Run Homurahara A 8 times
Step 41: Run Einzburn Castle A 9 times
Step 42: Run Act 15
Step 43: Run Act 16
Step 44: Run Reservoir B once
Step 45: Run Fuyuki Church D once
Step 46: Run Fuyuki Church C once
Step 47: Run Fuyuki Church B once
Step 48: Run Samurai Dojo D once
Step 49: Run Samurai Dojo C once
Step 50: Run Samurai Dojo B once
Step 51: Run Act 17
Step 52: Run Act 18
Step 53: Run Act EX
===Buy all remaining Masks, Foots, Ores, and Goblets from the shops. You should have 16 masks, 16 foots, 17 ores, and 18 goblets===
***Keep Irisviel (Dress of Heaven) in your party from now on***
Step 54: Run Residential District EX once
Step 55: Run Fuyuki Bridge A once
Step 56: Run Fuyuki Bridge EX twice
Step 57: Run Harbor A once
Step 58: Run Harbor EX once
Step 59: Run Fuyuki Church A once
Step 60: Run Fuyuki Church EX 6 times
Step 61: Run Samurai Dojo A once
Step 62: Run Samurai Dojo EX six times
Step 63: Run Reservoir EX six times
Step 64: Run Urban District EX once
Step 65: Run Tohsaka Manor EX once
Step 66: Run Homurahara EX once
Step 67: Run Einzburn EX once
Step 68: Run Large Cavity A once
Step 69: Run Large Cavite EX once
Step 70: Run the Warf Bonus Quests
Step 71: Run the Fuyuki Bridge Bonus Quests
Step 72: Run the Tohsaka Manor Bonus Quests
Step 73: Run the Einzburn Bonus Quests
Step 74: If you havent already, level Irya to ascend her twice
Step 75: If you havent, grind anything to get Irya to bond level 3
FINALE: Kill the King of Persia and mourn the loss of your apples.
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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #707 on: April 12, 2018, 05:34:16 pm »
Did a couple ten rolls on the Gil/Saber banner, got Lancelot! Hes basically the only launch 4* I wanted but never got, so Im happy with that. Also got a second Kaleidoscope! Which means, since I maxed Helenas first skill, I MIGHT be able to set things up so I can clear hands in three turns. Maybe.

Also, so glad they introduced the double success rates DURING the lottery event. Leveled Jeanne Alter all the way to 60, which is where shes staying until I can ascend her again. Then I leveled Nobu and Shiki to seventy; I think my end goal will be getting everyone there so I dont need to rush it once Mash reaches that point. Santa Saber hit sixty-nine, but then Lancelot showed up, so my exp is going to him for now~

This lottery really has been pretty great. Only thing I have left to do after leveling is hoping for a third Avenger~ Gotta collect them all!

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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #708 on: April 12, 2018, 05:45:28 pm » <- Full guide for the F/Zero event with the excel database linked at the bottom for anyone who cares about stats/procedures.

And gratz, Evils!

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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #709 on: April 14, 2018, 04:28:56 am »
Going from 90-100 takes 242 4* Experience all cards
Got that many 4* EXP card again after emptying out the lottery, and have 6 grails in stock (though a little short of QP), so I'm a little tempted to shoot for level 100 with either Saber Bride or Jalter.

... But in the end, I think I'll hold out a bit longer for Raikou. :o

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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #710 on: April 14, 2018, 10:20:48 am »
So I couldnt sleep. Decided to get some Quartz (this is not a valid solution to insomnia) and rolled the gacha, because Saber.

Well Saber is NP5 now.

Thats an entire journey, complete. Funny thing is, she was only on rateup two of the times I got her. The other times were a random story single pull, on Jacks banner, and on Jeanne Alters banner. Now, I can only imagine the amount of unregistered spirit origins shell get me the next fifty times she shows up.

Upgraded her NP via interlude a few hours ago as well. I think I want to max her first two skills at least, and get her to 90 before the years out. Its a shame she takes so many Claws of Chaos, since they seem to be the most in-demand item for all my Servants. Poor Cu has been stuck at 7/7/7 for so long...

All this also vaguely makes me consider grailing her to 100. Shes the reason I started playing, and shes showed up so many times, and so easily... the only issue is, not enough grails for her alongside everyone else I wanna take to max. Well, Ill have to keep considering it as time goes on.

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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #711 on: April 15, 2018, 03:05:19 am »
Here I am not really sure what I'm doing I've only got like halfan hour in not counting the stuff I had to repeat.

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Re: Fate/Grand Order
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I know Im a little late, but, I finally completed the America story chapter. Got the grail, took Nursery Rhyme to 92. As for my impressions, Ill say I think this was probably my favorite story chapter so far. I enjoyed a lot of the characters, from Helena, to Edison, to Elisabeth Bathory and Nightingale.

Liz especially since I realized that, aside from the main cast, shes pretty much the one whos been around the longest, always showing up when we need help. I dont know how much more shell appear in the plot moving forward, but Ill be looking forward to it. She might be my favorite of the Lancers I have currently, even.

All that said, the real standout this chapter, for me, was Rama. I loved that guy. If he ever shows up in my rolls, I think hell be the first non-Saber Saber that I raise. His personality was cool, alongside his abilities in combat, and his relationship with Sita- who was quite pretty, art-wise, I must admit.

I also managed to summon Nighingale from a random ten roll in the story gacha, pretty much right before I got around to continuing America, and, while shes certainly not the absolute best Servant, I became more happy that she showed up as I progressed further. Plus, I got to use her alongside Rama a lot that way, instead of having to pick one, which made immersion quite a bit better.

I will close off with saying, ending the chapter that way was mean! I wont get into any more spoilers than I already have, in case anybody exists thats even slower at stuff than I am, but I guess all I can say is, Im now left wondering what the heck is going on! Im sure everything will be all right... hopefully.

Also, this time around, it felt really weird and disconnected to receive the specific 3* for completing this chapter. Getting Jekyll in London made perfect sense, though admittedly even in Okeanos I felt like Euryale fit better than David, just for sheer impact and importance to the story. I guess its a rather minor issue to begin with, so its not exactly something thatll bother me, though~

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Re: Fate/Grand Order
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Arra told me how to find my friend code,  so 635,887,541

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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #715 on: April 19, 2018, 09:06:52 am »
Not that it'd matter much to those of us who have already been playing the game for a while through one method or another, but it looks like English version of Fate/Grand Order is now officially available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Australia, as well as several other countries falling under the South East Asia umbrella ("Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines").

It's still using the same US server as far as I can tell, but now you can use Australian iTunes and Play Store gift cards in their respective Australia region stores... Though you may not want to, since apparently the AU$ asking price for quartz can be a lot worse than buying them with US$.

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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #716 on: April 19, 2018, 10:59:34 am »
I had Google Play store credit from Christmas so I made sure to use it. But yeah, the price for the top purchase in AUD is $129.99, and the USD price is $79.99. Not accounting for exchange rate, back in January it would have cost AUD$105.25. That's more than currency conversion. After I spend all my Google Play credit I'll probably switch back to the US store for a better deal. Although now I can ask friends to give me SQ as a present now.

EDIT: Just realised Meliran was given credit in the walkthrough for doing the step by step part. Wow. Congrats, you're a nerd~
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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #717 on: April 19, 2018, 12:02:52 pm »
Teehee. Was a very fun day at work the day I did that. xD

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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #718 on: April 20, 2018, 07:29:06 am »
hello friends i recently drew astolfo and nursery rhyme and i thought i would post them



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Re: Fate/Grand Order
« Reply #719 on: April 21, 2018, 01:52:32 am »
I think this event is the only one since the game’s launch where I have zero temptation to roll the gacha for CEs, since the gacha CEs doesn’t synergise with event servant drop boosts, and basically only the event shop “His Rightful Place” CE is worth a damn.

The only servant that actually gets synergistic benefits from the gacha CEs is Lancelot, where he gets +3 event servant drop bonus against Berserkers and +2/+3 drops against his own class (Berserker).

For everybody else (besides maybe the Angry Manju) equipping gacha CEs is pretty much a total waste of time, since if I wanted Saber Seals I’ll put Gil in my party, and giving him a gacha CE would only boost Archer Seal drops, and he’s still stuck on +3 Saber Seals (so I might as well just equip him with a good NP jumpstart CE instead).


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