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Another day at the beach (A Mavia Story~)
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So, this is a fanfic about a... "mission"... for Maho and Sylvia to a "beach." AKA, it's a blatantly excuse for fanservice. Enjoy~

No idea how long it'll be.

Part 1
After a hard morning of training, the only thing I can think of is dinner. My stomach is completely spent, but I know better than to let it grumble. It’s hardly ladylike to allow such horrible noises come out of it. An Etoile d’Avignon has to always watch her manners and stay ladylike, even when nature says she should let it all out.

Sylvia packs away her giant gun in its case and lets her stomach run free. “Oh, sheesh, it’s been quite a while since breakfast. But we’ve really improved today, haven’t we?”

I suppose she has improved quite a bit, but that is all since our Maid Day. I’m not sure if my abilities as a Maid have particularly improved as of late, especially when dealing with Joyeaux. It is a very natural extension of my abilities, but I don’t seem to be getting any better at it.

How can I live up to my family’s expectations if I can’t get any better?

Sylvia flings her arm around me. “Oh, cheer up, Maho! You know I hate seeing you down. It’s like your happiness radiates to me, and that’s all I need to keep going through the day.”

I flash her a smile. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right.” I can worry about these sorts of things later. For now, I need to be cheery. A Maid always goes about her work happily, no matter what her circumstances.

The cafeteria is a large bustle of activity. Several Maids are in the process of setting up long tables for us to sit on, while others are decorating them with tablecloths, doilies, and candles. It seems so much like home every time we come in here, even for a simple meal like lunch.

“Excessive as always,” Sylvia clicks her tongue. “Come on, we’re on food prep today.”

There are quite a few Maids who don’t like this long activity of creating a pristine environment for our meals from scratch. But, as Yuki Minase reminds us, we are still Maids, so we should honor the ancient traditions when we would serve a master instead of the entirety of Akkierens. And that means ensuring proper settings for meals, keeping the rooms and campus clean, and answering to every need and request with a smile.

The kitchens, as usual, are filled with stainless steel surfaces and plastic boxes stuffed to the brim with types of food. The lunches for the day are pretty simple to make, but a Maid always must perform even the simplest tasks with care. For the majority of Maids, we will have a turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with a pickle on the side.

As always, Yuki Minase chose the perfect meal for a hard day’s training. We have to eat reasonably, as no Maid can properly protect Antiope if she has extra pounds on her thighs. But at the same time, we can’t always diet, or we’ll not have the energy for our missions.

But I’m on the special meal – the one for those with glucose allergies. A tossed spinach salad with walnuts and a drizzle of olive oil. I pull on my gloves, grab some greens, and start the fill the plates with precision. I have to be perfect. I wipe the slight oil drip on the side of the plate and place the walnuts perfectly symmetrical around the dish. Of course, the Maids will probably swirl this around to get better coverage of the oil, but that is not my concern.

Something crashes to our left. Every Maid jerks her head to the side to see what’s the matter. One of the Junior Maids, Sophie I think her name is, dropped a pan on the floor. It’s not of particular importance, but several Maids rush over to make sure she is all right nonetheless.

“I do wish people would be more careful.” I return to grabbing into the bin and pulling out spinach greens. But when I do, I realize there is something wrong.

I peer over the edge of the bin. I had been taking evenly from all sides of the bin so that if somebody were to look down into it, they would see a clean line on top. But there is now a small canyon in the middle of the bin.

I tap Sylvia lightly on the shoulder. She peers up from her work to listen to me. “Somebody took some of my spinach.”

She cocks her head. “How do you know?”

I point in the middle. “I never would make such an unsightly hole such as this one.”

She stops to check her stack of bread. She points at each slice and counts in her head, until she comes to the last piece. “Thirty-five!” she says. “There’s an odd number!”

We look at each other, and then back at the exit. A silhouette outlines the arched doorway separating the kitchens from the rest of Lyceum.

We don’t need to ask. There is a food thief in our midst, and she’s getting away!

We drop our tools and, after properly washing our hands and signing out of course, run out of the kitchen to chase the culprit.

She is still too far to see clearly, especially with the sun blazing off the crystal clear lake in the middle of the Lyceum. She skitters along the path, clearly not thinking anyone is in pursuit of her.

“We need to seem natural.” Sylvia locks her arm around mine.

I feel myself getting hot. “Sylvia, this isn’t proper. This is what lovers do, and we’re both girls.”

She giggles and leads me on. “There’s nothing wrong with two girls being in love. It happens all the time with Maids. But as I said before, we’re only trying to seem natural. Plenty of Senior Maids take walks around the lake at lunchtime, preferring to eat their own specially prepared meals.”

So together, we take our walk down the path surrounding the lake. The girl’s silhouette becomes much cleared, and we can see her two well defined pigtails on either side.

There aren’t many girls with pigtails like hers, which narrows down the possibilities to only a handful of Maids. We approach closer, and the bright pink of them shines through – much brighter than could ever be a natural hair color. I know it’s actually blonde beneath, but she dyes it to match her eyes, apparently.

But I would never have expected Pluto to engage in such criminal activities such as stealing food from the Lyceum! Maybe there is some truth to the rumors, then. Since she doesn’t talk much, we have to learn a lot about her from what other people say, and some say she once ran away from home, drank, took drugs, and stole precious artifacts at gunpoint. It seems a bit extreme for such a mild-mannered Maid, but then again, so is stealing food.

“Come on little buddy,” she pushes against a bush. “Don’t be shy.”

Out of the bushes pops the head of a tiny bunny rabbit. My heart nearly melts from seeing it, and from the way Sylvia grips my arm, hers does too. It’s old enough to go out on its own, but it’s still tiny, much like the girl squatting down next to it.

She holds a spinach leaf out to it, and it nibbles on it. Pluto scratches between its ears while pulling out yet another leaf.

I think I know why she’s doing this sort of thing. Only last week, the Lyceum grew frustrated at the constant raiding of its gardens by animals, so it moved all gardens into an enclosed glass facility. Since then, there have been no crops lost to creatures such as this rabbit, but at the same time, there has been a significant reduction in taste.

But I never thought of the unintended consequences. Without the food from the gardens, so cute creatures like this bunny rabbit will ultimately die. Pluto really is doing what is right.

“You know,” I say. “Nobody should ever break the law. But maybe there are times where the law itself is wrong. Maybe we should work to try and change the law to allow for things like this.”

Sylvia pats my shoulder. “That’s a sign you’re growing up. Kids see the world as a bunch of rules which must be followed. Adults understand humans make laws, and they should always be questioned if they are right or not.”

I seem to recall hearing something about that in a psychology class in a past life.

The bunny bounds away back into its bush, and Pluto gets out of her crouching position. She heads down the path a bit further to the fountain.

“Well, let’s get back to the cafeteria,” I say. “She’s doing the right thing.”

Pluto studies the fountain a bit, and then checks at the lake, where a bunch of duckies waddle along cheerfully.

“Oh, you want some too?” Pluto rips off a piece of bread and tosses it to a duck, which greedily gulps it down. “These were meant for the birdies, but I suppose they’ve found food elsewhere. But you deserve to eat as much as any other animal.”

Sylvia stops and glares at the girl feeding the duckies. “How dare she?”

I blink. “How dare she what?”

“How dare she steal our food for those things!”

She lets go of my arm and sprints down the path to Pluto, who picks up her head in sudden realization. I chase after Sylvia, doing my best to keep my steps as graceful as possible down the path.

Sylvia points a finger at the girl. “Pluto, I Sylvia Cross am placing you under arrest for stealing food from the cafeteria. You will report with me to Yuki Minase, or you shall be labelled a fugitive.”

Pluto goes pale and backs up a bit, nearly falling into the lake. But she knows better than to argue. Or, maybe saying enough words to warrant arguing is beyond her capabilities of speech. I’d never know for sure.

“What about being above the law?” I ask Sylvia. “All she did was feed some starving duckies.”

Sylvia nearly falls over. “Duckies? Do these look like ducks to you? These are geese!”

Geese, ducks, they’re all the same thing. But Sylvia has always held a special place in her heart to hate geese, so I suppose I can see why she’s so mad at Pluto.

Pluto simply quakes in her shoes, not sure what she’s going to do, or what’s going to happen to her.

Yuki Minase accepts us into her room almost immediately. For more important matters, we go straight to the Headmistress, but for a minor crime such as stealing food we have to go to the most Senior of Maids.

“Can I help you?” she asks. She always reminds me of a fox with her pinkish hair and sly smile. But she isn’t exactly a trickster – and is the first person to remind us how looks can be deceiving.

Sylvia sits Pluto down in the seat in front of Yuki’s desk. “We found this girl stealing lettuce and bread from the kitchens to feed the local wildlife.”

Yuki sits in silence for a pregnant second which seems to last an hour. She finally says, “…and?”

“And?” asks Sylvia. “This is against not only the rules of the Lyceum, but it’s against the law. She needs to be punished so that such a thing can never happen again. We cannot let our foods go to thieves like her.”

Yuki bows her head. “If that is what you insist, I suppose I have no choice.” She pulls her Holonet in front of her and types away. “Pluto, for your role in this thievery, you are sentenced to start dinner preparations five minutes earlier than the rest of the Maids, which will come out of your free time.”

Sylvia blinks. “That’s it?”

Yuki stares at Sylvia. “I don’t know why you think she should need any more. That is more than enough to repay the food cost. And if she wishes to come in an extra five minute earlier every day after today, she’s more than welcome to and feed as many animals as she wishes as her payment.”

Pluto speak not a word, but give a polite bow and leaves the office. We turn to leave as well, our job complete, but Yuki calls for us to stop.

“If you will, I’d like a word with the two of you. Please take a seat.” My mind races. This isn’t good. No Etoile d’Avignone has ever been told to sit in front of anybody related to discipline here. How can I ever live this down? How can I face my family, knowing the Yuki never asks anyone to sit for just a pleasant chat?

Sylvia has no qualms about taking her seat, yet I can barely get my rear in the chair with my hands shaking so much. Stay calm, Maho. You must stay calm. How can you be perfect if you can’t face your problems head on?

Yuki folds her hands and leans on them. “Tell me. Why do the laws exist?”

I raise my hand politely to answer.

“This isn’t a class, Ms. Etoile d’Avignone. You can speak when you feel like it.”

Sylvia giggles. I lower my hand slowly and say, “For the good of Akkierens, and the world in general. That is why the Maids need to defend each and every law.”

Yuki pulls out a Holonet. “If we lived by your world, we’d have a freed populace of zero. Everyone breaks the law in some way, shape, or form every single day. For instance, did you know hanging your socks out to dry on your balcony is a violation of City Ordinance 13:45-1?”

I cover my mouth. How can I consider myself a Maid anymore? I’ve done that every day since I came here! The horrors! How will my family ever take me back?

Yuki flips through the Holonet. “Of course, the spirit of the law is what matters the most. For instance, you caught Pluto stealing food from the cafeteria. I think almost nine out of every ten Maids will do such a thing by the time they graduate. I’ve done in, the headmistress has done it, and yes, even Sylvia has done it.

I turn to Sylvia and cover my mouth. She fidgets with a cross in her hair, attempting to channel out some of her embarrassment from the stares. “It was a hard day of training, and I was hungry! It was only one apple…”

Yuki flips another page in the Holonet. “And you’ve never been punished for it, because it’s not within the spirit of the law. We have the law against stealing food so that no Maid can grab pounds of food and sell it on the street for a profit, but to break the law for a personal need or even, in Pluto’s case, another’s need, is natural and ignored.”

I’m not sure if I agree with her. Every law needs to be followed, or we’ll devolve into anarchy. If there’s a problem with one, it must be changed.

Sylvia bows. “I’m sorry, Miss Minase.”

“So formal,” chuckles Yuki. “Yuki’s fine. Now, where is that offer?”

“Offer?” I ask. Something in my internal clock is ticking, getting dangerously close to an important time.

Yuki flips through some more pages. “Every day, we get hundreds of requests for Maids. Of course, we can’t answer all of them, so I have to select the most relevant to the safety of Akkierens. For instance, this one is about a jewelry store being robbed. Sure, it’d be nice if we could find the culprit, but we should leave such things to the civilian police. A man trying to earn some quick cash for Dust is no real threat.”

She stops on a page and turns it to us. “But, for Junior Maids like you two, I think this might be a perfect task. It’s nothing too dangerous, and it should give you a bit of experience in dealing with the law versus reality.”

I stare in at it and take a sip of my tea. “The Ocean? What is that?”

Yuki’s mouth drops. “Maho, would you mind explaining how you got that tea? I don’t even have a kettle in here.”

I take another sip. “It’s two in the afternoon. I have to have my tea.”

Yuki stares at me for a moment before shaking her head. “Never mind. There’s more important things to deal with. Sylvia, have you heard of The Ocean?”

“It’s the body of water surrounding other planets,” she says. “Antiope doesn’t have one, but it is theorized we may have once in the distant past.”

Yuki zooms in to reveal a large watery area. “Yes and no. That is the ocean which The Ocean is based on. But The Ocean is a large resort under Akkierens stretching over a hundred square miles, imitating a real ocean right down to the salt and sand. They’ve requested a Maid for assistance.”

I sit up in my chair, careful not to show too much excitement. A mission? We’re going to have an actual mission?

Yuki scrolls down to the assignment. “The owner, Mr. Briggs, has requested a pair of Maids to investigate the cause of his resort, The Ocean, losing its salt content. Apparently it used to be three percent salt, and now it’s 2.9%.”

Sylvia blinks. “But isn’t salt cheap?”

Yuki scrolls down. “Much cheaper than the amount he’s willing to donate to the Lyceum if we find the culprit and put them on trial. But, it’d be a good break from your training, and I think you two need to see the world firsthand. What do you say? Do you want to go?”

“How soon can we leave?” I place down my emptied tea cup and raise the corners of my lips ever so slightly like mom had taught me how to do in the past.

The Zephyr docked to transport us is one of the more rustic models. It’s not quite a second generation, but it’s one of the oldest third generations in the fleet.

“Here is your mission book and per diem.” Yuki has to shout over the roar of the engines. “It’s a bit larger per diem than we usually give, but the owner insisted you two blend in. His resorts are pretty expensive, so don’t go blowing it all in one place!”

Sylvia can’t yell louder than a Zephyr, and it is simply unladylike to shout, so we only wave and board the ship.

Yuki salutes the captain, and we close the door. Once inside a Zephyr, everything is so much quieter and calmer. I pat the padded walls, happy for the soundproofing inside.

“I never dreamed the Lyceum would approve something like this. They barely let us spend any time in the pool!” Sylvia stretches, as if to release all the worries of the world off her shoulder.

“We have a pool?”

Sylvia nearly collapses again. “Yes, on the fifty-fourth floor. You’ve never been there?”

“Oh, I thought that was a billiards hall.”

She only shakes her head. “Well, we’re going to need to get you suited up once we get there. Having us walk around in frills and furls is going to be a dead giveaway of our identities.” She pulls out a pack of cards. “For the meantime, let’s kill some time.”

The Zephyr trip isn’t too long – the entrance to The Ocean is only on the other side of the city. But since Lyceum insists of Zephyrs being used for all trip further than a mile, we get a nice aerial view of the city.

The entrance to The Ocean is a relatively unassuming place – not much more city space than a room filled with elevators. But it is a particularly busy place, with hundreds of people crowded around each elevator and waiting for their turn to go down.

When we enter, some kids point at us, and several heads turn to stare at us.

“Is there something going on?” I hear one of them ask.

Another whispers, “If there are Maids here, there’s got to be something. It could be dangerous.”

“What if they’re looking for some time off too?”

“Are you willing to take that chance? Sorry Flo, Arriens, we’re going to have to come back another day.”

The woman’s kids whined, but there would be no debating with her. She, and several others, march past us and out the room.

“Are we really that scary?” I ask.

A rough hand grips into my shoulder. I turn and see a rough guard smoking a cigarette, wearing sunglasses despite being indoors. “Mr. Briggs would like to see the two of you. Now.”

He leads us out of the room and across the street to a big corporate office, complete with a boutique on the bottom floor for passersby to shop at. We enter the elevator, and it shoots up to the ninetieth floor a lot quicker than any of the elevators at the Lyceum.

“So,” growls Mr. Briggs, “you ignored my command to not cause a scene.”

I cock my head. “Begging your pardon, sir?”

He grabs the book out of my hand, and flips it to the fourth page. “Did you even read on your way here? You are not to enter the main hall until you’ve met with me and found yourself a civilian suit. You lost me quite a couple hundred already with your carelessness. Consider this strike one against you.”

My heart splits in two. There’s no way anyone in my family had strikes against them. Everyone else had been perfect! Why couldn’t I? Why did I have to be the black sheep in the family? This is all so awful!

He slams the book shut. “I’d advise you spend your free time tonight catching up on your reading. Sheesh, to think they would send me the two most incompetent Maids for this job.”

The remains of my heart fall to the floor. Incompetent? How can I live? My entire purpose of life has been ruined!

Sylvia holds my hand. “We will make up for it,” she says. “We will find your salt thief by the end of the week.”

“You better!” he growls. “Nobody steals from me!”

We curtsey and leave the room, still shaking.

“Pleasant man,” says Sylvia.

“Really? I thought he was quite rude.”

“That was sarcasm.”

We flip through the pages of the book, painfully aware of how much our lack of preparation cost us. I had thought the book was nothing more than a guide with the mission briefings. But every part of the mission is down to a T, highlighting where we are to be at what time, and what we’re supposed to be doing.

“So much for some free time at the beach,” mumbles Sylvia.

The boutique is filled with all sorts of clothes, from elegant and formal to some things I’d never be caught dead in. How can anyone wear such little clothing and present themselves as a woman?

Sylvia drags me by the arm to the changing rooms.

“But I haven’t found anything to wear yet!” I complain.

“I know you better than you know yourself. You’re going to spend an hour debating between the corset and the camisole.”

I fold my arms. “I was not.”

“Then what were you debating between?”

“Would a white ball gown or a yellow evening gown go better against the white sand?”

Sylvia chuckles. “Place your clothes in the bin. I’ll hand you some stuff to try on.”

A public changing room is a totally new experience to me. Jristen used to buy me clothes from special designer magazines and present them to me – always with a bow on top – and push me to try them on in my room. At Lyceum, we had been measured for our uniforms and wore them almost exclusively, save for the balls. But here, anyone could peek over the edge.

It takes more than a little effort to take off my clothes and drop them in the bin.

“Are your clothes off?” calls Sylvia.


“Your undergarments too?”

I can feel my cheeks getting hot. “Do they really need to go off?”

“All of it.”

I suppose Sylvia knows best. She’s been in places like this before. I slip them off – taking extra care not to rip my socks when I slide them down, and stand shivering in the nude.

A hand reaches under my door and before I can stop it, pulls the bin away from me.

I cry out. “A thief!”

Sylvia laughs. “It’s just me. Don’t worry, you’ll get them back once you try on some stuff.”

“Wh-Why would you do that?”

She tosses in two small pieces of fabric. “Because you’re either going to try that on, or you’re not getting your clothes back.”

I can’t believe it. She threw over two pieces of cloth with might as well be rags! They’re not much bigger than my undergarments – in fact, the bottom piece is even smaller, only held together on the sides by a piece of string! And this bra thing really has all the design wrong, tying behind my neck instead of going over my shoulders.

I stare at the two pieces. “Can you throw in the rest of the outfit? It’s not proper to walk out in my underwear in public.”

Sylvia giggles. “That is the outfit! It’s called a bikini. Go on and try it on. I’ll be waiting.”

My jaw drops. “How lewd are these people?”

“It’s not really lewd. It just gives great tan lines.”

“I refuse to try this on! I am a d’Etoile Avignon! I cannot be dressed in something so shameful!”

Sylvia whistles. “Then I suppose you’ll have to come out in the nude and fight me for your uniform back.”

How could I let this happen? Stupid Maho, stupid! This isn’t a Maho victory. This is a Maho annihilation! And on the losing end!

I have no choice but to give in to the devilish woman outside. The suit slides on fairly easy, but almost every part of my body is exposed. I can even see a little bit of my rear end poking out through the back!

I hold my hand on the door which rattles from my shaking.

“Well?” asks Sylvia.

“There’s too much Maho showing!” I cry.

“Come on and let me see. I’ll be the judge of that.”

I push my hand only enough to click the lock open. Sylvia takes care of the rest and flings the door open. She studies my body up and down and nods approvingly. “White really does suit you. Get it? Suit? Bathing suit?”

She’s not the only eye on me. A couple men in the store have their eyes trained on me, studying all my curves which are overexposed by this type of underwear.

“I-I want to change back!” I cry. “Give me back my clothes?”

Sylvia yawns. “Oh, about that. I had a bodyguard lock them away for the next week for you. You won’t be needing them.”

“The next week?!” I cry.

“That’s the mission timeframe.”

“B-But… my uniform…”

She points at the skimpy clothes over my body. “This is your uniform now. You can call it the uniform of the sea. You better get used to it.”

Tears drip down my cheeks, but I know it’s best to hide them. Ladies cry in private, after all.

Sylvia doesn’t take anywhere near as long as I did in the changing room, and she has no problem strutting out in the uniform called a bikini. She went with a purple one to match her hair, and if I was any dirtier of a woman, I would have said she looked very pretty. But this is how we should look in the bedroom when we change into our pajamas, not in public!

Sylvia jumps around the boutique, grabbing several other items and throwing them into a brightly colored bag. She tosses me a pair of sandals, which I gracefully slide on – but it feels weird to wear them without socks on in combination.

The elevator room is the same bustle of activity, but this time nobody in particular notices our entrance. Sylvia and I lift our newly bought sunglasses to rest on our bangs. I flip open the book labelled “Sightseeing” which is really a cover for our mission.

“Ten AM, Day 1. Take the elevator down and check in at the hotel. Your reservation is under the name ‘Lewd.’”

“Lewd?” I ask.

Sylvia shrugs. “He made up the names, not me.”

It takes nearly twenty minutes for us to get into one of the elevators. Though in front of each elevator, there are plenty of people in simple tees and sandals, there are also plenty dressed like Sylvia and me.

“Are there really this many people happy to stand around in their underwear?” I ask as a woman with a rather large bosom walks past. “It is absurd and embarrassing!”

Sylvia slaps my bare shoulder. “Of course they are! This is what you wear to the pool, the beach, or anywhere! Some people even wear it outside to catch a couple rays on the rooftop.”

“People wear this in public?!” I gasp. Such horrors! Who could ever live with themselves strutting around with their belly showing like this?

The elevator finally opens, allowing the two of us in. “You have a lot to learn about this world, Miss Maho~”

The elevator descends into a tunnel only lit by the occasional light. “According to this,” I read from the book, “Mr. Briggs was unable to secure any land in Akkierens itself for this project. It simply is too big. So he had to build it below Akkierens, at least two miles down, as Akkierens claims ownership up until that point.”

“Two miles?” Sylvia moves next to me to peek at the book. “This must’ve been some expensive project.”

“It apparently cost him every penny he inherited from his father to build it. All wealth he currently has, he earned himself.”

The Briggs were well known as having so much money, they’d never go broke. But to risk everything for a place like this is absurd!

The elevator breaks out of the tunnel, giving us the first full view of The Ocean. As far as the eye can see is water and blue sky. The water meets the sky in the distance, creating a beautiful ending. Waves lap up from the water itself, splashing onto a large collection of sand. The beach itself isn’t too large – maybe a couple hundred feet wide, going in a near perfect circle to make an island. And in the middle of it is a collection of small motels with grills and pools and all manners of wonderful entertainment.

“Wow!” I press on the glass. The salty, and slightly fishy, smells of water waft into the elevator and tickle my nose, while a seagull flies around and snatches a little girl’s sandwich. A bright sun shines overhead. “It’s like we’re really on another planet!”

Sylvia flips a page in my book. “Well, it’s still only an imitation. Every part of this place is manipulated to a science, going so far as to manipulate the sources of heat to create a fake sun on an LCD screen above, and actually emitting ultraviolet radiation to give it the right feel. Which means, of course, we’ll have to put on a ton of sunscreen to keep our skin pure.”

She leans next to me, peering at the horizon. “Though it’s amazing how lifelike everything is. I wonder if we ever will see something like this on the surface.”

“Not with the Wastes being as they are.”

She can only nod.

The elevator arrives at the bottom, and we disembark for the hotel. He hasn’t picked out the best place for us – this one only has two floors and a rather small pool, but it’ll fit. We open the door to our room using a rather rusty looking key instead of our keycards, and Sylvia flops on the bed.

“There’s only one bed?” I ask.

She shrugs. “Is sleeping with me a problem?”

“Well, I don’t think so.” In fact, something inside me wants to in the first place. I’ve slept in the same bed as Cordi plenty of nights – especially during lightning storms – but I’ve always wanted to share a bed with Sylvia. That is, if she’d ever let me fall asleep. The one time we had a sleepover, she kept me up all night with her ghost stories!

Sylvia checks through the room. “Seems like all the necessary provisions are in place.” There is plenty of food in the refrigerator, towels in the bathroom, board games and puzzles in the drawers, and anything we could ever possibly need – even down to a tea kettle in the kitchen.

“What’s next?” I flip to the next page of the manual while Sylvia brings up the Holonet. “Twelve noon – Have a quick lunch and head down to the beach. Remember to bring plenty of sunscreen as the ultraviolet radiation is turned to maximum capacity in the afternoons.”

Sylvia whips out a bottle of the gooey stuff from her bag. “Do you want to do it here, or on the beach?”

In ways, it’d be a lot more convenient to do it up here. But after what Sylvia pulled on me in the changing room, I’m not sure if I trust her to do it properly up here. I might be exposing even more Maho when we reach the water’s edge!

“Let’s do it on the beach.”

We enjoy a wonderful lunch of egg salad and chocolate chip cookies before heading down to the water’s edge. The fake sun’s rays really are hot. I can almost feel them burning into my skin from the short walk.

Sylvia sets up a large umbrella to give us some shade while I lay out our towels on the sand.

“We could always use Joyeux,” I suggest as Sylvia struggles to drive the umbrella into the sand.

“No. Joyeux is a weapon, and we have to leave all weapons in the motel.” She struggles to drill the umbrella into the ground, so in the meantime, I squirt out some of the gooey white stuff and dab it on my skin.

My pale skin gets even paler as I run it in. The sun has no right to shine in some of these places, but since it’s a uniform, I have to protect it! I couldn’t imagine the frustration if I got a sunburn between my cleavage. Any move I make would irritate it. These parts should only be exposed for balls, complete with a fancy gown!

When I finish rubbing my legs, Sylvia takes the bottle from me. “Turn around. I’ll do your back.”

I follow her instructions and lie face down. Sylvie grabs the tie of my suit and starts to undo it.

“Sy-Sy-Sylia? What are you doing?”

She blinks. “You need to get some on your back, right?”

“Why are you untying my uniform?”

She sighs. “Call it a swimsuit, bikini, or bathing suit. Nobody calls it a uniform. But, you need to be protected under there. It’s the worst place to get burned, or you’ll be feeling it all week.”

I reach up. “I-I’ll handle it myself then and…”

She giggles. “You really are cute.” Despite my protests, she doesn’t let me handle my back myself. She places her soft hands on my back and rubs ever so gently to spread the sunscreen around. It caresses every curve of my back, digging deeper and fuller than I ever imagined possible. How could sunscreen feel so good? Jristen should learn a thing or two from Sylvia.

She runs her fingers down my spine, which makes me nearly jump up. But with my bikini on the towel, this is a dangerous proposition! I’d be shamed for life!

Sylvia giggles and lies down. “Now it’s your turn to do me.”

Sylvia has no problem undoing her straps. She spreads her arms out and allows her breasts to push subtly into the sand. I lather my hands with the sunscreen and dot her back with it.

“Ooh!” she gasps.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No, it’s just cold.”

I suppose the worst is over. I move to the top of her shoulders and massage my hands around, making sure to get the stuff in the deepest pores. I can’t have her getting hurt out her after all.

“Oh, wow Maho,” she says. “You’re really good at this.”

I try not to listen to her and move down to her shoulder blades. Her breathing quickens, and she groans a bit.

“Am I hurting you?” I ask.

“Not at all! Please, keep going.”

I’m not sure if she’s telling me the truth, but I continue nonetheless. The further down I go, though, the more she moans.

“Oh, right there,” she mumbles. “Wow, Maho, you’re so good at this! I need it right there. Please, touch me some more!”

Part of me wants to stop. She’s being far too lewd. But then again, I kind of liked hearing her make such noises. So I keep going down, continuing to the base of her spine.”

“Oh God, Maho!” she shrieks. “Right there! Yes, yes, yes!” She gasps for air and convulses, before finally falling into a peaceful rest.

We have to wait a few minutes for Sylvia to recover from her sunscreen ecstasy. A soft breeze blows in from the ocean, gently fluttering the umbrella, and giving some relief from the radiant heat seeping up from the sand.

All of a sudden, Sylvia jumps up off her towel and points her finger ahead. “I’m going in! Catch me if you can!”

Ooh, a competition. I gracefully stand up and readjust my bathing suit to try and cover as much exposure as possible – an impossible proposition. “I won’t lose.”

The two of us race across the sand. Of course, I stand no chance against Sylvia, as she is willing to lean down to scramble. A proper lady can’t stick her rear end out like that, of course, so I lose a lot of speed.

The water is rather warm and calming as it laps around my feet. The waves come ever so high up my legs despite how far back I stand, and then when they pull back out, they barely touch my ankles.

“Hey Maho, I have something to show you.” She beckons me further in, where she is already up to her thighs, with the low portion of her bathing suit wet from the lapping waves.

I twirl my toes in the sand. “Can you bring it to me? I’m quite comfortable here.”

She does not accept my excuse, and comes back to me to grab my wrist. “Come on, we’re at the beach. You have to get wet!”

She drags me back out to where she had been standing before. “What is it?” I ask.

And then flurry of water splashes at me, drenching some of my long perfect curls of hair! The horrors!

Sylvia giggles, fluttering her hands back and forth to send water my way. “It’s a water butterfly!”

There is no helping it – I am absolutely drenched from head to toe. I can’t believe she would trick me like this! “Then I suppose I’ll have to pay back the favor!” I spring from my feet and wrap my arms around Sylvia’s chest. The two of us tumble beneath the waves, all hope of keeping our long hair dry out the window. Yet I don’t care in the heat of the moment. This is rather fun!

We burst up out of the water a bundle of laughs. Sylvia turns around to meet my eyes, and then her eyes go wide.

“Sylvia?” I ask. “What’s the matter?”

She points down. “Your top!”

I lower my eyes and gasp. I quickly cross my arms to hide myself, as there is no longer a top on me. I am suddenly in a scandalous position with hundreds of people around!

Sylvia scans the area. “There it is!” She points deeper in the water, where my top floats out and away from the ocean.

I waste no time and swim out through the waves to retrieve it. I am so thankful for those lessons on how to swim in the family bathtub, or I’d be in real trouble here.

“Maho, you can’t! That’s beyond the safety line!” she calls.

But I do not care about safety when my purity is at stake. I cannot let anyone see my body in such a shameful state!

My top floats even further out, but ever stroke I take is a stroke closer to the goal. Something fast is swimming behind me.

I turn around, and a blur of purple hair zooms by. I can only watch as she grabs my top and pops out of the water. “Seriously Maho, there are a lot more important things in the world than a top. We could have wrapped a towel around you until we got back to the motel.”

I retie it, this time making sure the bows are nice and tight. “Thank you Sylvia.”

She shrugs, treading the water. “Still, we’re quite a ways out. We better start heading back.”

I hold my hand up to my eye, and see exactly what she means. The shoreline is a really far way away. I don’t know how I managed to swim all the way out here, but I have no idea how I’ll ever make it back in one piece.

As if to answer us, a black crack forms in the ceiling. Two inflatable tubes drop out and land next to us, color coded blue and purple to match our hairs – with the purple one having a bunch of cross designs all over it.

Sylvia giggles. “Well, I suppose we’ll have to float in. I do recall reading how every inch of this place is monitored for our protection.”

The process of floating in is slow, as we have only our hands to push us.

“Sorry for being such a nuisance,” I complain.

“A nuisance? Aren’t you having fun?” asks Sylvia.

I paddle a bit more. “Well, yeah, but aren’t I causing you a bunch of problems?”

“No, not really. We aren’t supposed to do much of anything today but experience the beach in its fullest.”

I take a sip of my tea. “Well, I suppose we should be doing something other than paddling back to shore then.”

Sylvia’s mouth is wide open.

“What?” I ask.

“We’re smack in the middle of the ocean! Where did that tea cup come from?!”

I take another sip. “Well, it’s two in the afternoon. Why wouldn’t I have one?”

“But, like, did you just whisk it out of the air or something? Tea just doesn’t magically appear when you want it to!”

I drain the cup ever so eloquently. “You can’t worry about such nuances in life. There are far more important things.” We continue to paddle to the shore, making it back into the range of the breakers, and back onto the shore.

After our little adventure, I’m utterly exhausted, and lie down on my towel. It really is comfortable, even in this heat, to lie back and enjoy a couple of rays from the sun. Sylvia, of course, is not interested in such things and instead piles a bunch of sand together.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

She pushes more sand together. “Well, there’s this thing called a sand castle, but I don’t really want to build a castle right now, so I’m more going to make some sand art instead.”

“Sand art?”

“It’s where I create a picture out of the sand. I can’t color it, but it should come out cute.”

She begins to cut away at the mound of sand with her hand, forming various shapes. On the bottom end she carved out a shape of a sort of flat tail, connected to a long curved back. In the middle of it, she cuts out a fin, combined with a flipper.

It doesn’t take long for me to recognize the animal she’s making – a dolphin. They’re only creatures of legends from the time when Antiope had a real ocean on the surface, but that doesn’t make them any less cute. I can totally see Sylvia lying in bed and snuggling one of them one day.

“Ice cream!” shouts a woman pushing a cart. “Get your ice cream here!”

That pricks Sylvia’s ears up. “Hey, Maho, can you get us a pair of ice pops? There’s some money in the bag.”

After all the craziness of the day, I would love something cool and refreshing like an ice pop. I grab some bills out of her bag and take a moment to admire her artwork. It is really such a nice dolphin, with details all the way down to the texture of its skin and its perfect bill-shaped mouth. Shame I don’t have my camera with me, or I would definitely take a picture.

It doesn’t take too long for me to buy our ice cream – maybe 20 seconds down to the cart, 20 seconds to buy it, and 20 seconds back. But when I return, I nearly drop the ice pops.

“What happened to the dolphin?” I gasp.

Sylvia cocks her head. “Dolphin?”

I hand her the ice pop and point to the finished work by her feet. “You were making a dolphin out of the sand, but now there’s a bear here!”

She peels off the wrapper and wraps her soft tender lips around the red part of the fruity bar. “It always was a bear.”

I must be going insane. I had only been gone for a minute, and that perfect dolphin had morphed into an entirely different animal! I’m sure it had such a cute fin and flipper and tail and nose and…

The heat must be getting to me. I lie down on the towel to rest and enjoy my ice cream.

We spend a while lying on the towels, reading through the instructions we had been given. “Apparently,” says Sylvia, “the sand extends about six feet deep. Beyond that is a glass barrier to prevent any water or sand from seeping into the actual soil.”

I spread the sand. “Do you think we can reach it?”

“They chose six feet specifically so nobody could reach it without machinery. You’re best of taking the book at its word.”

I push the sand back together and lean over to her side.

“They say that the beach is a fun and pleasant place for families and groups alike, but also to be very wary of the extreme heat. The temperature is kept at a constant 87 degrees, so there is a significant risk of heatstroke or hallucinations if you don’t hydrate yourself properly.”

Is that what the dolphin had been? Well, I don’t want to worry Sylvia, so I won’t tell her about it. It’ll be my secret dolphin from now own. “What time are we supposed to be down here until?”

Sylvia scans the book. “It doesn’t give an exact time. All it says is we’re supposed to experience the beach like a normal beachgoer today, so as to get a good idea of our surroundings.”

I peek around. “There isn’t much really to get an idea about. The beach is pretty much the same in all directions.”

Sylvia shuts the book. “Well, then I’ve had enough. Do you want to head up to the motel room?”

As much as I’d love to stay down here, I agree. The heat is certainly an issue, but not only that, I’ve seemingly grown used to wearing such little clothing! I should be in a constant state of agony at having this much Maho showing at one time, but it’s as if I’m wearing my full uniform down here. Is Maho secretly becoming some sort of exhibitionist? I would forever be a shame to my family if I ever corrupted that far!

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* Deeox2 nods.

This is the good stuff. Romantic fluff without a lot of plot. And Pluto didn't even die.

Gimme the next part pls.

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Part 2
The motel room leaves me little to no relief against the scantily clad nature of this perverse underground kingdom. Sylvia rummages through the drawers and hands me two very tiny pieces of fabric, along with my undergarments.

“What is this?” I ask.

“Shorts and a tank top. It doesn’t get too cold down here at night, so you’re going to have to dress for the occasion.”

“We’re out of the public eye, so can’t we wear our uniforms instead?”

Sylvia clamps a pair of tongs at me. “Nope! Dress and play the part. Come on, get ready before I force you into the shower and change you myself!”

As bad as the clothes are, they are at least better than the beach wear we had before. The shorts manage to cover at least some of my thighs, and the shirt covers most of my torso – even doing a few favors to cover my cleavage. It’s more Maho than I’d like to show, but it’s less than I could be.

Sylvia leaves the book with our mission on the table, along with some thawing meat and cheese. I suppose we’re going to be having a salad with pieces of beef and shredded cheese inside it. But that’s a lot of beef for the salad. Usually we have this much to feed an entire table worth of students back at the Lyceum.

The shower flips on, and I try my best to sit prim and ladylike. But in this outfit, it seems almost ridiculous. I’m just like one of those commoners down in the dirtier parts of town, dressed for comfort instead to impress.

But I can’t let such thoughts enter my mind. I am a lady, and I have to be perfect in every way, even if the outside of me is not perfect!

I suppose I should study our guidebook a little bit more. If we have a better idea of what we’re going to be doing to solve this crisis, then we’ll be able to go above and beyond expectations.

“Day two, enjoy a day at the beach. Make sure to check out the beach volleyball on the south side!” There is a picture of a bunch of people jumping up and hitting a ball over a net.

The dossier gives a large list of instructions for the day, but they are more like instructions on how to have fun – be it the right amount of sunscreen to wear, the best times for going for walks on the beach, and the tides. It certainly looks like a fun day. But if we’re only going to be on this mission for a week, should we really be spending two days blending in like this?

The following page is more of the same. And the page after as well.

“What is this?” Nowhere, so far, has there been any mention of investigating the disappearing salt. Every part of this book is about having fun and blending in.

“What is what?” I nearly jump as Sylvia peers over my shoulder. She has no problem at all wearing her jeans skirt with rips on the hemline, and a blank tank-top which puts mine to shame.

I take a few deep breaths.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. But what is it? What did you find out?”

I hold open the book. “There’s nothing in here about finding out the source of the disappearing salt. It has us going through days of fun activities, but nothing in it says we should spend some time hunting for clues. Do they think we’ll just magically stumble upon it one day?”

Sylvia flips through the pages. “Did you see the last page?”

I nod. “Return to Lyceum and tell everyone about what a good time you had. I mean, how can we tell them if we don’t find out why, and how can we find out why unless we find the source of disappearing salt?”

Sylvia flops down on the couch. “No, it’s nothing like that. See, if my theory is correct, we weren’t called here to investigate the disappearing salt.”

How can that be? Yuki specifically told us our role and our mission.

Sylvia adjusts the cross in her hair. “This trip is nothing more than an advertisement. Mr. Briggs wants us to have a great time down here, tell the Lyceum about it, and then they turn this place into the official vacation spot for all the Maids. Not only does he profit from the Maid reservations, but the general public will get a good rapport about here and come as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if his business triples within a year of our trip at this rate.”

It’s hard to believe, but Sylvia’s making sense. My tears well up. “Is that all we’ve really become? Are we now showgirls and side attractions, instead of heroes defending Akkierens and Antiope as a whole from evil? This isn’t what being a Maid is supposed to be. Maids are heroes of justice, not camera bait!”

Sylvia wraps her arms around me. “And that’s what we are going to be. What Mr. Briggs is doing is not justice, so we’re going to get some justice for his ways.”


She flips to the contract. “The contract stipulates this fee whether the plan succeeds or fails.” She points to a rather trivial amount. “And this is how much is paid if it succeeds.” She points to a much higher amount – enough to cover meals for the entire Lyceum for 5 years.

I stare at the higher fee, coming to the realization of how much everything depends on us.

“All we have to do is succeed. We came here to investigate the cause of disappearing salt, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

“But when?”

She smiles. “There are a lot of ways we can do the activities and make inroads at the same time. But first, dinner!”

I jump out of my chair and to the kitchen. “I’ll get to work chopping up the greens.”

“Greens?” asks Sylvia. “Well, I mean, I guess if you want lettuce on it. Are you the type of girl who likes lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickles all at the same time? I’ll take some tomatoes and pickles too for that matter. Wait don’t tell me… you’re not one of the girls who actually likes mayo on it, are you? I don’t know how we can stay friends if you are!”

I cock my head. “Mayonnaise on a salad? Isn’t that fattening?”

Sylvia stares at the meats, and then back at me. It takes her a few moments before she starts bursting out laughing. “It’s called a hamburger!”


She winks. “Just you wait and see.”

It’s not like I haven’t heard about hamburgers before. They’re rather common fair among common people. But an Etoile d’Avignon is supposed to be much more refined than a commoner. We need to have our complicated salads and prime rib and a perfect pairing of wine, or for the underage, juice with every meal.

Not knowing what else to do, I take a cloth out of the drawer and start dusting the room. It’s already pretty clean, but a Maid has to always make sure everything is orderly and tidy.

Sylvia arrives just as I am standing on my chair, polishing the light bulb in the overhead light. Sylvia places the tray down and grabs the extras to go on top. “You know, you don’t have to clean in here. They have housekeeping for a reason.”

I really want to cry. It’s like I can’t do anything right here. I’m supposed to be perfect, and I’m perfectly wrong in this world. Why did Yuki this it a good thing to send me to the beach? Why did she place me on this mission?

Sylvia passes me a burger – nothing more than a hunk of meat with a slab of cheese on it, squished between two pieces of bread. She happily places some toppings on it, but I don’t dare create anything so messy.

I grab my knife and fork and cut into the burger. A perfect triangular piece falls off. I flatten the bread to make it more appropriately bite sized for my mouth, and then take a bite.

“Not too bad,” I conclude. “I suppose it could go well with a nice glass of Chardonnay, or maybe even a Pinot Noire.”

Sylvia bursts out in laughter.

“Do you not agree? It has the most perfectly elegant taste to appease the palette.”

Sylvia can barely control herself. “Maho, two things. First, this is how you eat a burger.” With her hands, she picks up the entire monstrosity and takes a bite out of it. A little bit of ketchup spills out the back of it and onto her plate.

I clasp my hand to my chest in horror. That is so unbecoming! How can I ever do something like that? But, it’s supposed to be proper. Oh no! I can either be a non-perfect Lady, or a perfect Commoner! What can I do?

Sylvia reaches into the refrigerator, and pulls out a bottle. “Second, this is what goes with this food, as well as any other food under the sun here. It’s called beer!” She pops the lid and takes a long sip – not even bothering to get a glass.

She pushes a bottle in front of me and takes my utensils away. “Come on Maho, it’s time you live a little.”

She takes another chug out of the bottle, and picks her burger up with her hands again. To imagine me ever doing such a thing like that… To imagine I could… The burger is in front of me, as is the bottle. But I’m hungry and thirsty.

My brain rages against itself, sending my world into a spin. In fact, everything is spinning. The world is going in circles, and becoming a lot blurrier. And the floor is coming a lot closer to me as my body turns to jelly.

I open my eyes to a wet towel on my head. I’m on a rather large bed, with Sylvia sitting next to me.

“What happened?” I ask.

Sylvia hands over a simple salad of greens and tomatoes, along with a glass of Chardonnay. “Eat first. You’re probably starving.”

Unlike the burgers from before, there is no problem for me with this meal. I’m stuck in bed, but even a breakfast, or in this case, dinner in bed can be elegant.

I’m in a pair of pink silky pajamas, the same type I would wear back at home before attending Lyceum. I finish my meal and hand Sylvia my plate. I try to get up to help with the dishes like a good Maid, but she pushes me back down.

“Let me handle it. You stay in there.”

That is enough to send me over the top. Tears well up in the corners of my eyes, and uncontrollably, I burst in tears. I can’t seem to stop myself, as all the events from the past day flood back to the forefront of my memory.

“There, there.” Sylvia pats my back. “You take all the time you need, and I’ll be back when I finish the dishes.”

I’m experienced these events several times before. These aren’t normal tears. This is a full on stress explosion. But I had such a fun day at the beach, why would I be having one of these now?

Sylvia returns shortly after, her hands still a bit dry from the dish detergent. “I’m sorry,” she says. “I pushed too much on you at once.”

“Too much?”

She pulls off her clothes and pulls out her own pair of silky pajamas. “The beach experience is the exact opposite of what your life has been. I’m sort of used to it from the rest of my life, but for you it’s completely unthinkable. I’m going to do a much better job at easing you into this life for the rest of the week so something like this doesn’t happen again.”

To think I fainted and had a stress explosion because of a hamburger. I feel so embarrassed.

She slips into bed with me. “But tomorrow’s going to be a better day. I promise it to you. We’re going to get some better leads and find at least a footprint of our culprit!”

I curl up and cry into her shoulder, much like how I cry into Cordi’s some tough nights at the Lyceum. Sylvia runs her fingers through my hair, and doesn’t stop until I’m long asleep.

As if by magic, the next morning I’m all better. “Good morning, sunshine!” Sylvia cheers as I head to the breakfast table. “I hope you’re hungry. I’m making pancakes!”

My stomach growls ever so quietly – a lady must always be polite so nobody else can hear such grotesque sounds. Sylvia is already happily at work in the kitchen flipping some pancakes, and pushes a fine plate in front of me.

“So, what’s the plan for today?” I yawn.

Sylvia sits in the chair next to me, a stack of pancakes in front of her. “Well, we’re supposed to be on the beach by 10, and play beach volleyball at 11, so I don’t think we’re going to be able to get any actual work done then. But this afternoon when it wants us to take a nice refreshing dip, I think that might be a good time to do some research.”

The swimsuit again seems repulsive, but this time Sylvia passes me a light sort of cotton skirt. “It’s called a sarong. It’s usually stylish for people with bad legs, but that’s obviously not the case with your sexy pair.” She runs her fingers up my legs which makes me giggle. “But that’s not the point. It should at least give you some coverage down where it matters. A little bit of give.”

I fasten it around my hips. “It looks lovely.”

The beach is rather empty by the time we get there – probably since everyone else is still sleeping or what have you. “Do you think we can get some investigation done now?”

Sylvia plants our umbrella in the sand. “There are cameras everywhere out here. If he sees us going out of our way to complete the mission, he’s going to flip.”

Sylvia shudders.

“Is something wrong? It seems a really odd time to shudder with it being so warm already.”

She throws down a beach towel and flops down on it to apply some sunscreen. “Well, it’s nothing really. Just, have you ever had the feeling you’re being watched?”

“Well, of course.” I point up to the sky. “You just said there are hundreds of cameras watching us.”

She moves onto her legs, rubbing into every toned muscle on her body. She’s really going to look nice with a tan at the end of the week at the rate it’s going. But I’m not going to tan. Etoile d’Avignons burn.

Sylvia turns her head around. “Not like that. It’s like, I feel like someone in particular is watching our every move. Someone on the beach.”

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous. How many people are actually on the beach now?”

Sylvia checks back. “It seems to be an increasing number.”

Sure enough, many people are walking down the expanse of the beach and setting up. But as I look back, I can’t help but get the same sort of feeling. There’s somebody watching our every move. It’s not a malevolent force, but rather a curious one. Is it some sort of a kid?

I take the sunscreen and pull my top out a bit to apply a bit of sunscreen to the whitest part of my body. “Well, I’m sure it’ll go away. Not like they can stay here forever, and even if they do, we’ll be gone by the end of the week.”

Sylvia rubs lotion into my back. “This isn’t the first time I’ve felt it. I mean, it’s like almost every moment in Lyceum, on missions, in the dorm, and even in the shower I feel like someone’s watching me.”

I feel her forehead. “Well, no fever. But you might want to see a psychiatrist on that. Those feelings aren’t normal.”

She smiles. “Neither are my feelings for you.”

I cock my head. “What do you mean?”

“Oh, nothing. Just you’re my faithful follower, and I’m your princess.”

“Why do you get to be the princess? I want to be the noble!”

Sylvia turns her back to me and does her best to avoid making dirty noises as I rub her lotion in. “Because you’re the noble one in real life. Acting means being someone you aren’t. So since you have the name, you can be the commoner.”

“Cross isn’t exactly an unknown name.”

“But they’re not my real parents. I’m still of common birth, and I’ve lived a pretty common life. So, for today, I’ll be your princess! So, I command you to rub me harder!”

I ignore that statement and finish up her back.

The volleyball net is draped up across a select area of the beach with people lining up.

“Is this really this popular?” I ask. We played volleyball occasionally at Lyceum, but it never was fun unless Cordi was sick. With her 6-attribute athletics, nobody could ever stop her spikes and the team with her would inevitably win every match. As her roommate, that usually meant victory for me without having to break a nail, but sometimes I want to work hard to achieve victory.

“Oh, don’t worry. Most of these people are only spectators. We should be able to get into one of the first couple matches.”

As it winds up, we’re part of the very first match. Sylvia and I stand on one side of the court, and on the other side is a dark-skinned girl with a scarf concealing her mouth, sunglasses, and a hat – although I can see a bit of pink from under the hat. I’d think it a matter of modesty, but her body makes no hint of modesty. Its green bikini top is barely there – not even held up with a strap like mine and showing off so much more skin in all direction. And its red bottoms are side-tie, but with a lot less fabric so as to show off the entire leg and only cover the private parts. The only thing which does seem to be a bit modest is the tight white glove she wears on her left arm all the way up to her elbow.

Standing next to her is a man at least double her weight and a head taller. She shies away from him, but he doesn’t seem to care. He’s only about flaunting his gorgeous abs to the girls in the stands.

“I’ll serve first!” he declares. “Zero serving zero!” He launches the ball up and smashes it down, striking a perfect blow between us. Sylvia dives for it, and as she does the sand pushes itself into her exposed cleavage.

Horror beats in my chest. I’m going to need to jump to serve the ball – underhand has never been my thing. And if I jump with no protection of a maid outfit to cover my chest—

Sylvia manages to bump the next serve, and I carefully set it up for her. With a single hand spike, she manages to score us a point.

“One serving one!” she shouts, launching the ball in the air. It is as I fear. When she jumps, with nothing to support her or cover her, her breasts bounce all over the place for the world to see. I cover mine in shame and horror. How can I let people ogle at them like that? They’re so indecent!

The ball whacks me right in the face.

“Maho?” Sylvia runs over to me. “Are you all right?”

I wipe my face, which thankfully hasn’t sustained any injuries. “I’m fine. Though I think you should probably serve from now on.”

“Rejected,” says the man on the other side. “We alternate as the rules say, or you forfeit!”

“Oh, come on.” Sylvia gets up and places her hands on her hips. “Every girl has her reasons, so you need to let her go.”

The other girl simply shakes her head. She holds up a two on one hand, and a one on the other, and sets the ball up for service.

Ball after ball, she lets into our side of the court and onto the sand. Sylvia dives all over the place and manages to bump quite a few balls, but I just can’t seem to set it. Two to one quickly turns into nine to one, which turns into twenty to one.

“One more and we get out of it,” I say to myself. “No need for me to give service.”

My heart drops. No need for me to give service? What kind of a Maid would ever say something like that? It is my duty and my job to give service to my master – to my country! I am a total failure of a Maid to run away from such a responsibility!”

Sylvia bumps the ball, and this time I take full aim of it. I don’t just set the ball – I spike it straight between the legs of the girl on the other side.

The man chuckles. “I’d like to go between those legs myself one day.”

The girl must be so embarrassed! What a disgusting pig.

But she doesn’t even flinch. She walks up to the man and with one swift kick, gives him a shot to the groin. He collapses to the ground screaming. We’d learned such self-defense practices in Lyceum as well, but what she did is something else. There’s blood running out of the man’s swimsuit.

Sever medical personnel come in and quickly examine him. “Well,” says one of the men, “we’ll have to get you to the hospital and fix you right up, but I sure how you weren’t planning on having children.” He can’t even respond in his pain.

Sylvia and I stare at each other, and then back at the girl. “So is it over? Do you forfeit?”

She holds up a two and flashes a zero on one hand, and a two on the other hand.

“I suppose she’s going to finish alone,” says Sylvia.

“Then let her. Two serving twenty!” I throw the ball up in the air and hit it with all my might. And as I jump, my chest jumps with me, giving a show to all the straight men and lesbians in the audience. I can’t be flaunting my body like this! It’s too embarrassing!

The girl makes a quick dive, and pops the ball back up to our side. Sylvia runs up to it and kneels down to bump it. I set it at the net, and she smashes down the spike.

But when she jumps up, her swimsuit catches in the netting. The tiny knots untie themselves, and the fabric pulls itself off her body to put her breasts on full display.

Most people in the audience turn away out of respect for her. But it must’ve distracted our opponent, as the spike smashes her right in the face without any sign of resistance.

Sylvia quickly adjusts her wardrobe malfunction. She’s clearly blushing, but she says, “no use crying over spilled milk… or boobs.”

We rush to the other side, where the girl is on the ground from the force of the impact. It knocked her disguise off, revealing with shoulder-length pink twintails, red eyes, and bleeding nose.

“April?!” we both ask.

She sits up and stares at the two of us. She feels her face as if to see if her disguise is still there, and finding none, goes red.

“What are you doing here?” asks Sylvia.

April manages to grab her things, but makes no effort to put them back on, her identity unmasked. “That is, um, well… playing beach volleyball?”

We set up another towel and umbrella next to ours. She hugs her knees, a bit shaky.

“So, why are you here?” asks Sylvia again.

She looks aside. “Well, the mission you got seemed a little suspicious, so I was assigned to come watch you to see what was really going on. But that stupid man pulled me into the match, and I had to blow my identity.”

“Assigned?” I ask. “By who?”

She grips her towel. “Well, it’s more like I volunteered for it.”

“There was a mission posting available?”

She sits still for a bit. “Well, not exactly. But there was going to be, I’m sure of it! It’s a pretty suspicious activity, after all! So I sort of volunteered for the job which didn’t exactly exist just yet, and came here to make sure the two of you didn’t get in any trouble or anything.”

Sylvia chuckles. “Well, thanks for caring about us!” She pats her on the back. “But you really should get back to Lyceum. They’re probably wondering what happened to you.”

She wiggles her toes in the sand. “Well, actually, I’m probably going to be suspended for a week anyways thanks to this, so I might as well spend it here instead. So, if you don’t mind…”

“Of course we don’t!” I exclaim. “Come on, you can even join in with us!”

Sylvia scoots over to the sand and starts piling it up.

“What’re you building this time?” I ask.

“Well, a queen has to have her castle.”

After a fun day of fun in the sun involving more splashing in the ocean and secretly taking a reading to find out that yes, the salt really is lower than it should be, we return exhausted to our hotel room.

April looks around nervously in the room. “Um…”

Sylvia pulls out some sausages from the refrigerator. “You’re free to stay for dinner if you want, but if you have something else at your own room, we won’t be hurt.”

“I don’t exactly have a room,” she says. “I slept on the sand under the stars.”

“Really?” I ask. “In that little clothing?”

She shrugs. “I’ve worn less before.”

Sylvia separates the dogs to thaw them out quicker. “Well, what did you eat?”

“Oh, clams,” she says. “They’re pretty nutritious and easy to find if you know where to look. I have a whole bunch of them downstairs if you want them.”

Compared to having to eat a hot dog with my fingers – a horribly revolting task – having a nice clam dinner sounds marvelous! I’d light some candles and play soft music, but they aren’t allowed due to the fire hazard they pose. “Let’s try them out.”

Sylvia is outnumbered two to one. “You can have your clams then. But I’m still making a hot dog.”

Dinner is a wonderful affair, set with napkins, forks, knives, and spoons, and a perfect white tablecloth so as to not have to deal with the sandy table. I’m not going to have a stress explosion tonight over the unkempt conditions.

I take a proper slice into the clam meat and pop it into my mouth. At first, it seems normal, and then my eyes bulge open.

In the most graceful manner possible, I take a long sip of my water, trying to ease the taste out of my mouth.

“Is it bad?” asks Sylvia.

“Not bad.” I pick around for more meat on the shell. “It’s only a bit salty.”

She takes a bite out of her hot dog. “Well, it’s to be expected. The animals all live in the salty ocean, so they’re going to absorb some of the salt during their lives.”

The second bite is much less shocking than the first – but probably because I’m expecting it instead of being hit from it like some sort of truck.

“By the way,” asks Sylvia. “April, what did you drink? Salt water would’ve killed you.”

“Oh, the fresh water from the inlet.”

“Inlet?” I ask.

She nods. “It’s by the north part of the island. I can show it to you tomorrow if you want. It’s where all the water in this ocean comes from.”

None of us really wants to do anything more that night, so after wasting some time on the holonet, we burl into bed – Sylvia and me sharing one bed, and April in the other.

“Goodnight, April,” I shut off the light.

“Goodnight. Glad to see you didn’t have a stress explosion tonight.”

I settle into bed and wrap my arms around Sylvia. She makes a good replacement for my plushy back home – and is just about as soft as one where my arms hug. I close my eyes, imagining her as an actual princess, and me as a commoner. Oh, the places she’d lead me where I had never gone before. In some ways, she is a bit like a princess at this beach. She knows all the right ways of doing things, while I’m lost here trying to find the right ways to fit in – just like how a princess knows how to dance at a ball, and a commoner is completely lost.

I drift off into the magical world between dreams and alertness. But just before I’m ready to slip into the true depths of sleep, my eyes shoot open.

April mentioned my stress explosion last night. This is a closed room. Nobody by Sylvia should have seen that. How would April have ever known about what happened to me last night?

I dunno, sorta went slower than I thought. 4k none the less.

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Final Part
The next day comes as beautifully and cheerfully as the last! If we weren’t on some sort of a mission, I’d have called this place paradise. Well, outside of the horrific bathing suits, the super-junky food, and the sand getting on absolutely everything and dirtying it. But at least it’s pretty!
I nearly jump when I find April at our table. It takes a moment to remember the events from yesterday, when she had joined our little group. It’s still kind of suspicious why she’s here, but she’s still a Maid. Maids have to be good! They’d never do something evil like stalking or mass murder. We must be pure!
“Ah, morning,” Sylvia yawns, adjusting the crosses in her hair. “What’s on the docket today?”
I pull out our mission guide. “Take a nice long walk on the beach and enjoy the sun bathing on your skin.”
Sylvia grumbles. “Still a commercial visit. Why would Yuki Minase ever accept this?”
“Because of you two,” April chomps down on a pancake. “Lyceum gets these kinds of requests all the time, but they’re able to sort through what’s good and what’s bad based off of experience. I suppose they wanted you to understand it too.”
I do not feel like eating the sweet sugary stuff of a pancake, so I grab an apple instead. “But what’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong!”
She leans back in her chair. “A young girl is starving on the streets. She would die if she didn’t get food. A man sees her and grabs some stale bread from the back of the bakery he works at without paying for it and gives it to her. He just committed theft. But he also saved her life. Is her right or wrong in this case?”
I sit up. “He could have paid for it!”
April shrugs. “You’re missing the point. Take out all other variables. Is he right to save her life, or wrong to steal the loaf of bread?”
My heart beats. All my life, I’ve been taught the importance of right and wrong. But something in April’s analogy spoke to me. I don’t know how, as I’ve never had a need or want in my entire life, but I could sympathize with her story. That poor girl… Why was she starving in the first place? Did her parents abandon her? Did she fall on some hard times? Did she have some sort of icky worm in her digestive track?
“WAAAAH!” I cry.
Sylvia jumps up. “Maho? What’s wrong?”
I sniffle. “Th-That poor girl! How could the world be so cruel to her?”
April heaves a sigh. “Well, I guess you see my point. You saw Pluto acting nice to creatures in need, and thought her evil. But was she really evil for feeding some starving animals?”
Sylvia puts her arm around me. It’s warm – just what I need for cheering up. But at the mention of Pluto, I have to wonder about her past as well. She really seems to be hiding something behind those pink eyes of hers – something darker and more sinister about her past. Did she know what it was like to be missing something? Food? Water? Love?
April gets up and changes back into her bathing suit. “Just as something which could seem wrong could be right, something which could seem right could be a wrong. Like, look at this mission of yours. The right thing for a Maid to do is to serve. You want to please your superiors. But would you serve your superior if he told you to kill an innocent civilian?”
I clutch my wrist. “But he’s just telling us to have fun at the beach!”
April ties her bikini top on her dark skin, letting it dangle down over her chest. “And during that time, you could be saving the people of Akkierens from all sorts of other dangers. But this man only cares about his profits, and would gladly discard their lives for the sake of his wallet. Now come on, get dressed, and then let’s go.”
“Go where?” asks Sylvia.
She smiles. “To find out why the salt’s been disappearing.”
As per our instructions, we take a long walk, straight to the inlet. It’s more like a river, flowing from a wide spring into the ocean. By the time we get there, I’m absolutely parched.
“Please, water! It’s so hot!” Unlike the water’s edge, the sand near the city is boiling. There are no bugs, of course, but there are lots of weeds growing in the sand and scratching against our legs. All in all, I’m flat out miserable.
April cups her hands and takes a sip of the water from the stream.
“H-How can you drink that stuff?” Sylvia gasps.
April takes another sip out of it. “I told you yesterday – it’s fresh water. Go ahead and try it.”
I’m a bit afraid to – not only because of the possibility of salinity, but also because it’s pretty unladylike to drink from cupped hands. But Sylvia has no qualms about taking the smallest sip, and then another.
Stupid peer pressure! As elegantly as I can, I take my own sips and taste the pureness of it. This isn’t just fresh water – it’s completely pure. I’ve never had anything this good even out of a bottle!
Sylvia leans down by a tree. “So then this water goes into the ocean? Isn’t that the solution then?”
I blink. “Solution? Water is water.”
She stacks together a small mound of sand. “If I had this sand in a jar and added water to it, what would I get?”
“Mud,” I reply.
She nods and throws a bit of water on it to demonstrate. “And if I keep adding water to that jar, what happens?”
I picture it in my head. “Well, eventually the mud would float, break up and dissolve.”
She throws it in the river, where it does exactly that. “And it’ll be dirty water. But if I keep adding water, over and over, eventually it’ll be clean enough for us to drink – as it’ll mostly be water and not mud. It’s a property of density.”
A light bulb flashes over my head. “So then that’s why the ocean’s seeming less salty? It has a bunch of fresh water going in it?”
Sylvia nods.
“Not quite, but close,” says April. She splashes some water at us. Before we can retort, she leans on a tree of her own. “This water flows in only at the rate people use water on this island. You have faucets in your hotel room, right?”
Oh, right. And we did take showers too in fresh water – not salt water.
She turns to the sea, where the wind blows inward. “The water’s not the problem – it’s the salt. It’s disappearing from here somehow. There really is less salt in total than when it started. So, how would salt disappear from a sea like this?”
I think for a second. “Theft? Salt collectors are gathering it, evaporating it, and selling it on the black market?”
April falls over. “Do you have any idea how cheap salt is?!”
Sylvia places her hand on her hip. “Well, then stop beating around the bush and tell us!”
April collects herself and brushes off the sand from her body. “Listen, what did we eat yesterday?”
I think back. “A rather salty clam.”
“Exactly! And how do you think it got so salty?”
I blink. That’s right – the clam was in the ocean. It gets salt from the water, and lives its life like that. Usually it’d just die and replace the salt through decomposition, but instead, we took it out and ate it. As do so many of the restaurants around the island.
And so, the three of us stand in front of the chairman, dressed back in our Maid outfits, and flick through the slideshow. “And that, sir, is the real problem with your beach. You can either accept a drop in salinity, add salt back into your ocean, or place a ban on fishing. But there are no real culprits here!”
The lights come back on and he stares at us with the fires of a thousand hells.
“Any questions?” asks Sylvia.
He points at the door. “Get out of my office.”
I blink. “But, why? We solved the case, didn’t we? Was our explanation not enough?”
He puffs out his face and rises from his chair. “I said get out before I call security on you!”
We don’t dare question that order.
I pull up the Holonet the instant we get out, and Yuki Minase is on the other side with a big smile on her face. “I take it you solved the case?”
I am in tears. “He saw us and then told us to get out! But we gave him his answer and did everything he said… sort of.”
She nods. “Don’t worry about anything. You did exactly what a good Maid should have done – followed the rules of your superior while fighting for the side of good. It’s a hard task for most Maids to follow, but you performed splendidly.”
“So now what?” asks Sylvia.
Yuki leans on her hands. “Well, let’s see. I’ll send a zephyr to pick you girls up. April too – I’ll overlook you leaving the Lyceum grounds without permission since you did manage to figure out the case. And then when you get back… hm…”
I gulp. “Are we in trouble?”
She sits back. “Trouble? No, why would you be? No, I think the three of you can all come to my office when you come back and we’ll make some ice cream sundaes.”
None of us could complain about that.
In the end, despite how silly our mission had wound up being, we all learned something important on it. But by the time we had gotten on the zephyr – all our fears and worries about the trip had completely dissipated.
“Oh, and don’t worry about the payment for the task,” says Yuki through the Holonet. “Headmistress Elidia has a certain… flair… for dealing with clients who stiff her.”
I didn’t want to think about what that flair would be, so I instead carefully take a sip of my tea.
Yuki blinks. “You’re a thousand feet above ground in a spaceship! Why in the world do you have a cup of tea? There’s no tea set or kettle even on board!”
My tea goes down my throat like melted butter. “Why, it’s two o’clock. I have to have my tea.”
Yuki only sighs. “Just hurry up and get here.”
And so we pass over Akkierens and back to the Lyceum where our lives will finally return to normal once again.

Sorry... wasn't much more to write. :p


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