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The Dust of Romance - A Pluho Story (NSFW~ Non-canon)
« on: June 30, 2017, 08:59:36 pm »
This is a little Maho x Pluto story I wrote today which is a bit lewd~ OK, a lot lewd. But, enjoy!

Tried to format it as best as I could. I attached a pdf if you prefer to DL it as I see it~

Part 1
The sun shines down on Lyceum on a beautiful summer day. It seems only yesterday I became a Maid and had my first Maid Day, but it’s actually been closer to a month. After countless balls, and even more missions, my body is wearing down.

I lie on my bed and read through my textbook. The font seems to grow tinier every time I pick it up. But I know it’s still the same time. I adjust my glasses, hoping nobody will bust through my door and see my shame. They must think everything is all right with me. I am their little sister, not somebody to cause them fear.

One day, using these powers is going to leave me blind, if not dead. But I know that is the price I have to pay. I agreed to it when I became a Maid. If it means helping other people, then so be it. Their lives are worth so much more than mine.

A chime rings through my room from the loudspeaker. From the darker tone, I understand this is an official important announcement, not one of the students from the radio club playing music for us to relax.

I take out my ear buds to listen. “Attention, Maids. There will be a required meeting for all Maids at the atrium at sixteen hundred hours. Failure to attend will be considered insubordination and may lead to dismissal.”

An announcement from headmistress Elidia herself! Usually she only gathers us for something of mass importance, so I know not to lollygag in my room if I can help it. She’s going to be waiting for me there along with all the other Maids, so I suppose that nap I had planned for this afternoon is out the window. I tie my pigtails back in place, wipe the dust off my uniform, and run to the atrium.

Hundreds of Maids gather below the headmistress’s platform. Several of her subordinates walk through the aisle and take inventory of the students, making a little check in their books. The subordinate responsible for me hardly needs to take any time to determine who I am. It’s best she knows so I can keep my mouth shut.

“Maids, I have an important announcement,” says the Headmistress. “As of late, we have found many Maids in possession of illicit substances – most notoriously, the compound known as ‘Dust.’”

A hushed whisper spreads between the Maids. I see, this is one of her famous drug speeches. I reach in my pockets for my ear buds to tune her out.

“We’ve managed to trace the origin of these drugs to a woman and two men, although we’re wont to give their names lest they understand their danger. As such, we have decided to give a warning to all Maids instead. You are not to partake in these substances at any cost. Involvement in Dust from this point on will result in the Maid’s dismissal. Do not approach this woman and two men should you see them, as they are to be considered armed and dangerous.”

My heart races. A woman and two men distributing Dust? Could it be Beth? Ken? Jack? No, they’re not here. They’ve moved out with their families and are living a life they’ve dreamed of, so long as they didn’t squander it away with their addictions. Yet at the same time, a part of me long suppressed awakens. My heart is calling out for Beth again. It wants to hear her call me “Sweet Pea” and bake pancakes for me and play video games all day long. It’s like I’m in the beaten and run down house again with them, with naught but a worry of when my next meal would be.

I know I have to pursue this lead. Even if it means running away from my new home, I’m going to have to pursue it.

I wait until nightfall and put up a hoodie. This isn’t so much avoiding detection from others so much as it is to hide my hair. While my body has not matured a day since the day we left, Beth might not recognize me. My eye color changed the day my powers awoke, but I don’t know if she knew me by those. But she knew me as a blonde. She might not recognize me with my newly dyed pink locks. She’d think it cool to see me as a rebel with this hair, but I only did it to match my eyes.

At the bottom of the stairs, I see the Maid I knew would be on the prowl – Cordelia. If the word “danger” is mentioned, she is certain to be on top of it. She grips her axe and storms out the building, her heavy armor shaking the ground as she walks.

I creep behind her. She turns a corner and reaches in a bush, pulling out a hiding Maid. The Maid drops a small package and quakes in her boots.
“Where did you get that?” she demands.

The Maid bursts out crying. “Please! Please! Don’t tell the Headmistress! I don’t want to be sent home!”

“I have no intention to tell her anything unless you keep your lips sealed. Where did you get that?”

The Maid’s skirt gets dirty with moisture. Cordelia rightfully earned her status as one of the three most dangerous girls in the school. Why I’m ranked number one, I’ll never know, for Cordelia quakes me down to my bones.

“Th-The fountain!” she says. “They’re by the fountain!”

Cordelia drops the druggie Maid with a thump. “The fountain, is it? Bounty, here I home!” She charges away from the dorm to the center of the Lyceum.

But I know Beth wouldn’t wait by the beautiful pewter fountain in the middle of the Lyceum. She’s lived her entire life running and hiding where nobody else could see. The girl isn’t referring to that fountain.

Rather, she’s referring to a water fountain. And there is only one water fountain I can think of so out of the way, Beth would hang around there.

I curl around the dorms to the atrium. In the front is the large area the Headmistress gathered us and gave her speech. But in the back is a rather ill maintained area containing a storage shed, a few spare outfits, and yes, a water fountain. It’s mainly meant for when we wish to participate in Maid sports and the like.

The grass brushes high against my socks and some of the naughtier grasses brush into my skirt. I kick them aside to push to the water fountain. There is somebody waiting there for me, and I cannot leave her waiting.

She stands there, a blur under the moon with my poor eyesight.

“Beth!” I call. “It’s me, your Sweet Pea!”

The woman approaches me. Her hair has gotten quite long in the three years since we’ve left – almost curling down to her feet. Beyond that, she’s taken to dying it a crisp cerulean, so she almost looks like…

“How do you get ‘Beth’ out of ‘Maho’?” she asks. I hold my hand to my chest, realizing my mistake. The girl steps closer to me, showing her face in earnest. Her crisp hazel eyes sparkle against the blackness of the night, and she has a perfect smile across her face.

For the girl ranked the second most dangerous in the school, she certainly doesn’t seem too scary. She never seemed anything more than average on our missions, and her demeanor outside missions certainly did nothing to add to that allure.

She stuffs a manga with two men in her coat and pulls my hood back. “I never would have expected my little sister here. Why are you looking for them? Are you looking to take them down on your own? Or are you looking for their Dust?”

I cast my eyes on the ground, not daring to speak a word. Maho and I have always been on casual terms, but it’s not like I can tell her everything here and now. She’s a girl who doesn’t bully me, and nothing more.

Maho ruffles my hair. “I suppose you’re not going to tell me in any case. Come on, I’m taking you back to my dorm for the night. It’s too dangerous for you to be alone out here.”

I want to tell her about my own dorm, but she won’t listen. She is the type of girl who charges forward, no matter what the situation, keeping her eyes on her goal. Beyond that, she always does it with such elegance and grace, well deserved of the Étoile d'Avignon name.

Her room is very much the same as mine – a pair of four poster beds with a desk and a nightstand. But unlike mine, there are several plushies on her bed.

“Go on. They’re comforting,” she says. I lie on her unfamiliar bed and sort through her plushies in hope of finding something normal. Yet then I find—

Maho grabs the pink-haired plushie out of my hands. Her quick reaction confirms my suspicions. “Plushies are cute, all right?” she asks. “And you’re cute. So you can’t blame me!”

I stifle a giggle. This girl really might not be so bad after all.

She places the plushie of me on her desk and pulls open her mini-fridge. “Do you want anything? I have milk, water, and soda.”

It has been years since I last drank a soda. Ever since Beth’s house, I tried to stay away from it lest it bring back memories. But tonight feels different. Tonight, I want to remember her.

Yet I can’t inconvenience Maho, so I keep my mouth shut. She gives a knowing smile and pulls out a can of orange for me.

“Tell me,” she says. “Why were you out there?”

This is bad. She’s pushing me for answers. I hold my hands tight, hoping for the situation to somehow go away. Let her roommate come in and ask what she’s doing with me, or have her decide I’m not worth it.

She sits next to me on my bed. “Do you not trust me?” she asks. “Or is it a secret that you’re trying to hide? Don’t worry, even if you were there to buy dust, I won’t tell on you.”

My mind races. Maybe I can run out of here without a problem. I always manage to run away from my problems, so why can’t I run away from this one? She won’t be able to chase after me.

Maho smiles. “How about we make a trade then? I’ll tell you a secret of mine, and you tell me whether you were there to get the drugs or to chase the perpetrators. Does that sound like a good idea?”

A secret from Maho? Something seems tempting about the prospect. I don’t know what else I can do but agree. I can always lie to her somehow about it. But I want to know more about this girl known as the second most dangerous in the school. I want to become closer to her.

She leans in close to my ear. “I love you.”

I almost faint on the spot. I thought she’d be telling me something about something she does rather unrefined, or something she did in the past which shames her to this day. Yet for her to confess to me, a girl she’s barely talked to, drives me wild. And to add to it, it sends my heart aflutter.

Has she already replaced Beth? No, nobody can replace her. Beth is so much more to me. But I can’t help but gaze into Maho’s eyes and get entranced by them. She’s so tempting and frankly gorgeous, I don’t know how I can ever refuse her confession.

She is blushing a little as she pulls her lips away from my ears. “There, I said it. I don’t know why, but ever since I saw you on Maid Day, I knew we were somehow connected. And every part of your mannerisms spoke to me. I need you in my life, Pluto. I love you. Please go out with me.”

Part 2
I don’t know what to say. My mind keeps returning to Beth. Even though it’s been three years, I still think of her. I loved her, that much is certain. But did she really want me to become like this? Did she want me to live the rest of my days only thinking of her when she has Ken in the first place? No, she always wished for more for me. She always wished for me to become more than her.

I never really thought of Maho as much more than a person who had a lot of energy and elegance. But I suppose I could try it out. Maybe I could grow to love her, and let my feelings blossom. I lean in and touch my lips to hers. It is for no more than an instant, but it answers her question definitively.

Maho holds her hand over her mouth. “I suppose that’s your answer. Thank you, Pluto. I’m happy.”

I stare at the floor. “Sweet Pea,” I mumble.

She leans in. “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you. What did you say?”

“Please call me Sweet Pea.” Ever since Beth left, I can’t help but feel an attachment to the name. If I’m going to love her, she is the one who should use the name.

Maho ruffles my hair again. “Then Sweet Pea it is. Now, for your part of the bargain?”

After what she admitted, I cannot tell her about Beth. I don’t want to hurt myself, and at the same time, I don’t want to hurt her. She needs to believe everything is all right.

“Were you there for the Dust?” she asks.

I can only nod and lie.

Maho shakes her head – not in disappointment, but in sadness. “I cannot let my little sister, or erm, my Sweet Pea fall to evil. I’m glad we’re together, and tomorrow I will show you the joys of life.”

I hold my chest, not sure what to think. A day around Lyceum with Maho? It is a day off, but I’m not entirely sure if I can muster enough energy to keep up with her pace.

“Do you want to sleep with me tonight?” asks Maho.

It’s a bit much to ask for a first night, so I shake my head and take my leave. It is only after I’m halfway down the hall I realize she didn’t mean anything sexual by it.

I pull off my Maid uniform and crawl in bed. It’s not like anyone else is going to come in here any time soon. I have the entire night to myself to do what I please.

My body tingles all over. To think I would have a girlfriend when I place my head on a pillow really gets my blood pumping. I allow my hands to move as they please, feeling whatever part of my body they want. Only by experimenting do you learn what you really like. For instance, my upper thigh on my left leg is really ticklish and I always squeeze it when I feel down on my luck.

But nothing can prevent my hands from wandering between my lips to find my sweet spot. Ever since that first night on Beth’s bed, I don’t think I’ve skipped a day. It’s as if I cannot sleep without it. Despite all the other girls thinking I’m innocent and pure, I’m really a naughty girl to do something like this.

I stuff a sheet in my mouth as the pleasure builds, hoping it’ll stifle my moans and gasps. The tingling spreads well past my thighs and makes a bridge to my undeveloped chest.

Unlike the past million times I did this, I don’t picture Beth. She’s not my love anymore. Maho is my love. I imagine her crawling on top of my in naught more than a teddy, running her fingers up my thigh. I can’t control myself anymore as her fingers slide up, and everything comes to a climax.

I collapse on my bed gasping for air and barely able to keep my eyes open. I reach for a tissue to clean off my fingers and barely manage to place it in its proper container before I fall fast asleep.

Despite my exhaustion from the night before, when I wake up at five in the morning I cannot get back to sleep. I clamor out of bed and throw my uniform on. I probably could use a bath, but at this time in the morning I don’t know if the water even runs. I pull out a novel, put on my glasses, and flip through the pages. Even to this day I enjoy stories of princes rescuing princesses. But why can’t Maho be my prince besides her gender? Or more than that, why can’t a princess rescue a princess?

“Good morning, Sweet Pea!” The door slams open and Maho stands there with a smile beaming on her face. I jump from the sudden motion, making my glasses slide down my face.

My glasses! She doesn’t know about them! I can’t let her see them. I whip them off and stuff them in my pillowcase.

“What is that?” she asks. Too late! She saw them.

I hold up my book to give an answer. But she doesn’t seem to buy it.

“In your pillow, you stuffed something away.” She lowers her eyes. “It’s not dust, is it?”

I tremble at the thought of her discovering a secret this big.

As if through an epiphany, I stop. She broke through all her barrier yesterday to admit her undying love to me. Why can I not give her the truth of something like this? She’s my girlfriend no matter how I slice it, so she should know these types of things.

I pull out my glasses, and heave a sigh. I didn’t crush them. I put them on my face to give Maho her answer.

“You wear them?” She smirks. “It looks cute on you.”

I shake my head and fold them in their proper case.

Maho shrugs. “Well, we all make choices. And I choose to get you all prim and proper before our big date.”

What does she mean prim and proper? I’m in my uniform already. I’d wear a gown, but such behavior is not allowed today when we have visitors on campus.

She pulls me away before I have a chance to resist.

My thoughts about skipping a bath are dashed by Maho. She wastes no time hanging up an alternative color uniform for me and throwing off my old one. Somehow, being naked in front of her doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. Yet she’s a bit slower to remove her own clothes and reveal her more developed body to me. Even naked, she’s refined.

“Have to be clean for a date!” Maho laughs. She pulls me to the bath and won’t even let me wash myself. Her slender fingers rub the soap along my curves, and wipes it down as soon as it sets in. As she slides along my collarbones, I can’t help but close my eyes and enjoy the soothing sensations through my body.

“Sweet Pea?” Maho asks in the distance. “Sweet Pea, are you there?”

I flutter my eyes open. Maho is out of the bath and in a uniform with bright red buttons and long black sleeves. Did I fall asleep?

I pull myself out of the bath, at first a bit surprised by my own nakedness. Maho cannot help but laugh at my situation.

“Come on, let’s get you dried off.” She rubs the water off my body with a soft pink towel. I am ever thankful she lets me put my own uniform on. It’s different than the usual pink one, with extra ruffles in the sleeves and blue lace crossing the front. I haven’t worn something this refined since I lived with my parents. This is what Beth would have called “expensive clothes.”

Maho pulls me back to my room and turns me away from her. It is there I see the clock. 11 in the morning already? How long had I been asleep?
But Maho doesn’t seem to mind. She whips a thick hairbrush out of nowhere and gives me a handheld mirror. “Oh, my, your hair won’t do at all! Look at all these knots.” She runs her brush through my loosened hair, taking care of every last swapped strand. With her elegant hands she ties a pair of black ribbons in, making them more cute than I’d ever dare. Feeling her fingers so close to me really sends my heart aflutter. I need to calm down. There’s nothing special about this at all. She is only having fun. Seeing her cheery expression in my mirror shows me the truth to my madness, but I still can’t help but feel something more.

I love her, and she loves me. What more can there be than that?

When Maho approves of my dress, hair, and body, we leave the dorm hand in hand. She carries her parasol – I think she calls it Joyeuse – with her as we descend the steps to the Lyceum proper.

Maids are all out and about, enjoying their day off. A few have even started up a game of cricket. While I never understood the rules, I would enjoy sitting in the distance to watch them play. Yet today I’m with Maho, and that makes all the difference.

We settle down at a café. “Order anything you like.” She pulls out a credit card. “And don’t worry about the price. My dad is paying for this.”

I remember another time when I used my dad’s credit card without permission. But Maho has full permission, I’m sure. She’s from a rich and noble family, after all.

I settle for a plate of fresh salmon and Maho goes for a chicken breast. She leans on her hands and stares in my eyes. “So tell me a little about yourself.”

I freeze up, unable to speak. What is there to tell about me? I’m no more than a simple Maid who once ran away from home. I shake my head, completely blanking on what I can say to her about it.

The waiter saves me by stepping in with our food. As I had requested, he brought me a soda despite his insistence of pairing a glass of milk with it. Maho had no such trouble with water.

She swirls her glass before taking a sip, as if she is tasting a fine wine. “Impeccable.” She lifts her utensils with perfect manners and eats exactly like I would expect a fine lady to eat. She’s everything my mom had ever dreamed me to be and then some. But she wouldn’t care even if I became her.

I shouldn’t think such sad thoughts right now. There are more important things in this world, like the fine lady in front of me now.

Maho takes another bite. “I understand. There’s nothing really remarkable about me either. I need to be perfect, so that’s what I strive to be. But being perfect can be remarkably boring.”

She places her utensils down and smiles. “But don’t worry. We’re going to have a lot of fun this afternoon. Tell me, do you drink tea?”

I have, but it’s not exactly something I find too exciting. It’s not like beer or soda. Tea is simply boring, and that is all there is to it. I shake my head to give the best answer I can.

Maho smiles. “Then you can come join me for my tea time at two. It helps to try some new things once in a while. And then maybe tonight we can drink something you like together. I have plenty of soda, if that is what you wish.”

I don’t know what to say. I suppose that would make a lovely evening. I nod along, and she rises from her seat. “For now, I feel like a walk through Lyceum with my princess. Does she care to join me?”

I take her outstretched arm and follow her lead. Lyceum has many pathways which seemingly lead nowhere. Their official use is to train us for navigating caves and tunnels, but on a day like today, they are a pathway of love. Several couples join us in our meander through the pathways with no aim, and only being happy to be in each other’s company.

Part 3
Maho checks her watch as we round the bend. “1:50. I suppose it is time we return to the dorms for tea.”

She is surprising precise with this. I suppose I’ll have to deal with having tea today. It’s not that I hate the stuff – it’s just not my drink of choice. But if Maho wants it, I am more than willing to oblige. I’ll do anything to make her happy.

Something charges up to Maho, with her silver hair flowing behind her. Cordelia slams the butt of her axe on the ground. “Maho, I think I have a lead on the dealers around campus! We have to leave now if we want to catch them.”

Maho curtsies. “My apologies, but you’ll have to apprehend them yourself. My tea is calling me.”

“This isn’t the time for tea. We have to do our duties as Maids and defend this world from evil! We have to apprehend the criminals!”

“And I’m sure you’ll do a marvelous job with it. Now, if you excuse me.” She steps aside to move past Cordelia, but Cordelia isn’t having it.

“Don’t think about it,” says Cordelia. “Your tea can wait.”

“No it can’t. It’s almost two.”

Cordelia grabs Maho’s arm. I don’t think she even knows I exist. “I’ll drag you there if I have to.”

Maho narrows her eyes. “You dare get between my tea and me?”

“I do when there’s a good reason.”

Maho holds her parasol out. “Unforgiveable! You must be punished!”

I learned two things from that confrontation. First, the reason why Maho is considered the second most dangerous person in the school, and not Cordelia. Second, how nobody shall ever get between Maho and her tea.

I check Cordelia’s pulse to verify she’s still alive before following Maho to the dorms.

Almost like clockwork, Maho takes her first sip of tea when the cuckoo clock jumps out to signal it is two in the afternoon. I don’t know how she managed to get back to the dorm and make it in time even with the delay, but she never rushed once. We kept a leisurely pace befitting a noble lady and her partner.

I take a hesitant sip of the tea. Earl Grey? I suppose it’ll have to do. I half expected someone like Maho to try some sort of exotic herbal teas which would cause me to hallucinate.

Maho fades into her own world and loses focus of everything else surrounding her. She reaches in her bag and pulls out the manga from before with the two men on it. I squint to read the title, since it’s too far to see without my glasses. Two sausages in a party? That sounds a little too risqué for me.

It is nice to relax a while after all the excitement from earlier. Maho takes another sip of her tea and the minutes pass by.

She ends her ritual at exactly 2:30. “Well, now that we’ve had our fun, let’s hit the streets.”

I cannot tell you how many fun things she showed me that afternoon. Between rowing a swan boat through the lake to eating from the same swirl of cotton candy to taking photos of ourselves in a photo sticker booth, the two of us did it all.

We laugh as I sort through the stickers.

“Why aren’t you smiling in any of these?” she asks.

I simply didn’t feel like smiling, that’s all. There’s nothing to smile about to a camera which doesn’t react or understand your emotions. It’s an inanimate object.

A few policemen pull a trio of people past us. Since the bruised Cordelia is following them, I can only assume they are the drug dealers. To my despair, they are not the two men and one woman I had hoped. These three are much older and much closer to death than those three ever had been.

“You look sad,” says Maho. “Do the drugs really mean that much to you?”

I shake my head. It’s better for her to believe a misconception than to know the truth. Everything is much better that way.

We return to my room where Maho lies on my bed. “Well, a deal’s a deal,” she says. “I promised to drink anything you wanted me to, so here I am. Pop your toughest bubbly on me!”

I walk up to the refrigerator and reach in for one of the cans of soda I kept in reserve in case I ever decided I wanted to try it again. But as I wrapped my hands around it, I realized I wanted to do more. I didn’t want to sit around drinking soda with Maho. I wanted to let her know just how much I love her, and how much I used to love Beth.

When I had the motivation to show Beth my love, it was the only time I had ever directly consumed Dust. The dealers had been arrested, but it still is a mind altering drug. If I alter Maho’s mind in some way, maybe we can show each other our true feelings that much better.

I close the refrigerator and open my closet. In the back is a pair of bottles, given to me from my dad when I entered Lyceum. He had said, “We probably will not see you again, so this is for when you graduate and retire. Please don’t use them until you’re old enough.”

But I never obeyed him before, so I don’t know why I would now. I took out one of the bottles of wine as well as a tall tumbler – since I never bought a wine glass before. The deep purple liquid fills up the sides of the glass, and I smile as the sweet aroma fills my nostrils. Beer had been awful, but maybe wine would taste a lot sweeter.

Maho nearly jumps when she sees the glasses of wine in my hand. “Sweet Pea! You’re far too young for that.”

But I do not stop and lay her glass on the nightstand.

She stares at it, realizing my unspoken words. “Well, aren’t I an idiot for promising to drink anything you wish. But, a lady must keep her promises, so if this is what you want, I shall do it.” She closes her eyes and gracefully lets the liquid drip flow out of the cup and down her throat. I try to mimic her, but it’s really difficult. It is as if she has practiced drinking wine for years. I feel almost guilty for making her drink it out of such a plain glass instead of a goblet.

Wine really is so much better than the beer from that house. It tastes much better, even if it does burn a bit more. It’s not long until it hits me, and my world gets a bit fuzzier than usual.

Maho holds my hands. “Maybe the wine was a bad idea, but don’t you see now?”

I cock my head, unsure what she’s saying.

“You don’t need Dust in your life. As long as you have someone you love, it is all the drug you need. You’re too pure and innocent to use those sorts of things. So I hope when you find someone who loves you, you’ll remember our practice session today.”

She gets off the bed and walks to the door. She’s halfway there when I realize the weight of her words.

“Wait!” I shout.

She wobbles a bit before turning around. “Yes, Sweet Pea? Or I suppose I should call you Pluto now.”

My eyes moisten faster than I can imagine. “That’s it? It was nothing more than a practice session? We were faking it the entire time? No, I can’t accept that.” I get off my bed and grip my chest. “My love for you is real! Maho, I love you, and I want to be with you forever.”

Maho drops her hand. “You mean you never realized it was fake?”

“It wasn’t fake. It was real. You loved me too. You wanted the best for me, and wanted to take me around because you love me. If I’m wrong, please, leave my room so I can cry. But if I’m right, I don’t want to be alone tonight. I want to be side by side with the girl who washed my back and took me on such a romantic walk.”

Maho sways a bit. “Oh, who am I kidding?”

She runs to me and practically tackles me on the bed. If there were a competition to get each other’s clothes off, we would be gold medalists.

“You know you’re beautiful,” says Maho.

But I don’t respond, and instead lock my lips on hers. I let my hands slide to her breasts – far more developed than my own, and play around with them. I take every chance I can to brush past the nipple. Maho’s eyes widen a bit when I do, but she can’t say anything because I won’t let her mouth go.

Moisture forms between my legs, but that’s not all. Something drips on them. Maho’s really enjoying this, isn’t she? Despite all her ladylike mannerisms, she really is a dirty girl in the end, and has needs like all the rest of us.

I let go of her lips, and she blushes. “Please, it’s my first time.”

I run her thigh. “It’s mine too. But it should feel much better than doing it to yourself.”

She averts her eyes. “That’s not proper. I’ve never done it to myself either.”

Some devil awoke in me. “Then you don’t know what you’re missing out on.”

I plunge my finger deep inside her. I ignore all her protests and tear away at the barrier keeping her from true pleasure. Feeling her juices around my fingers is almost enough to put me over the edge alone, but she won’t let me climax on just that. Her soft finger run across the part of my thigh I love so much and dives inside me. I muffle a moan and play around inside her.

It isn’t long until I realize what’s happening. What I do to her, she does to me. For the first time in my life, I am the leader, and she follows. It feels strange, but at the same time, it feels so right.

We sweat together in each other’s arms, and before long we can no longer hold our voices back. I would not be surprised if the entire of Lyceum heard us screaming in a backbreaking climax a few minutes later, happy together at last.

I wake up the following morning with a bit of a headache, but I can ignore it because of the sleeping beauty next to me. Her long cerulean hair covers most of her features, but it’s not a big deal. I can see them any time I want from now on. She is mine, and I am hers.

Maho opens her eyes as soft and elegant as the princess she emulates. “Good morning, my Sweet Pea.”

I break down in tears, but these are tears of joy. Maho isn’t going to leave me after all. It wasn’t the alcohol that made us do what we did. She is really mine.

She stretches. “Do you know why you are considered the most dangerous girl in school?” she asks.

I shake my head. If anything, I’m a bit below average. Compared to Maho’s rampage or Cordelia’s axe, I’m nothing.

She brushes the hair out of my face. “Because you have the power to bend anyone’s heart as you choose. That alone is strong and more dangerous that tea, axes, or the like. Look what you did to me!”

I hold my hands together, a bit nervous. It’s like she’s accusing me of something terrible.

She looks in my eyes. “Do you regret it?”

I don’t need to think about it. “No. I love you.”

Maho smiles. “I figured you say that, because I do too.” We wrap our arms around each other and share another long and happy kiss that not even Dust can replace.
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Re: The Dust of Romance - A Pluho Story (NSFW~ Non-canon)
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2017, 05:16:49 am »
First Steinuki, now this... To be completely and utterly honest, I have no clue why I read this, lol.

For such a short fic, this is pretty damn good. Your characterization of Pluto, from what I remember of Orbit, is pretty spot on. You put your own nuances on the characters, and I definitely respect the nuances you brought to the table. They weren't distracting or stupid or out of character. Well, truth be told I really only know anything about Pluto, lol. Some grammatical errors in Part 1 I noticed, but this was a quick and short fic, so I don't really fault it.

Anyway. Good job.

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Re: The Dust of Romance - A Pluho Story (NSFW~ Non-canon)
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2017, 06:24:23 am »
And even after getting lasered by Maho, Cordi still apprehended the criminal scum! Good job!

Seriously, though, that was an entertaining story. I'm constantly amazed when people not directly involved find enjoyment with our roleplays, and even moreso when they want to do something creative of their own regarding them. I quite enjoyed it :D

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Re: The Dust of Romance - A Pluho Story (NSFW~ Non-canon)
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2017, 05:45:41 pm »
*cough* I know I'm late, but I seriously did not notice this thread until now...

Well, what can I say. First of all, as Arra said... While my involvement in MRPG is, in the end, rather marginal, I'm glad to see that the universe and his characters are so compelling for someone not involved with it to directly write a story about it.
As for the story itself, well~ It was quite amusing, but I've to say that your writing was rather convincing.


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