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Rising Angels: Judgment Part 1 released!
« on: June 25, 2019, 06:01:42 am »
Coming back into port, the crew of the Nimross face an upcoming trial for their actions. Their defense is lead by Defense Sergeant Náme Puccile, Natalie's younger sister and a former SITO who left on bad terms with her team. The crew is slowly settling back into their normal lives in port, coping with the burdens that they now carry with them from their life-or-death missions. An uncertain future awaits the crew as they try to seek out that normality...

But pieces of a mystery that has haunted the crew are already coming alive and it is up to both the crew of the Nimross and their new defense team to fight back before everything they've fought for is wiped away!

Game available here!

-2-3 hours of excitement and adventure!

-New members joining the cast and a graphical update on several characters!

Sprite/CG artists: Nuge / Elphie/Geckos

Writer: Chief Komi


Felipe Adorno Vassao (Red Rose)

Wiseguy Entertainment (A Candles Light)

Alexander Khaskin (Driving Dream, Science and Technology 2,3,4, Solaris, Strangeness, Trouble in Paradise, Urgent Information, Written In Blood, and several nameless pieces.)

Dan Gautreau (Fade Away; aka the opening song)


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