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Murder, She Wrote (A TOTALLY Canon MaidRPG Story~)
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My entry to Arraxis's contest, which may be a bit... evil. :)

Warnings: Graphic Violence, minor genderbending

A 2 day 2 part story~

My feet pound on the track, making every effort to exert my full stamina. My dress flutters behind me, with its white lace and sea blue elegance floating behind it. A Maid must always give her all in what she does. So as a Maid-trainee, I must aspire the same.

The students of the sub-Lyceum struggle to keep up with me. In some ways I feel guilty for their struggles, as I already have an unfair advantage on them. But then again, the sub-Lyceum believes any woman with latent abilities can activate them simply through hard work and dedication, hence our grueling physical routines every day.

I cross the finish line and chug down my water bottle.

“Mirai, that was amazing!” Yukine taps my shoulder. “How do you run that fast?”

I let out a girlish giggle. I have to overexaggerate everything to make it seem believable. “I suppose training and practice. We can all run fast one day.” My vocal chords hurt any time I talk, but I know this is something I’ll have to deal with the rest of my life. Surgery doesn’t come without its side effects, no matter how much is paid into it.

The students filter away from the track to hit the showers and prepare for our evening meal of drug-laced salmon and potatoes. Of course, they never informed the students about the drugs they placed in our food, but a select few of us who worked in the cafeteria knew the darkest secrets.

“Maids are feminine,” our head chef told us. “So by adding a few hormones into the recipe, we can develop a potential Maid’s body into a perfect female, and she’ll have a higher chance of awakening her powers. It’s not fool proof – but our rate of awakening is about three percent compared to the two percent rate of the general populace.”

I touch my chest, which has grown a little bit over the past few months. I’ve even had to start wearing a real bra instead of the training bras I used to put on to fit in with the others.

I suppose there’s no going back. I had entered this school on a whim, but I’m going to either become the first Maid of my kind, or have to find a low-pay job for the rest of my life. There aren’t many other options for a high school dropout who went to the sub-Lyceum.

“Are you coming, Mirai?” Yukine shouts from the shower room.

I wander over to the fence separating the sub-Lyceum from the Lyceum. “I’ll be there in a bit. You know I need to cool off outside first.” That would be the easy explanation. I’ve used it for years as to why I cannot shower with them. But I know there’s a lot more than that to it.

I grip on the fence and stare into our dreams. Several Maids walk by, most of whom I’m unfamiliar with. There are a few we all fangirl over, but I’ve never really been into Cordelia or Sylvia. For me, my heart belongs to someone considered far too rich and noble for us. Maho.

She appears from behind a tree carrying her trust parasol. I believe she calls it Joyeux, and I never see her without it. But her parasol is simply an accessory. Rather, I care about her beautiful long curly hair, her elegant and perfect legs, her slender frame, and the two small breasts on her chest. She is everything I ever want in life, and everything I will never become. She is the reason why I became a Maid. I will one day be on that side of the fence with her.

“There you are!” laughs a girl with purple hair, wielding a long red spear. “Come on, it’s almost dinner!”

Maho stops abruptly and put her mouth over her mouth. “Oh my, did I forget again? Thanks for the reminder, Sylvia.” Sylvia leads her away from my point of view. A flash of pink hair and brown skin runs after Sylvia, taking every effort to avoid detection.

Sylvia will be a challenge. Every day I see her close and friendly with Maho, doing such things as hugging her arm close, sneaking glances at her when Maho is unaware, and taking any opportunity to touch her as possible. When my Maid powers awaken, I will be sure to make Maho like me more than Sylvia. I have a tongue of iron, as my friends have long claimed, and the power to woo anyone to my side.

But this requires an impossibility – awakening of my Maid powers. For any other girl in this school, they have a hope of this happening, be it they came from a long line of Maids, or they put in extra hard training and effort. For me, however, the issue comes down to biology.

A man can never be a Maid.

Of course, nobody here knows my secret. I’ve kept my sea-blue hair long and wavy, covered my male parts at all times while binding my waist for the female body shape, and taking pills to keep my muscle tone low despite our intense constant workout. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t switched my medical reports with the girl with actual potential when I had applied, but those were only seen by the doctors by confidentiality laws. All they could do is tell the school, “Mirai has potential.”

The girls leave the shower, allowing me my opportunity to clean off. I still fasten a towel around my waist in case somebody were to walk in. They can think me modest for all they care. For me, I need to safeguard this secret as being a man is an automatic cause for suspension.

When I drape up my Maid uniform and leave the shower room, Miss Nanase – our Dorm Mother – is waiting for me. “Late for dinner again, Mirai,” she grumbles.

I curtsey – a skill which I took a long while to learn and perfect. “I humbly apologize. I got caught in a daze again.”

She puts up no flack for my excuses. “Then you can daze all you want cleaning the kitchens tonight. A Maid must be prompt in everything she does! So even if you may never awaken your powers, you must learn how to serve a master so you shall have a job after our training is complete.”

If only life were that simple. Becoming a domestic maid instead of a Maid of Akkierens requires a physical checkup. I’d never pass it, so my options are total success or failure.

The kitchen is a total mess when I come in. It is as if the Maid-trainees on duty had made every effort to splatter flood and grime on the walls for me to have the hardest job possible.

“It’s not going to get done by staring at it,” I tell myself. I squat down and in the process feel my small breasts bounce against my chest. It’s enough to be annoying, but not enough to truly make me a girl.

I hate this life. I’ve thrown away everything I’ve had to pursue something impossible. Even if I manage to make it to Maho, she’s never going to love me. After all these days of watching her through the fence, she’s never even noticed me. To her, I am simply another Maid-wannabe instead of a potential love interest.

My scrub brush hits a jar clumsily left on the ground. I pick it up and recognize the substance without any effort. This pink powder is the drug they feed us with every meal to make us more feminine. It’s never a lot – maybe a tablespoon to feed the entire class of a hundred. But if I have developed a little bit of a breast by now, it is enough to make a difference.

I check its poison label. I don’t know why they even bother complying with laws when this substance is made in house and never sold or used elsewhere. “Caution. Do not consume in doses over an eighth of a teaspoon, or may be fatal.”

I know at that moment what I must do. I have failed. I am never going to be a Maid. I am never going to meet Maho in person, much less date her. And I have no other choice. I have to end it here. Maybe then Miss Nanase will understand how she shouldn’t mess with a girl’s body without her consent. We wanted to be Maids, not subjected to this stuff.

I take a measuring cup out of the dirty dishes – apparently having been used for chocolate. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my time here, it is how Maids love their chocolate. Maybe it’ll make the stuff taste better.

I pour the pink dust inside the cup and open wide. “Down the hatch,” I mock, letting the foul slightly-chocolate stuff down my throat.

The effects are almost instantaneous when I swallow. My throat burns from its passing, and my body tingles all over. I collapse on the ground, unable to support myself anymore.

I wait for the darkness to overtake me. Death will wait for me as a friend, not something to fear. It will always be better than this life I’ve been forced to live.

And then the nausea hits me. Despite my desire to keep everything down, my body doesn’t let me. As if it is no longer my choice, I run to the bathroom and hurl an unbelievable amount of fluid into the toilet. I take a few deep breaths, and then hurl again.

It isn’t for a good three minutes until I can stand up and look at myself in the mirror. My face seems to be a bit thinner. I suppose that’s to be expected from vomiting that much in such a short period. But not only that, but my waist feels a bit more comfortable in my wrappings, although the bra feels tighter. I knew these things make rapid changes in hormones, but I didn’t expect it to be that fast. I thought I’d be dead before then.

Something cracks. I look back to see if anyone has followed me, but I’m still alone. That crack must have come from my own body. Another crack comes from my back.

Is this the toxicity? Is this how it kills me – literally breaking my back?

But it’s nothing of the sort. The mirror rises in front of me. No, that’s impossible. Rather, I’m shrinking? How am I going to explain this? I was always considered a tall Maid-trainee, and now I suddenly lose all this height? I must be a good six inches shorter now!

I stand on my tiptoes, which seem to be longer and thinner, and place my hand on my cheek to check my temperature. Despite not having a temperature, my cheek is startling. There is no hint of whiskers there at all! I did shave twice a day to keep my appearance up, but by now there should have been something.

I suppose a megadose of a feminizing product will feminize a person rapidly. I don’t care. It should be striking my heart soon and killing me.

Wait. The other things made sense. But what about the shrinking part? The human body can only grow taller. It shouldn’t become physically smaller.

I tear off my uniform, trying to figure out what is happening. My muscle tone, despite being small because of the drugs I’ve been taking, is no longer there. I have smooth arms and legs, and my entire being is becoming softer and curvier. Even my panties seem to be a bit smoother against my crotch.

My eyes widen. “It can’t be…” I surmise.

I pull off my panties. I’m still a man, but just barely. I’ve never been this small before, and I’m still shrinking. I think about reaching and trying to stop the process, but my mind stops me. If this is the real deal, I want it to happen.

With a pop, my sex switches. Cramps spread through my lower abdomen as my organs rearrange themselves, my hips expand, my butt expands, and my prostrate dissolves. But they are only momentary, and before long, I’m back in normal comfort.

Despite my best efforts, I did not die. Rather, my body changed to match my uniform. I stare at myself in the mirror, trying to make sense of this miracle.

I never really cared either way whether I could be a boy or a girl – only if I could be a Maid. But my actions have decided it for me. Nobody could ever think a girl with obvious C-cups and the proper plumbing could ever be a guy. So this means after graduating from the sub-Lyceum, I could serve some rich guy and fix his literally plumbing when he clogs it up. I can make his meals while eating crap myself, and wake myself up several times in the middle of the night to care for his kid as a wet nurse.

I don’t want that either! I want to be a Maid! But this darned mirror is only showing me a girl! This stupid mirror, why can’t it show me—

The mirror cracks. Despite not touching it, it has a sharp split in its center, distorting my body. The door is closed, so maybe it was just some time. Or maybe it is…

“Skadia?” I ask aloud.

The mirror cracks again this time, with me putting a bit more conscious effort into it. I pinch my cheeks to see if I would wake up. But the answer is resonating in my head. Somehow, this overdose instead of killing me has granted my wishes to me.

The doctors the following day agreed. “She’s fully clear to move to Lyceum,” says a doctor. “She’ll be a great Maid, although she should be careful. She has very low Spirit, so she’s prone to stress explosions. Her Aldeister stress explosion appears to be incurable brain cancer, so if she’s not careful, she’s in for a long and painful death.”

I am prepared for this fate. A long and painful death is much preferred to a long and painful life separate from Maho. I can’t believe I’ll be able to meet her in person. I wonder what she’ll be like. Will she fall for me at first glance?

When given an opportunity to privately ask the doctor questions, I ask him the biggest one on my head. “Am I a real girl, or a guy in a girl’s body?”

The doctor sorts through his papers. “Unless you want to go into transsexualism, you’re a girl. You don’t have a penis, do you?”

“That’s not what I mean. I mean, you have my genome. Do I have two X’s, or an X and a Y?”

The doctor sighs as he pulls out a chart. “You’re a girl inside and out, as far in as the microscope can see. So if you’re asking if you can have unprotected sex and never get pregnant, the answer is no. I’ll leave some literature on a girl’s life on your nightstand in Lyceum.”

My Maid day is a miniature affair. Only a few students with nothing else to do show up as I select my engine. It winds up being a simply bracelet which changes color when I use it. But knowing my low spirit, I don’t dare test out my usages. I need to make sure I only use my devastating Skadia abilities when absolutely necessary. Demonstration are no time to use it – only missions.

I scan the audience in hopes of finding Maho there. But to my disappointment, she doesn’t even notice my acceptance in the school. But how could she? She had never seen me looking through the fence before, so she would never know my existence. I’ll have to introduce myself.

If there is one thing Maho will never do – it is miss her tea. At the end of my ceremony I check the close – 1:55 in the afternoon. She’s always at that café sipping her tea at 2, so if I run, I can make it there in time. But a true Maid never needs to rush, so instead of running, I choose to skip. The Lyceum enjoys seeing us happy everywhere we go, so this is my best option.

Maho is right where I want her – next to that same purple haired girl from earlier, Sylvia. The café is otherwise empty, save a pink-haired girl sitting a few tables away. Is that a camera she’s flashing up every so often? But Sylvia and Maho don’t seem to notice her and eat their scones while sipping on some Dajeerling.

I hold my hands on my chest. I suppose people born as girls are used to their chests since they develop gradually, but this sudden weight and size is really a surprise to me. But I can’t concentrate on that. I need to concentrate on Maho, my love.

I take deliberate steps to their table.

“And then the guy totally fell for the other guy! He was the cutest thing!” laughs Maho.

So it’s not just girls I have a challenge with. I’ll take note of that.

Sylvia laughs along. “You know you shouldn’t read stuff like that. It’s dirty.”

“I know. I must be perfect! I must be pure!”

Her voice is like an angel’s, even if her words are not. She’s so perfect in every way. I must make her mine, no matter what it takes.

“Hi!” I spout out.

The girls look up from their tea at me. “Hi,” says Sylvia. “Anyways, as you were saying, Maho…”

I don’t like this girl already. She could have at least asked for more out of me.

I tug at the collar of my uniform. “My name’s Mirai. I’m a big fan of Maho’s, and I hope we can be great friends!”

Maho lowers her tea and stares into my eyes. “A big fan?” she asks. “I’m sorry, but I do not believe we’ve met.”

Everything in my world has fallen apart. She doesn’t know me. She’s never noticed me. She’s never loved me…

“Why don’t you take a seat over there,” Sylvia gestures to an empty table. “The waiter will be with you shortly. I’d advice a tea to calm your nerves.”

Maho doesn’t seem to notice and goes back to her chat with Sylvia. I don’t have a choice but to sit alone at the table as the waiter brings out a lemonade for me. Despite being a Maid, I never could really get into tea. But I’d be glad to do so if it means getting Maho’s heart!

The girls don’t seem to even notice me when they get up to leave. The skies open, and a wet rain crashes down to the ground.

What were all my efforts for? Maho and Sylvia are together nigh on constantly, and I’ll never be able to get between them. So now I’m in a body which isn’t mine, training in a talent which may kill me one day, for a girl who will never love me. I don’t know what the purpose of this all is. I don’t understand.

“You can always admire her from a distance,” says a voice.

The lightning cracks, highlighting her face. She has a caramel colored skin and pink hair, and most of all, red eyes.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met,” I say. “I’m Mirai.”

She smiles. “April. Charmed.”

I tap the seat next to me. “Would you like to join me for a while? Maids should never eat alone.”

She chuckles. “Reciting your lines, I see. No, you can skip the formalities. You and I want different things in the same way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw you watching Maho, even when you were a guy on the other side of the fence. And don’t think I don’t know your secret – I am an expert in understanding a person inside and out. But it’s not like it matters, since you’re one of us now.”

I gulp. “I-I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to apologize about. If you had been watching and desiring Sylvia, I’d have a problem. But no, you want to separate her from Maho, just like I do. I have no plan how yet, but you’re welcome to watch from a distance if you wish.”

Separate Sylvia from Maho? Yes, I suppose I’ll need to do so. But how can I do that? Locks and chains are only temporary, unless they lead to death. And death can only be…

This girl’s right. That is my answer. I have to resort to murder. The crocodile chased after Captain Hook endlessly until either he died or Hook died. If Hook, or anyone else, had simply shot the crocodile, he would have survived.

I grin. “I suppose you’re right.” I get up out of my chair. “It was nice talking to you Miss…”

“April,” she says. “And don’t forget, Sylvia is mine. If you fall in love with her, we’re going to have a real problem.”

That night is my first ball. For the other girls, it is at least their third, but that is no matter for me. What does matter is Maho is there, happy as the light of day.

Maho beams while holding arms with Sylvia. “Can you believe it? We’ve already been to three balls already! Though, what is this one for?”

Sylvia shrugs. “Does it matter?”

Maho chuckles in her typical princess fashion. “Of course not! Come on, and let’s dance the night away.”

My heart is at my feet. This ball is in celebration of my entering Lyceum as one of their sisters. But to that bitch Sylvia, it is nothing more than a chance to dance. Maho is obviously falling under her sway, and I need to eliminate my rival as soon as possible.

But Sylvia, despite her innocent looks, is not an easy target. For a first timer, I have to find someone to practice on. Someone rather easy. I stroke the butcher’s knife hidden in my dress and waiting for its first kiss.

We walk down the path from the ballroom to the dorms. Sylvia giggles with Maho, both of them a little tipsy from the scoundrel who spiked the punch bowl.

“Oh, seriously, Maho, you’re such a tease!” giggles Sylvia.

“What? I’m only hot. Why do I have this clumsy dress on?” She pulls on her straps in the middle of the public!

Sylvia pulls them up. “Because we’re not in my room yet. We’ll do whatever you want there.”

“But I want it now~” Maho groans. She really can’t take her alcohol well, can she? I’ll need to remember that for when we’re dating.

Sylvia draws Maho in and locks her lips on hers. Maho gratefully wraps her arms around the purple-haired bitch and shares a moment of pure passion.

I grip my knife even tighter. One day I will drive this through Sylvia. But I know tonight is not the night.

They leave via the path. April hops tree to tree following them from above, leaving me alone in my white dress. Yet, I can tell I’m not alone.

Another girl with dark blue hair cut short stands not in hiding, but on the path a little higher up. Her hand covers her mouth. “Maho…” she says. “I love you. Please, love me back. Please, love your Jane.”

Another rival? Well, she doesn’t seem to be much of a threat. Her limbs are tiny, and she seems pretty timid. I could leave her alone, I suppose.

But then again, I need practice.

“Hello,” I say, popping out from behind my tree.

She jumps back and nearly trips over her dress. She doesn’t seem like the type of girl who should be wearing dresses. Leather and lace might fit her better on the streets.

“You’re Jane, right? Do you have something going on with Maho?”

Jane’s teeth chatter, and her lips move, but no words come out. She’s fully unable to speak. It’s as if she’s simply shut down.

“Answer me!” I shout.

But she only backs up, trying to avoid confrontation. Whether she wants it or not, a confrontation is what she’s going to get.

I pull out my knife. “If you won’t answer, I’ll make you answer.”

Her engine engages, and she dodges before I can thrust it into her chest. “Aevum, huh?” I ask. “Interesting element there.”

She doesn’t speak and instead charges at me with inhuman speed, driving her foot into my knee. I cry out from the blow, but know nothing’s broken in it. I wore guards on my body for a reason, after all.

I brandish my knife again, and force her to use her abilities to dodge. So the fight continues, until she finally runs out of Spirit.

I smile at the completely exhausted Maid. All those days at the pre-Lyceum taught me how to endure amongst all other difficulties. She had no chance to beat me with Aevum abilities.

“Why?” she asks as I approach her. It is the first word she uttered all fight. She’s visibly shaking from head to toe.

I shrug. “It’s fun.” I can’t explain my love for Maho to her.

“I won’t let you!” she shouts. She closes her eyes, and her body glows purple as her spirit replenishes. Albeister Stress?

And then she screams. She collapses on the ground, writhing in pain. But the more often she moves, the worse she screams.

I rub a finger on my chin. “Osteoarthritis?” I ask.

She doesn’t respond. Curious, I kneel down and bend her elbow. She screams uncontrollably, and a wet mark forms in the front of her dress. I suppose my theory was right.

I drop her arm. “My apologies,” I say. “It’s nothing personal, but I’m the only one who can love Maho.” I drive my knife between her breasts, right into her heart. Beautiful bright red fluid bursts into the air, splattering my dress. What a selfish bitch, ruining this dress of mine! I take another stab in revenge of her selfishness.

There is no life left in her eyes, but I continue to stab, taking pleasure with every motion of the knife piercing through flesh and into her internal organs. I can’t help but laugh from the actions, a craze taking over me. I’ve never felt so alive before!

But everything which has a beginning has an end. The euphoria dies, and I am left with a badly mangled corpse. Now what do I do? I can’t really drag it anywhere, or somebody would see me. I can’t really bury it with my bare hands, and eating it is out of the question. Even throwing it in the lake wouldn’t work.

I’m such a fool. My element is Skadia. I can destroy anything non-living. And the instant my knife went through her heart, she became an object instead of a person.

I call upon my engine, and she crumbles to dust on the path. There is no blood markings anywhere – save on my dress which she selfishly ruined. Well, blood is a crime, and I can’t be caught red-handed like this.

I tear off my clothes and shove them in the nearest trash incinerator. I wipe my knife on my dress to clear off the last remnants of blood and walk naked and laughing back to my dorm. Sylvia doesn’t stand a chance when it is her turn.

The funeral is held the next day. Without a body to bury, and police still investigating the crime scene, there is no need to delay. As per tradition, Headmistress Eli stays back and lets Yuki Minase give the eulogy.

“Jane was a pride for all of us. Despite being new, she was pure and true, and had a bright future ahead of her—”

I really wish funerals would be optional. If you ignore how boring they are, this black dress just does not go with my hair at all! I should be in brighter colors with my blue locks, not black!

Maho sobs the entire time. Sylvia rubs her head and holds her close to console her, but even that has no effect. Of course it doesn’t. Her true love is halfway across the room in a black dress which really doesn’t go with her hair. A little bit of grief now will save her years of grief if that girl would up falling in love with her. I’m the only one who can date her and make her happy, after all.

The girl next to me is staring that direction as well. “Poor Maho. She’s always thinking of others. Who would do such a thing?”

The girl next to her is in tears as well. “And Jane was so innocent too. Bea, it just doesn’t make sense.”

The girl clenched her fist. “I, Beatrix Orunitia, swear I well bring this criminal to justice. On my family honor, he or she shall not live to see the first light of the New Year. I swear it on my feelings for Maho.”

Feelings for Maho? Do that many people in Lyceum harbor romantic feelings for her? Well, it’s no matter. If I have to kill every Maid here to get to her, I will. Soon enough she’ll have no shoulder to lean on, and will have to lean on mine.

But for now, I need to focus on the target beside me. She seems like a fairly strong girl, as if she could wield a sword in one hand and a teacup in the other. But I know better than to attack her here.

The night comes, and I return to the scene of the murder. The police had roped off a portion of the pathway where they assumed Jane had died. But they really know nothing. She died much closer to the ballroom and up the path.

The area is deadly silent. No Maid is daring to come near this place – even going so far as to avoid it during the day and going the long way around the lake. It’s the decent thing to do, of course.

But, as I suspected, the girl from before, Beatrix, has chosen this exact place for her evening walk. She’s looking for clues, even if she will not find any. My Skadia element is absolute. Unlike the other Maids who have a secondary element, there is no pollution in my abilities. Maho is like that too. It is as if the two of us were made for each other! Now if only she would notice me, we could start a true loving relationship together. I think of our days out in the sunny porch with tomatoes growing outside in the garden and sipping tea. I don’t particularly like tomatoes… or tea for that matter… but I would work my hardest to make Maho happy. She’s all that matters in this world, and there is nobody better for her than me.

Beatrix draws out her sword and taps on the ground. “Mr. or Mrs. Murderer, I know you are out there. Please come out to meet your justice.”

As polite as they come. She stands still by the crime scene, holding her sword at her side. She will not charge at me if I step into the scene. It is simply not honorable.

I hop out of my tree in my red shirt. I know from yesterday how awful people can be. I have to compensate for her blood, to say the least.

She stares into my eyes. “The girl standing next to me at the funeral,” she says. “I suppose even the people closest to you can be your biggest threat. But I shall not kill you or turn you in.”

“And why not?” I laugh. “Because I’ll kill you first?”

She holds her hands to her heart. “There is good in every person. I do not know why you did what you did, but if you learn the Code, you shall realize the error of your ways. You can become a productive Maid still, and fill in what we lost with Jane. Please, come back to the light.”

She holds out a hand for me. She’s really a goody two shoes to fight for what is just. “You said you’d punish me for your feelings for Maho.”

She blinks. “Of course. For Maho and Jane.”

“Then you love Maho. You and your silly like Code must die. Nobody will stand between us!”

She grips on her sword. “Love? I don’t love Maho. I’m her friend. And I’m sure that was all Jane was too. But why would you kill someone over love? Do you think that makes Maho happy?”

I grin. “Because when she has no shoulder to lean on, I shall be the one she’ll take. You can take your petty lies about not loving Maho with your stupid Code and shove it up your butt. They belong with the crap it spews.”

Her eyes flash. “You dare insult my Code? You dare insult my Maho?”

“Of course.”

“I challenge you to a duel! I don’t care if I die as a result. I cannot see you hurt my Maho as such!”

She steadies her sword and her breathing. “Save the King shall end you,” she says.

“You named your sword after a stupid saying? How dumb are you?”

She opens her eyes and takes several deliberate steps toward me. She is no novice in the art dueling. This is not going to be as easy as Jane.

She swings her sword, and I have no time to block. It cuts into my arm, causing my own blood to splatter on the ground. I try to stop myself from crying out, but it’s useless. I fall to a knee.

Beatrix lowers her blade. “And with one swipe, the battle is decided.” She stands over me with her perfectly black Maid uniform fluttering in the wind, along with her mostly black hair – save the few red strands. “You will have one last chance. I shall bring you in, but only for a curfew violation. You shall swear to do no more evil, and shall become a model Maid. Agreed?”

I smile, knowing my defeat. “Oh course, my mistress.” She is far too strong to beat in a fair fight.

She beckons to me. “Then rise. I shall bring you in and you shall probably have to serve a day of dorm arrest. During that time, reflect on your misdeeds and come to me. I shall teach you the ways of the Code and life. You shall never be a blight on this school again.

I rise on her command. But just as I reach he skirt line, I take my knife and jam it up her skirt, through her panties, and into the slit which probably never had anything penetrate it before. The pain from that sensitive area is more than she can bear. She shrieks and drops her sword, which I promptly kick away. Trails of red drip down her thighs and toward her shoes.

“I thought you were a bit bitchy,” I smirk. “Why didn’t you tell me it was that time of the month?”

She cannot respond through the pain and rapid blood loss. I pull out my knife and think of where to strike next. I could always end it with a quick jab between the breasts like with Jane. But that wouldn’t be fun. Instead, I take my knife and start to carve out Sylvia’s name on her stomach. Let’s frame her for all the good it does.

She shrieks with each letter I carve out, taking care to puncture vital organs, but not ones which’ll kill her instantly. I’ll keep her alive as long as I can. I want to see her suffer. All those who love Maho shall suffer for breaking her heart and mine. They are the real criminals here!

And then blood splatters on my face. How? I wasn’t anywhere near an artery.

Beatrix lies dead with her sword through her heart, and her own hand gripping the hilt. I see. Death would be preferable to torture.

But, I suppose she’s right. Knives can get dull quickly. I throw her body in the trash incinerator and let the flames lick it. This’ll save a usage of my Skadia element. After seeing Jane’s arthritis, I know how dangerous overusage can be.

After covering up the blood on the path with some water taken handful by handful from the lake, I return to the dorm and plot my next attack. Beatrix was a bit of a diversion from the plan, but since she targeted me, I had to target her first. I suppose now I can target the primary goal – Sylvia. I will relish in her death most of all. But again, knives are boring. There must be some better way to deal with her. There must be a way to have some fun with murder, all for the love of my beloved Maho-senpai.

The funeral the next day is as well attended as Jane’s, but the atmosphere is different. Yesterday’s had everyone sad and depressed. Today, in addition to grief, there is an overwhelming feeling of fear. Everyone knows the Jane incident is not isolated. There will be more murders of Maids, so long as they do not catch me. Until I can bring my beloved Maho with me together in marriage forever, I will not stop eliminating all and any threats.

The girl next to me keep her head bowed the entire ceremony. Her bright pink pigtails are so unnatural against the rest of the audience, it’s sickening. It’s like she wants us to think she’s cotton candy or something. Not only that, but she carefully avoids eye contact with anyone and everyone around her, while a few Maids embrace each other to share their grief and fears.

I nudge the girl to my left, and as a result my elbow hits something hard and metal. I have to stuff a dangle of my ribbon in my mouth to keep from crying out.

The girl stares down at me. “You don’t want to touch there,” she says in a cold and calculating tone. “It’s a prosthetic.”

The tingling in my arms stops, and I take a few seconds to wipe the tears out of my face. It’s amazing how a slice to my arm from that girl, Beatrix, barely hurt during the fight; yet hitting my funny bone on some other girl’s arm can cause me to almost wet my pants. Or, uniform, as the situation holds right now.

“What do you want?” asks the girl. It’s hard to see who she is, since she is wearing an Anastasia dress which covers most of her body. I can barely see her blueish hair through the hood. An Anastasia dress doesn’t necessarily seem like a Maid uniform, but then again, I don’t think this girl is the type of person to listen to the rules even if they are clearly stated.

“Well?” she grumbles. “If you have nothing to ask me, leave me alone.”

I gulp. This girl is not to be trifled with. “I was just wondering if you knew who the girl on my left is,” I say in a hushed voice so the pink-haired girl won’t see me. She holds her hands folded together, as if to pray for the murdered Maids.

The girl chuckles. “Curious, huh? It’s Pluto. But why do you care?”

“It’s nothing.” Pluto, huh? So my next victim will be a girl named after a planet. Well, the planet no longer exists, dead and buried in ancient astronomy books, so I suppose I’ll do the same to her.

The headmistress taps on the microphone, which creates enough reverb for us to need to cover our ears. “Attention, Maids!” She is steady and severe. “There is no doubt in our minds that these two incidents are related. They both have one thing in common – The Maids in question were walking alone. From this point on, no Maid shall be permitted to leave the dorms unless accompanied by a buddy. I will not take any exceptions for this. If you are walking alone, you are either aiming to do evil, or are unnecessarily clumsy. I will not accept either from one of my Maids.”

I suppose this makes it slightly more difficult to carry out my plans. Not to mention, how am I going to leave the dorms anymore? I don’t really know anybody here, save Maho who doesn’t even notice me.

The girl at my side nudges me, with her prosthetic arm hurting a little as it drives into my arm’s flesh. “I suppose we’re best pairing up. Not like anyone else will want to pair up with me.”

I blink. “How do you know?”

She smirks. “Let’s say I know a bit more about people than you realize.”

The Headmistress cancelled everything scheduled for the day – classes and missions – to assist the police in their attempts to find the perpetrator. I sit alone in my room, spinning my knife around. This is bad – really bad. I didn’t do anywhere near as good of a job disposing of Beatrix as I did Jane. What will a little water do to a blood stain on the path? What if they find blood from my wound? What if they see my still healing wound on my arm? I had wrapped a bandage around it and tucked it under discreetly, but there’s no saying what may happen. Anyone could find it.

A fist pounds on my door, sending a sound reverberating throughout. “Open up!” shouts the female voice on the other side. “This is the police!”

I grip hold of my knife. This is the end, isn’t it? My window won’t give me any escape from my fifty-third story room, and there are no secret passages left. My options are simple: Arrest, Fight, or Die. All three most likely end in the third option, and my question is simply how long it’ll take until I reach it.

A foot kicks at my door, and the lock breaks from the assault. I hold my knife tight, ready to defend myself and fight.

But the police don’t stand at the door. Instead it is the girl in the Anastasia dress from before. She slams the door behind her. “Put that stupid knife down. What are you going to do – fight against bullets with a 6-inch long piece of metal?”

I keep it up.

“Don’t try me. I’ve killed far more people that you have. And I don’t mean enemies on mission. I mean cold-blooded murder.”

I lower my hands a little. “How do you know?”

She sits on my bed and grabs the knife out of my hand. “I told you, I’ve killed before, so I know a killer when I see one. But your reaction to my fake police stunt is all the proof I need. I won’t turn you in, but I have to ask. Why?”

I grip the knife. “I have no reason to tell you.”

“Reporting you to the police isn’t reason enough? Don’t test me. I have very little patience.”

I understand my threat. Getting discovered is bad, and this girl is dangerous. “They want to take Maho away from me.”

“Maho?” she asks.

I grit my teeth. “I love Maho. But she won’t even notice me.”

The girl bursts out laughing. “Oh, that’s great! A beautiful reason to turn to murder – a forbidden one-sided love. Yes, yes, I think I can use this.”

“Use this?” I ask. “What do you mean?”

She looks aside. “The name is Lola. Yours?”

“Well, it’s Mirai. But what do you mean by use this? Are you going to do something to me?”

She sizes me up. “Well, you’ve got a good enough body, but no, I’m not interested. Listen, you want Maho for yourself, but you’ve got the wrong idea. You’re attacking the wrong people.”

“What? But Jane loved her, and so did Beatrix.”

She hit my head with her other hand – which still has a couple of metal fingers on it. “Jane, yes, but that’ll do nothing to split her up from Sylvia. It’ll make her sad. Beatrix, you’re out of your mind. She was Pluto’s love, not Maho’s. Maho and Beatrix are casual acquaintances, not lovers. And let me guess, you were inquiring about Pluto, so she was going to be your next target?”

She’s on to me. I cast my eyes aside.

“Listen, you need to split her from Sylvia, not make her sad or kill random people. And the best way to split them up is to pull them apart. Make them both sad. You will comfort Maho, and I’ll comfort Sylvia. All will be right in the world.”

So this girl likes Sylvia too. Why would anyone like that bitch? I try to think like Maho, but even through her ever-pure and ever-righteous eyes, I can’t find a single redeeming quality of her. Telling me to sit alone at the café… pah!

“So what do I do?” I ask.

“First, you learn how to properly dispose of the evidence. Cleaning up after you last night was a nightmare. You have your Skadia, so use it!”

I cast my eyes aside. “But I’ll get brain cancer if I use it too much.”

“If you live your life in fear of such a thing, you’ll die from something else first. It’s not like we’re unaware of our bodies giving out on us. So don’t worry about that and worry about your mission. Do you think Maho loves someone afraid of Albeister Stress?”

She’s right. Sylvia doesn’t seem to fear hers, so I must not fear mine.

Lola pulls a map out of her pocket. “See this room? This is where Katherine and Andromeda live.”

I take a look at her map and figure out their location.

“Katherine is a tiger-girl, which Andro is a human. It’s pretty easy to tell them apart. But Katherine is going to be baking with Pluto tonight, leaving Andro alone. She should be your next target.”

I grip my knife. No, knives are boring. I need to be creative with her. But, the thing is… “Who is she, and why should I care about her?”

Lola leans back on my bed. “Sylvia has a number of potential love interests. Myself and Maho are the two you know about. But I once tricked her and Andromeda to have some spiked tea. The resulting events were, well… lewd. Something built up in me, but I didn’t know what I had been. One night in the showers, I saw her and true lust broke through me. I needed her. I want her body. I want to feel her caressing by curves and shoving her fingers deep inside me. But I had already started the spark of Andromeda, and Maho already was a thing after that dance at the first ball. And then there was Katherine. I don’t even know how that happened, but it did. So I need you to kill everyone close to her.”

I hold my hands on my beating heart. “Why not kill both Andro and Katherine at the same time?”

Lola winks. “In a way, you are.”

I wait for the night to set. A tiger girl skips down the hallway with a girl with pink pigtails. The coast should be clear.

I crawl into the heat vent and pull myself through, careful not to dirty my uniform. A Maid must be clean, after all. It isn’t long until I’m over the target room.

The girl, Andro, lies on her bed, breathing softly. She’s asleep by the looks of it. I have a backup if all goes wrong.

I push the grate open and drop my rope. The floor is pretty damn near the bottom of the rope, so I don’t make a sound. Andro continues her gentle breathing.

I grab another rope out of my apron and hold it carefully over her chest. I lift it towards her head, and then in one swift motion I wrap it around her neck.

Her eyes bolt open the instant the rope is around her neck. She flails against the strangulation, trying to see her assailant. But no, nobody who keeps me from my love deserves that right. They deserve death.

I tighten the rope, pushing her spine to the brink of breaking. She’s blue in the face, unable to breathe or speak. It’s only a little more. Just one more tug.

Her neck snaps. A flurry of pain flies through her eyes, and then they see no more.

This couldn’t have been easier. Ropes are pretty fun, but they’ll get boring soon anyways. I’m glad my hands are gloved, or I’d be a DNA mess in this.

I pull out my trusty knife and slice through the soft flesh of her neck. The head separates quite easily through the body now that the neck is broken. I incinerate the body with my Skadia element, and move over to the other bed.

I lay the head on her pillow, taking care to let the blood pool on her sheets. I grip my knife and in one cheek cut out an “S” and in the other a “C.” Hopefully the investigators pursue this lead and find Sylvia. With the room mostly prepared, I finish my work and return up the heating vent.

Katherine doesn’t take long to return with a tray of cupcakes in her hand. She shuts the door behind her and locks it. “Why is the closet open?” she asks. Of course, it’s so she closes the door before she sees the murder. She pushes the door aside, and then drops the cupcakes, shrieking at the top of her lungs.

“Andro!” she shrieks, running over to the bed. “Andro, why? Why? WHY?!” Tears pour out of her eyes. “I… I… I don’t get it! This doesn’t make any sense. This thing… this life…”

Then her eyes catch the chair. Above it dangles the rope I placed, expertly tied into a noose. Her eyes go blank as she sees it.

She steps on the chair and slips the noose around it. “Maybe I will make sense of it,” she says. She kicks the chair away and falls.

As if she regrets her decision, she kicks frantically for the chair and tries to undo the noose. But it is too late. The fall snapped her neck, and she goes limp.

It’s exactly as Lola said. She’s highly susceptible to trauma. By simply giving her a suggestion and a trigger, she’s bound to end it. Not only this, but it looks like a murder-suicide. My hands are clean.

I crawl back to my room and sit on my bed, proud of myself. I heat up the tea and pour it out, waiting for my guest to arrive.

She knocks on the door. “Come in, it’s open,” I call.

Lola walks in and locks my door behind her. “Did it work?”

I nod. “They’re gone.”

She sighs with relief. “It’s not like I hated them or anything, but at least you did it properly. Sylvia will be mine.” She takes a teacup and drains it in one gulp. She chuckles. “You didn’t spike this, did you?”

I pick up a teacup of my own. “Nope, of course not. I decided to leave the alcohol to you.”

She chucks down another cup of tea. “Too bad I don’t have any. Did you store any in this room?”

I shrug. “Nah. I only have the poison I used in the tea.”

Lola drops a cup on the floor. “The… what?”

Sweat pours off her, and she collapses to the ground, holding her chest. She tries to take deep breaths, but there’s no hope of her even recovering. Silandi Poison is so fast-acting that there has never been a known cause of survival once ingesting.

“You… bitch!” She tries to reach up to attack me, but she no longer has the strength. She crashes to the ground and starts convulsing. The sight of her writhing out of consciousness is so ecstatic, I can barely contain my joy. The dampening of her Anastasia coat around her groin informs me that it’s over. She’ll get in my way no more.

Funny how she calls me the bitch. I’m not the one trying to interfere with my plans. I can kill whoever I want, damn it. So if it is the pink-haired girl, Pluto, then so be it! My only regret is how I had to waste the night. I could have taken care of both Katherine and Pluto instead of whoever that Andromeda person is.

I send my Skadia after Lola, who disintegrates. I take care to leave her coat, as soiled as it is. I could use a new coat in my wardrobe, to say the least.

But then I get a weird urge. I pull off my clothes and drape her coat around me. It feels so snug and comfortable, save that wet spot by my groin. But then again, it feels warm and comforting. It feels like…

It’s not only hers.

That’s right. Not only am I killing people, but it’s turning me on. I am so wet right now, it’s unbelievable. This ecstasy cannot be matched. But I can intensify it.

I slip my hands into Lola’s coat – no, my new coat – and find my flower. I close my eyes and picture all the girls I’ve murdered, and fantasize about their bloody corpses all heaped together. The rush flows through me, and it isn’t long before I climax into the coat.

I take a few minutes to relax and bathe in the ecstasy. I get off the bed and head to the mirror, when I look at myself.

“Nah, it’s an ugly coat anyways,” I grumble. With a simple burst of Skadia from my engine, it disappears, along with any evidence of Lola ever being in my room. I crawl naked into bed and fall into a gentle sleep, with my blood rushing through me.

Lola is right, even if she had no right to tell me what to do. Pluto can wait until I get Maho by my side. For now, I need to worry about the primary objective – Sylvia. Hopefully the police will take her away for questioning after seeing Andromeda’s head tomorrow. But if not, at least I have another plan to get rid of her.

My plans work. The Headmistress cancels all activities the next day. There is no funeral held, which I suppose is partially because the event would be cheapened with so many held in such a close time, and because the Lyceum would want to honor all victims together. But that is not to say no Maid cares anymore. They sob all day long, and nigh on constantly. I’ve been around girls long enough to understand their emotional instability. So knowing a girl as sheltered as Maho, she must be a total mess right now.

“What are you taking me away for?” cries a familiar voice. “I didn’t do anything!”

I peek out my peephole. Two cops hold a purple haired student, leading her down the hallways. I can only smile. I suppose they’re taking away anyone with the initials of SC today for questioning. It’s not as incriminating as writing her name at the scene, but at least it gets her away for a time.

I wander the hallways after her, knowing she’s going to be going somewhere I’ll want. And sure enough, at the base level of Lyceum, Maho waits and presses her hand against the glass door, looking out at the fields of the campus.

Maho takes a hold of Sylvia’s hand. “Stay strong,” says Sylvia.

Maho can only nod.

They separate, and for the first time in as long as I can remember, the path to Maho is open to me. Mirai Victory! No, that’s Maho’s line. Still, it will be a Maho Victory. She’s going to be so happy when she’s together with me. I’ll do everything for her. I’ll make her happy, whether she likes it or not!

She stares out the door and bows her head, letting her tears fall. “Jane… Beatrix… Andro… Katherine… Lola…” she lists the names of her falling comrades. “Why? Why would anyone be so cruel?”

I walk up next to her. “Need a shoulder?” I ask.

She stares up at me. “I… I…” she gets out. She wipes her tears, but it’s no use. There’s been too much grief to hide as of late. “Yes, I think that’ll be nice.”

She lays her head on my shoulder. Gently – so gently she probably cannot feel it, I run my fingers down her long silky cerulean hair. She sniffles and together, we stay like that for a few minutes.

“I… I suppose I should that you,” she says. “You’re the new girl, right? The one who we had the ball for two nights ago?”

My heart races. So she does know why we had that ball! “You’re so sweet,” I blush. “Remembering me like that…”

She keeps herself nestled in my shoulder, looking out at the raindrops. “I don’t know what I’m going to do,” she says. “I’m so worried. Not only about myself, but what about all the other Maids here? What if this person does something worse? But most of all, why? What did we do so horrible to them? I’d be the first to apologize if I could have done something. They don’t need to keep doing these horrific acts of violence because of a grudge.”

I wish she understood. Without these murders, we’d never be together like this now. We’d never share in this moment.

Sylvia rushes back, cutting our moment together too soon. Maho breaks apart from me. “Sylvia, what happened?” she asks. “Are you all right?”

The rain dampens both of their hairdos, but they don’t care. Sylvia simply adjusts the crosses in her hair, as if that’ll change her mess. She thinks she’s so cute with her stupid crosses all over the place because it’s related to her name. Maybe once I take care of her, she’ll start thinking about life differently.

I clench my fist and Sylvia stares into Maho’s eyes. “They wanted to ask me about Lola,” she says. “And apparently, a horrific carving on Andro’s… her… her…”

“I know.” Maho hugs her close and strokes her hair. “You don’t need to say it.”

Sylvia sobs. “They found my initials on her cheeks, so they’re bringing in any girl with my initials for interrogation. I was so scared! I didn’t do it, but what if they find me guilty? How can I live up to my expectations? How can I live up to you?”

Maho holds her cheeks between her hands. “By trusting in me, like you always have. You’re a wonderful person, Sylvia. You’d never do something like this. I won’t ever let you take the blame.”

Sylvia sniffs. “If only that would hold up in court as an argument.”

“I won’t let this get to a court. I’ll protect you to the end, because I love you.”

And right in front of me, they share a kiss. Heat rises through my body. Absolutely unforgiveable. I cannot let them do this. I cannot let Sylvia defile her like this! I need to end this.

They break their embrace and stare into each other’s eyes. “I’m sorry,” says Sylvia. “I was such a fool.”

“You can’t be a fool for worrying. You’re only sweet and tender.”

Sylvia giggles. “By the way, who’s that?” She gestures over to me.

Maho smiles at me. “A sweet girl who offered me a shoulder to lean on when there was none other.”

Sylvia examines me, and her eyes pop wide with recognition. “Wait, I know you! You’re the girl from the café!”

I turn around. “I suppose I should go.”

She grabs my wrist. “No, no, no. I thought you were some weirdo back then, but you’ve shown yourself true. You really care about Maho.” She gives a faint smile. “How about we all have dinner in your room tonight, Maho? With Lola being… being…”

Maho hugs her again. “Don’t force yourself.”

She sniffles. “All right. But I’ll bring a few microwave meals and tea. I’ll even spike the tea a little. Lola would have appreciated that.”

I need to make sure to avoid the tea. “I’ll bring a dessert.”

I rummage through the kitchen for some sort of thing to bake. That little pink haired girl is there as well, trying to make a Boston Cream Pie. Every move she makes irritates the crap out of me. It’s like she’s doing it as small as possible, and is trying to avoid any contact with me. Like when I use the sugar, she simply waits for me to finish and put it away without even saying a word. Before long, I’ve had it.

I check around for any security cameras or hidden measures. Finding none, I pull open an oven and pull out the grates. I turn the temperature up to max, and grab my cupcake batter.

The girl peers inside curiously. “Oh, right,” I laugh. “How am I going to cook cupcakes without a rack?”

I grab the girl and shove her it. She cries out as the 500 degree coil touches her bare skin. Burnt flesh smells poison the room, and I can see the black marks lacing against her legs. But I only laugh. “I suppose I’ll have to cook a little girl instead.”

I force the door closed and lock it. Her screams are muffled through the oven, and she pounds against the door – even though her hand must burn from the effort. It is only about 20 agonizing seconds until her cries die down, and her life fades away.

“Now, let’s take care of those cupcakes.” I open up another oven and get to work.

I can’t be happier with how this turned out. Each cupcake is perfectly frosted and decorated, and I think I even managed to get the burnt flesh smell out of them. I really worried when smoke started to come out of the oven, but that was when I realized it was Pluto’s oven which was burning. Fire engulfed her body and while it would’ve been nice to let it finish its job, it’d be really bad if she set the fire alarm off.

What’s with these selfish Maids? Don’t they know to not set the fire alarm off when they burn?

So, I use my Skadia to destroy the rest of her body and hum silently to myself as I put the last sprinkle on. I think I’ll go with a blue dress. After all, Maho and I belong together with our shades of blue hair. Purple is not allowed.

I head up the stairs. Maho and Sylvia are happily chatting behind closed door, but I know I have a more important task to do than spend some time chatting with them. It’s time for me to get rid of this Sylvia problem for good. It’s time for me to claim Maho as my own both now and forever.

Sylvia’s room is empty, of course. I drop down with my rope and begin to set up my plan. As I suspected, she really does have a thing for crosses. Her entire side of the room is decorated with the stupid things. Just because it’s her last name doesn’t mean she has to get so into them. The things are terrifyingly morbid.

I tighten the last knot and tuck it under her bed. This is perfect. I dust off my gloves and erase the last possible fingerprint before returning to my room.

The sirens go off midway between our dinner. The intercom signs on, and Yuki Minase reports, “All students are to return to their rooms immediately. I repeat, all students are to return to their rooms immediately.” I suppose this means they discovered about Pluto.

I sigh. “Such a shame,” I say. “Well, let’s do this again tomorrow.” I eye the empty bed in Maho’s room. I wonder if they’d let me move in with her after all of this. I mean, she has to be living alone, right? Nobody could make their own bed that neat. We need to be neat for our masters, not ourselves.

I return back to my bedroom and hope everything will magically resolve itself overnight. I pray to those stupid crosses that one of them will grant me my wish.

The funeral catches everyone but me by surprise. Maho stands next to me, unable to stop sobbing. She clutches at her chest, since her heart has been torn asunder.

I almost feel sad myself. Everyone in the school loved Sylvia, yet there she was in a solemn casket on stage to be buried. Somewhere off to the side was a casket for a girl named April who apparently had been following her around campus for the past few months.

The matter of death was fairly simple. Sylvia had always had a cross dangle over her at night because it was pretty. It was a light and harmless thing which would float down and tickle her if it fell.

Of course, that wasn’t the case last night. For I had swapped that light hollow cross for a solid iron one with a pointy tip. It was only held up by the thinnest of threads, such that the instant a girl of any real weight – such as Sylvia – flopped on the bed it would snap and the cross would fall. She never stood a chance.

The only thing I had not calculated was her stalker running in and impaling herself on the cross before Sylvia could fully die – at least according to the coroner. I suppose it serves that bitch right. She lived keeping Maho away from me, so she can die and be buried with someone she had tried to keep away from herself. Justice can be poetic at times.

I put my arm around Maho, who gratefully accepts, looking up at the stage as Yuki Minase gives her eulogy. That girl acts like all these girls were so perfect in their lives. She gives tribute to each and every one of them with the same sort of passion, but it’s obvious who the schools favorites are. They didn’t do anything of the sort for Lola, Katherine, and Andromeda. They only cared about keeping them aside so as to not cheapen the experience. Yet this girl apparently is soooo important, she gets her own funeral immediately.

I clench my fist furthest away from Maho. This girl deserved to die. She’s a horrible, horrible selfish person. But I need to put the past in the past. I need to look to my happy future with Maho. There’s nobody else she can pair up with now other than me.

“This wonder girl, Sylvia,” says Yuki Minase, “was a blessing to us all.”

I’m irritated beyond belief. Maybe I have a bit more to take care of.

I head up to the top floors of the dorm after the funeral to Yuki’s room. There is somebody else inside. I knock on the door, waiting for a response.

“Oh, sorry,” calls Yuki. “I’m a bit busy now. Can you come back later?”

As polite and cordial as always. The girls used to always fawn over her in the sub-Lyceum. But I don’t really care about her wants anymore. I only care about her.

I push open the door to see her room – a total masterpiece. As one of the top ranking maids, she has the privilege of the president’s suite – an elaborate dorm room with pure glass on all sides. Even the floor is glass. But of course, we’re not able to see people below, since the dorm juts out here. Instead, we can see all the way down to the beautiful parks and flowers which adorn Lyceum.

“I said I’m busy,” she repeats. “Who even are you?”

She sits in a chair with another girl with a pad of paper and a pen across from her.

“I apologize for Yuki’s rudeness,” says the other girl. “My name is Michiko, and I am a reporter for the local news. I was here on Maid Day, but I don’t seem to think I got your name in my interviews that day. Were you here?”

Nobody notices me. I wasn’t here on Maid Day, no, but she never came here for my Maid Day either. She was probably with the high class elites sipping her tea and causing all sorts of problems.

“… die,” I grumble.

“I’m sorry?” asks Yuki. “I don’t think I got that.”

I shriek. “I said die!” The glass beneath them cracks, and together they fall. Their screams rise up tens of stories, unable to use anything to break their fall. I watch them crash in a splatter of blood on the sidewalk.

That was too easy. Maybe I’m simply getting used to murder. Nothing is as fun as the time I poisoned Lola anymore. I can’t get the same sort of thrill anymore. Maybe I should retire from murder now that Maho is mine.

I skip out of the room and down the stairs, humming with every step. I suppose it’d be safe to the school for us to all sleep in pairs now. After all, everyone who has died recently has been alone in their rooms or the kitchen. It’d be awful if something happened to Maho because she was alone! But of course, I won’t let anything happen to her. She is the only one for me.

I burst into her room, and try to hide my smiles and joy. I don’t need to let her know about my involvement, or anything else. I only need to be a shoulder for her to lean on, and a light in the darkness.

But Maho isn’t in her room. Instead, there is a girl in heavy armor and holding a giant axe on the other bed. Her long white hair is tied back in a ponytail.

“Who are you? Where’s Maho?” I ask.

The girl rises up from the bed. “Maho’s in Kurumi’s room, letting out her feelings from the past few days. They’ve been rough for her, as I’m sure you’re aware.”

Kurumi? I suppose that’s another name to put on my list. Am I last in the world for this girl?

The girl smiles. “As for me, I am Cordelia. I am Maho’s roommate. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Roommate? Does that mean she’s… No! Maho can’t have a roommate! I have to move in with her!

I kick the door closed and pull out my knife. “I’ll have to kill you too, then,” I grumble.

She stares at my knife with realization. “So you’re the one who’s been murdering everyone on campus these past couple of days?”

I smirk. “So I am. And what are you going to do about it? Report it to the discipline committee?”

She clicks her tongue. “You bitch. I am the discipline committee.”

I don’t know how she moves so fast, but the next thing I see is her axe swinging in a wide arc and cutting skin and bone off my neck. It also is the last thing I see.


Police Dossier 101-5

Subject: Mirai Hannity

Sub-Lyceum, this letter is to inform you of the dangers of your patented item to attempt to feminize your subjects in an attempt to make them more likely to awaken. It has not been tested sufficiently, and it is very likely that extreme doses will awaken extreme violent tenancies in people when they consume sufficient doses. We found very high levels of the drug in Ms. Mirai Hannity’s bloodstream, and besides that, her brain function seemed to be normal before her death. Please send your drug to the nearest research facility for further testing before continuing use.


Lt. Commander Sean Hill

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Re: Murder, She Wrote (A TOTALLY Canon MaidRPG Story~)
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Definitely post a link to this in the Competition thread - although I must say this became quite dark. Wasn't expecting there to be full-on yandere-style murder. I give props to you for being creative with the subject, however! You are definitely the frontrunner for the competition at the moment :P

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Re: Murder, She Wrote (A TOTALLY Canon MaidRPG Story~)
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2017, 10:54:54 pm »
And fully up! :)

*Goes back to evil lurking hoping people read~*

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Re: Murder, She Wrote (A TOTALLY Canon MaidRPG Story~)
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Moral of the story - yanderes are bad, mmkay :) If turned into a girl and was in yuritopia i probably would have....done things differently, but what...well its not surprising anyone lol

I thought the way people meet thier fates was rather devious and well done. I was really surprised with the 'reporter' scene as I didnt see that comming. Best was the ending scene with 'Judge Dread' hehe (pandering is rather strategic, ill have to up my game) All in all, really entertaining read!
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Deeox2 [Dec 16, 2016, 01:31:10 am]:   ... Wow, I think Jannti broke my world solely by existing, lol.

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Re: Murder, She Wrote (A TOTALLY Canon MaidRPG Story~)
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You killed my favorite character in MaidRPG.

This means war, buddy.

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Re: Murder, She Wrote (A TOTALLY Canon MaidRPG Story~)
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So, that drug does kill, but it's more that it kills the people around the person :D. I wonder if this is like Higurashi... *ahem* Anyway, I definitely enjoyed it, and you get points for the Cordi pandering, but minus points for killing Yuki. That puts you at Triangle Bacon Hotdog out of ten. Not quite Numberwang, but you did a good job. Thank you for your contribution!

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Re: Murder, She Wrote (A TOTALLY Canon MaidRPG Story~)
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* WeAreTheMeta makes a note that Mavia is bad, and that the violent tendencies of Mavia lover is a proof

Gonna be honest, have trouble keeping the willing suspension of disbelief, not even because Jane dies, I mean, it works well since she's the first, more bothered by nothing stopping Mirai until suddenly Cordelia appears and one shot. Basically, for me to work with it, you would have had to put the two event one next after the other, with Mirai being tired from fighting with Jane explaining she dies so easily in the end, and why she hasn't been stopped in the mean time. I mean, I don't think Skadia is that powerful as so that nobody, not even the headmistress and all, can find who did it. Surely there must be a way to know an Engine as been activated or something.

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Re: Murder, She Wrote (A TOTALLY Canon MaidRPG Story~)
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Eh, the portrayal of Kat is rather inaccurate, or, well, the suicide part is pretty inaccurate. Although the initial reaction is pretty spot on. She's delicate, but not suicidally delicate (She just doesn't have it in her to commit suicide). She'd probably run off at the most if she came across a murder like that. To where? probably the hangar or home if she could (even if that meant having to leave the Lyceum forever). and then she'd cry to her dad and/or her favorite brother, Bill.

Overall, I give it a 3/10, because Kat would also be more content to stay in her room and do little engineering projects than cook.

Yes, I am only now reading this.

Actually, I'm not sure Kat weighs enough for kicking over a chair to break her neck. she is just that tiny (well, not in the chest, but everywhere else, she's just super tiny). Come to think of it, regardless of how much she weighed, I don't think there'd have been enough force in the first place.

Yes... I did look into the mechanics of hanging at 7:40 in the morning.
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