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Meg wins. lol

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If I'm not mistaken, I said that my form online was shaped by the views of others and if Meta wanted to view me as such that was fine. Because kitsune are cute and cool.

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Re: Valentine's Day 18 Contest - Best HS Waifu/OTP
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Must have been that indeed. Totally didn't force the tails on Arra

Elvis Strunk [Aug 10, 2016, 12:40:11 am]:   Meta is eternally a loli~
Arraxis [Sep 23, 2016, 11:37:43 pm]:   Love you too Meta

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Re: Valentine's Day 18 Contest - Best HS Waifu/OTP
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Have a short (1387 words, to be exact) entry.


I'd like to thank rell for all the help he gave me while I was writing this~

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Re: Valentine's Day 18 Contest - Best HS Waifu/OTP
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Have a short (1387 words, to be exact) entry.


I'd like to thank rell for all the help he gave me while I was writing this~

I really didn't do all that much. It's an enjoyable story, and you did well.
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Last Call~  The event ends tomorrow!
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Just in time! Barely!
Chapter One: Bedtime Story
Halfway across a mountain range and halfway up the face, a figure waded through a blindingly harsh storm in the night, shielding her face with a scarf and one hand to break the impact of the icy flurry. A fur-wrapped boot crunched through the deep snow, inaudible beneath the howling wind around her. A sharp chink pierced the cacophony as the metal of her weapon met rock, acting as a temporary walking stick. At the edge of the weapon spluttered a small fire in defiance of the wind, darkness and snow. Behind the figure trailed three others; dressed much the same though suffering worse than she, following the barely-visible light of her makeshift staff. Each carried a satchel stuffed with rations, fire-starters and cloth, though these had taken the worst toll of all. Clumps of white powder covered them, melting through the outer fabric and dampening the materials beyond use. Nevertheless, the three shivering figures carried them onwards.

Their leader stopped a moment to allow them to catch up for the hundredth time, trying to keep a steady footing against the battering winds. As her followers drew closer, it became evident that one of them was hurt and struggling to keep pace. She walked with a slight limp, using her own weapon as a crutch to support her weight. The injury may only have been minor in comparison to afflictions the leader had seen in the past, but in these treacherous conditions it could prove fatal. A single slip would send the girl plummeting down the white face of the mountain - she could not think of a more certain death. The woman willed the flame on the hilt of her weapon to burn stronger and put an arm around the limping girl’s shoulder. Their shelter for the night was close, but in this storm comforting words were useless, and in this darkness pointing forwards was futile.

With a sigh, she mentally expelled her exhaustion and stood tall against the onslaught of the cruel weather. If they truly were as close as she estimated, it shouldn’t take very long to reach. She reached out a glove-clad hand to take the sodden pack from the girl’s shoulder, hoisting it onto her own. Snow whipped across their vision as she rubbed her trainee’s arm to reinforce the young maid’s determination, before turning back around to guide them further into the blizzard. No matter what, they must keep moving.

The small party of women made painfully slow progress, fighting the deafening power of nature. It felt like with each step, twice as much energy was drained from them as should be. They used large stuck-out rocks as handholds, pulling themselves forward. Weapons dug into the deep snow as anchors, holding the frail ships in place as they edged up the face of the mountain.

In front, their leader felt a stirring around her wrist. In her mind, a silent voice suddenly started to speak, cutting clear through the howling winds.

‘You won’t make it at this pace, you know. I can feel your strength slowly dropping, imagine how it is for her. She’s only been a maid for two months.’
The woman gritted her teeth. ‘Then don’t waste my energy on chattering. Keep the fire burning, I don’t want to lose one of them.’
The voice laughed, ‘Ha! Then why aren’t you back there, holding their hands and hoisting them onto your back? I know of your strength better than most, you could manage it easily even now.’
‘Because,’ she argued, ‘that would render everything up to this point meaningless. I took the responsibility of training them properly. I don’t have the luxury of stepping in and carrying them when the going gets tough.’
‘The going got tough a long time ago, don’t you think? These conditions are near apocalyptic…’
The woman stopped and huffed into her tightly wrapped scarf. ‘It’ll be impossible for them to survive on missions if they can’t even handle the weather.’
‘But they won’t be alone in the tough missions, we never were! They have fellow maids to help them, otherwise we’d lose more maids per year than we gained!’
‘I suppose so…’

The voice changed from her energetic tone to one more motherly and soft, taking on the attributes of her combat partner. ‘Help them, Andromeda. Just a little. Kasumi is hurt, she won’t be able to train for months if she suffers any more. Just this once, you can bail them out.’
She sighed, resigning herself to her better conscience. ‘I can never argue with you when you take that tone…’

She tugged her sword’s tip out of the ground and pointed it forwards. With almost effortless will, she pictured her desire and watched the snow gather around the tip. It froze in place and joined together, moving outwards as more snow hit it. A shield of ice began to build itself into existence, blocking the wind from battering her young maids. Crystalline shapes formed at the edge of the surface, breaking off into the nothingness of thin air and giving it the look of an icy shard explosion, frozen in time. Once completed, she shook the awkward shield with a sharp pull and all the snow that had already built up on it was swept away by the winds. A perfect, transparent ice shield was left behind, moulded to the blade and formed out of the very weather around them.

‘This should do, right?’ she inquired, but the voice did not answer. A content dormancy was all she sensed from within her bracer, which would do for now. The company pressed on, clambering awkwardly and lifting their legs high up to wade through the drifts. More than once, someone lost their footing and slipped forwards, only to stretch out their hands and miraculously regain their balance. Through sheer luck alone, no one fell to their death. Andromeda’s fear of losing one of them only built with each passing minute, a motivator which kept her legs moving through the waves of snow. She led the haphazard party around an outcropping of slate stone, half buried in the blizzard’s remains. Before her eyes a dark patch of rock stained the mountainside, not giving off the same reflective light as the snow-buried ground around it. She smiled in genuine relief, gazing at the welcoming cave entrance which stood harsh against the waves of snow.

With a renewed sense of spirit, she turned to face her girls. Each one looked to be nearing the end of their tether, but they’d make it. Just about. She willed the fire to burn brighter, more than perhaps was necessary, but it did the trick. The girls kept pace with her as she sped up a little, pushing her large ice shield through the snowstorm almost as an afterthought to the act of walking itself. The cave loomed large and wide, a welcoming chasm that would provide plenty of shelter where they could wait the storm out. Andromeda looked back at her followers to assess their condition. The two unhurt maids had taken their comrade and put her arms around their shoulders, making up for her lack of strength by substituting their own, despite Kasumi’s protests. It might have been against her wishes, but it was clear to all that she wouldn’t be able to walk on it properly and getting out of the blizzard was priority. As a four, they hurried inside as fast as their weary legs could carry them. Andromeda tugged her sword free of the ice encasing it, which shattered into fragments on the cold ground. The blade twirled between her fingers and stopped point-down at the threshold of the cave like a magic staff targeting its subject.

The interior was afforded a feeling of comparative tranquillity, now freed from the hostile elements of the outside. No bitter snow lashed at them in here. No forces of wind pushed back at their every move. They all safely collapsed, exhaling loudly and dropping to their knees or sitting down.

One by one, they removed their hoods and scarves, pulled down their coverings and breathed in air uninhibited by fabric. Their leader threw her scarf to one side, removing her coat and letting her long purple hair flow out again, though still tied in a ponytail. Her face is flushed red from tiredness and her body’s valiant efforts to keep her warm. She breathed heavily, looking at her students with her left eye, her right obscured by a jet-black eyepatch.  She watched as the girls tended to their wounded friend, exposing her leg and setting about the healing process. As they bandaged her leg, the veteran maid shuffled through their bags to find some barely dry wood next to the fire-starter kit. The cloth was unfortunately soaked through, but in a couple of hours it might have dried out enough to be usable to maintain the flame. A fire was hastily constructed for them to sit around and lit with a touch from the hilt of the fire-emitting sword before it goes dark for the night.

‘Kasumi,’ their leader called to the wounded girl, ‘sit closer to the fire. The warmth will heal you faster.’
She nodded, shivering. ‘Y-yes, M-Miss Andromeda.’
A gentle, but nonetheless short laugh followed. ‘Just Andromeda is fine. Suki, how bad is her leg?’
Kasumi shuffled towards the fire a little bit as her twin sister focused on her leg. Using her adept healing skills, she began to mend the torn muscle and encouraged a steadier blood flow. She didn’t even look up as she replied to her commander, instead choosing to smile and keep working.
‘She’ll be fine, won’t you Kasumi? Just don’t walk on it for a couple of hours. And sleep while we’re here.’

Kasumi huffed her agreement, still panting as she recovered her breath. She wouldn’t have to be told twice to sleep, not with her evident exhaustion. Andromeda nodded approvingly to them both and turned her attention to the last of the trio, assessing her with her blue eye.
‘You should all rest. Including you, Johanna. I’ll keep watch until you drift off, but only because protocol says so. You’re safe in here and the ice barrier won’t be broken down by this storm. My ice can withstand grenade blasts, a little flurry won’t put a single crack in it.’
True to her word, the ice was holding remarkably, though snow was building up outside it and sealing them from the outside darkness. They would have to dig their way out in the morning, but Andromeda wasn’t worried. With crystalline manipulation, she could virtually will a tunnel to form for their convenience, though it was Lyceum tradition to let the newbies work their own way out of the snow.
Johanna slumped dejectedly against the slate wall, her ears drooping. The dog-girl was quite loud and expressive from what Andromeda had seen of her, but the strain had affected her mood enough to calm her down for once. She sat as calm as the other two, obediently following the unspoken order to relax. Together, they sat around the fire and warmed themselves, staving off the biting chill of the permanent winter in these parts.

Andromeda looked around the cave. It had been a while since she was last forced to take refuge up here. The spot was a known safe space in the mountains when training recruits, used in cases such as these for waiting out sudden storms, or as an overnight stopping point on treks. To keep the experience realistic to future missions though, no supplies were stored in the back of its reaches. Maids would have to survive on whatever they had and whatever their wits could conjure. Though mercifully it was at least kept free of bears. Their party would have had a tough time against an angry mother and her cubs in their current condition. The cave stretched back about twenty metres, comparatively smaller than other lyceum rest points but an important one regardless. The rock faces were smooth, tilted at an angle until they met at the top in a point, with small clusters of broken rock dotting the floor. Slate mountains were good for making camp in as their forms were much more regular and less jagged than others, making them much nicer for sitting down and sleeping in.

‘Mi-…Andromeda?’ Kasumi spoke up, hoisting herself on one elbow to sit up while half leaning against her sister’s lap. Her shadow flickered large behind her, projected back against the cave wall by the fire. ‘Do you have….a story you could tell? You must have some to tell at times like this, given how long you’ve been a maid...’
Andromeda turned her attention back to her maids and chuckled openly, sitting back against the rock wall of the cave. Stories? Yes, she had many. From her early days of becoming a maid, the missions she had been sent on, the people she had met and some that she had lost. Any maid who lived beyond ten years was virtually a celebrity known by face most of the world over. Andromeda and some of her fellow maids had been in the field for nigh on seventeen now, nearing the end of their terms. Some had already retired, hanging up their engines for the next generation, though a few still remained to take on the harder tasks. Like training the new recruits, for example.

‘I can’t deny that I know a great many things that would pass for entertaining storytelling. Though most you’ll discover for yourself on your journeys as maids and shouldn’t be mentioned beforehand. It would ruin the surprise, don’t you think?’
Her smile was firm, but kind. Despite her position, Andromeda secretly loved training the new maids. Each one was a new face willing to protect their home, and regardless her reasons to begin with, she felt a kinship with that mentality increasing in her ongoing years.
Kasumi was not to be so easily dissuaded, though, ‘T-then, do you have any stories you can tell? Just until sleep comes, then we’ll stop listening, promise!’
‘A story I can tell…’ the maid pondered for a bit, rubbing her engine-clad wrist unconsciously.
‘I may have one. A fairy tale I knew as a younger woman, a child even. It’s always been a favourite of mine, though I could never pinpoint why. Something about it just feels…nostalgic. Relatable, I suppose you could say.’
Kasumi nodded excitedly. Suki and Johanna were looking to their leader as well, interested to hear what fairy tales a famous maid of the Lyceum of Akkierens was told as a girl. Faint reflections of the firelight danced in their eyes as the mood turns finally from the cold outside to the comfort and warmth of a small group around a campfire. Andromeda relaxed against her sheathed sword. She untied her ponytail, letting her hair flow freely down her back. She swept her fringe to one side, covering the eyepatch and almost hiding it entirely under her soft purple hair. Looking down for a few moments, she chose her first words carefully, and began her story.
‘This is the tale of The Emerald and the Amethyst.’


Chapter Two: Once Upon A Time
According to old women’s gossip, alcohol-filled tavern tales and the whispers of ne’er-do-wells, there was once a great city not so far from Akkierens. A hub of wealth, prosperity and dreams, rivalling and in some stories far exceeding that of its neighbour. The people lived long and satisfied lives, generations building upon their ancestors’ fortune to expand each one’s own small kingdom. The rulers were fair to all men regardless of status. Even the poor of society, who were by no means poor compared to the poverty of other cities, had a firm standing within the community and were respected. Everyone was kind and helped anyone in need, never taking their own gains in life for granted, large as they were.

Their plants, animals and even the weather itself smiled upon the city. Evergreens populated the forests at the borders of the civilisation. Livestock was plentiful, and pets lived to ages near matching their owners. The seasons were in perfect balance to please the eye; summers were long and winters short, with bursts of life transforming the fields in spring and dying in wondrous arrays of golden browns through autumn. Rain fell enough to sustain the land but never flood it. Everyone who lived there agreed that this city was paradise. The name of this city was Caelia.

Within this city of prosperity lived a young girl with long purple hair and bold blue eyes. She was the daughter of the king and queen of Cealia, loved by all the people. The city was safe enough to allow the little princess to walk the streets by herself with no guards, so she often spent her days in town playing with the other children and visiting the commoners. In particular, she often spent her time playing with a young boy, who was the son of a famous doctor in Caelia. The two of them would run through the streets, his choppy green hair contrasting her violaceous braids. As they laughed their days away.

To the horror of her parents, the princess often spent her evenings in the local taverns, sitting on the bar counter and listening to the stories of the older folk who had indulged in a pint too many. Merry recounting of alcohol-embezzled acts of heroism filled her nights, listening wide-eyed to the incredible tales. Before long, the princess herself wished she could go on an adventure like the ones that the old men told her in the drinking houses. She dreamed of visiting magical lands and seeing wondrous sights. She wanted to save her friends and city from danger. And she wanted to meet a dashing young man and fall in love. Mixtures and variations of these dreams lived in her head and occupied her thoughts for many days, until her first adventure came upon her on her twelfth birthday.

Night had gently descended upon Caelia. The young princess was home for the day, relaxing on her bed high up in the castle’s living quarters. She was happily buttoned up in her pyjamas and ready for bed, having brushed her teeth, said goodnight to everyone and read herself a small section of her bedtime storybook.

‘Goodnight!’ She called out to the empty room, triggering the command for lights-out. Her bedroom grew dark all around her as the computing system dimmed her lights and drew the curtains, allowing a sliver of space at the window for the sun to shine through in the morning. Satisfied that everything was as it should be, the princess shuffled down in her bed to pull the blanket over her, resting on the welcome comfort of the neatly laid out pillows.

And this would have been all that happened until morning, if not for the noise outside. Some hours after going to sleep, the young girl woke to the sound of a tap-tapping on the stained glass. The sharp pinpricks of sound convinced her that it was a small bird attempting to get in. After all, it was far too high up to be a person. Her mother had said a bird had flown in through an open window just last week, and the princess wanted to make friends with this one. She did so love animals. So up she sat and threw back her blanket. Her bare feet padded along the carpet to the window, which was just low enough for her to reach and open. But when she got there, she saw the tap-tapping was not being made by a bird at all.

With a gasp, she stared out at the small, glowing creature knocking on a pane of the old stained glass. Her wings were folded behind her back, though her slim figure and simple dress were not enough to hide them. Her fiery red hair accented the glow, making the small being look more akin to a lit matchstick. Her bright eyes were no different; as small as they were, they shone with an intellectual wit that commanded wonder and amazement from all who were lucky enough to gaze back into them. Hurriedly, the princess pulled open the window and allowed the fairy to flutter into her bedroom, which it did. A single loop of the room left a faint glowing trail behind her before she landed on the bedtime storybook and perched on the spine, crossing one leg over the other. She held an arm out in the direction of the princess’ bed, indicating for her to sit down.

The young girl did as she was told, sitting on the edge of her bed and looking intently at the fairy. She had so many questions she wanted to ask! Where did the fairy come from? How many of them were there? Did she get wishes? Wait, that wasn’t fairies…was it?! Yet despite her rush of thoughts, all she could manage to say was ‘Y-you’re not a bird…’
The fairy laughed, her shrill chuckle tinkling like a chime in the air. ‘No! No I am not! I am Ruby!’
‘Ruby…’ the princess echoed the small voice, ‘W-where do you come from, Ruby?’
‘Oh,’ the fairy began, wide-eyed and mysterious, ‘Far away! Very far away! I have flown for a long time to reach you!’
‘M-me?’ The girl was confused. Yes she was a princess, but she was still only a little girl!
‘Adults aren’t any fun!’ Ruby explained with a laugh, reading the expression on the princess’ bewildered face. ‘Though actually, I’ve come for an important reason: a birthday present! Every boy or girl in the royal family gets visited by a fairy when they turn twelve. It’s the job of the fairy in charge at the time. We take them on their first adventure!’

At the word ‘adventure’, the little girl’s eyes somehow grew wider. This was the chance she had dreamed of! ‘So does that mean you’re in charge?’
The small being fluttered her wings and hovered in the air, sweeping her arm downwards in a low bow.
‘Ruby of Ophelia, seventeenth Queen of the Fairies and ruler of the Valley of Shining Stars. Pleased to meet you, young princess!’
‘T-the pleasure is mine!’ she stammered in return, standing up from the bed and curtsying like she had learned in etiquette lessons. Ruby clapped her tiny hands together in a quiet applause.
‘Very good! Now that pleasantries are done, I think we should get a move on! The night will be over before we know it, and we have somewhere to be long before that happens!’
Her small wings carried her forwards until she was level with the princess’ face. ‘Take my hand. We need to get outside in a flash!’

The girl held out her own hand, which was about the size of Ruby’s entire body. When the tip of her finger touched the fairy’s hand, the world suddenly changed around her. With a swoosh, her room vanished from her sight. She felt like she was both flying and falling at the same time, the fear and excitement fighting over which emotion she should feel most. All too quickly the sensation was gone, replaced by the soft whispering of trees and hard cobblestone path of the forest just outside the castle grounds. Looking down, the princess saw that her feed had been adorned in beautiful slippers of warm fur and around her shoulders an elegant coat had been draped. She slipped her arms into the sleeves and found it fit perfectly.
‘Call it another birthday present!’ Ruby called happily from on top of the girl’s head. She hopped off and flew a metre out in front, the glow of her body lighting their path. ‘But before we go, I think our adventuring party needs another member!’

A tuft of shaggy green hair, bathed silver in the light of the moon, stuck out from behind a tree. The girl’s friend from town, the doctor’s son, was already here and waiting. Despite the greyscale of the world around them, the princess could see that he was dressed in his finest waistcoat and trousers. Over them, he wore a long blazer-like jacket that she hadn’t seen before. Its buttons sparkled in the half-light, making them look like they were made of solid gold.

Ruby flew over to the boy and led him towards the princess, once more clapping her hands in her own apparent delight.
‘Wonderful! Now we have three! All the best things happen in threes. I have two hundred and ninety-nine sisters, don’t you know!’
‘That’s more than three,’ the princess noted.
‘Three, three hundred, what’s the difference?’ Ruby didn’t seem particularly bothered. ‘It’s got a three in it, so three hundred is just a hundred times better!’
‘How did you become queen if you have so many sisters?’ the girl asked.
‘Rock paper scissors!’ the fairy boasted proudly. ‘The coronation tournament took simply ages!’

The two children walked on through the still forest, Ruby guiding their footsteps and telling them both all about life as a fairy. ‘It’s great for moving around! We might be small, but we can fly fast! And when your wings get tired, you can walk. And then when your legs are tired, your wings are ready to fly again!’
The fairy looped and twirled, showering the path and the children with sparkles of crimson light. She danced across leaves, picking berries from the high vines and dropping them down to the children with a giggle.
‘R-Ruby,’ the princess spoke up, ‘Where are we going?’
The Queen of the fairies slapped her hands to her cheeks in surprise. ‘Oh, heavens! Did I not say?’
‘Well, you said we were going on an adventure…but where are adventures found? Are there any in Caelia?’

‘My dear princess,’ Ruby smiled, coming to a stop on the young girl’s outstretched palm. ‘Adventures are everywhere! You could have an adventure every day just by walking outside and letting your feet take you where they please. The whole world is an adventure, just waiting to happen! But this adventure…’ she tapped a dainty finger to her nose, ‘this adventure is a special adventure. A grand adventure that only the young princess and her trusted friend may experience! We’re going to see the edge of the world!’

Chapter Three: A Magical Adventure
The woodland path was remarkably well-kept. The trio had left the cobblestone path about ten minutes before, but the soft ground was still in excellent condition. The princess wondered if maybe it was an animal trail, and maybe they would see some deer or a fox, but the peaceful sleep of the forest maintained its calm nature. Even the branches overhead seemed to have grown to permit travellers under their boughs. Trees marked the edges of the path, their limbs outstretched to form an arched canopy. Bushes of various species coated the forest floor, providing shelter for the smaller animals and leaving behind a fine dusting of leaves and twigs for birds to build homes with.

A breeze washed over the forest as Ruby fluttered in front of the young boy.
She held out a necklace to him which was made of flower heads from the forest floor.
‘It’s a good luck charm! It will help you keep the princess safe!’
The boy blushed but accepted the fragile present. He tried to put it on, but the fairy’s handiwork was too small to fit around his head. Ruby pondered the predicament, her legs crossed as she fluttered around him.
‘A flower headband it is then!’ she declared with a click of her tiny fingers. ‘Problem solved! And it matches your coat so nicely!’
She puffed out her chest with pride, hands on hips in a heroic victory pose. The young princess giggled at the sight, looking up at the intertwined trees above.
‘Ruby, how far is it to the edge of the world?’
The fairy hummed a shrill hum, placing a finger to her chin. ‘It depends which way you go! From here, it could be anywhere between three days and two minutes.’
‘How can it be so far and yet so little?’ the girl inquired.

The Queen of the Fairies sat on her shoulder. ‘Humans, little princess, are funny creatures. They can miss things that are right in front of them if they don’t know where to look! They get caught up in their ideas and plans, which usually leaves them worse off than if they’d just started walking! See us now? We’re just walking, so we’re pretty close to what we want. But you can’t get to the edge of the world just like that! Otherwise everyone would do it.’
‘Then how do you get to it if you can’t walk there?’

‘Oh, you can walk there, sure. But the edge of the world is a magical place. It doesn’t have a map or a path leading to it. So the chances are that if you think you are getting close to it, you are probably going the wrong way! You have to let your heart lead you, not your head.’
The girl paused.
‘Of course,’ Ruby continued, ‘That’s just humans. Fairies know the way like the back of their hand!’
The boy tripped over his feet and staggered forwards a short way. The princess looked down, and saw that their once clear path had vanished from under them, replaced with roots and moss-covered rocks.
‘The path…it’s gone!’
‘And that’s how you know we’re going the right way!’ the fairy exclaimed in joy.
‘Ruby, what’s the edge of the world like?’
‘The edge of the world is a sacred place for all magical creatures. We travel to it once every full moon usually, but the queen gets to visit more often! It’s the most beautiful place in all Caelia, but you’re about to see it for yourself. So why ruin the surprise with mere words when soon you’ll be living it first-hand?’
‘Is it more or less than two minutes away?’
Ruby laughed heartily, her crystal voice singing through the air.
‘I will admit I take a more scenic route! I like to get to know the next prince or princess before we arrive.’
‘Have you ever not shown someone the edge of the world?’
‘Once or twice,’ the fairy nodded, ‘Some people wouldn’t have found what they need there, so I turned them around quite carefully. For those people though, the adventure isn’t the destination, it’s the journey. You though, young princess, I think you would get something from both! Even when you’re at a young age, it’s possible to tell these things if you’ve been around enough humans. And I make it habit to check in on royalty before I make an official call!’
The princess tried to look over at Ruby, surprised. ‘You’ve been watching me?’
‘Indeed, young princess. You’re quite the character! I do so love sitting in the taverns and listening to stories with you.’
‘You were with me in the taverns? How come I’ve never seen you? Can fairies go invisible?’
‘Some can,’ the queen agreed, ‘though I just sit in lanterns and pretend to be a flame. Like I said, it’s amazing what humans miss when they aren’t looking for it! Speaking of which, here we are.’

Ruby jumped off the princess’ shoulder and flew on ahead, guiding the pair of children like a will-o’-the-wisp towards their goal. Beyond her, the forest started to diminish. Trees became less densely packed, breaking away to reveal more grassy surroundings. The terrain sloped upwards into a steep hill about 20ft high, clearing the heights of the trees and giving a view of the entire area. The rugged ground of roots and rocks melted back into a smooth dirt and grass surface, helping the children to climb with their increasingly weary legs. The fairy fluttered between them both excitedly, offering encouragement and adding more petals and grass blades to the boy’s flower headband.

‘Just at the top of the hill! You’re almost there! Don’t lose any of those petals, now!’
Together, the princess and the doctor’s son scrambled to the summit of their own personal mountain. Their legs screamed out for rest, but the end was so close. The steep hill began to recline as they climbed to the top.

Pushing their young bodies to their limits, the children eventually made it to the top of the small hill. They rested their hands on their knees, hunched over to recover from their climb. But a single look upwards and all the breath they had regained was stolen away in again. Their eyes grew wide and amazed, and Ruby’s elated voice chimed out from between them as they gazed at the sky.
‘Here it is! The edge of the world!’

From the ground some twenty metres away and stretching all the way up as high as any of them could see was a wall of morphing, swirling, twisting light. It burst out towards them in gentle shades of green and purple and red leaving traces of its shifting shape behind. Each colour was like its own being, playfully intertwining with the others and bathing the surroundings in its own colour before slipping back into the spectrum of the mid-air pool. Starlight was amplified through its shining form, splitting and flooding the hillside in pinpricks of glowing warmth which danced around the boy and the girl as the fairy flew upwards to add her light to the spectacle.

The two children watched in wonder as the queen of the fairies held out her hands, and the light seemed to dance around her, swimming through the sky in a dazzling orbit. Ruby grasped the green in one hand and the red in the other and pulled. From out of the light, two small fairy-sized bodies were formed, and they began to morph their fellow luminous shapes into a host of similar creatures. The night was suddenly populated with a joyous party of magical beings, all dancing and some singing in beautiful melody and harmony.

The princess and the boy were surrounded by the small fairy-like forms, who danced and joined hands around them. They sang and span carefree, emitting happiness from their very souls which filled the children with joy and excitement. The boy offered his hand to the girl, who smiled broadly and took it, and they began to dance in a circle as well. Ruby cheered and clapped as the princess and the doctor’s son danced with the light at the edge of the world, leading the light in a swirling spiral overhead, where they all met at a point in the sky. She took out a small piccolo and began to fill the air with a sweet tune, bringing a new layer of magic to the group. The children of light twirled and flew into the air with her notes, bursting like a flower in bloom and collecting around the boy and the girl to start the dance again.

The small, shining festival went on for some time. The children danced and span, the light sang and the fairy flew overhead, circling them and playing her piccolo. It wasn’t until the first shades of orange painted the horizon that their joyous party came to a close. The beings of light joined hands and merged into the twisting shapes, vanishing into the sunlight as it spilled onto the hilltop. Ruby settled down and folded her wings in, resting on the princess’ shoulder.

‘I love the birthday celebrations! If only they went on for more than one night, but I think both you two and myself are quite tired out. Let’s get you back home, shall we?’

With a click of her tiny fingers, the girl’s world turned upside down again. When it reshaped, she was back in her bedroom, sitting in her own bed. Her new slippers were by the side of the bedpost, and her comfy new coat was hung on a hook next to the door. Ruby was perched on her storybook again, resting her elbows on her knees and admiring the young princess.
‘T-thank you for the birthday present!’
‘I thought you might like it!’ the fairy beamed, ‘and I’m sure we’ll see each other again soon. Especially now that you know where I hide in the drinking houses! But for now, it is time that both you and I had some sleep, little one. I bid you goodnight and sweet dreams!’
‘Goodnight!’ the princess smiled, waving as Ruby got up and fluttered out of the still-open window, shutting it behind her and vanishing into the dawn.

Epilogue: They All Lived Happily Ever After
Andromeda watched over her maids, smiling to herself as they slept. Johanna and Suki had fallen asleep quickly, soothed by the maid’s calming voice, but somehow Kasumi had managed to hold on until almost the end. No doubt she would have to retell the conclusion later on for the girl’s enjoyment, but there were greater hardships in life.
‘I think it’s high time I followed the princess’ lead and caught forty winks myself!’ she chuckled.
Her engine stirred faintly, an ambient glow warming her arm as the dying embers of the fire released the last of their light.
‘You got the story wrong again,’ the silent voice said in a sleepy tone.
‘Call it artistic licence,’ Andromeda replied, brushing her fringe absent-mindedly. She arranged a dry satchel at the bottom of the sword’s sheath and leant onto it, nodding at the acceptable level of comfort it offered.
‘But it’s my favourite part!’ the engine protested, ‘you always change that part!’
‘Well, I can’t just tell people what the city was really called, can I? It would ruin some of the magic!’
‘I think Syllara is a plenty magical name’, the voice huffed, going quiet and letting the maid finally get some rest.
‘So do I,’ she answered aloud, folding her arms over her torso and drifting swiftly to sleep.

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Re: Valentine's Day 18 Contest - Best HS Waifu/OTP
« Reply #37 on: March 15, 2018, 04:35:40 am »
That was enjoyable. It was like a drunken recounting of a drug-induced fever dream that was preceded by binge-watching Andromeda's old childhood home videos on a CRT screen surrounded by magnets~ :D
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Duke Rockhopper [Apr 04, 2016, 03:59:55 pm]:   People are gonna get hit with sticks
Geocorn [Sep 12, 2016, 01:41:44 pm]:   skipping class is as american as calling football soccer
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Re: Valentine's Day 18 Contest - Best HS Waifu/OTP
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Just for clarification - I need time (if I can with all my work) today to finish Duke's entry.  I shall announce the winner soon :)
Deeox2 [Feb 14, 2018, 08:33:51 pm]:   I KNOW WHAT SEX IS
Milten [Sep 13, 2016, 03:31:18 pm]:   Come on, Rev's soul is 99% lewd, 1% Kurumi
Deeox2 [Dec 16, 2016, 01:31:10 am]:   ... Wow, I think Jannti broke my world solely by existing, lol.

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Re: Valentine's Day 18 Contest - Best HS Waifu/OTP
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And so, after a busy weekend I have read the last entry, so without further delay thr winner of the contest is...



This was rather hard because many people brought in the FEELS. Particular props to Duke for his adorable story that not only pandered (albeit not on purpose) to my like ot subtle childhoodfriend pairings, but for appearance of Kasumi, Suki, and Johanna (not to mention a cute fairy). Also thanks to Arra for going contrarian by doing something NOT MRPG related and also art.

Thanks for participating, and I hope you all had a good Valentines/White Day. Or in the case of Saturday, St. Paddys :)
Deeox2 [Feb 14, 2018, 08:33:51 pm]:   I KNOW WHAT SEX IS
Milten [Sep 13, 2016, 03:31:18 pm]:   Come on, Rev's soul is 99% lewd, 1% Kurumi
Deeox2 [Dec 16, 2016, 01:31:10 am]:   ... Wow, I think Jannti broke my world solely by existing, lol.

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Re: Valentine's Day 18 Contest - Best HS Waifu/OTP
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Congrats on the win, Meli! That was a very cute story :D

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Re: Valentine's Day 18 Contest - Best HS Waifu/OTP
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Valentine's Day is once again upon us, and why it is a day many of us (ie: me) get stuck blowing money on 'romantic' stuff lest I get force to sleep in the dog house (sorry Winter) - it doesnt have to be that way for YOU ALL. Sure its a Hallmark commerical holiday, but it doesnt mean theres no romance right?

Thus, in the spirit of the holiday, Id like to mobilize the forum me just WHO/WHOM is the best Hyperspace Waifu or OTP for Valentines 2018.

Thats right, show your love for a HS waifu or otp via art (original or commissioned), a story, or something else and yours truly, Revy, shall judge (And I will juuudge you) accordingly.

The prize: One item (Worth $50 or less) from Tokyo Otaku Mode, Steam, or art.

When: The winner will be announced on White Day 2018 (March 14, 2018).

Valentine's Day, an unforgettable moment


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