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In the year 2207, mankind began expansion into space and made their first steps towards the stars.

With the help of advanced terraforming projects such as large-scale geo-engineering, and the construction of solar heat distribution modules, the century’s worth of endeavor pays off, making Mars a relatively safe, habitable planet.

This new era of humankind looking towards space ushered the furthering of their reach with the advancement of science and technology.

However, the peace did not last long between Mars and mother Earth. Many communities and workers that were sent to live and work in Mars encountered dissatisfaction with the lack of support from the Sigil Corporation, Earth’s foremost transnational conglomerate, and the head of humanity’s exploration of space and industrialization of Mars.

The humans living in the red planet, were enlisted to help build the Hephaestus Spaceport – Mars’s first space elevator. After its completion at year 2304, they asserted that its main purpose turned out to be only to help transfer resources so that the people of Earth, could build colonies on the Moon and at the Lagrange points. The people of Mars felt unjustly treated but at the same time indebted to Sigil for the opportunity to colonize a new frontier.

In the following century, the people of Mars regarded themselves as nothing but laborers; they built the Mondshire station on Earth’s moon for forty years. Neo Hampshire and St. Niliam Colonies soon followed, constructed successfully at the Lagrange points taking around thirty years each.

Sigil Corporation promised them a good life for the completion of each colony project they’ve built, but the humans in Mars noticed that only a few among themselves were given privileges and the colonies turned out to be mostly for the use of Terran immigrants.

In the year 2396, the people of Mars formed a confederation of traders and workers and called themselves as the Ares Confederacy. The people of Mars, being mostly comprised of laborers and engineers, equipped with state-of-the-art mass production equipment on the red planet, decreed full militarization and production of mankind’s finest space warfare assets, some of which were rumored to be gargantuan dreadnaughts, in the hope of proclaiming and preserving their independence from Terran governance.

In February 2406, the present year, the Ares propaganda has spread throughout the Terran stations. The Terran colonists began to realize the harsh conditions the Confederates were forced into and became sympathizers. Ares cells began infiltrating Terran colonies and encouraged the spread of anti-Terran ideology all boosted by the popularity of Ares’ charismatic leaders; soon, dissent rose as the public perception of Terran governance fell.

Months later, the Confederacy mounted take-and-hold operations as well as acts of subterfuge to undermine Terra’s hold over Mars. Their plans were successful; the Terrans were caught off guard. The Confederacy took control of the Lagrange colonies, the Moonbase, and Earth’s orbital space. The orbital blockade created an absolute embargo for all space trade for Earth.

While the Confederacy meant no harm to civilians, they were ultimately and effectively no more than prisoners of war. The United Terran Vanguard (UTV), the standing space navy of the Earth Alliance, now mobilizes its assets around Earth’s orbital space to form the very last line of defense.

While Ares stood to uphold continued aggression against Terra, Sigil’s attempts to defuse the situation in a peaceful manner failed. In an act of desperation, Sigil would invest its resources to strengthen the UTV Fleet and commission the experimental battleship “Sierra” into the frontlines.

Lieutenant Commander Junius Fahrenheit, along with Ensign Claine de Lune and Major Jean Brookes were all tasked to reclaim the stations back under Terran control. This campaign, spearheaded by these young officers and the new battleship Sierra, came to be known as…