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Streaming/Content Creator Policy
« on: March 01, 2020, 06:21:59 pm »
1. E-mail [email protected] to request a Season Pass key with the link to your stream and/or video upload(s) and/or scheduled stream.
2. If you shout "Libertas Ares" on your stream/video, then you can send us a name we can insert in-game (complete with first name + surname).
This name will be mentioned in-game, possibly in the following sections:
  • in CODEX
  • as a random ship captain
  • credits section
You can message us your preferences (Martian/Terran/Pirate etc),
If the slots are full, we'll update this topic and share it in any recent news by then.

3. You can monetize the videos freely, here are the conditions:
  • Twitch stream - A simple shoutout during the stream, encouraging viewers to buy the season pass (with the link on overlay/popup) and support us.
  • Youtube - Video Description should link to Sierra Ops and Season Pass pages.

4. When streaming, we don't have to be the main highlight. We understand that categories bring a lot of visibility.
You can play games in other categories and switch to Sierra Ops during your breaks and talk about our game a little.
We indie devs appreciate any coverage really :aquaup:.
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