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A MRPG Carol
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Having a little bit of fun with MRPG in Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol." It will eventually involve Andro, Bea, Cordi, Jane, Maho, Pluto, and Sylvia. Just small parts at once~

Part 1
“Slyvia was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of her burial—”

“Jane?” Beatrix looked up from her papers at the girl with the bobbed hair. “What are you talking about? I saw her just this morning.”

Jane placed down her pen. “Sorry, just writing a fanfiction.”

“You shouldn’t kill off people you know, unless they break your code.”

“What if my code is ‘nobody touches Maho but me’?” Jane asked.

“Let’s not go down that road again.” Beatrix returned to her papers. Even on Christmas Eve, the raven-haired maid was hard at work sorting through her studies. She always had such a rigid schedule. From the time she woke up, the temperature she kept the room (even two sweaters weren’t enough for Jane), to the time she went to eat, nothing ever changed.

Jane didn’t mind too much in any case. She didn’t particularly interact much with Beatrix, so as long as she could keep her distance, there would be no problem.

Jane returned to her paper and, afraid of irritating Beatrix anymore, discarded the start of her story. Instead, she rewrote it about Maho being some sort of goddess ruling over the rivers, and then one day she found Jane washing herself in a stream. “My, Miss Jane, I never knew what fine skin you have,” wrote Jane.

She wished it was true. Her skin always dried up during the winter.

Beatrix stood up suddenly. “I won’t be in here tomorrow,” she said.

Jane cocked her head. “I mean, all right, but why?”

The girl sorted her papers into a neat stack and pushed them to the side of her desk. “Personal reasons.”

Jane could only smirk. “You could just say ‘because it’s Christmas,’ you know.”

But Beatrix wasn’t too happy with that. She’d never admit to doing anything outside of schedule, such as taking a day off from her schedule. Instead, she chose to change the topic. “Jane, do you have any spare money on you? Like, 500 kyn or so?”

Jane dug into her pockets. She did have the money to spare, that was for sure. But she didn’t particularly feel like parting with it. If for some reason Maho wanted to go out with her to Christmas dinner, she didn’t want to have to turn her down due to a lack of funds! Though 500 kyn wouldn’t really buy much more than a dollop of mashed potatoes, she had to be prepared. “Sorry, I’m flat out.”

Beatrix stared at Jane with cold eyes, as if she could see through to her soul. But she’d never fight Jane, so long as Jane didn’t say something bad about her code. “Then I’ll see you on Tuesday,” she said. She left the room, leaving Jane all alone.

The first thing Jane did was turn the heat up. She didn’t hate Beatrix, but some of her little quirks could be irritating at times. And then she slipped out of her maid uniform and into something a little bit more casual. Beatrix would never forgive her for breaking out of conformity outside of bed time, but what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. Probably.

It was a bit early for bed – only ten at night. But Jane still held to her childish beliefs that there was a fat bearded man who’d come deliver her presents if she was a good girl and went to bed on time. Of course, he never did come, but she wasn’t about to give up.

She had barely laid down in bed when a knock came on her door. Her heart raced – what if that was Beatrix? What if she’d been caught in the warmth all comfortable? What would happen to her?

But when the knock came again, she realized it couldn’t be Beatrix. Beatrix had a key to the room. Then who was it? It couldn’t be a thief or anything – Lyceum’s security was far too strict to allow for that. So it had to be another student.

She groaned as she left her bed, and walked over to the door. When she opened it, she could scarcely believe her eyes.

The girl standing there had long blue-black hair, adorned with a cross on the side. She had a bright cheery smile on her face, along with a bright outfit to match. As if to go with her name, there were crosses all over her dress, sparkling in the artificial light of Jane’s room.

“Sylvia?” Jane asked.

Sylvia walked into the room, with a strange rattle coming every time she lifted her feet. “Do you have a trash bin here?” she asked. “My gum’s lost all its taste.”

Jane was as confused as ever, but pointed to her rubbish bin. She had barely pointed there before she realized what was on top – the start of her fiction with Sylvia dead as a doorknob! Sylvia practically skipped to the bin, but Jane was too fast.

“Jane?” asked Sylvia.

“On second thought, here’s a tissue. I’ll take care of it for you.”

Sylvia cocked her head. “Um, all right.”

Jane heaved a sigh of relief, and then casually flipped the paper over. “Was that all you needed?”

Sylvia blinked. “Well, I mean, yeah. Tasteless gum is so annoying!”

That was kind of rude. It was an unsaid rule that unless you needed something important, when a door was closed you didn’t knock. A master would never want to be disturbed for something so trivial, after all. But a proper maid is polite to all rudeness. “Well, I’m happy to have helped. I take it you’ll be heading back to your own room then?”

Sylvia’s eyes go wide. “Oh my! How could I have forgotten?” She pointed her finger at Jane. “Jane Scrooge, you are an evil person and must repent!”

Jane clutched at her chest. There was too much going on right now for her to understand even the half of it. “Um, I’m going back to bed now. We can talk about it in the morning.”

Sylvia let out a moan – though Jane couldn’t tell if it was a moan of agony or a sexual moan. In any case, this would be bad. Yuki Minase was known to patrol the hallways at night and if she heard a moan like that, she might cause her a whole bunch of problems.

“Shh, shh!” warned Jane. “Fine, tell me what you want. Just, don’t moan like that again.”

Sylvia kept her finger pointed at Jane. “I once was like you. I was selfish and greedy, and never gave anything to anyone. And look where it got me?”

Jane looked aside. She’d love to be in Sylvia’s shoes. Loved by all, and especially Maho. Although it wasn’t official yet, everyone in the school knew she and Maho were essentially an item.

Sylvia took a few steps closer to Jane. “You are the same as me. Your greed has overcome you, Jane Scrooge! So I, Sylvia Marley am here to stop you before it is too late!”

Jane really cocked her head. “But Scrooge isn’t my last name. And your last name is Cross.”

“Silence!” Sylvia moaned.

Jane held her ears, begging Sylvia to stop moaning. She rattled her legs. That was when Jane noticed how, attached to Sylvia’s leg, there was a chain tied together.

Jane was starting to piece it all together. “Are you going to tell me that the chain on your leg is the chain you forged throughout your life, link by link, with every greedy thing you did?”

“Chain?” Sylvia looked down and saw it dangling behind her. “Oh my God, where did that come from? Get it off, get it off!”

She pulled the chain off her leg and tossed it aside. Jane took note of its location, in case Maho ever came by. The thought of Maho hitting her and dominating her with that chain really got her blood boiling.

Sylvia held up three fingers. “Tonight, you shall be visited by three ghosts, starting at the stroke of midnight. I shall only hope you learn something from them about your greed and avarice?”

This really confused Jane. “You keep mentioning my greed, but when was I ever greedy? I give all I earn away in gifts and all.”

Sylvia only stared at her.

Jane again pieced two and two together. “Wait, this is about the 500 kyn I didn’t loan to Beatrix, right? I had a good reason for that! Yeah, it was a little selfish, but that was the only time!”

Sylvia held her three fingers up again. “You shall be visited by three ghosts, starting at the stroke of midnight.”

“What? All I did was refuse her once! Why do I have to do all of this to make up for something so trivial?”

But Sylvia was gone. Well, not gone, she was out the door and scampering down the hallway. Who put her up to this?

Actually, more than that, she knew that she didn’t loan the 500 kyn to Beatrix. But how? Did she have cameras in her room?

Jane looked around for the cameras, and in pass she realized the time. “Oh crap! It’s almost 11!” And how was santa going to come if she was up so late? She jumped straight back into bed and closed her eyes, begging herself to sleep. But that weird meeting with Sylvia weighed heavily on her mind. It was 11:30 when she finally got back to sleep for the night.

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Re: A MRPG Carol
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Woo! Christmas stories! A Christmas Carol parodies! MRPG happenings! It's all good stuff! ^_^

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Re: A MRPG Carol
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If it wasn't for the whole Maho/Sylvia shipping, I would love it. However, in its current state my Jaho fanboyism force me to say it is terrible!

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Re: A MRPG Carol
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Wound up being a little more serious of a section than I anticipated. Well, the next section is probably going to be my favorite. :p

Ghost of Maho Past
Jane woke from a chilled breeze intruding on her bedroom. Despite wearing numerous protective blankets, they proved to be useless against the cold winter’s night. “Stupid window.” She forced herself out of bed and slammed the window shut.

“You’re going to break it if you slam it that hard,” said a sweet voice.

Jane’s heart froze. Could that really be who she thought? She turned around and confirmed exactly what she had hoped.

Maho curtseyed. “Pleasure to meet you, Jane. I, Maho, as the Ghost of Christmas Past will be your companion for the night.” She was dressed in a light blue dress which poofed out at her knees and had detached sleeves, leaving his shoulders mostly bare.

Jane had waited all her life to hear those words. Well, maybe not the Ghost of Christmas Past part, and it wasn’t like she knew Maho for more than maybe half a year… but it was enough to get her blood going.

Jane ran over to Maho and held her hands. “I-I don’t know what to say! I’d be glad to! Anything for you, anything. Would you like me to prepare some tea for you?”

Maho covered her mouth. “How could I possibly drink tea at this hour? Midnight is quite the odd hour for tea, if I may say so myself.”

Jane leaned on her bed. “Then would you like to sit around and talk for a while? M-Maybe even h-hold hands?”

Maho cocked her head. “How would that help you learn from the sins of your past?”

The strange visit from Sylvia the night before returned to the forefront of Jane’s mind. What was going on? Were they – the maids, or possibly the gods if her friends really were these supposed “ghosts” – really that mad over 500 kyn?

Jane picked up the chain Sylvia had left earlier. “U-Um, I know I’ve been a bad girl. So, if it pleases you, would you like to hit me with this?”

Maho stared down at the chain, and then back to Jane. “How would that help you?”

It wasn’t going to be that easy to trick a ghost. “Then, um, how about you spank me instead?”

Maho placed her finger on Jane’s head. “Come, to Christmases of long ago!”

Jane cried out, but there was no hope for getting any femdom that night. Something had obviously possessed Maho. When she opened her eyes, she was in a gigantic room at least three times as large as the Lyceum commons. A Christmas tree towered above them, maybe five time taller than Jane herself.

“Where are we?” asked Jane.

But Maho wasn’t listening. She ran over to the tree like a giddy schoolgirl. “Look at all those presents!” she exclaimed. “How many are for me?”


Maho caught herself. “Oh, how terrible. I must have lost my senses from seeing my old home.”

“Your… home?”

Footsteps pounded upstairs – wait, there is a floor about this giant room? They pitter pattered down to the living room – two girls, a guy, and a butler. The boy had blue hair and the girl pink – but the youngest one had the identifiable curls of Maho. She couldn’t have been much older than 8.

“Presents!” shouted the loli Maho.

A father and mother figure appeared in the distance. “Yep, and they’re all for you three. Open up!”

Like ravenous sharks, the kids ripped open their presents, discovering all sorts of goodies. A video game for Neikan, a doll for Maho, and a bar of chocolate for every one of them. But the most surprising gift was Miho’s. She opened it up and pulled it out, her eyes wide and glimmering like the sun.

“A-A maid dress?” she asked. The pink dress matched her hair perfectly, and as Jane remembered from the photos, she would eventually wear a similar dress in Lyceum and beyond.

Maho snuggled up close. “I’m so jealous! Why can’t I have a maid dress too?”

“Maho, that’s very unbecoming,” chided her father. “You’ll get one too when you come of age.”

“That’s no fair!”

The modern Maho clicked her tongue. “How embarrassing. My behavior was so unbecoming.”

“You were only eight,” said Jane.

“Still, a proper lady must always be a proper lady.”

Maho walk around the kids from her past, eagerly watching them. Then her foot hit a present, and she fell face first on the ground.

“Oh my.” She dusted off her dress, and Jane couldn’t help but giggle at her struggles. She was so cute. Why did she have to fall in love with Sylvia? Or maybe it was just an elaborate ploy. Maybe she really was open to whoever might want to love her, but Sylvia only pushed her on the matter?

Jane wondered this for a bit while the loli Maho played with her new toy boat. But then she came back to reality. “Maho, I know you’re excited to see yourself again. But aren’t you supposed to be teaching me a lesson or something?”

“Lesson?” she tapped her chin.

“You know, about my supposed greed? I mean, as much as I love spending time with you, I do want to get back to bed sometime soon. Actually, how about we solve both problems at once? Beatrix is out for the night, so why don’t you join me in my bed?”

Maho covered her mouth. “Oh my, I totally forgot about the mission! One second.” She pressed her finger on Jane’s head again, and the vision changed again to a much drearier atmosphere – one with a branch of an evergreen tree stuck in a hole in the wooden floor. Despite the presents under it, the children in ragged clothing huddled down around the fireplace in a desperate attempt to keep themselves warm.

One, Jane knew, was Jane herself. She really did not want to go back to these days. “Couldn’t we go to the next Christmas?” she asked. “At least, can’t we see how good Élice treated me?”

Maho only walked towards the girls. The young Jane ran straight through her, away from the fire and to the presents in the back.

“Guys! Why don’t we open the presents I bought you all?” asked Jane. She picked them up and brought them closer to the girls so they wouldn’t have to leave the fire. “I’m sure you’d like them all.”

The girls around the fire only stared at her with blank eyes. “Will they warm us up?” they asked.

“Well, they’ll warm up your hearts, I’m sure.”

They held the presents in their hands and carefully, they each opened them. The young Jane smiled, waiting for their reactions.

“What is this?” asked a girl holding up a doll.

“Well, it’s a doll. I was thinking maybe we could play with them instead of with socks and the like.”

The girl stood up. “Seriously Jane? If you have the money for this dumb stuff, why don’t you buy us a scarf or something?” And then she threw the doll in the fireplace.

“Wh-What?” the young Jane cried out.

But the damage was done. The other girls threw their dolls in in turn, and they all stared the young Jane down.

The older Jane buried her head in her hands. “Even now, it hurts to see that.”

Maho put her arm around Jane. “There, there. It’s in the past.”

Jane’s tears ended instantly. “Maho, I’ve learned my lesson! I’ve been cruel and should know what people really need. Please, let’s leave this place and spend Christmas together. Would you like to go to a nice diner or something?”

Maho looked down at Jane. “Do you know what went wrong here?”

Jane blinked. “Well, the other kids were selfish, wanting more than what they got. That’s why you showed me this scene, right? Because I was unselfish, I was adopted by Élice, and they were left here, right?”

Maho drew Jane closer in her hug. “Alas, that wasn’t what I meant you to discover. Rather, you were the selfish one.”

Jane blinked. “But I worked hard and bought them presents with my own money.”

“You took the jobs they could have done, and bought them a present you would enjoy without thinking of their own wants and needs. Not to mention how you did it only to feel good about yourself and get thanked for it. Sometimes, even giving can be selfish.”

Jane’s heart thumped. “B-But, Maho, what about—wait, why do you have tea?!”

Maho took a sip of her tea from the tea set which seemingly appeared from nowhere. “Why, because it’s two. A proper lady must have her tea at two, whether she’s awake during the morning or the night.”

That didn’t answer where the tea set even came from. But Jane wasn’t about to question it anymore than she had to. Some things about Maho were simply too pure and sweet to give any thought.

“Where are we going next?” asked Jane.

Maho waved her hand, and like magic, the scene faded away and brought them back to Jane’s room. The clock showed a little after two, and Maho curtseyed again. “I really do hope you found tonight to be of use. But I can only show what was – you are the one who can learn from such a thing. And with that, I must bid you adieu.”

Jane, however, thrilled she was for Maho using French, jumped up and grabbed on her sleeve. “Please, Maho, don’t go! Spend the night. I’d be more than happy to share my bed, my food… my body…”

Maho turned back to Jane. “The next ghost should be here shortly. Please, heed my words before your time comes.”

Another breeze came in through the window, forcing Jane to wince. When she opened her eyes again, Maho was gone.

Jane fell on her knees in despair. Even as some sort of Christmas Ghost, she can’t hold onto her Maho. Were the gods conspiring against their relationship in some way?

She would have stayed there for hours in tears if not for a loud bang on her door.

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Ghost of Cordi's Presents!
Somehow, she knew who would come in. Perhaps that was why she stayed on the ground unmoving. Perhaps if she didn’t answer, the horrible creature at the door would go away. Perhaps she’d be left in peace with the lingering scent of Maho wafting through the air.

But she knew this to be wishful thinking. The pounding only got louder and harder. “Open up!” shouted a voice from the outside, as if she didn’t know it was two in the morning.

Jane still kept herself well put. The locks in Lyceum were strong enough even to keep the worst of people out. As long as the lock was there, she’d be…

An axe smashed through the door. In one blow, the entire thing turned to splinters, and Jane’s horror stood in the flesh in its remains.

“Oh, h-hi Cordi, I didn’t hear you…” she mumbled.

Cordelia, the white haired noble, took several steps into the room. She truly was a monster – from her well-toned body to her slightly tanned skin, all the way down to her breasts which seemed to gain a size every month or so.

Cordelia only chuckled, as she was wont to do. “Jane, it’s been too long! I guess you’ve probably been able to conclude, but I am the Ghost of Christmas Presents! I shall be your guide for today.”

Jane though for a second. “Oh, I get it. Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and the last with be Christmas Future, right?”

Cordi slammed her axe in the ground, leaving a sizeable hole. Lady Elidia was going to have a field day with all these repairs. “Did you not hear me? I am the Ghost of Christmas Presents! You know, all that wrapping paper that is so mercilessly torn apart while greedy kids dive in to get what they want? But, I suppose for tonight I’ll be showing you the present Christmas.”

Jane slapped her palm to her face at the pun.

“Now then, come! We have much to see.”

Faster than Jane could react, Cordi grabbed Jane’s hand off her face and pulled with gargantuan stretch. “Not again!” Jane cried out while Cordi squeezed on Jane’s hand so hard, it may have already broken in several places.

Jane cried out. “Just lead me! I’ll go where you want, please, just don’t grab my hand!”

Cordi cocked her head. “But you were so eager to hold Maho’s hand. Well, in any case, let’s get going.”

Cordi certainly didn’t let go of Jane’s hand, and pulled her along. And as she did, it seemed like the day sped up. For now it was truly morning, with the dim rays of light shining through the windows on the Lyceum.

The maids gathered in the cafeteria, where warm sunlight flirted through the windows. Seven Christmas trees lined the edges of the room, each with boxes upon boxes of presents. Lady Elidia always bought presents for all the maids, as a good master will always treat their maids kindly. Jane thought she might have seen one with her name on it, but given how this entire night was about greed, she kept her uncrushed hand to herself. Maybe if she showed good behavior, Cordi would let her go free.

The maids themselves, however, were all busy at work. A maid doesn’t take a day off from serving their master, after all. They ran this way and that in the kitchen, all in an attempt to prepare the biggest and best Christmas feast they could muster. Turkeys flew into the oven for dinner, while pancakes sizzled on the stoves. Jane’s stomach growled.

Cordi could only laugh and squeeze Jane’s hand harder. Something was definitely broken now. “Can’t blame you for having a greedy stomach! Your stomach is not what’s interesting to us – it’s your heart. And for that, we must go to the back corner.”

Cordi dragged Jane along to the back, where two small girls sat, nibbling on sandwiches. One girl had bright pink hair tied in ponytails with the slightest hints of blonde at the roots, and couldn’t be much older than 14. The other girl had noticeable feline ears and a tail like that of a tiger which swayed back and forth as she ate.

“Pluto and Kat?” wondered Jane.

Pluto finished off her sandwich and folded up her napkin. She looked around awkwardly for a bit, before finally reaching down and grabbing something out of her bag.

The present was wrapped in plain paper – a white piece of tissue she probably could’ve bought for a dollar. She looked at it timidly, and then to Kat, who hummed while tracing the path of a laser pointer on the ceiling with her eyes.

And then Pluto tugged on Kat’s sleeve.

“Yes?” Kat bolted up to alertness. Pluto looked down and held out the present with both hands to Kat.

Kat’s eyes went wide. “Really? A present? For me?” Kat threw her arms around the timid girl. “Really, you shouldn’t have! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Pluto turned a little red from the reaction. Kat eagerly opened the box, which made Cordi – the Ghost of Christmas Presents – wince a little. Inside was a new brush with a label “made especially for fluffy tails!”

Jane looked up at Cordi. “You know, maybe if you had a fluffy tail you wouldn’t be so scary.”

Cordi squeezed Jane’s hand harder, the pain of which almost made her pee her panties. “What was that?”

“Nothing…” Though Jane had to admit, she’d love to touch Cordi’s fluffy tail if she had one.

Katherine brushed her tail with her new present and purred. “I’m sorry, I didn’t get you anything. I thought we weren’t doing presents this year and… >.<”

Pluto only shook her head.

“But I can’t just do nothing!”

Pluto took her fork, slipped one of Kat’s chocolates on it, and popped it in her mouth.

“Oh, Pluto, you’re the best!” Kat smiled.

Cordi leaned back. “See? This is the result of selflessness. Neither one of them wanted anything but the other’s happiness. If only they weren’t so awkward together, they might make a cute couple.”

Them? Jane couldn’t see it.

Cordi pulled on Jane, leading her out of the cafeteria. “Now, let’s see the result of greed.”

They entered into a dorm room much like Jane’s, but facing the other way. A purple-haired girl sat on a bed with her foot wrapped up, and a crutch next to her bed. Despite her predicament, she kept a smile on her face.

“Andro?” asked Jane. “What happened to her?”

“Watch and learn,” said Cordi.

A light knock came from the door. Despite Andro’s state, she grabbed her crutch and hobbled over to the door before pulling it open.

Beatrix stood there, rather upset. “Didn’t I tell you to stay in bed?”

“But you knocked.”

Beatrix sighed. “And the door was open. Just shout ‘come in.’ You’re going to hurt yourself more if you walk around on your ankle like that.”

Andro winced from a sudden pain in her ankle.

Beatrix held up the bags in her hand. “Well, I have food for dinner, so you sit down and I’ll take care of everything.”

Andro reached for a bag. “I can help too! Sure, maybe I can’t bake or anything, but I surely can wash the vegetables or… waah!”

In reaching for the bag, she lost her balance and fell splat on the floor.

“Andro?” asked Beatrix, reaching a hand down to help her.

Andro chuckled. “God bless us, everyone.”

Beatrix helped Andro up and led her to a set of chairs and temporary table set up.

Jane looked up at Cordi. “What happened to her?”

“I told you she’d say it soon. Just wait.”

Beatrix pulled out a portable stove and started to cook her dinner. “You know, if you didn’t keep trying to get so involved and active like this, you wouldn’t be in this circumstance to begin with.”

Andro coughed. “But I mean, the orphans were one person short on their soccer game. I had to make it fun for them, after all.”

Beatrix sighed. “And that is how you get sprained ankles. You’re a maid, not a kid anymore.”

Andro leaned back, obviously annoyed she couldn’t help out with the preparation.

The meal was rather hearty.

Jane looked up at Cordi again. “I mean, I get the unselfishness aspect and all of Andro playing with the orphans. But what does this have to do with me?”

Bea finished her meal and sighed. “Listen, Andro, I was going to make you some chocolate cupcakes for dessert – I know how much you love them. But I, well, with the cost of your crutch and this meal, I ran out of funds. I have shamed myself and my family.”

Andro seemed disappointed for a second. But then she perked herself up. “It’s the thought that counts.”

Bea gripped the edge of the table. “If only I had that last 500 kyn I needed, I’d have been able to truly make this a special meal.”

That triggered something in Jane’s head. Bea had asked for 500 kyn yesterday, and Jane had never asked why. And as a result, Jane was going to do nothing with it, and Andro, who really could use some cheering up, was going to stay sad and dejected.

Jane tried to pull her hand away from Cordi, but her grip stayed true. “Tell me, Cordi, if nothing is done, what will happen to Andro’s ankle?”

Cordi shook her head. “The rate she’s going, she’ll probably injure it worse. But that can change if she keeps herself in bed and resting.”

Jane bowed her head. “Thank you, Cordi. I think I truly understand this.”

Cordi’s grip loosened.

“I’m free?” Jane asked.

Cordi let go, and turned away. “Christmas presents last only an instant, and then they become property of the recipient. But there is but one more ghost for you to see.”

This was the part where Jane was supposed to beg Cordi not to go, right? But Jane, and her hand which probably would require surgery to fix, were more than eager. She pushed Cordi toward the door. “Why, thank you so much! I’ll look forward to it! I’ll be sure to learn lots. Thank you, good night!”

She closed the door behind her and took a few heavy breaths. She stared at her mangled hand and then groaned. “Ow.”

But then she realized Andro and Beatrix were gone. And in their place was somebody else – the final ghost.
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* Deeox2 pulls the "spoiler repair" alarm.

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Hahaha, these are great! Christmas Presents...

"Also, my breasts do not grow every month! They've stopped! Hopefully..."

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"I didn't ask for this." -Deeox

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Ghost of Pluto Yet to Cum
The girl stood over Jane with a scared look on her face. Her twin pink ponytails seemed daunting to Jane, and her pink eyes only stared at her, with the slightest trace of moisture at the corners.

“P-Pluto?” Jane asked. “A-Are you the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?”

The girl’s cheeks turned slightly pink.

“I guess that means you are. Well, I’m glad you came. I’ve been waiting for a really long time.”

The girl’s cheeks go even more red.

“Though, weren’t you with Kat? But now you’re here. Did she make you come? And when you came, was it willingly?”

The girl blushed profusely.

Jane finally put two and two together. “Not like that! Sheesh.” She tugged at her nightgown. Why couldn’t she at least dress up if she was going to get visited like this? “Go on, lead me where you may.”

The girl grabbed Jane’s hand, but only lightly. The mere touch of it made the girl blush ever so slightly. Jane, however, winced from the remnant pain from Cordi’s gorilla hands.

The scene shifted, and in place of Andro’s room, they were in a room with white walls. Beatrix sat on a lonely chair in the corner, staring up at several digital monitors. She was visibly shaken, but Jane couldn’t tell by what.

“What’s she nervous about?” Jane asked the young girl.

The girl didn’t answer, and only kept her focus transfixed on the girl in the chair.

“Stupid Jane,” she grumbled. “If she had only leant me the money I could’ve forced Andro to stay in bed. ‘No cupcakes unless stay in bed.’ But now here she is, four surgeries later.”

Jane covered her mouth. “Surgery? Does she really mean…”

There came a soft knock on the door. Beatrix got up, and Jane could truly see just how disheveled her roommate had become. Her usually perfectly straight hair was all knotted, and her uniform dirty. Her red eyes made it seem like she hadn’t slept in weeks.

A doctor came through the door. “Well, the surgery was a success,” he said. “But she’ll have a good four months until she can walk again.”

Beatrix clutched her hand to her chest. “How will we know? This is the fourth time I’ve been told that.”

The doctor sighed. “We won’t until it heals. But we have to keep our heads up.”

“And if it doesn’t heal?”

He bit his lip. “Well, we can continue to operate. But one thing is clear – she’ll never have the strength in that ankle to ever serve as a Maid again.”

Beatrix passed out on the spot.

Jane shuddered at the scene. “All that from 500 kyn I didn’t lend her?” she asked. The girl didn’t react. Rather, she pulled lightly on Jane’s hand, and the scene shifted again.

The found themselves in a small shop filled with various dresses. The shopkeeper worked behind a counter, bored out of her mind. The door opened, and in walked a girl who made Jane’s heart flutter – Maho.

“Can I help you?” asked the shopkeeper.

Maho was obviously stressed. Her usual smile was nowhere to be found, replaced with a quiver. “I need help.” She passed the shopkeeper a slip of paper. The shopkeeper’s eyes went wide as he looked at it.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “This is a pretty big decision.”

She nodded. “I just can’t stand her anymore. I need to get away from her for good. Her constant antics really annoy me.”

Jane perked up. Get away from her? Constant antics? She was talking about Sylvia! At least, Maho had realized the problems with Sylvia and become single again! Or, well, she’s single right now anyways.

There were plenty of problems with Andro, and Jane felt bad for the maid. But if Maho was going to become free for the taking, maybe Jane should push her aside. Andro would heal in time, but Maho was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

The girl tugged on Jane’s hand again, and the landscape changed again. This time, they found themselves in a graveyard behind a church.

Jane clutched her chest. “You… you’re going to show me my grave, aren’t you?” she asked.

The girl walked through the graveyard, taking care to avoid stepping on the burials. She paused next to a rather large tomb.

Jane looked up at the girl. “Spirit, tell me. Is this a vision of what will come, or is it a vision of what may come to pass? Is it too late to change my ways?”

The girl looked aside.

Jane knew what she had to do. She brushed the dust off the grave to read the name.

“Ebenezer Scrooge?” she asked. “Who the hell is that?”

But the girl was no longer there. She had walked past a few more graves. Jane saw the pebble on the ground and realize why they stopped there. The poor girl had a rock in her shoe!

The girl leads them onward, straight to the church.

Jane looked up at the church in question. “What could be in here?”

The girl pushed open the door, allowing Jane to see what was inside. There were hundreds of maids and citizens on either side, and lots of joyous music. In the front of the church were two girls in dazzling white gowns. One had long blue hair ending in curls – Maho. The other had shoulder-length purple-blue hair with crosses in in.

“Do you, Sylvia, take Maho to be your lawfully wedded wife?” asked the preacher.

Jane’s heart stopped. No! This couldn’t be true!

Sylvia smiled. “Of course.”

“And do you, Maho, take Sylvia to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

Maho smiled. “Of course I do. She’s the epitome of perfect – unlike that annoying and selfish Jane.”

“Then you may now kiss each other!”

The two locked their lips on each other, and everyone cheered. Everyone, except Jane that is.

“Please! No!” she shouted. Nobody heard her pleads over the crowd.

She collapsed to her knees and gripped at the hem of the girl’s dress. “Please, spirit, don’t let this come to pass! I can change, I swear! I can change! Don’t let this happen to me! Please, I’ll do anything! Anything!”

The girl shook.

“I understand already. I have to lend my money! I’m not going to be so greedy anymore, so please, annul this marriage! Let me break it up! Please, I’ll do anything! Anything!”

Jane pulled harder on Pluto’s dress. The girl shook harder, and then she wasn’t a girl anymore. She was a a blanket.

Jane sat up, sweat covering her. There was no church, no graveyard. There was only her in her bed with the clock showing 09:00. She was late for breakfast!

But that was no matter. She would deal with the punishment later. For now, she had some things to rectify.

The dormitory kitchen was obviously not in use at this early hour of the morning. She walked into the self-serve shop and smiled. “500 kyn for a box of mix? We’ll see about that.”

Andro’s room was as typical as ever. Beatrix and Andro were in there, and when Jane came in with a sack, Beatrix jumped up. “Jane? Is something wrong?”

Jane grumbled. “Yes, something is wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong! You keep demanding money from me, take and take and take, and never pay me back!”

Beatrix laid a hand on her sword. “I only asked you yesterday. Don’t you dare disgrace my name.”

Jane threw the sack down. “So it’s time I apologize for being so stingy! Cupcakes for all!”

There were at least a hundred cupcakes inside the bag, each decorated with a candy tree on top.

Jane smiled. “Merry Christmas, Bea.”

Andro’s eyes were even wider. She reached in for a cupcake, but Jane was too quick. She slapped Andro’s hand away.

“What?” asked Andro. “Could I please have one?”

Jane put her hand on her hip. “You have to pay me for them.”

“Wh-What?” she asked.

Jane smiled. “Your payment is to no walk on that ankle of yours until it’s better! You have my number, so you’re to call me if you ever need me for anything. Deal?”

Andro looked at Bea, then at Jane, and then at the cupcake. The chocolate was just too tempting to pass up. “Fine.”

And indeed, Andro didn’t walk on it. Within a week, the sprain healed itself, and she never needed surgery to fix the problem.

As for Jane, nothing really changed in her. She was a good person to begin with, but the ghosts didn’t quite understand such a thing. They only saw one greedy action and thought bad of it.

As for the ghost themselves – Sylvia, Maho, Cordi, and Pluto couldn’t remember a thing Jane talked about. She couldn’t determine whether it was really a dream or not, so she had to assume the former.

And then that night…

A light knock came on Jane’s door.

Jane put down her quill. “Come in!”

She expected it to be Bea. But rather, a girl with long blue curly hair stood in the entranceway.

“Maho?” she stood up, her heart racing. What could Maho want?

Maho curtseyed. “Apologies. Cordi would usually take care of this, but she’s off chasing after a Maid who set a Christmas tree on fire.”

Jane remembered that incident from dinner. “What did she need?”

Maho unfurled a scroll. “You missed breakfast. As her representative for the disciplinary committee, I must punish you for your misbehavior.”

Jane buried her head. “I’m sorry. I overslept. What’s it going to be? Trash duty? The toilets?”

Maho put a hand on Jane. “No, this is a special punishment just for you.”

She pulled up Jane’s skirt and then pulled down her panties. Jane gasped, but there was nothing she could do as Maho laid Jane over her knee.

And then she slapped her right on the rear.

“Bad Jane! You should know better!” She continued to swat Jane’s rear, spanking her like a little kid.

And Jane had never been happier.

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Re: A MRPG Carol
« Reply #8 on: December 07, 2017, 05:20:17 pm »
Wait..... so Jane Meta learns to become less stingy? I DONT BELIEVE THIS WORK OF FICTION!
Deeox2 [Feb 14, 2018, 08:33:51 pm]:   I KNOW WHAT SEX IS
Milten [Sep 13, 2016, 03:31:18 pm]:   Come on, Rev's soul is 99% lewd, 1% Kurumi
Deeox2 [Dec 16, 2016, 01:31:10 am]:   ... Wow, I think Jannti broke my world solely by existing, lol.

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Re: A MRPG Carol
« Reply #9 on: December 07, 2017, 05:44:03 pm »
Wait..... so Jane Meta learns to become less stingy? I DONT BELIEVE THIS WORK OF FICTION!

I stopped believing in it after Cordi wasn't godzilla-level monster

Elvis Strunk [Aug 10, 2016, 12:40:11 am]:   Meta is eternally a loli~
Arraxis [Sep 23, 2016, 11:37:43 pm]:   Love you too Meta

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Re: A MRPG Carol
« Reply #10 on: December 07, 2017, 06:18:28 pm »
I see this two ways.

If this was magic, that means Beatrix and Andromeda are dumb because the solutions to their problems are just... So obvious.

If this wasn't magic and just an elaborate scheme, that means everyone is a huge asshole to Jane.

Either way, classic MaidRPG.

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Re: A MRPG Carol
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Either way, Maho Best Girl.

Fixed it for you Dee 8)
Deeox2 [Feb 14, 2018, 08:33:51 pm]:   I KNOW WHAT SEX IS
Milten [Sep 13, 2016, 03:31:18 pm]:   Come on, Rev's soul is 99% lewd, 1% Kurumi
Deeox2 [Dec 16, 2016, 01:31:10 am]:   ... Wow, I think Jannti broke my world solely by existing, lol.

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Re: A MRPG Carol
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Cordelia is best girl, followed closely by Beatrix. You face the facts and stop living in your land of grandeur and delusions. Maho is a mad fujoshi with the moral compass of a pastrami sandwich.

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Re: A MRPG Carol
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Mmmm pastrami sandwhich~
Deeox2 [Feb 14, 2018, 08:33:51 pm]:   I KNOW WHAT SEX IS
Milten [Sep 13, 2016, 03:31:18 pm]:   Come on, Rev's soul is 99% lewd, 1% Kurumi
Deeox2 [Dec 16, 2016, 01:31:10 am]:   ... Wow, I think Jannti broke my world solely by existing, lol.

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Re: A MRPG Carol
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I am confused! Also hit in the cute! Also confused! But mostly hit in the cute.

A bit more seriously, thanks for sharing~ 'Tis a nice work for the upcoming festivities.


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