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Tacoma is free for a limited time. It's from the dev of Gone Home.  I highly recommend it.

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It may already be known, considering it's a publisher sale and thus gets stuck on Steam's homepage, but Beamdog is having a sale, meaning games like Baldur's Gate: Enhance Edition and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Editoin are on sale for cheap. 75% off BG:EE 1 and 2, and ID:EE is 80% off. Sadly, ID 2 isn't on Steam, as there's no EE for it (according to PCGamer a couple years ago, the source code got lost at some point during asset shuffling between companies or something).
EDIT: I likely won't be getting them myself, as I'm a touch low on funds after spending a bunch on other games, but I can wholeheartedly recommend them, as I quite enjoyed the original games. I doubt it matters, but I figured I should disclose that information in case there was potential for the multiplayer functionality to influence anyone's buying decisions.

GOG also has some good stuff on sale at the moment, with Falcom having pretty much all their stuff on sale, such as pretty much all of the Legend of Heroes stuff that's currently available in the west (so no Trails of Cold Steel 3). Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is 70% off, for example, and much of the Ys series is on sale as well. There's also an assortment of VNs available as well, and if you missed the Humble Bundles sale on the Neptunia series, GOG has several of those on sale as well.
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